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Twist of Fate Teasers - September 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Twist of Fate Teasers on 14 Aug 2017
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Coming up on Twist of Fate this September 2017... the season finale on 20 September:

Friday 1 September 2017
Episode 260

Abhi invites the man claiming to be Pragya's boyfriend to stay with them for a few days. Could Abhi be giving Nikhil and Tanu a chance to go against Pragya?

Monday 4 September 2017
Episode 261

Tanu spikes Pragya’s drink and later fulfils her plans to ruin Pragya's reputation. Will Tanu’s plans work this time?

Tuesday 5 September 2017
Episode 262

Purab saves Pragya from an attack that could've broken Pragya and Abhi's marriage. Pragya bumps into a gynaecologist friend and she secretly does a DNA test to reveal Tanu’s lies.

Wednesday 6 September 2017
Episode 263

Abhi asks Tanu to leave the house. Sheila, the gynaecologist, turns her back on Pragya. Pragya follows Nikhil to where he has hidden Pari. She tries to rescue her but Nikhil gets in the way.

Thursday 7 September 2017
Episode 264

Abhi asks Tanu to leave the house. Sheila, the gynaecologist, turns her back on Pragya. Pragya follows Nikhil to where he has hidden Pari. She tries to rescue her but Nikhil gets in the way.

Friday 8 September 2017
Episode 265

Pragya finds herself in a much worse situation after trying to help Pari. Sarla finds out that the only way to save Pragya is by ending her daughter and Abhi’s relationship.

Monday 11 September 2017
Episode 266

Daljeet reveals to Kulpreet the reason behind giving Abhi the divorce papers. Abhi takes the decision to break ties with Pragya. Can their relationship be repaired?

Tuesday 12 September 2017
Episode 267

Nikhil and Tanu try to kill Pragya, but instead of her, their lives end up in danger. Even after everything they have done to her, Pragya saves Nikhil and Tanu’s lives. Tanu tells the family that she has lost her child.

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Episode 268

Kulpreet threatens to leave Abhi if he decides to let go of his relationship with Pragya. Pragya gets evidence against the three musketeers.

Thursday 14 September 2017
Episode 269

Pragya tries to show Abhi the evidence against Tanu but Abhi refuses to give her a chance. How will Pragya be able prove her innocence?

Friday 15 September 2017
Episode 270

Pragya reveals the truth to Abhi. Will he believe her this time? The three evil muskateers plan Pragya's murder - Purab overhears then conversating.

Monday 18 September 2017
Episode 271

Pragya finds out that Abhi's life is in danger. Aliya and Tanu realise that the trap laid for Pragya has struck Abhi.  

Tuesday 19 September 2017
Episode 272

Abhi and Pragya prove that love truly conquers all. Pragya receives the best news of her life. Will this be the beginning of their happy ever after?

Wednesday 20 September 2017
Episode 273

Pragya receives devastating news about Abhi. Aliya and Tanu take advantage of Abhi’s condition and throw Pragya out of the house. Could this be the end of Pragya and Abhi’s love story?

Flash fact: The show consists of a whopping 900 episodes to date so it's going to return. No return date has been confirmed by Zee World yet.

Premiere episodes of Twist of Fate air on Zee World from Monday to Friday at 20h00.

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mopedi thwii
22 Aug 2017 11:02

Aowa!!!!! we dont want it back

22 Aug 2017 11:50

No no no zee world we dont want it any more
because its total foolishness and they should
be showing it only in india where i think they
allow such stupidity.

23 Aug 2017 14:19

Please don't return it, it's an insultno

23 Aug 2017 19:37

Pls zworld if u wish to return it after ending in a tragic manner...modify it, knowing fully well, that every soap opera, has a moral lessons to impact in d life of d viewer. Don't make it childish again.

phina simon ije
28 Aug 2017 12:49

Its indeed a twist of fate.....But the truth here is that the writer is confused now and the producer can not even advice nor amend all the fucked up..
Well,,my advice is that the wirter should write something reasonable if at all there wud be a second coming of twist coz we have been twisted much here and tire of been twisted over and over again.....will i say its tragi comedy,,,awwwwch

28 Aug 2017 22:04

Twist of fate has lost its shine in my home. It's become so boring and after wasting months on nothing it's ending in tragedy? Abah! Producer! We expect better than this! Don't make my family loose faith in Zee world na!

31 Aug 2017 00:26

What kind of film is this? Is the script writer and the producer sadists? Just when its getting better ..u experience another worse episode. i just told my family to stop watching it today

04 Sep 2017 21:32

the writer must be drunk and very confused. Twist of fate shows how forgetful and stupid indians are. Pragya and them have set up cameras that have never been used and why is it that only Tanu and thems plans always work and anyone elses flop.
Abhi is a disgrace to man and his character proves that India men dont think. he is always fooled and diverted by Tanu and he never for a second thinks on how pushy she is.Abhi trust his granny so much yet she can never take advantage of that and tell her grand child the truth. 
All she was good at doing was to expose how Tanu stole the money.

05 Sep 2017 02:22

What an insult! Zee World should treat its viewers seriously and stop airing stupid soapies.potraying good people as loosers.Right upto the end Abhu does not even have a clue as to why Tanu pushes so hard aganist Pragya,he can only shout "Tanu stop it" as if he has been fed some roots

07 Sep 2017 12:03

No we don't want ito back. It's the worst, soo stupid

08 Sep 2017 09:27

I used to love twist of fate but now its looks like it belongs to cartoon network,its written for children not adults!

Blank Murna
11 Sep 2017 21:07

what a stupid soap opera portraying good people as losers. stupid Indians with their evil.

12 Sep 2017 00:44

I don't really understand d producer or whoever it concerns. Twist of fate, my favorite TV program, which I can forfeit anything for that one hr to watch, but u guys fall my hand. Should I say that their senses are not functioning well or wat? I'm just been dumbfounded on this... Shame to abhi who for once, doesn't no wat he wants, nawaooo... Plsssssoooo wen returning it, make sure their brain is washed in other to function well... Una no try at all...after so many months

12 Sep 2017 11:20

twit of fate should not come back. its the most boring show ever

Vimbai Faith Chapeyama
12 Sep 2017 11:56

The soap opera has lost direction.I have since stopped watching it.We don't want it back!

13 Sep 2017 21:44

Thank you Zee for bringing this soapie to an end. And allow the writter to think again..maybe he will give us something better.From the beginning to the end evil plans better and prevails of good, i guess the writter is a leftist or a satanist who enjoys when good people are suffering. Hope is thick and rotten head will give us something better next time

14 Sep 2017 17:03

thank you zee world for the twist of fate,please next season should be better off,where pragya will not suffer much.

14 Sep 2017 21:17

Criously dis is *bleep!*... WATS so interesting in dis twist of fate dat made dem wanr bring it back? Pls if ur bringing it back, try to modify it n remove d unrealistic parts Pls.. it's just so tiring...

16 Sep 2017 10:49

It's getting boring..I bet Abhi and pragya will finally rest at the last episode and never get to see more of their happiness.I'll watch the last 5 episodes...

18 Sep 2017 15:09

PLEASE Dont bring that soap opera back. It lacks on everything ,i dont know if the actors are working with a script or not. There is no story line as some of the events go without any mention of consequences. Kidnapping is always the order of that drama, if that soap dipicts what is done in that country uuum then people will always go scot free.No moral lesson can be be learnt for the evil always prevail over the good things. Zee world should first assess these soap before just dishing it out for they are being assosiated with cheap soapies which makes people sick and not want to view it anymore

Hlobile Ahmad
19 Sep 2017 22:38

Please don't bring it back it's boring making us must end for sure everybody was waiting for the day to us something new something interesting no more twist of fate we had enough....

20 Sep 2017 11:36

Honestly, I did not enjoy this show at all. Even with double the amount of good and just three evil people. Evil ALWAYS manages to win! its ridiculous! Even if the bad guys are purnished its just for a little while and the good guys suffer for a long time. Its tiring and we don't want anymore Twist of Fate, because I can already tell it will be another The Vow. You lost in your first life to your enemy who somehow always gets out of every trap set for her. God brings you back to life to avenge your death and now you have succeeded, You decide that someone else should marry your husband why you die. I think the writers and Directors must be sleeping or they don't really care afterall if a few don't watch this crap alot of other people are and they are making their money. So what the hell. Am begging DON'T BRING BACK TWIST OF FATE. WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER THE VOW, SEASON 2. PLEAASSSEEEE!

Ndonji Jr
21 Sep 2017 20:35

Please dont bring it back..ive wasted enough time watching this soap for a year now.. Always hoping for the best.. After this i dont know if am still gonna follow zee world soaps.. Bad guys always win, its not cool.

21 Sep 2017 21:00

Indian soaps are the most foolish on earth, to think that they just introduced another dumb one after twist of faith. If this is how Indians think and behave then it is a total disaster... Gosh feel like scrapping zee world from Dstv

23 Sep 2017 11:14

Lmao,these comments are so true.I feel so insulted after spending months watching this rubbish till the end,just when I was getting over the annoying ending of king of hearts. Indian writers and producers are dummies and stupid too. I literally called the amnesia ending and wish I was wrong but they proved me right. If this movies u guys put out is how things are done in Indian, then that country is filled with a lot of heartless and horrible people down to the police. The way ppl get away with kidnap and all sorts of rubbish and abhi is the most stupid man on earth, with granma like his who need one and she allegedly love him? And as for pragya....... If this is what the country is,remind me to remove it from my bucket list (to think the best medical minds come from there,well they can have it all). I have instructed my household not to ever tune to zeeworld ever again.what rubbish,let me stop here before I burst an artery from the mediocre we got served as a series,that's one hour everyday for one year plus I won't ever get back.

14 Jan 2018 18:45

Happy new year to zworld family... Pls wen is twist of fate returning... Pls kindly reply...

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