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Binnelanders Teasers - June 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Binnelanders Teasers on 10 May 2017
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Coming up on Binnelanders this June 2017:
Thursday 1 June 2017                        
Episode 254/2750

Annelize is a cunning woman - even when she needs to come clean. Karli is getting more and more uncomfortable with Eric.

Desire is definitely in the air when two doctors clash, and a reconciliation gesture is way too suspicious. Conrad is shocked when he realises who Margot is, and Louis’s great idea is not met with enthusiasm.          
Friday 2 June 2017                            
Episode 255/2751

Karli and Tertius have a huge falling out over Eric, while Annelize needs to explain her side of the story to Conrad and Jana. Deon’s brilliant idea garners support from Steve and Noami, while At thinks Jana’s behaviour is suspicious. Another fight breaks out in Tertius’ flat, and invoices are the cause of huge tension.    

Monday 5 June 2017                            
Episode 256/2752

Deon’s enthusiasm ensures Louis’s loss of apetite, while Jana and Karli are shocked about what is going on under their noses.

At organises a meeting with Jacques, and Tertius makes sure that his beloved is convinced of his feelings. Eric opens up to Pippa in a heartfelt conversation, and Deon’s outrage soon turns into joy.              
Tuesday 6 June 2017                            
Episode 257/2753

At’s plan is coming to fruition, and Tertius is going to have to save Eric from Karli’s good intentions. Lindie is back for a follow-up consultation, while publicity and distorted priorities gives a doctor a headache.

Ilse finalises arrangements for National Pancake Day, and the invoices disappear. Bronwyn shares good news with Eric, while Pippa’s observations don't miss a thing.                                  

Wednesday 7 June 2017                        
Episode 258/2754

Eric shocks Pippa, while Annelize complies with her part of the deal. At makes Margot an offer that she won’t be able to refuse, and Steve tries to harness Deon’s frustration in a more positive way.

A few titbits of information takes the wind out of At’s sails, while Margot needs Jacques’s assistance. A glass of wine won’t fix anything, and apparently Conrad and Annelize have a reason to celebrate…  

Thursday 8 June 2017                      
Episode 259/2755

Naomi tries to give Deon some kind of direction – and then a call upsets him. Passion and potential play a part in making a big decision, while Eric shares his suspicions with Tertius.

Elna disrupts Deon’s day, and secrets are laid bare at a frightening speed. Both Margot and Bronwyn have reasons to smile triumphantly, while a huge confrontation takes place in Pippa’s flat.                      

Friday 9 June 2017                            
Episode 260/2756

Jana’s knowledge shocks At, and bad news is a shock to the system for a doctor. Karli and Tertius have a huge falling out, while a warning and a sermon is the last goodbye.

Conrad warns Louis against At, while At needs to make a big decision about one of his medical staff. A drink could make the truth flow more easily, and Annelize decides to grab the bull by the horns.          

Monday 12 June 2017                        
Episode 001/2757

Honesty doesn’t always compliment the first cup of coffee of the day, while Justin George is bad news for Bronwyn. Deon realises a patient is very dangerous, and it is Pippa’s turn to serve some truth to Eric.

It is very clear that Tertius and Eric have different ideas about what friendship entails, and Bronwyn shares her suspicions with Steve.              

Tuesday 13 June 2017                            
Episode 002/2758

Tertius defends his life choices, while Deon expects the worst when Minette arrives. Bronwyn must decide whether or not to share her knowledge, and Pippa tries to explain the past to Eric.

Justin tries to convince At to allow him to proceed, while Bronwyn is unsure about trusting Tim. Minette warns Deon against Lindie’s father, and Karli can’t help wondering about what Eric said.                                             

Wednesday 14 June 2017                        
Episode 003/2759

Eric makes himself very vulnerable, while Justin and Bronwyn have a lot to talk about. Minette tries to get Lindie under control, and Pippa is worried about Karli.

Deon is caught in the middle of a family’s delicate dynamics, while Steve doesn’t beat around the bush when he talks to Justin. Playing detective could help to resolve an issue, and Tertius realises that Pippa knows everything.           
Thursday 15 June 2017                        
Episode 004/2760

Bronwyn is not going to let Justin boss her around, while broken trust leads to a dismissal. Steve reprimanding Deon about the specialist is the least of the young doctor’s problems.

A text message is read by the wrong person, and Lindie lets the bough break. Justin has a surprise for Bronwyn – as does Annelize for At! Body language leads to drastic actions, and Noami shares very bad news with Steve.             

Friday 16 June 2017                            
Episode 005/2761

Louis makes Deon see the truth of the matter, while Steve doesn’t waste time confronting the guilty party. Karli doesn’t want to see Tertius, and Minette’s priority is her marriage.

The truth always hurts – and a doctor can’t hide his pain. A law suit makes the day interesting, while At is headstrong in his search for the truth. Tim shares bad news with Justin.              

Monday 19 June 2017                        
Episode 006/2762

Eric tries to salvage what he can, while a father and daughter are tense with each other. Naomi has a solution for Deon’s problems, and Jana confronts Tertius.

Tim asks for help from the most unlikely person, while Minette turns into a monster. A ring could be the beginning of something special, and Jacques’s information prompts At to shift gears.            

Tuesday 20 June 2017                          
Episode 007/2763

Lexi realises something is wrong between Bronwyn and Tim, and Karli doesn’t hold back with her words. Two giants clash again, while there is a very uncomfortable chance meeting in Nagskof.

Bronwyn cuts all family ties, and Jana has no idea how to support her child. Deon is not in the mood for Minette, and Justin pleads with Tim to change his ways. Steve’s news makes his wife anxious.      

Wednesday 21 June 2017                        
Episode 008/2764

Karli is not sure what the truth is anymore, while Bronwyn jumps to a series of serious conclusions. Deon asks Jana’s advice on his current situation, and poor Naomi is met with disdain when she tries to offer her support. The darkness threatens to engulf the Abrahams while Karli wants to shed more light on the subject.          
Thursday 22 June 2017                        
Episode 009/2765

The hearing takes place, and Bronwyn gets the shock of her life. Jana and At are at war over Justin, while Naomi wants to make sure of Pippa’s view on a matter.

Steve and Deon try to iron out the kinks in their relationship, and Karli makes it clear that she is not interested in Naomi’s opinion.

A difficult conversation about fallen heroes takes place, while Lexi begins to ask uncomfortable questions. Jacques has something for At that will definitely give him the upper hand.        

Friday 23 June 2017                            
Episode 010/2766

Karli has made up her mind, while the Abrahams have to make peace with the sins of the fathers. Deon is unhappy with Steve’s comments, and Tertius shares his suspicions about Pippa with his beloved.

Louis is shocked by Deon’s confession, and Sam wants to take revenge. Once again, At shows exactly why no one should ever underestimate him.     

Monday 26 June 2017                        
Episode 011/2767

Bronwyn explains to Lexi exactly what is going on, and Karli defends her decision. Naomi has had enough of Deon not being honest with her, while an upset Jana shares her news with At.

Pippa can’t remember what she did, and a doctor makes a drastic decision. The police’s involvement means that time is running out.    

Tuesday 27 June 2017                            
Episode 012/2768

Steve and Bronwyn quarrel about a family member, while Pippa struggles to find a day mother for Dian. Jana expresses her disappointment, and Okkie is unsure about Ilse’s suggestion.

Justin gives Bronwyn an ultimatum, while Deon’s excitement doesn’t last long. Tertius confronts Pippa about the call, and Justin makes a decision about his future.        

Wednesday 28 June 2017                        
Episode 013/2769

Steve confronts Bronwyn about her lie, while Jana makes it clear who she sides with. Pippa’s first day is filled with difficulties, and Okkie tries to give Deon a bit of perspective.

Bronwyn and Justin are worried about Jana’s demand, while Ilse refuses to admit that she might have been a bit hasty. Bronwyn’s decision forces At to have an in-depth conversation with Steve.   

Thursday 29 June 2017                      
Episode 014/2770

An arrest and a wine glass could derail the day, while Naomi is not impressed with the consequences of Okkie’s advice.

Tertius tries to give Ilse peace of mind, and Steve plants a poisonous seed with Bronwyn. An unexpected confession is the last thing a couple want to deal with.          

Friday 30 June 2017                            
Episode 015/2771

Justin gives Bronwyn a brilliant idea on how to get the photos, while anxiety medication causes a lot of uneasiness. Steve is attacked in his consulting room, and Deon knows exactly how to manipulate Jana.

No one is going to pull the wool over At Koster’s eyes, while Tertius confronts Pippa about her drinking problem.  

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