Survivor: San Juan Del Sur wrap (go Nat-bomb!)

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 11 Jul 2017
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What a showdown!! Thrilling - Natalie's moves were so heart stoppingly edgy. I was freaked and very iffy when she ejected Baylor - I was 100% convinced they were unbreakable and was very fond of Baylor - but then afterwards I accepted it because Baylor did.

I thought Natalie made a mistake though - I thought she should have kept Baylor instead of Missy but that was because I didn't realise how disliked Missy The Wicked Stepmother was.

Reed's speech was such a shocker - there were no signs that that's how people were feeling about her - and yet the crazy thing is I'd just finished badmouthing Missy when he started it.

It was because of what Baylor said just before... when she spoke about the difficulties they've faced, how her and Missy have seen three different men come and leave their lives - as if the men where Baylor's life partners too! It suggested that Missy's used Baylor as an emotional crutch and I have HUGE issues with parents who do that.

Poor Baylor, she was crushed by Reed and we'll never know what happened between them all when she joined the jury behind-the-scenes.

Turns out her Ponderosa video is the only one that doesn't exist. It was marked private when the show first aired in the US so no-one saw it and it's still private so it isn't available. There's no explanation anywhere as to why.

Which means we're stuck with Keith, who did much better than I imagined he would. I never for a moment thought he would win but there were definitely moments where it seemed he might.

Thankfully Natalie took care of business with such savviness and strength that she broke a Survivor record by winning the most number of challenges of all the women on the show. 13 in total.

Keith's vid:


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12 Jul 2017 08:58

Yass Kween!! Been a while since I'd been stoked for a worthy winner and Natalie nailed it- I was squirming with some of those last minute maneuvres. I thought she's be safer with a Baylor/Missy final three without having to screw her friend over. Keith was indeed the biggest threat. And she was the only one without a loved one's vote. Did she really win that many challenges?? Wow! And Reed was serving ugly stepsister realness in that speech to Missy. Boo-Hoo!. I didn't mind Missy all that much. And so many folks hardly got a look-in (moreso than usual) at the Reunion ( too much of jeff entertaining kids in the audience). 
See ya next week for Season #30!!

12 Jul 2017 10:57

BUMMER!!! I wanted the Kieth to win.

15 Jul 2017 16:15

Well deserved by that intelligent and formidable lady Nat! To say I was shocked by Reed's dressing down of Missy at that tribal would be putting it midly! lol. I live for such drama.

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