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Generations Teasers - December 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 21 Oct 2016
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Coming up on Generations this December 2016:

Thursday 1 December 2016
Episode 04 (0524)

The Diales realise Lesedi is missing. Smanga’s life is starting to unravel. An old family photograph reveals a missing piece of the puzzle…
Friday 2 December 2016
Episode 05 (0525)

Cosmo finds a lead. Wandile isn’t keen to get in touch with his family. Jack causes Nandi to have a panic attack.

Monday 5 December 2016
Episode 06 (0526)

Xolelwa is sent out to earn her keep. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place for Zitha. A photograph in Tshidi’s suite gives Gadaffi’s game away.
Tuesday 6 December 2016
Episode 07 (0527)

The girls resent Lesedi for getting special treatment. Lebo pays a security guard to hide her dirty secret.
The Diales realise something fishy was going on…
Wednesday 7 December 2016
Episode 08 (0528)

Namhla hacks Xolelwa’s laptop and sets a trap. Wandile has some shocking news in store for him.
Jack’s caught between a rock and a hard place and hates it.
Thursday 8 December 2016
Episode 09 (0529)

Lexi spills the beans about who took Mickey’s keys. Nandi sets her plan into motion to get her family back on track. Zitha thinks it’s time to go - there’s nothing left for her in Jo’burg.
Friday 9 December 2016
Episode 10 (0530) 

Lucy tells Lebo she’d better start talking or else! Daniel is freaking out about the so-called changes in his body. Gadaffi tries to strangle Tshidi when she pushes him too far.

Monday 12 December 2016
Episode 11 (0531)

Lesedi is terrified when Zakes drags her away. Jack warns his protégé he’d better deliver. Wandile realises who the culprit is that stole her hormones.
Tuesday 13 December 2016
Episode 12 (0532)

Nandi’s warning hits home with Fana. Namhla turns to her father for help. Cosmo informs the Diales that Lebo has done a runner.
Wednesday 14 December 2016
Episode 13 (0533)

Sphe struggles to hide her secret from her mother. Thulani plants a camera in Tshidi’s suite. Patricia gets a call from panicked Xolelwa.
Thursday 15 December 2016
Episode 14 (0534)

Mazwi and Nolwazi are caught in the act. Wandile is hurt by Gog’Flo’s attitude. The auction for Lesedi goes live.
Friday 16 December 2016
Episode 15 (0535)

Namhla tells Smanga to stay away from her. Tebogo is furious when Nandi confronts him.
Fana grows suspicious after hearing about Mr Gumbi.

Monday 19 December 2016
Episode 16 (0536)

Tshidi capitalises on Jack’s frustration. Mavis freaks when she sees what Gugu looks like. Sphe decides to put an end to her problems once and for all.
Tuesday 20 December 2016
Episode 17 (0537)

Gadaffi isn’t done with his scheming and manipulation. Wandile feels bad when Elam hits the nail on the head. It’s a race against the clock to try and save Lesedi!
Wednesday 21 December 2016
Episode 18 (0538)

Fana isn’t happy when Nandi swears him to secrecy. Paranoid Daniel refuses to go back home. Mazwi is shocked to hear about the pregnancy.
Thursday 22 December 2016
Episode 19 (0539)

Smanga opens up to Getty. Sphe is shocked when her father sides with the Morokas. Patricia’s heart breaks for traumatised Xolelwa.
Friday 23 December 2016
Episode 20 (0540)

Shock and worry when Nandi collapses. Jack is shocked when Fana punches him. Nolwazi’s candlelit dinner is ruined by an unexpected announcement.

Monday 26 December 2016
Episode 21 (0541)

Tshidi is kicked to the curb again, only this time it’s for real. Namhla convinces Mrekza to apologise, or so she thinks. Gadaffi has pushed his nemesis too far this time…
Tuesday 27 December 2016
Episode 22 (0542)

Xolelwa struggles to get her life back on track. Wandile stands up for himself but it backfires on him.
Tau is devastated after Tebogo breaks bad news to him.
Wednesday 28 December 2016
Episode 23 (0543)

Patricia makes a startling discovery. Fana and Jack are becoming ever more alienated from each other.
Nolwazi’s on a mission and refuses to back down.
Thursday 29 December 2016
Episode 24 (0544)

Mazwi reprimands Sphe about her attitude. Zondiwe is worried about what her vengeful daughter will do.
Lesedi is horrified to see what her friend is up to.
Friday 30 December 2016
Episode 25 (0545)

An alliance is born between Tau and Smanga. Vengeful Namhla starts plotting against Mrekza.
Tshidi makes Rose an offer she can’t refuse.

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21 Oct 2016 06:27

I am so confused with this teasers .so Xolelwa and those girls are gonna get Lesedi into human trafficing .Sphe is preg with Smanga's baby .Namhla and Smanga are no longer together,that's sad but we saw it coming since the writers ruin every relationship on the show .Jack and Fana are gonna fight yoh

21 Oct 2016 08:47

yah a bit confusing. plus a whole lot of new names. wish it werent over for smanga and namhla. but i would love to see the Tau an Smanga alliance. Poor tshidi lol!!

21 Oct 2016 10:53

soo as you  said guys too many new charectors its really confusing but let wait and see.

Buhle Jamela
21 Oct 2016 10:53

Confusing and new names ,we will see when the time come

21 Oct 2016 18:10

smanga and namhla are no more *bleep!* breaks my heart and hope they will work again..i dnt know what tho think 2much is happening on these teasers

21 Oct 2016 18:11

So sad that Snamhla was short-lived. Lol, I knew it was bad luck when they shook hands.

21 Oct 2016 20:36

2nights episode was cool bt i was not excited to see namhla and smanga cz these teasers killed the vibe knowing they'll breakup .shit

22 Oct 2016 21:02

This is VERY interesting guys!!! I simply can not wait. The show is really good these days, September was trash. Generations has got this thing where it slays one month, then it's trash the next month, then slays, then bores and so on... But it looks different now, it seems it will continue being good this month all through December, the last time it was good for a number of months was January this year, all through March. April slowed down and May was horrible. I can't wait for my fave, Kumkani to come back. I love this guys character and they chose the prefect name, "Kumkani" for him and nickname too. This is an example of good writing where the even the name of the character is linked to the character's attributes... just like Namhla, who I also think is the most interesting character on SA television.

24 Oct 2016 08:56

Morning all
i  wont mind to see Bra Mfundi as one of the extras just njeee ..

24 Oct 2016 09:45

Its Complicated season 2,, too much sex,, and swearing,, was a bit off lastnight episode.. Ipeleng is s drunky now,, hayi mann, i miss tht old Ipeleng.

25 Oct 2016 06:21

Clearly Smanga's feelings for Namhla are not that serious ,he is willing to betray her just like that .its clear its just sex between them .I can't wait for Gadaffi and Tau storyline to finally hit up .we need some action .

25 Oct 2016 09:47

max .they are serious cz he did dt mostly for namhla school programme

25 Oct 2016 16:04

Colin Oliphant and his team are ruining a good thing just to create an unnecesary dramatic story. I'm talking about Smanga and Namhla. Now this idea of Gadaffi and Tau being the best buddies again despite Gadaffi taking his child away from him, is senseless to me. It's the same way as when Tau went begging to Jack for help despite Jack's attempt on his life 10 years ago. They were sworn enemies. They weakened Tau, turned Lucy into an annoying character that screams all the time, turned Cosmo into a joke, turned Jack into Bhekifa of Isibaya. Introspection is needed.

25 Oct 2016 20:25

I love Gen,I didnt want to admit that this new Gen was of mediocre quality but it is,I couldnt accept the media's negative reviews coz Im a die hard fan but yho... Tau,a once feared gangster,turned into a practically broke,useless,spineless,kind idiot...I used to LOVE this dude but as of late...

25 Oct 2016 20:43

@sihle we allow constructive criticism here so plz dnt annoy us abt how boring the show is..i hope jack won't take smanga's ezweni shares i don't even trust him..smanga will leave politics or what?

25 Oct 2016 20:56

2015 was good but this year, the script has been in disarray. The main storyline of Smanga and Mazwi competing to run Ezweni was good until this "leader of a clan" was written and suddently Mazwi must have a child to be a leader. Complete hogwash! These writers have turned this show into a laughing stock. I feel embarrased just by waching. Another issue is the set; Gadaffi is supposed to be in Maritius or some island, but the sets clearly shows he is just inside the Moroka house. I am really getting frustrated now. And it seems this will get worse with the arrival of new characters. The script is just fantastic and the show is phony.

25 Oct 2016 21:06

can i ask how do you know dt he is inside the moroka house? ..i know dt in all these shows they use one house to shoot bt only decoration differs then to sharks..beside using those cape town accent speaking not arguing. just wanna know

25 Oct 2016 21:34

I might be in the minority here .I don't think the show is that bad .Tau and Gadaffi are brother ,they will forgive each other for almost anything .I don't find it strange that they are working together .maybe I was not paying attention to the show when Tau was a gangster but I don't remember him being a hardcore gangster ,he has always had softness in him .during Khaphela ,khethiwe days he was a family man who always had a soft heart for family .I just think we want the show to be exactly how we want to be in our heads .

25 Oct 2016 21:45

I don't think Maritius looks like the Moroka house at all .the room was decorated like an island room ,I was convinced .I am thing I like is that Gadaffi is going back to his old slf,the type that kills for fun nje .

25 Oct 2016 21:50

@max Exactly!! People are so overreacting here, I don't remember Tau being this feared, hard core, powerful man. The only person who I can say were like that is Sibusiso Dhlomo and Jack Mabaso.. Tau? No. The show is not bad, it has it's moments just like any other show. I used to not watch that many shows but in the past few months I've watched Isidingo, Rhythm City and Scandal daily. They are SO OVERRATED!!! Especially Isidingo, It's so mediocre whew! Scandal is usually good but it is also flopping nowadays. People just think it's "cool" to hate on #GenerationsTheLegacy but hey... whatever. I've said it countless times though, that the show has very good storylines (one of the best in my opinion) but the way they execute them is kind of poor... they can be very predictable even for people who don't check out for teasers. Regardless, I think the show right now is quite good, can't wait for December. It looks verrry promising!

25 Oct 2016 21:57

@max85 i said dt long tym ago.dt everyone wants the show to favour their feelings which it wont happen dts why they find it bit i cant comment on how tau was before cz i only watched pictures cz myb i was 9/10 .

26 Oct 2016 06:30

@Zondwa even Sibusiso Dlomo had his mix of changes as a villian .one moment he is powerful ,another moment he loses his company to Kenneth ,the became soft when he was in love with Ntombi ,after she left he vecame devious again .characters go through changes all the time like Tau .the writers did not change Tau ,he has always being like this

26 Oct 2016 09:28

Yeah lol I think now they're trying to make Tau closer to Kumkani and closer to Jack too with all the favours he's asking him. Gadaff vs Jack will come back soon and they both might expect Tau to help them one way or another and Tau will be this confused soil who doesn't know who to side with lmao

26 Oct 2016 09:29

confused *soul

26 Oct 2016 20:40

Lol, so is Smanga raping Sphe or what? But we know that's an area of his expertees, especially at Three Towers. I think Xolelwa will be raped.

26 Oct 2016 20:48

If only the walls of Three Towers could talk!

27 Oct 2016 05:04

Last episode was lit lit lit. Lol shame Smanga and Sphe. I don't think Xolelwa will be raped

27 Oct 2016 06:31

Lol this is history repeating itself .this is exactly how Smanga was conceived .Zoleka could not have a baby with Archie so she exhanged personalities with her twin Zinzi so she can be the one that falls pregnant with Archie's child .its very interesting .Xolelwa is so naïve ,I don't think she will be raped .lol I am surprised mos girls on twitter say they would not mind being in Xolelwa's shoes .the show was lit well except the Moroka elders ,they look Fake .

27 Oct 2016 09:10

@max85 in reality galz would take money although they like acting as saints. .lol spaza boy is selfish when he asked what is smanga doing on family meetings,i mean im not feeling sorry for him..when smanga asked sphe it he must kiss her or not dt cracked was a gr8 show yesterday

27 Oct 2016 12:33

haha Max85 the moroka elders just dont look the part or even command respect you would expect from the elders. 
Smanga and Sphe yoh is all i can say. Am i the only one who finds the three towers gowns ugly....
yah spaza boy is so selfish. i hope one day when he rubs it in smangas face about having a son, Smanga will laugh and say no brother thats MY son. lol

27 Oct 2016 21:37

I'd like to know what Jack will say when he finds out about Tau and Gadaffi's adventure.

27 Oct 2016 21:52

Smanga is an original fuckboy ,he is actually not feeling guilty about what he is doing behind Namhla back lol .is Xolelwa still a virgin or she is just dumb .did she think John the swati guy is simply giving the good life nje .

28 Oct 2016 08:49

smanga does feel guilty if he dnt care he wouldn't have bought that house/support namhla project bt he is also desperate. i love snamhla duo bt wish sphe catch feelings for and smanga marry both namhla and sphe and go back run ezweni..tau is saving Hope only or there's diamonds too?

28 Oct 2016 09:05

Wednesday and Thursday episodes, the best this month. I really enjoyed them. Is it true that Gadaffi will be living again? That guy loves to get his hands dirty... he looked sexy with that gun.

28 Oct 2016 09:06


28 Oct 2016 21:56

I'm hoping that Zuko is somehow connected to Jack in the diamond smuggling. That would mean more trouble for Tau and Gadaffi. Friday was epic!

29 Oct 2016 08:28

Namhla said its not as if we are in a relationship to Smanga .they might still be hope for the 2 of them .Tau and Gadaffi were in good form last night .I just wanted the scenes to last like until next week lol .I think Xolelwa is a virgin .

30 Oct 2016 08:32

Gadaffi is not leaving lol... as you can see he's all over November and December teasers

31 Oct 2016 10:10

im sure generations team won't make hope and tau fall in love. .weza will remain supporting cast and dissappear soon cz we all know if karabo comes back who ever is with tau will be thrown under the bridge. mazwi and nolwazi are soo boring no vavavom at all

31 Oct 2016 16:01

so Hope was born 17/06/1986.. KRKRKR.. Tau and Gadaffi they make a good team. i wont mind if Hope can fall for Gadaffi to make Tsidi jls.. lol.. shme Sphe 2 men in 1 cookie,, just to make elders happy,, its not on bathong. yuuu.

01 Nov 2016 11:21

i hope between smanga/sphe none catch feelings...tau only care for Diamonds or hope too?

02 Nov 2016 08:27

am i the only one who likes Daniel dude ?he cracks me all the time

02 Nov 2016 08:46

Weza tweeted something last night ,she said Hope is not what she appears to be .I think she is crook ,she is only here to steal those diamonds and run away .

02 Nov 2016 10:36

@qavile,, i thnk u are the only one sana,, i dont want to see him yerrr, krkrkrkr ,, always he come with problems, krkrkrkr

02 Nov 2016 13:02

Hey guys i'm new here i've been reading your comments and ya'll just amazing.. Yeah i agree december teasers are so confusing but we'll see..

Kit Kat
02 Nov 2016 14:53

Too many new names. Very confusing

02 Nov 2016 20:24

Why do you guys think the SAFTA's ignore Generations so much? It makes no sense whatsoever! I remember everyone in 2013-2014 praising Zenande Mfenyana as Noluntu... bruh to me, she was the best actress on TV that time but dololo ama awards.. why?? Chiedza Mhende and the lady that plays the role of Siphesihle are phenomenal actors but they won't get recognized by the SAFTA's.. why?

02 Nov 2016 20:37

smanga,getty are also gr8 bt wont get any recognition on saftas..did yall see the chemistry between sphe and gadaffi?.smanga need to man up and deal with namhla thing

03 Nov 2016 12:02

@zondwa ,, sana i thnk Bra Mfundi Vundla will answer tht question..we dont knw wht is happening behing the scences sana,, and Khethiwe ex generation member is the organiser or a top top moss. so they are not buddies

03 Nov 2016 13:15

The person who gresses namhla must be banned, also Wandile storyline wz gud bt now he/she is over-doing it

03 Nov 2016 15:37

@Goku ,, sana i thnk its a bit boring all the Diales and Wandiles story lines,, the writers is out of lines ngoku,, from tht Mirror scene it was too much for me.... i am waiting for Taun,Gadaffi and Sphe storylines to finish..

03 Nov 2016 20:36

Lol, ei Getty's reaction just killed me.

04 Nov 2016 07:25

nandi looked beautiful and crazy for real like she was pissed at jack

06 Nov 2016 09:57

I was about to ask you guys what do you think of Nandi. She looks like a no-nonsense type of a woman. If that is the case then Tshidi better return to Gadaffi. I wonder if she already know about Namhla.

08 Nov 2016 18:05

@show-time her smile was wicked like really no-nonsense...why smanga wants to buy jm shares? i mean jack is dt stupid agreeing on dt or myb writer's are making smanga a bit powerful

09 Nov 2016 06:52

I agree sphe is phenomenal..this patricia and getty's IFA thing it's so boring

09 Nov 2016 08:24

Lol i love the mighty Gadaffi .i am enjoying his new i dont care attitude.Jack better watch out because G is becoming stronger and stronger.i am glad mazwi was against the Smanga proposal .ezweni cant affort to be associated with Jack's criminal activities .

09 Nov 2016 12:43

Lol, Jack's facial expression when Smanga told him about the Moroka Trust... just priceless! That is his ultimate goal... to get his hands on it. And what great way than to have Smanga and Sphes as his pawns? The Morokas and Smanga wont know what hit them. It reminds me of when Jack tried to use his brief romance with Ann to get his hands on Ezweni years ago.

10 Nov 2016 08:18

The bond between Cosmo and Gadaffi lol .cosmo just told him everything just like .i think Fifi will be the one that derails Jack's plans to take over the Moroka empire .i am really enjoying the show .all is in place now

10 Nov 2016 10:49

Yas @max I couldn't agree with you more fam! The show is a well oiled machine with structure and direction. It's flowing. The new Kumkani who is actually the old Kumkani is giving me life! I don't care about Mabaso anymore, I am team Gadaffi for life! I love how him and Cosmo are a ride or die type of team. It reminds me of how they were last year before Jack came and ruined things. Gadaffi will most probably expose the truth about this Moroka heir eventually. It's lit!

10 Nov 2016 11:22

@Dezicles lol i am the same .i used to be team Jack until he started treating Smanga like his slave .now i am fully team Gadaffi .i want him to fall for another woman ,just to stick it to Tshidi lol

10 Nov 2016 17:56

i dnt like tau bt i feel sorry for the character as i said before dt they will never write him and jack as rivals anymore unless he will assist smanga when jack tries to take ezweni...Gadaffi will slay jack now...lesedi is now a lead and elam also upgraded on generations bt not to lead something else

11 Nov 2016 09:33

I like Elam and for me, he is a decent actor that deserves a permanent role, as a waiter at some restaurant or as a creative at #hashtag WORLD. Surely if they can promote a bad actress such as Xolelwa, Elam should be an easy decision. He is sexy and his voice is soothing!

11 Nov 2016 10:31

something is weird with nandi's eyes or are they part of her storyline/just not natural normally? ..i like the sarcasm on smanga's script it's exceptional and lesedi too giving relationship advice in biological term photosynthesis was too gud

11 Nov 2016 11:09

Fana meets Wandile at a restaurant looking so good .its love at first side .they fall deeply in love lol .@show-time let Xolelwa be please .she is a growing actress

11 Nov 2016 15:44

@qavile, Nandi has a mental condition. That is why she is like that. I think Brenda Mhlongo is playing tgat character well so far. I can imagen that Nandi is going to be a big character like Karabo was on the show.

11 Nov 2016 23:34

team foci. hate this tshidi and jack thing. no match, chemistry, love, its too dull boring storyline. if gigi teams up with tshidi, smanga, tau, cosmos, namhla, lucy, yster, all jacks enemies it will only take one week to eliminate him. jack and tshidi not working

12 Nov 2016 06:19

Jack is on some of his sinister plans for Tshidi. He knows about Gadaffi's efforts to get Tshidi back and he used Nandi's idea of a divorce to drive Tshidi away from Gadaffi. Jack hasn't forgotten about what they did to him and he certainly wont divorce Nandi.

14 Nov 2016 01:33

It's quite weird seeing Tshidi and Kumkani's behaviour right now seeing how all this drama began. They knew what they were both doing months ago from when Kumkani, Karabo and Tshidi were trying to put Jack in jail. Kumkani and Tshidi both staged a fight inorder for Jack to let Tshidi stay with him in his house so that Tshidi could get information about his alleged Zola murder or any kind of dirt that could put Jack behind bars. They KNEW EXACTLY what they were getting themselves into. When Jack got out of jail, they "fake- divorced" so that Jack couldn't get suspicious of them (although he already knew everything). Now it was weird how Kumkani was catching feelings but it boggles me how Tshidi is also getting emotionally attached to Jack and even went as far as to 'insult' Kumkani with Jack divorcing his wife "for her"!

14 Nov 2016 12:06

eish @Zondwa sana,, i didnt want to say tht but the Phakade's knw wht they were doing ,, they must fix it..

15 Nov 2016 08:17

I am starting to feel Fana now. He is one character that is steadily growing.

17 Nov 2016 09:21

xolelwa is stupid AF bt right now her and smanga are fans favourite. .i respect smanga's hustle bt he must ask tau to be silent partner on jack jm company. .

17 Nov 2016 10:10

Smanga is swimming with a shark. Jack will ruin his political career. I like that Yonke guy. It's a pity Namhla is using him.

19 Nov 2016 11:30

Guys I'm loving Nandi. Brenda Mhlongo is nailing this character. She and Gadaffi would make such a great couple. Getty needs to stop meddling in other people's affairs. Namhla must give it to her.

19 Nov 2016 12:10

I am also impressed by Nandi .she seems like a no nonsense type of lady .i wonder if she has a career or she was just a housewife.

19 Nov 2016 16:20

lmao smanga going for 2nd round dt part cracked me up..nandi is good for now i hope she spices things up..i miss karabo though on screen

20 Nov 2016 11:01

I might be speaking too soon, but I think Nandi has the potential to be as big as Karabo was on the show if she can stay much longer in order to grow. I'm her biggest fan already.

21 Nov 2016 21:08

lol xolelwa is soo naive yerr. smanga must ask tau for money bt not tell jack where its coming from..was nice seeing zoe mthiyane she still looks good like those video's from pop stars daes and jason willemse.the episode was too dramatic

22 Nov 2016 06:23

The episode was entertaining i must say lol.oh Xolelwa for a street kid u r so stupid .how can she think she and John are in love.Smanga finally stood up to Jack .Zitha id gorge .she must hook up with Gadaffi .

22 Nov 2016 06:48

@max85 lol why not with tau people alwayz put gadaffi 1st on everything

22 Nov 2016 08:46

Lol@qavile i am team Gadaffi so he has first choice in my eyes.Tau can have Mam Nandi

22 Nov 2016 09:46

my cousin bro would be a guest on generations for few episodes he will be a moroka doctor for sphe complication with the unborn baby ...they editing episode at the moment

22 Nov 2016 10:48

I'd like to see how Zitha will develop on the show. My gut feeling is that she'll get close to Gadaffi and dislike Jack Mabaso. I'd like to see her and Nandi stay on the show as main characters.

13 Dec 2016 00:30

team gadafi n zitha I wish n they grow strongly n fifi became a better man then tshidi became messy too much of n jack b strongly powerful with nandi n tshiri found out about the betrayal that jack did ( telling tau n karabo abt Amo) will c who she think is worse fifi o jakalas. namhla n smanga got 2geda again. mazwi step down from ezweni, no turtle, heir, power n found out abt his real father ( teboho) left only with his nolwazi as 4 sphe move on with life. lucy find a men. getty got back with max. cosmo is time to grow personal. fana go out live ur life away from business n jack's dirtys. xolelwa take life seriously. lesedi became a brilliant student. wandi date elam. the rest just be.

13 Dec 2016 10:27

gen ,, sana lets go to January teaser.. 2017.

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