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Days of Our Lives Teasers - February 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 02 Feb 2017
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this February 2017:

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Episode 118 (12225)     
E.J. and Brady have a brief encounter. Daniel wants to help build a case to prove Eric's innocence. Maggie asks Brady for a favour. Jennifer talks to Theresa about the night she overdosed. J.J. gets news that his sentencing has been postponed.

Sami confronts Nicole about dropping the story she's doing on Eric. Jennifer invites Maggie to come stay at the house with her.

Thursday 2 February 2017
Episode 119 (12226)
J.J. worries that Theresa is starting to remember the night she overdosed. Stefano learns that Chad is making a full recovery. Gabi wakes up after having a nightmare.

Nicole and Eric continue their fight. Theresa seeks help from Daniel regarding J.J. Sami, Kate and Gabi are startled when the man who saw them in the woods shows up.

Friday 3 February 2017
Episode 120 (12227) 
J.J. comes clean with Jennifer about everything he has done. Jordan vows to stop running. Theresa feels there’s something more to the night she overdosed.

Will is thrown when he sees Gabi talking to Sami and Kate. Theresa has an unexpected reaction to J.J.'s confession. Jennifer has a run in with Daniel and Parker.

Monday 6 February 2017
Episode 121 (12228)  
J.J. is stunned when Theresa reveals that she remembers everything the night she overdosed. Daniel learns that J.J. confessed to Jennifer. Theo gives Ciara the diamond earring he found. Theresa issues an ultimatum to J.J.

Tuesday 7 February 2017
Episode 122 (12229)    
Gabi learns that Will is glad that Nick is gone to New York. Will feels that Gabi is hiding something. Kate warns Jordan that she won't allow her to hurt Rafe. Sonny overhears Gabi making plans with Kate.

Wednesday 8 February 2017
Episode 123 (12230)

Theresa summons J.J. to her place to do a little errand for her. Daniel reveals to Eric that he knows a risky procedure to determine the drug in his system. Brady runs into J.J. when he tries to buy more drugs. Abigail is concerned when she spies on J.J. hanging out with Bev and Rory. Sonny is stunned when he learns the truth.

Thursday 9 February 2017
Episode 124 (12231)    

Eric asks Nicole for forgiveness. J.J.'s errand for Theresa hits a major snag when he runs into Brady. Sonny is shocked after learning that Gabi murdered Nick. Anne learns that Theresa remembers everything and is still out to destroy Jennifer. Brady wonders if J.J. might be in trouble again.

Friday 10 February 2017
Episode 125 (12232)          

Theresa hides her drugs from Caroline who stops to visit. Eric asks Father Matt if they’ve made a decision about his place in the church. Will presses a reluctant Sonny to reveal what he overheard.

Victor thinks Nicole living with Daniel is perfect to make Jennifer think otherwise. J.J. tells Jennifer the reason he was in the park. Nicole lies to Eric about moving on with Daniel.


Monday 13 February 2017
Episode 126 (12233) 

Gabi becomes startled about something. Daniel warns Nicole that the lie she told Eric can be one big disaster. E.J. comes across Abigail who is reading her father's book. Allie reveals to Sami that Ciara has a secret of her own. Gabi realises that Sonny knows about Nick. Sami learns that Will knows about the party.

Tuesday 14 February 2017
Episode 127 (12234) 

Maggie surprises Theresa by bringing the A.A. meeting to her place, much to her dismay. J.J. carries out a plot to neutralise Theresa. Adrienne sets up Jennifer with Liam. Gabi explains to Sonny that she had no idea Nick was behind the modeling deal.

Will reveals to E.J. something that immediately intrigues him. Maggie learns that Jennifer is making dinner plans with someone. J.J. is hoping to trap Theresa.

Wednesday 15 February 2017
Episode 128 (12235)      

J.J.'s plan to trap Theresa backfires. Anne overhears as Daniel talks with Jennifer about her date with Liam. Kate and Sami try to get Sonny to tell Justin a different story to how Nick died. Sami attempts to get her earring back from Ciara. Kate is grateful that Sonny didn't tell Justin anything.

Thursday 16 February 2017
Episode 129 (12236)  

Eric surprises Daniel by saying he's behind his relationship with Nicole. Miles reveals to Nicole that he needs to get Eric on camera for an interview. Hope searches Ciara's backpack and finds Sami's earring. Sonny gets interrupted by Lucas as he is about to tell E.J. everything.

E.J. investigates out by the river and makes a discovery. Hope opens up to Sami about Bo not coming home for the holidays. Dr. Chyka makes plans to return to the states. Kate and Jordan share a tense moment. Kate realises that Santa is actually the guy they encountered in the woods.

E.J. confronts Sami with what he found by the river.

Friday 17 February 2017
Episode 130 (12237)     

Jordan and Rafe realise they're being spied on by Stefano. Hope questions Stefano if Kristen ever confided in him about what she was planning to do to Eric.

Sami comes clean to E.J. about what Gabi did to Nick. Hope breaks the news to Ciara that Bo is not coming home for the holidays. Jordan sends a mysterious email.

Monday 20 February 2017
Episode 131 (12238)  

E.J. offers his support to Sami. Maggie brings Parker as a surprise from Chloe. Stefano is confused after Theo apologises to Sami for giving Ciara her earring.

Father Matt reveals to Eric that his dream means Nicole has moved on. Victor tries to make amends with Maggie by admitting he was wrong. Brady comes across a gift he got for Kristen and throws it in the fire.

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Episode 132 (12239)    

The Horton's celebrate Christmas by hanging their ornaments on the tree. Anne plans to take Jennifer's place in the telling of the Christmas story. Gabi and Kate realise that Julie may pose a threat. Victor pays Eric an unexpected visit. Ciara refuses to forgive Allie for telling Sami about the earring.

Wednesday 22 February 2017
Episode 133 (12240)          

Abigail is surprised by J.J.'s sudden change in attitude. Daniel and Anna exchange words, but Theresa steps in telling her to back off. Brady turns down Maggie's suggestion that they attend an A.A. meeting together.

Jordan brings Rafe the gift back, but he insists that she open it. J.J. brings up to Abigail the time when she lied about sleeping with Austin.

Thursday 23 February 2017
Episode 134 (12241)      

Theresa asks J.J. for a favour regarding Daniel. Tad learns that Will is beginning to suspect that Sonny and Gabi are keeping something from him. Eric asks Nicole for a job as a photographer at the studio where she works.

Brady looks in the camera with a message for Kristen. E.J. takes Sami to the woods, where she has a terrifying experience. Someone keeps a watchful eye on Sonny and Gabi.

Friday 24 February 2017
Episode 135 (12242)           

Brady admits that he takes some cocaine just to take the edge off. Gabi reveals to Sami and Kate that Will knows the truth about the murder. J.J. interrupts Jennifer's date with Liam. Abigail gets a text from Cameron. Jennifer angrily confronts Anne at the hospital.

Monday 27 February 2017
Episode 136 (12243)      

E.J. alerts Gabi, Sami and Kate that they need to destroy the evidence. Abigail changes her mind about going to the New Year's Eve party after getting a text from Cameron. J.J. reveals to Liam the truth about his mom and Daniel's past relationship. Nicole fights her attraction to Eric. Jennifer confronts J.J.'s over his latest scheme.

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Episode 137 (12244)      

Sonny has a dream of Nick ruining his relationship with Will. Stefano wonders if there's trouble between E.J. and Sami. Rafe and Jordan begin to get even closer. Will comes across Percy at the river. Gabi becomes frightened when Abigail gets a message from Nick. Kate reveals to Lucas that she is close to discovering who Jordan really is. E.J. gives Sami an ultimatum about their future.

Days of Our Lives is SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 00h00.


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