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Days of Our Lives Teasers - April 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 31 Mar 2017
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Reminder: Days of Our Lives changes time to 22h30 from Monday, 3 April.

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Monday 3 April 2017
Episode 159 (12266)  

E.J. overhears Abigail defending him to Adrienne. Rory gives J.J. some good news about their little plan. Nick introduces Kate to someone who was the witness in the woods. Brady seeks refuge at Daniel's empty apartment. Kate alerts E.J. and Gabi about a new problem.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Episode 160 (12267)         

Nick reveals to Abigail that he has a lead on a job. Daniel and Nicole stakeout Dr. Chyka's hideout and prepare to make their move. Jennifer reveals to Maxine that Daniel's private life is none of her business. Rory and Bev inform J.J. that Theresa is going down. Abigail and E.J. kiss passionately.

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Episode 161 (12268)  

Daniel and Nicole find Dr. Chyka's hideout. Dr. Chyka prepares to get out of town. Theresa finally heads to a store to cash the check and JJ arrives to catch her in the act.

Brady attempts to show Jennifer that he doesn't have an alcohol problem. Stefano orders his henchman to neutralise Dr. Chyka permanently. Brother Timothy presents a new option to Eric concerning his future.

Thursday 6 April 2017
Episode 162 (12269)  

Sami arrives back home early unexpectedly and surprises E.J. at the athletic club. Abigail learns that Sami and E.J. are no longer sharing a bed. Daniel and Nicole are able to tie up Dr. Chyka.

Brother Timothy suggests to Eric that he should become a monk. JJ reveals to Theresa that they set her up with the check and have it all on video.

Friday 7 April 2017
Episode 163 (12270)      

Daniel injects Dr. Chyka with the truth serum. Abe gives Brady a letter from John which sends Brady back to the bottle. JJ is able to use the footage he has on Theresa cashing the check to get her to keep quiet. Hope and Ciara meet with Father Louis, Aiden and Chase.


Monday 10 April 2017
Episode 164 (12271)     

Nicole and Daniel are getting what they need to clear Eric on tape. Eric considers a possible future with Nicole. Jordan and Rafe share an evening with Sheryl and Lucas. Kate sneaks into Jordan's apartment and finds fake ID's. Lucas calls Kate to warn her. Gabi continues to stress out over Nick.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
Episode 165 (12272)    

Adrienne apologises to Abigail for telling Jennifer about seeing her with E.J. Abigail gets roped into helping Johnny make cupcakes. Daniel gets the upper hand with Ricardo.

Nicole is left alone with Dr. Chyka who is able to escape but not before giving Nicole a hint about where the evidence is located. Nicole finds Eric's medical records and other evidence.

Wednesday 12 April 2017
Episode 166 (12273)      

Nicole is excited to have all the evidence she needs to clear Eric's name. Eric returns to Salem and tells Father Louis that he has made his decision.

Later, Eric reveals to Nicole that he has asked to be released from his vows and wants to be with her. Sami and Sonny find out that Kate has given Nick his job back. Abigail arrives at the DiMera mansion to help Johnny with his cupcake baking.

Thursday 13 April 2017
Episode 167 (12274)           

Nick finally admits to remembering everything that happened the night he was thrown into the lake. Rafe gets jealous when he hears Jordan talking about Arthur. Abigail cannot get over E.J. Nicole is surprised when Eric reveals that he is giving up the priest hood for her.

Friday 14 April 2017
Episode 168 (12275)     

Victor tries to lay down the law with Brady. Will gives Sonny a special Valentine's Day surprise by giving him an answer to his marriage proposal. J.J. feels confident about his sentencing hearing. Hope delivers news to Nicole, Eric and Daniel about Dr. Chyka. Theresa reveals to Daniel that they have unfinished business.


Monday 17 April 2017
Episode 169 (12276)  

Will finally gives Sonny an answer to his proposal. Judge Wyner gives JJ a year probation and community service. Victor continues to think that Brady doesn't have a drinking problem. Hope gives Eric, Daniel and Nicole the bad news that Dr. Chyka has escaped to Morocco and the cabin is clear of any evidence.

Tuesday 18 April 2017
Episode 170 (12277)     

Theresa tries to blackmail Daniel into sleeping with her. Gabi compares Nick to E.J. pointing out to Sami all the terrible things they did to each other. Abigail and E.J. are in the middle of discussing their affair when Sami arrives possibly overhearing everything.

Wednesday 19 April 2017
Episode 171 (12278)          

JJ shows up before Daniel writes a check to Theresa. Will and Sonny reveal to Sami and Lucas about their engagement. Kate is mad when her P.I. cannot dig up anything on Jordan. Lucas points out that the ID's may not be of names Jordan has used but ones she could be using in the future. JJ decides that he needs to tell Jennifer the whole truth.

Thursday 20 April 2017
Episode 172 (12279)  

Eric breaks the news to Marlena and Roman that he is leaving the church. Nicole destroys the documents she found clearing Eric. Marlena is suspicious of Nicole when she reveals her involvement with Dr. Chyka escaping. Nick says something to Abigail that causes her to not want to give up on E.J. Sonny and Gabi come to blows over Nick.

Friday 21 April 2017
Episode 173 (12280)

JJ finally tells Jennifer the whole truth about the night that Theresa overdosed. Abigail confronts E.J. about her feelings and realises that he is sleeping with Sami again. Theresa announces that she is done with AA and later bonds with Brady.

Monday 24 April 2017
Episode 174 (12281)           

E.J. goes to extremes to end things with Abigail. Sami finds out that Eric has left the church and blames Nicole. Jennifer reveals to Daniel that JJ has told her the whole truth. Sonny cuts Brady off at the club and when Brady leaves he feels he is being watched.

Tuesday 25 April 2017
Episode 175 (12282)    

Hope and Aiden are forced to work together for the PTA bake sale. Sami has an unsettling encounter with Nick. Jordan is thrilled when Rafe is walking without the cane. Nick learns of Gabi's date with Tad, and schemes to sabotage it before it can happen.

Sami reveals to Nicole that she was right about her getting her hooks into Eric again. Adrienne reveals to Sami that she feels Sonny and Will getting married is a mistake.

Wednesday 26 April 2017
Episode 176 (12283)      

Marlena questions Kate's motives in rehiring Nick to her company. Hope clashes with Aiden after making an accusation of her spoiling Ciara. Nick manages to have Tad cancel his date with Gabi. Sonny and Will reveal to Gabi that she can still live with them after they're married.

Aiden apologises to Hope for making a wrong conclusion about her. Gabi is surprised when Nick takes the news of Will and Sonny's engagement well. Jordan faces a man from her past.

Thursday 27 April 2017
Episode 177 (12284)           

Nick makes sure that T overhears him pretending to talk to Gabi. Gabi is delighted at Sonny and Will's engagement news but begins to make plans to move out. Later, Nick preys on Gabi's insecurities. Aiden makes a comment about all of Ciara's expensive earrings unaware that Hope is planning to make Ciara donate them.

Friday 28 April 2017
Episode 178 (12285)
JJ's community service gets off to a rocky start when Anne rejects that he completes it at the hospital. Marlena seeks out Stefano to make a deal in tracking down Dr. Chyka.

Jordan is not happy to see Ben has followed her to Salem. Rafe warns Sami that it won't be long before E.J. hurts her again. Jennifer offers Eric a photography job at the hospital. Nicole prepares for her date with Eric.

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10 Apr 2017 15:19

A heads-up that we've updated these teasers to reflect the two nights it didn't air in March.

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