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Scandal! Teasers - August 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Scandal! Teasers on 23 Jun 2017
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Coming up on Scandal! this August 2017:

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 2835    

Grace is disappointed when her side is not taken and Neo makes a discovery which intrigues him greatly. Yvonne is appalled to find out that a threat to her future is serious. Zinzile is not at all happy with her new job description.

Wednesday 2 August 2017
Episode 2836

Grace is presented with the possibility of crossing a major line, and it is revealed that a young man is unknowingly being used. Siseko is successfully manipulated into brokering a peace. Quinton is mortified to discover that he has been suspected of exploiting an employee.

Thursday 3 August 2017
Episode 2837     

Romeo is manipulated into making a cruel threat. A commitment to peace is made between three parties, but the underlying vibe between two of them is anything but peaceful. Quinton is prepared to help someone out, but makes it clear that he will be covering his backside.

Friday 4 August 2017
Episode 2838    

Grace is confronted with a threat that she has feared for twenty years. Yvonne reveals a sneaky long term strategy to get what she wants. Dintle is chuffed when a plan starts to come together.

Monday 7 August 2017
Episode 2839    
A woman is blackmailed with a terrible secret, and she stuns an associate by asking him to have someone killed. Yvonne has to beg to be believed and to have interference removed from her life. Dintle is surprised when a new colleague displays some feistiness.

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Episode 2840    

Neo undertakes to fix a big problem for Grace, but not in the way she wanted it fixed. Boniswa has to use all the restraint she can muster when she is baited. Dintle displays some surprisingly uncharacteristic behaviour and a new deal is forged.

Wednesday 9 August 2017
Episode 2841 

Grace is interrogated about her past and begins to take back her power. Yvonne is determined not to play fair. Dintle crosses several lines in a bid for success.

Thursday 10 August 2017
Episode 2842     

Romeo has a very rude awakening and inadvertently places himself in grave danger. Boniswa is given some advice which doesn't sit comfortably with her. Dintle is thwarted by an NFH employee.

Friday 11 August 2017
Episode 2843    

Romeo comes close to crossing a major line, and fears that he may not be forgiven by someone close to him. Boniswa nervously prepares herself for conquest. Ingrid wonders if two people who almost became an item still have feelings for each other.

Monday 14 August 2017
Episode 2844  

Grace finds herself bonding with someone she has always despised, and makes an admission which could land her in trouble with the law. Boniswa's plan backfires but all is not lost. Javas is finding it difficult to keep his private feelings private.

Tuesday 15 August 2017
Episode 2845  

Lerumo is extremely relieved that a serious crime was not committed, and Romeo bounces back from his trauma. A truce is declared, but it is not clear whether it is real or just a tactic. Dintle is disappointed by Quinton.

Wednesday 16 August 2017
Episode 2846    

Grace decides to take a stand against the horror of her past. Dintle is made a promise which could change her future. Mary panics about an imminent situation and Chumani makes a decisive move.

Thursday 17 August 2017
Episode 2847  

Grace is responsible for turning a man into a fugitive from the law. Dintle covertly seeks assistance from someone who despises her to secure her future. Mary's heart skips a beat the moment she meets a young man for the first time.

Friday 18 August 2017
Episode 2848    

Yvonne is freaked out when she thinks she sees someone who is dead. Mangi is unaware who he is actually helping, and Javas chickens out of a decision. In trying to convince a friend, Mary unwisely tells a lie.

Monday 21 August 2017
Episode 2849

Yvonne is extremely frustrated when everyone she talks to dismisses her claims as fantasy.  Javas continues to misinterpret a situation, which keeps him from moving forward. Mary is determined to hook her fish, and Lindiwe reveals a secret disappointment.

Tuesday 22 August 2017
Episode 2850    

Romeo and Neo are both stunned when it becomes clear that Yvonne was telling the truth. Quinton is surprised by someone's unusual diligence, and two people finally get it together to arrange a date with each other. Omphile comes up with a plan to kick start Mary's love life.

Wednesday 23 August 2017
Episode 2851    

A missing person's face is about to appear in The New Voice, and Neo puts out a hit on someone he thought was out of his life for good.  Quinton makes an offer and a refusal to one of the women in his life. Mary is distraught when a plan backfires.

Thursday 24 August 2017  
Episode 2852 

Yvonne makes a discovery which is both a relief and a concern. A miscommunication leads to tension between two people who really like each other.  A young woman is mortified when she thinks she is being given the brush off.

Friday 25 August 2017
Episode 2853  

Mjomane thinks he may have found a way of striking back at someone who mistreated him. Dintle is appalled when she realises she has shot herself in the foot. Lindiwe comes up with an unusual plan to help a friend.

Monday 28 August 2017
Episode 2854

Hlengiwe gets a lead which points her in the direction of the Newtonian Hotel. Dintle makes a big promise to a friend and knows she will have to follow through on it. Lindiwe has to pretend that her plan is a success.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Episode 2855

A mild mannered man, through no fault of his own, becomes the target of a criminal. Dintle is confident that she can still secure her future. Lindiwe solves a problem with trickery.  

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Episode 2856    

One person a criminal is targeting disappears, but another comes onto his radar. Dintle is thrilled that her plan is working, but thrown when she learns there is a condition. Mary gets her heart's desire, but it comes with a price.

Thursday 31 August 2017  
Episode 2857  

Boniswa becomes aware that all is not as it should be, and a dodgy individual gets a nasty surprise. Dintle discovers what a good shrew business negotiator Gontse has become. Mary is encouraged to do the right thing.

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23 Jun 2017 17:55

We are Still June bt already the tearsers of August, So glad that Kgosi and Gontse are out of the picture and I'm also glad to that Mangi z still in the picture. I won't lie I don't understand the teasers I will hv to wait nd see.

24 Jun 2017 13:00

Confusing as usual weehhh

24 Jun 2017 19:08

Could Mary's crush be Chumani???kitso is sticking around or what

24 Jun 2017 19:38

Did the marriage btw Siseko and Yvonne happen or not? Confused much o

27 Jun 2017 14:29

I've always suspected dat there's smtng fishy about Damon. He's secretive,suspicious and manipulative and very creepy... bt no one can be as psychopathic as Jennifer. I believe Damon didn't kill his wife, not dat he isn't guilty of his other crimes... bt dis time I'm on Damon's side

27 Jun 2017 15:11

@Goku im with you with Damon's issue. .i was skeptical of the lady behind Jennifer character taking the role bcz of #Isidingo i must say im very impressed with her acting so far #Dope..well siseko/Yvonne/boniswa saga is boring me and tiring +one thing i hate its the fact that they siseko to be huge and powerful bt boniswa&yvonne are making him a fool just like mangi&Q.. anyway i miss mangi on scandal screen im huge fan of the guy..

03 Jul 2017 17:47

Did you guys forget to to put up rhythm city August teaser?

11 Jul 2017 18:54

we dont feel pity for that stupid Q, he brought that on himself now he must enjoy. all men on scandal are useless, ladies rule. i hope the scandal writers are not all females

Taffytuff Killer
30 Jul 2017 18:30

Romeo is now a nuisance

31 Jul 2017 06:19

Mmm Grace's hands I wonder wt happend

01 Aug 2017 07:46

I have a great suspicion that Grace was raped by Ceaser .Boniswa is getting on my nerves ,why did she allow Seko to marry YV in the first place .she is now a bully

01 Aug 2017 11:12

Whilst I agree that Boniswa shouldn't have suggested the marriage @max85, but YV is such a leach, she is annoing, she takes advantage of people. I think in Boniswa's mind, by getting YV married to Siseko, she thought she could control the situation as Siseko had already cheated on her with YV. But I also find Siseko very weak. He knows YV, the woman cheated on him with his brother because he had more money. YV is the type of person that adds nothing to anyone's life.

01 Aug 2017 13:21

@ingenuity i totally agree on Siseko ...infact all Scandal men .they dont have a backbone ,very weak .lol i think the best solution is For YV to get her own place cz she will give Bon a heart attack .

01 Aug 2017 15:10

Guys Boniswa makes me soooooo angry. I mean she brought this on herself. She doesn't have to like Yvonne but her treatment of YV is mean or even cruel. I hate her. I hope YV is the last woman standing. And yes, come to think of it you guys are right. Scandal men are weak. I love the show. I just find Grace, Romeo and her nasty baby daddy extremely annoying. And it's so obvious that he raped her. These writers aren't even trying to be creative on that one.

01 Aug 2017 18:49

Much as Boniswa brought this on herself I stl dnt like what YV is doing to her. She shdnt worship her but just respect her a lito. I can relate to what Boniswa is going!!!!!?

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