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Generations Teasers - September 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 26 Jul 2016
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Coming up on Generations this September 2016:

Thursday 1 September 2016
Episode 199 (0459)

Jack suggests something devious to secure his investment in the Morokas. Getty shocks herself when she kisses someone. Gadaffi is ready to risk all for revenge.

Friday 2 September 2016
Episode 200 (0460)

Tshidi hears her ex has left the country for good. Nolwazi manipulates Mazwi into giving her what she wants. Xolelwa is suspicious when Patricia is super-nice to her.

Monday 5 September 2016
Episode 201 (0461)

Sphe is fed-up and decides to move out. Namhla organises a go-slow at work. Lucy’s mind races when she hears about Cosmo’s woes.

Tuesday 6 September 2016
Episode 202 (0462)

Getty refuses to give Daniel more money. Jack wants to show his woman off but she’s not ready for it.
Wandile thinks about giving a relationship a chance.

Wednesday 7 September 2016
Episode 203 (0463)

Fana is shocked to hear what lengths his sister will go to. Tau feels useless and redundant. Gog’Flo has no idea she’s being taken for a ride.

Thursday 8 September 2016
Episode 204 (0464)

Tshisi realises just how little power she has. Namhla is newly inspired when she hits on a great idea.
Sphe has yet another shock in store for her.

Friday 9 September 2016
Episode 205 (0465)

Getty is ready to take things to the next level with her man. Jack overhears something he wasn’t supposed to. Lucy enjoys having power and wants more…

Monday 12 September 2016
Episode 206 (0466)

Tau isn’t ready to trust his sister just yet. Xolelwa has a good time with her new ‘mom’. Sphe will do whatever it takes to secure her future.

Tuesday 13 September 2016
Episode 207 (0467)

Wandile isn’t ready to reveal he’s in a relationship. Mazwi is confused about why he can’t remember what happened last night. The Diale siblings are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Wednesday 14 September 2016
Episode 208 (0468)

Lucy hates having to ask Jack for his help. Tshidi wants to keep the truth hidden at all costs. Sphe gets shocking news regarding her husband.

Thursday 15 September 2016
Episode 209 (0469)

Getty refuses to take heed of Gog’Flo’s advice. Lesedi gets punished for doing well in a test. Tau decides to go against doctor’s orders.

Friday 16 September 2016
Episode 210 (0470)

Wandile catches Daniel trying to steal from him. Kgosi is furious that someone’s encroaching on his territory. Mazwi is not happy to hear he was lied to.

Monday 19 September 2016
Episode 211 (0471)

Tshidi hates herself for what she’s doing to her mother. Jack is surprised by what Tebogo has come to say. Has Namhla given up on her dreams?

Tuesday 20 September 2016
Episode 212 (0472)

Cosmo is horrified by what he finds in the alley out back. Xolelwa soon regrets asking Patricia for help. Sphe manipulates a friend into doing something unethical.

Wednesday 21 September 2016
Episode 213 (0473)

Lucy is not impressed to see Smanga until she hears what he has to say. Tau is livid that Thaphelo is not part of the Moroka legacy. Nolusapho has devastating news regarding Mazwi’s test results.

Thursday 22 September 2016
Episode 214 (0474)

Zondiwe is not doing well since arriving back at the home. Nolwazi can’t resist when her ex kisses her passionately. Kgosi offers to help the Diales but there’s a condition attached.

Friday 23 September 2016
Episode 215 (0475)

Tshidi reaches out to Jack. Cosmo gathers intel on the enemy. Sphe wants out of her marriage.

Monday 26 September 2016
Episode 216 (0476)

Smanga is oblivious when Namhla reacts to his touch. Lucy is ready to pull the trigger to make her problems disappear. Mazwi cheats on his wife again.

Tuesday 27 September 2016
Episode 217 (0477)

Zondiwe’s condition is getting worse by the day. Gog’Flo is worried about what Daniel tells her. Getty realises Nolwazi is considering being a second wife.

Wednesday 28 September 2016
Episode 218 (0478)

Tshidi tries to make a deal with her mother. The Diale siblings are ready to put their plan into motion. Wandile can’t bring himself to say ‘I love you’.

Thursday 29 September 2016
Episode 219 (0479)

Zondiwe hears Tau’s voice and calls out for help. Jack is furious when he hears what Namhla did. Lucy is back in charge and loves every minute of it.

Friday 30 September 2016
Episode 220 (0480)

Xolelwa puts her foot down when Patricia gets too bossy. Nolwazi gets fired from Ezweni. Getty throws her ex’s apology back in his face.

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26 Jul 2016 12:16


26 Jul 2016 12:33

number 2

26 Jul 2016 12:35

Eish but Jack put Sphe in a difficult spot. I was hoping she and Mazwi will have a strong bond.

26 Jul 2016 13:05

why is amo not part of the moroka legacy lol,tau boy you will nvr get even a thing on moroka empire..gadaffi is out on gen or he tshidi's ex now? guess mazwi is sterile..smanga obvious has a stronger seed ..well written i guess

26 Jul 2016 14:53

Daniel is Lucy/getty stalker .who is kgosi now .Poor Sphe she made a mistake marrying Mazwi .Namhla and Smanga ??? Or I am I reading wrong .there is no sign of karabo ,she leaves in august I guess .is Gadaffi leaving Gen .the teasers don't reveal much

26 Jul 2016 18:24

Top 6 YAAASSS!!! Let me read

26 Jul 2016 18:33

Where the hell is Kumkani? Karabo? It seems although Tau will know his son is alive, he still won't know his sister and her husband have him. Thank God Mfundi did not forget about Zondiwe. Wandile will probably date Elam seeing as he's on the August teasers. I thought September would be fire because August seems the biggest month since March..,, oh well.,, we'll see I guess

27 Jul 2016 01:11

It was nice seeing MaBhengu again and she had some truthful words for Mazwi.

27 Jul 2016 08:55

yay top 10. Namhla and Smanga??? Cant wait for that, if its a budding romance. 
i think Tau knows who had his son. There is a part that talks about how Tau is yet to trust his sister again

27 Jul 2016 13:47

smanga will not attend his bro's cant wait to see karabo/tau reaction when jack walks in at the wedding prob karabo will faint

28 Jul 2016 01:00

I expected 2c wandile more as Candice bt nvm. Just cant blv Nolwazi is considering being a 2nd wife ag man the things we do for love, nd i bet they are firing her for sleeping with mazwi. Both kumkani nd karabo are nowhere 2b seen this month? ??

28 Jul 2016 02:52

Thulisile Phongolo (Namhla) needs to fix her acting before I embarass her on twitter.

28 Jul 2016 07:12

Haybo Thulisile is a good actress!! She's actually the best actress in the show, whatchu talkin' bout..?? This month seems boring. Mfundi picking and dropping storylines again. I thought there would be real Tau-Kumkani- Karabo- Jack- Tshidi drama! oh well... :(

28 Jul 2016 07:37

I hope tonight lives up to the hype! Can't wait to see know-it-all Tebogo's reaction when realises he made a bad choice! LOL let the drama begin.

28 Jul 2016 10:41

uncle tebogo is going to be speechless. hahaaha

28 Jul 2016 20:42

karabo looked amazing on the wedding and her acting was superb 2night..director did an amazing job and jack grand entrance was classic..elam is back+xolelwa is on the main cast list now ..gr8 episode

28 Jul 2016 21:52

As much as I enjoyed the episode ,the wedding should have being outdoors ,it would have created more space .Sphe looked beautiful ,lol I wonder if the wedding will continue after that Jack entrance .So Sphe and Fana 's mom is Nandi .I wonder who will play her .

28 Jul 2016 22:42

@qavile I have to disagree. The wedding was enjoyable yes. The costumes were out of this world yes but the small space took so much away from this wedding. A location shot or at the very least using a bigger indoor space would've done wonders. One could barely see and enjoy the beautiful dance routines cuz everyone was on top of each other! *sigh*. The director is a flop, how he still has a job is beyond me. Anyway that little disappointment aside I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and it does continue tomorrow @Max85.

29 Jul 2016 03:27

It would hav been epic if it was outside but none the less the drama at that wedding was just 2 intense n m glad 2see elam

29 Jul 2016 05:31

I wont talk about the wedding coz I'm not into weddings. The drama is what I'm interested in. How will the Morokas, especially Tebogo, handle the fact that Jack is Sphe's father? Will we see her mother? If so, I hope she'll be played by Gugu Masondo of Shreds and Dreams. I love her.

29 Jul 2016 06:30

@dezicles the show really needs a creative director to pick up this mistakes .there a lot of negative fans out there ,they need to counter them with great work ,especially directing .yoh Mazwi looked pissed after seeing Jack .this marriage is gonna be a disaster for both parties .

29 Jul 2016 07:18

@Max85 you are spot on! The director has failed the show on numerous occasions. When will it stop? #GenerationsTheLegacy is starting to build up a bit of a reputation when to comes to this. As a fan I personally hate it when the haters can justify their hate. But Mfundi clearly doesn't mind mediocrity these days.

29 Jul 2016 08:30

i agree the wedding should have been outside like Dineo and hubby (forgetting his name) Everyone was on top of each other. The Moroka's sitting around a little table just didnt work. Karabo looked so regal, I liked her outfit. Cant wait for tonight....

29 Jul 2016 10:33

hey ladies,, beautiful wedding last nite ,, i want Karabo's outfit please organise it for me guys,,
cant wait for Tau and Karabs to hear the truth,,,

29 Jul 2016 21:37

Since mid 2015 the show had been directed poorly. I somehow don't think Mr Vundla is hands here. For years his wife has been a director but now she is a producer. Maybe that is where the problem lies. Even the PR of the show no longer responds to tweets. The script is good maybe a bit too dramatic but the directing has been a flaw.

29 Jul 2016 21:37

hands on

29 Jul 2016 22:46

The management of Gen is generally so lax when it comes to a lot of things. Agh! Anyway rumour has it that Letoya Makhene said on some radio show that Gen got more than 10 million viewers last night. Wonder if its true, how wild! lol

30 Jul 2016 01:08

Sphe's dancing and singing is beautiful. I just wish Mazwi falls in love for her. Eish Jack made a mistake by using her like this.

30 Jul 2016 01:14

As for Getty, she is really messing up big time. Maybe she needs to get fired then she'll sober up. I saw that the lady that plays Xolelwa has been promoted to the elite cast. I wonder why not Lesedi? I want to see Sphe and Fana's mother too. Maybe she'll talk some sense into Jack Mabaso to stop trying to take control of everyone's life.

30 Jul 2016 06:41

That was the most awkward wedding I have ever seen .Jack ruined Sphe and Mazwi's day .Mazwi is spineless he could have just stopped the wedding ,now he will spent the rest of his marriage cheating and emotionally abusing Sphe .lol I thought Wandi would be one of the models since creepy Elam was there .

30 Jul 2016 11:59

i said jack had a family and people said its lies"it was january then"and i said he got a wife and the wife has personal vendetta with karabo moroka and she did something to i think the wife wont come soon on the show since karabo is leaving cz she will be useless myb they will create something again for her..yes on thursdae night gen had 10million+ viewers..

30 Jul 2016 12:06

sharon(kagiso rakosa) from the original series was a guest on the wedding bt people think im mocking they will fail the competition answer..she was there i saw her

30 Jul 2016 14:35

Omg! @qavile I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw Sharon, but they showed her for like a split second so I thought I dreamt it. You deserve to win that dress since you know the answer. I never enter comps cuz my luck sucks. I think Lesedi didn't get a promotion cuz she isn't relevant. Xolelwa obviously got it cuz she has been shining lately. I'm so happy for her.

30 Jul 2016 14:42

LOL "creepy Elam". @Max85 I love him though. So glad he's back!

01 Aug 2016 15:57

i guess those  2 models missing  will be Wandile and Elam, u watch and see, lol,,

Buhle Jamela
01 Aug 2016 16:23

Intresting month

02 Aug 2016 21:08

Most people were right that Xolelwa was the blackmailer, but I was not impressed by Lucy's reaction after catching her. After all that Xolelwa has put her and Getty through, all Xolelwa gets is a towel to the face? Come on Generations! I mean, the girl took thousands of rands from Lucy and put Getty through hell.

02 Aug 2016 22:07

Xolelwa blackmailing Getty and lucy was unnecessary in the first place ,the truth about the blackmailer was also a yawn .Mfundi must get rid of these director ,they don't take their jobs seriously .this month is slow for me so far ,I want some action please .mazwi chose to go throught with the wedding ,he must honour his vows and eat Sphe .I am tired of his *bleep!* now .

02 Aug 2016 23:05

I remember I was the first one to say that this blackmailer storyline was some pointless bull. And I must say it ended up being as underwhelming as I expected it to be. The show is a yawn fest as nd to think Sept is going to be worse, judging by the teasers. It's also extremely disappointing that Tau is still so weak.

03 Aug 2016 01:42

Some of u are so quick to point out the flaws since Gen has been gaining more viewership, is it bcoz of that dying telenovela ko etv coz i still remember how a lot of ppl wth negetive comments now are the same 1nz that were hoping gen would be an epic fail. Just get over it and move on ppl. And wena @max how dare u call elam creepy, ?? i happen 2think he is awesome

03 Aug 2016 08:32

At the moment, all soaps are dull. So I guess it's that time of the year. I'm sure things will get better as time goes on. I am just wondering what will happen once Karabo is gone.

03 Aug 2016 08:32

Lol @Robyn and Dezicles sorry for calling yo fave creepy then .I don't understand why Elam keeps pushing Wandi to cross dress .Wandi will come out wen he is good and ready to do so .Elam must let him be .I just feel he can be a bit pushy at times .just be a friend Elam ,just be a friend .We love Generations if we see problems and errors surely we must point them out .we can't just follow it blindly .

03 Aug 2016 09:39

Tjoooooo! Xolelwa?

03 Aug 2016 09:52

@Show-time once karabo leaves things will nvr be the same on legacy cz she is power althogh the character is tired and writers are failing it cz she is the type dt need brilliant meaty storyline to shine bt trust me it be huge loss..tau will forever be weak cz when jack came vusi kunene mentioned squaring up against gadaffi not tau on move magazine...i think the show is all over the place bcz of rapulana accident,gadaffi bzy shooting a movie and karabo leaving so that put lot of pressure

03 Aug 2016 11:46

Lets give the writers the benefit of the doubt considering that the storyline was interrupted with the sudden absence of Rapulana thereby forcing some important changes to the plot. Lucy wont let Xolelwa go unpunished and Tau will return to his old self again once Karabo is gone because there wont be any reason to pretend. Remember, his true intention is to use Karabo to get his hands to the Moroka fortune, the reason why he decided not to divorce Karabo. And Jack is looking to achieve the same thing. So I think in the end Jack and Tau will collide. Plus, Tau has some diamonds story that is yet to be utilised. So thinks will be going on when Karabo is gone. We just need to be patient.

03 Aug 2016 12:42

@Primetime true cz accident and karabo leaving changes the direction story was going..uncle tebogo is boring now and annoying AF myb the moroka need younger uncle with same age as tau who is powerful not old sdumo..N.B im not hating bt still feel musa ngema(Mazwi)is to weak for that character something is off with him..myb they should age noah just like they did with smanga and introduce him bt must be played by a well known person

03 Aug 2016 21:07

At least Getty gave Xolelwa a big slap and they let her off that easily. Hopefully, they'll torture her at the shebeen. Because of her Getty almost became a drunkard, lol.

03 Aug 2016 21:55

Mazwi mazwi ,what a boring character .him and Tebogo are just bad nje .When karabo left the last time they brought in Mawande Memela is a strong female lead ,they need to find sum1 like that .Smanga and Namhla need to happen fast .I can already see that they are comfortable with each other .I am glad Getty gave Xolelwa that hot slap plus she will work at the shebeen as punishment lol

04 Aug 2016 09:19

Morning all

@Max 85.. Getty's slap, was was noting  compared Ntombizodwa (Aka Slindile Nodangala),, the Quenne series, lol... but im glad the found the thief,, lol.. happy for Smanga at last he is smilling, Mazwi and Sphe  i thnku guys  need a break ,, soo boring. Tau will find out abt his baby soon cant wait,

04 Aug 2016 09:39

Xolelwa deserved more than a slap. But she has been shown to be a clever and conniving person. Am sure if the writers put their mind to it they can give her an even bigger role. Mazwi and Sphe no comment for now. 
Cant wait for Tau to find and to see the look on Tshidi's face when Amo is taken

04 Aug 2016 09:41

Wednesday 10 August 2016
Episode 183 (0443)

Mazwi gets a taste of his own medicine. Smanga compromises his principles but doesn’t like it one bit. Jack reveals all about baby Thaphelo.


04 Aug 2016 09:45

cant wait for that episode yoh

04 Aug 2016 11:58

Sorry, I meant to say, THEY WONT LET HER OFF EASILY.

04 Aug 2016 12:12

Loving all of you guys' assessments. Xolelwa is a hit with the viewers. If anything good came from the blackmail saga, it's that she has everyone LOL-ing! I hope Namhla and Smanga stand the test of time, lol future Mrs Moroka would be a good look on her. Mazwi is not a likeable character, I tried but failed. Sphe has to leave that dog! Gen has oodles of potential but these writers live in the lukewarm zone. Disappointing.

04 Aug 2016 21:18

I loved tonight's episode. Lol, Xolelwa and Patricia make a funny combination. I hope Pat wont damage the poor girl's face. What a conversation between Sphe and MaBhengu, at least she suspects that she is up to no good. "maybe it needs its mother"- Lol Jack Mabaso though, I laughed so hard coz he was mocking Tshidi and she was completely oblivious.

05 Aug 2016 09:02

i enjoyed it too..i hope sphe to be more devious and pray dt once karabo is no more the show dont flop

05 Aug 2016 11:49

did u notice guys Karabo has grey hair ???????? even on The Quenne its still grey,, but she is not tht Old,, i love her.

05 Aug 2016 12:20

I love her gray hair lol. She is an amazing actress, her last scene last night made me so sad. What a loss to the show!

05 Aug 2016 12:21

I love her gray hair lol. She is an amazing actress, her last scene last night made me so sad. What a loss to the show!

06 Aug 2016 09:43

smanga was trending yesterdae on twitter and people were excited dt he won...mazwi is such dick and i hope sphesihle to be more devious and make mazwi miserable

06 Aug 2016 10:05

Ja twitter was happy about Smanga's win. The politics storyline was well executed unlike some of their sloppy executions. I'll give them credit for that. I'm excited about Smanga's 2019 campaign, that's if he's still around.

08 Aug 2016 21:50

I enjoyed the scenes of Tau and Karabo, as well as both of them with Jack. That last scene was classic! Watching those three legends executing a scene together felt great. Tau's weakness is worrying. Jack at the moment holds all the cards.

09 Aug 2016 09:50

Gen was so nice yesterday. I didn't expect Jack to blackmail Karabo into clearing his name. He's killing two birds with one stone. He's boss. Getty and Xolelwa continue to kill me with the humour.

09 Aug 2016 20:41

jack is annoying now getting away with everything and karabo suffered enough already..i dnt like what they doing to her now..tebogo killed that screaming scene atleast i still got hope dt smanga and namhla will happen

09 Aug 2016 21:44

Something is missing about the show. I just can't explain it. Lucy has been a horribly annoying character this year. Every episode we are subjected to screams. I don't know about you guys but I feel the leader of the clan story of Mazwi was unnecessary and Mr Joe Mafela doesn't fit in at all, in my opinion. I hope they wont make part of the main cast.

10 Aug 2016 07:01

@Primetimer i said the same thing on facebook page..jack,karabo,tau+smanga scenes have direction and me after karabo exit the moroka clan will be written out only tau will be left behing to take on jack..moroka clan need a shake-up and they should age noah just like they did with smanga and look for a strong lady to join and drive moroka storyline...the show started gud bt now dt the writing team is tops something just went off

10 Aug 2016 09:35

hey guys regards story line,, mina still not happy towards Xolelwa , Getty and Lucy's storyline.. i want more as how did Xolelwa manage to be a man etc.. Sphe and Mazwi i thnk its a bit boring now,, Mr Joe Mafela ,, i thnk he can go for a vacation for a week or so,, or he can wait for Karabo and Tau's story so thrt he can tell the elders,, always he will tell u about the elders elders, etc.

Tv SA..
I thnk Harriet 's brother is Gay.. lol.i love them they are very good
Shame Violet ,,.. i love your babay boy he is soo cute,,

10 Aug 2016 12:41

Well this has all been said before. The show is lukewarm, but it's not that bad. Mazwi is a flop of a character no doubt. I find Tebogo funny. If they can bring in a strong woman into the Moroka family then they'll survive. But if the Moroka's do get written out, they should keep Smanga since he's involved with Jack and Namhla more that his own family anyway.

10 Aug 2016 12:50

Jack's facial expression after seeing the press conference was priceless. he really is holding all the cards. i cant wait for todays episode.
Mazwi really boring he should follow the others to England. I find tebogo funny too

10 Aug 2016 12:57

bt i think guys people who dnt read/know the teasers find the show brilliant and exciting ive read tweets they are raving show that its the best compared to other show..myb we must not read teasers

11 Aug 2016 02:41

Very interesting episode yesterday. Karabo grabing Thapelo and the bottle like he doesn't care who bought was something else. Tshidi's reaction when Tau said they've come to get their son... priceless. So Tshidi slept with Jack all for nothing and he remains the big winner through all of this.

11 Aug 2016 02:49

Very captivating episode yesterday. Karabo grabbing the baby and that bottle like she doesn't care who bought it, was amazing and funny, although I expected her to give Tshidi a hot slap. Tshidi's reaction was priceless. Jack walks out of all of this as the sole big winner but isn't done yet. Who can really subdue him?

11 Aug 2016 07:58

Yesterday episode...AMAZING

11 Aug 2016 08:25

Show-time i also found it funny Karabo grabbing the bottle too. i liked the way related everything with such relish. i hope Tau gives Tshidi a mouthful and disowns her as his sister. Jack keBosso kkkkk
Spineless Mazwi will do anything just to be leader of the clan. But i forsee the leadership being given to Smanga

11 Aug 2016 08:45

yeterdae was nolwazi is sasha fierce the real bitch i liked what she did to mazwi bt sadly she likes the guy which kills the vibe..smanga and namhla connection is deep..karabo and tau #PowerCouple was tops yesterdae bt then they will mess up karabo's mind which also kills the vibe

11 Aug 2016 09:12

wandile felt something for the guy who is a waiter at moca mamas..

11 Aug 2016 10:11

Tshidi's reaction when Tau said we came to get our son? Masterpiece!!! Letoya can act, can't wait to see her unravel and deal with this fall out. Namhla is so childish and naive. She exhausts me. I think you are onto something @qavile, maybe the teasers ruin it for us. But I can't help myself lol.

11 Aug 2016 12:33

Thursday 11 August 2016
Episode 184 (0444)

Tshidi’s whole world comes crashing down around her. Fana tells Sphe to end her farce of a marriage. Gadaffi warns that if he goes down, he’s taking Tau with him.

Friday 12 August 2016
Episode 185 (0445)

Namhla receives bad news and is devastated by it. Getty is humiliated in full view of her colleagues.
The perfect future Karabo envisioned is not going according to plan.

11 Aug 2016 12:43

hey guys,, i wonder wht news Namhla,, ,, shame Tsidi,, sithini isiXhosa,, limtshonele emini ilanga,

13 Aug 2016 15:59

i cant wate for kope makgae my boy to debut and bless getty..#compensation nyana for babe

13 Aug 2016 18:06

Love that OLX guy! lol

13 Aug 2016 19:38

Is it going to be a cameo or what?

14 Aug 2016 20:48

im not sure

15 Aug 2016 09:53

Hi everyone - when we spoke to Kpe he said it's a guest role with a view to a regular role so it could go either way.

15 Aug 2016 13:39

OK thanks team tvsa!

15 Aug 2016 15:27

@TVSA Team ..funa ba yi extra  mina  and eat breakfast with the Morokas please,, ,, lol..  

16 Aug 2016 15:47

tshidi is crazy pulling karabo moroka when he lost sbusiso's kid lol and she is nailing dt part.

16 Aug 2016 19:57

Guys is Elam gone again? I'm so confused. I'm starting to wonder why they kept Wandi when all those Radebes left. He needs to trans storyline to continue or else.

16 Aug 2016 19:58

the trans storyline ie.

16 Aug 2016 21:03

I've been monitoring this Jabu character and I like it. He is handsome and seems confident. And the fact that he speaks setswana is the cherry on top for me. What do you guys think about him?

16 Aug 2016 21:09

I can't forgive the writers for making Namhla become Jack's rebellious child so soon. If she was on good terms with him, he would have pulled some strings so that she can take part in her exams.

16 Aug 2016 22:41

Jabu is an ok actor ,I hope they give him the chance to grow with the show like they did with Xolelwa .he speaks well ,he is confident in his role .I think they are taking Namhla out of varsity to grow the character because next month teasers says she will be working something .it will work in favour for Smanga she he does that date her .that she is no longer a student .Karabo's exit seems like it will be a bore .I expected fireworks but hey at least we will get a break from her .I see Fana and Sphe are talking about their mom ,maybe her debut is getting closer and closer .

17 Aug 2016 15:44

jabu is ok..i just wish mazwi is infertile and doesn't know,then namhla can date smanga bt then her sister (sphe)seduces smanga to so dt she can fall preg bt then namhla must be preg too so dt sphe kills namhla's unborn baby so dt smanga can not take over the moroka empire ..just want sphe and namhla to be rivals

17 Aug 2016 20:56

letoya makhene and vuyo dabula nailed that last scene deserving oscar

17 Aug 2016 21:28

Mazwi, Tshidi, Karabo. Are they suffering from the same mental disorder? Nolwazi was very sexy in that black number, only for Mazwi to ruin my viewing pleasure. Nxa!

18 Aug 2016 09:07

Tshidi is really irritating me. Amo was never hers to keep, the sooner they realise that the better. Though i cant fault her acting but I feel it would rather be unfair for her to get Amo back. Even if Karabo leaves I think Tau should be given another wife and they raise Thapelo together while he builds the Mogale empire.
i believe Nolwazi is a strong character and instead of showing Mazwi that he hurt her with his words she should have slapped him. And then sued him for sexual harassment 

18 Aug 2016 10:40

@coolmama ,, sana tht Tshidi was too much last night,, she is still young she can try to fall preggy with Gadaffi ,, and stop abusing her hubby..

18 Aug 2016 10:45

Weza Solange my women crush is joining legacy and her character involves tau bt is supporting role

18 Aug 2016 12:21

pleae guys organise girlfnd for Fana please,, i will laugh if Fana is gay .. Wandile is there waiting, krkrkr

18 Aug 2016 13:56

I have the biggest crush on the motswana yellow bone Jabu ??. He's waaaaay better than Jackson in the looks and acting department. Im so excited about Weza Solange joining Gen! Maybe she'll be Amo's nanny I think. Mazwi is an insult to my eyes. Hate him with a passion!

18 Aug 2016 14:20

nanny? lol you tripping ..cant wait to hear her accent although she is an average actress

18 Aug 2016 15:32

i didnt watch it last night,just watched ,,.za.. hayi bo u Mazwi he is mean and disgusting, why he is like tht,,?????

18 Aug 2016 15:36

Weza solange is terrible actress but hey she is hot .she will be playing an Angolan woman involved with Tau Mogale storyline .I think it was be that diamonds from Africa ,that Tau spoke about when he was away .Mazwi is really annoying me ,his anger issues are getting out of hand .when is Namhla and Sphe gonna meet nah ?

18 Aug 2016 18:08

Oh @Max you are def onto something. The diamonds thing is coming to the forefront. Namhla and Sphe will meet soon since they both will have Moroka baes lol. Mazwi is still a piece of *bleep!* tho.

18 Aug 2016 21:26

What have we done to deserve such trash writing .Tshidi/Getty/karabo/Patty/mazwi how can they be all so annoying at the same time .who in their right mind would pair up Patricia and Xolelwa .Karabo suddenly acting crazy ,its so unbelievable .I am really disappointed in the writers .

18 Aug 2016 21:37

generations was gr8 yesterday and todae just went to 100%joke i dnt know what is happening..karabo wanted a kid since i dont know+raised archie's kids then suddenly she a horrible mother?..thats an insult to connie having to act such nonsense. ..gadaffi+smanga,jack&fana are the only interesting characters. .

18 Aug 2016 23:33

I had to delete a tweet whereby I asked, out of anger and frusration, the sacking of the head writer, Colin Oliphant coz I later thought it was harsh. The script seems to be getting worse with the over-the-top drama that is unnecessary. This was not happening in 2015, so I think they decided to take that ruet thinking it is what will boost the ratings coz Uzalo have been doing it that way. But it makes the show look illogic and far-fetched. They need to let go of the over-the-top drama and let the show flow nicely and not blow hot and cold in the same week. The drama should escalade at the right time. Take a look at Scandal, their script is consistent, tidy and to the point. Colin Oliphant must get his act together. This is the biggest show.

19 Aug 2016 06:53

@Show-time lets hope after karabo leaves the show will back to normal cz i think it was disrupted by dt and tau being in accident ..remember those two are the main protagonist so they had to make quick decision so dt the show goea on...sm1 said whtat kill most the show is when a key character leaves and that propelles writer to make false vuyo dabula is doing 2cnd movie now and maybe his on leave for few months

19 Aug 2016 11:35

eish ladies nam ive had enough ngo Karabo Moroka,, atlist when i see her on The Quenne she is devious and cruel.. i love her with her grey hair.. Makahambe ku Generation i thnk its too much now..

19 Aug 2016 12:12

Karabo is the matriarch. She shouldnt be portrayed as being so weak. Think I should start watching the Queen

19 Aug 2016 22:03

I enjoyed tonight's episode. Honestly this is the Gen that I know. But I still think that Namhla's script is written badly, her acting is bad too and that Mazwi still needs to jump off a other than that it was a better episode. Xolelwa told her story with volition and candid humour. Laughed so much!

19 Aug 2016 22:05

Good episode tonight. Tshidi thought by seducing Jack he'll change his mind and help her escape the country with Thapelo.

20 Aug 2016 09:26

She's super delusional then. Konje Kumkani is gonna leave the country and Tshidi and Jack will become official. Vuyo Dabula is shooting movies back to back. Im happy for him cuz I know movies are his first love. I just hope he does return to Gen when he's done.

20 Aug 2016 12:25

Lol, Gadaffi's fans are not gonna like it when he doesn't appear. They've been complaining that he is weak and Jack took away his position as major mastermind and biggest villain of the show.

20 Aug 2016 22:31

I am a firm fan of Gadaffi and I knew Jack's character was gonna take some of his star power away. But its worse than I thought. Last year Vuyo had to turn a big movie role down because he was too busy with Gen. This year he can afford to shoot two, back to back even? Im worried honestly.

21 Aug 2016 16:46

where is this sphe/nolwazi/mazwi saga storyline going? .the thought of connie ferguson leaving i think thando thabethe can replace her and be the star of the show ...when is sphe meeting namhla i cant wait for the dae myb they will happen when namhla date onother moroka which is smanga...@Dezi namhla is a gr8 actress just dt the writers/producers are confused with the character

21 Aug 2016 20:34

I'd like to see what will Cosmo do after Gadaffi ordered him to find whoever ratted him out about the baby between Dr Kruger, Dr van Tonder and the junkie lady. What will he report on to Gadaffi?

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