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Generations Teasers - August 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 22 Jun 2016
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Coming up on Generations this August 2016:

Monday 1 August 2016
Episode 176 (0436)

Mazwi snubs his new wife. Wandile tries to prove a point but Elam sees right through him. Lucy resorts to desperate measures to stop their secret from coming out.

Tuesday 2 August 2016
Episode 177 (0437)

Sphe desperately tries to fix things with her husband. Smanga plays dirty despite his best intentions.
Another mysterious package arrives at the Moroka house…

Wednesday 3 August 2016
Episode 178 (0438)

Tebogo and Mam’Bhengu are thrown by the outburst they witness. Getty is mortified when she’s demoted in front of everyone. Tau’s head spins after Zach informs him about the DNA test.

Thursday 4 August 2016
Episode 179 (0439)

Cosmo doesn’t receive a warm welcome when he arrives at the Morokas. Xolelwa is chased out of the Diale house. Karabo gets another message and freaks out when she reads what it says.

Friday 5 August 2016
Episode 180 (0440)

Jack decides to up his game. Mazwi tries to sort out his marriage but it ends in a big fight. Smanga is on tenterhooks -  the votes have been counted and the results are in!

Monday 8 August 2016
Episode 181 (0441)

Tau hears that his son is still alive. Sphe manipulates Tebogo into fighting her battles for her. Getty and Wandile cause a riot at the shebeen.

Tuesday 9 August 2016
Episode 182 (0442)

Namhla is hurt when her services are no longer required. Karabo falls apart in the middle of a press conference. Nolwazi seduces her ex.

Wednesday 10 August 2016
Episode 183 (0443)

Mazwi gets a taste of his own medicine. Smanga compromises his principles but doesn’t like it one bit. Jack reveals all about baby Thaphelo.

Thursday 11 August 2016
Episode 184 (0444)

Tshidi’s whole world comes crashing down around her. Fana tells Sphe to end her farce of a marriage. Gadaffi warns that if he goes down, he’s taking Tau with him.

Friday 12 August 2016
Episode 185 (0445)

Namhla receives bad news and is devastated by it. Getty is humiliated in full view of her colleagues.
The perfect future Karabo envisioned is not going according to plan.

Monday 15 August 2016
Episode 186 (0446)

Vengeful Mazwi gets his own back. Jack enjoys seeing the suffering he’s causing. Xolelwa agrees to let Patricia move in.

Tuesday 16 August 2016
Episode 187 (0447)

A broken-hearted Tshidi gives up on life. Nolwazi eats humble pie and hates every minute of it. Sphe unknowingly prescribes medication to an ex-addict.

Wednesday 17 August 2016
Episode 188 (0448)

Karabo is at her wits end with Thaphelo. Cosmo is drawn into a kidnapping plan. Getty resorts to drinking again when things get too much for her.

Thursday 18 August 2016
Episode 189 (0449)

Mazwi isn’t about to let his ex get the better of him. Tau resorts to desperate measures to try and fix a problem. Smanga messes things up even more for Namhla.

Friday 19 August 2016
Episode 190 (0450)

Tshidi begs Jack to help her. Nolwazi threatens to expose the truth to the world. Lucy fumes when she overhears what Naledi has come to say.

Monday 22 August 2016
Episode 191 (0451)

Karabo is horrified about what she did to her son. Wandile tries to save Getty from herself. Xolelwa tells Patricia their living arrangement isn’t working for her.

Tuesday 23 August 2016
Episode 192 (0452)

Everyone’s in a flat panic at the Moroka house… Namhla’s decision comes as a huge shock to her family. Sphe does a blood test to see if she is pregnant.

Wednesday 24 August 2016
Episode 193 (0453)

Tau is on a mission to remove all possible temptation. Xolelwa’s ‘freedom’ celebration is short-lived.
Mazwi shows his true colours and they’re not pretty.

Thursday 25 August 2016
Episode 194 (0454)

Amo is becoming an obsession with his father. Gadaffi is alarmed about Tshidi’s state of mind. Wandile has serious doubts about Getty’s new ‘friend’.

Friday 26 August 2016
Episode 195 (0455)

Daniel makes a complete nuisance of himself. Lucy mocks Namhla’s attempts to find a job. Sphe is shocked by what she learns from the fertility clinic’s receptionist.

Monday 29 August 2016
Episode 196 (0456)

Jack wants to make someone miserable and enlists James’s help. Mazwi is smug when he finally gets what he wanted. Tau can’t forgive Karabo for abandoning their son.

Tuesday 30 August 2016
Episode 197 (0457)

Xolelwa can’t decide whether she loves or hates having a ‘mother’. Wandile stands up for a friend and gets beaten for it. Tshidi’s world comes crashing down all over again.

Wednesday 31 August 2016
Episode 198 (0458)

Nolwazi reluctantly strikes a truce with her ex. Lucy hits Namhla where it hurts. Sphe is ready to fight to for her marriage.

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22 Jun 2016 10:20

cant believe it ,, IM NUMBER 1.. WUURAAYYYYYYYYYY

22 Jun 2016 10:22

qaqmba yaphapha wanted to be nmbr1 lol

22 Jun 2016 10:35

if thaphelo is karabo son not amo then im too clever cz i once said it and sm1 did not agree with me..sphe gives karabo drugs not knowing she is an addict lol..august is also intersting

22 Jun 2016 10:57

ayshhh,, Nolwazi u need have to Fight sana if u need your Mazwi Back,, and Sphe i am still confused abt u,, are u Here to Fight with the Morokas or wht,,

22 Jun 2016 11:03

@qavile,, sorryy,, im the August Quenne sana,, lol..

22 Jun 2016 11:04

Is Mazwi infertile if Sphe is visiting a fertility clinic .I am glad Karabo and Tau will find out about their son .lol I wonder if Smanga will win the elections .august will be nice I see .@Qavile are u saying Amo is not Thaphelo ?

Buhle Jamela
22 Jun 2016 11:07

Intresting mnth

22 Jun 2016 11:23

top 10 yay!!!
 Thaphelo is Amo. Remember that is the name they had given their son. I am so happy it will finally come out. thank you Jack. How i wish August could come faster

22 Jun 2016 14:29

Killer month this is!!!

22 Jun 2016 14:48

Im glad that tau n karabo will finally learn da truth. This month seems a bit rough for nolwazi shem, mazwi is such a loser shem why is he doing this to nolwazi again?

22 Jun 2016 15:11

@Robyn sana where have u been???????auditions.. auditions,, please tell me, sana,

22 Jun 2016 17:08

Yoh! Jack Mabaso didn't come back to fool around. He is going after the Phakades and the Morokas. Could this be the end of the Phakades this month.... it seems Tshidi will lose her mind. At last we now know the name of Jack's hitman, James!

23 Jun 2016 01:09

Xolelwa usually annoys me but yesterday she was funny as hell, especially at the resturant with Nolwazi.. she better eat a lot of food from now on so that she can put on some weight.

23 Jun 2016 06:37

@showtime I loved Xolelwa the first time I saw her .she is very funny ,I liked how she said Nolwazi is not always nice .was Nolwazi feeling sick last nyt ?maybe she is pregnant .I knw ppl hated the fight betwen Pops and Lucy but I thought it was ok .I wonder if Bra Pops is dead ,will they call the police ,will they hide the body ?so many questions .

23 Jun 2016 08:46

Faultfinders, are always not happy with anything. There was nothing wrong with that fight because Lucy is a woman and Pops is a strong man.

23 Jun 2016 10:17

yoo Lucy i wont mind  if Pra  Pops adabule amafu, ,,,, selfdefence ,, Getty can say tht to the Police.

23 Jun 2016 15:44

I keep having a feeling that Bra Pops, like the Khumalo brothers, is working for Jack Maboso as a member of his large syndicate. Remember Jack told Gadaffi after persuading him to take over the Khumalo brothers' drug trafficking operations, that he also deals in money laundering. What if Bra Pops is part of the money laundering operations on the side of loan sharking?

23 Jun 2016 16:30

generations the legacy is rocking ..producers/writerz made a terrible mistake by leaving wandile behind instead should have been siya so dt he can have shares on his fatherz compony

Riley freeman
23 Jun 2016 20:45

@qavile I can't explain the feeling of being satisfied after tonight's episode..I'm sorry but whoever stopped watching Generations should just come back to the home team, we forgive them..for me it is the best soapie in the country and no other soapie will dethrone it anytime soon..and yes Siya would have been great for a storyline right now..with him battling to continue his fathers trusted and honest ways of doing business and Jack trying to sabotage him to make more money with shady deals..oh God, Generations I LOVE YOU

23 Jun 2016 20:59

This soapie is growing in leaps and bounds! Tonight's episode was conclusive testament. ZONDO, KOBUS, JAMES, GETTY, NOLWAZI, LUCY, and others, were BRILLIANT!! WHAT AN EXPLOSIVE, EXCITING EPISODE. Waiting for tomorrow!!

23 Jun 2016 21:03

todae legacy was a hit and the last scene of nolwazi vs sphe and mazwi was a killer...when tau comes back only explosion

23 Jun 2016 21:53

I wont bother to describe tonight's episode, except to say that in my books, it is the best since the show returned. @qavile, @Primetimer, @Riley Freeman, you guys couldn't have said enough. Now how will Jack Mabaso get himself out of this sticky situation? Lol, Nolwazi handled that moment well, like a professional. Can't friday come any sooner though? I can't wait!!

23 Jun 2016 22:02

I loved the fact that they didn't drag the scene of LUCY/POPS/GETTY ,we moved on to LUCY at Jack's house pretenting like nothing happened lol Classic Lucy .I loved how Kobus was so smart to call Zondo like that .Zondo is proving greater than Officer Pokane .lol that last scane wow Nolwazi handled herself like a pro .is it Business or pleasure .Mazwi was out words .whoever wrote tonight's episode deserves a Safta .we thank God for the acting talent of Kobus Van Engelen wow

24 Jun 2016 00:08

@qaqamba what auditions are u talking about. Ive been busy nothing much, ?? @max they deserve something better than a safta.

24 Jun 2016 09:05

hahaha @Robyn,,i thought u will say yes qaqamba  Ferguson Films, lol,, joking mann

ok and the Lucy how did she get rid of Bra Pops blood???? shame Jack u need to think again your Hitman is inside with u.Nolwazi liked your move sana,, i dont like Sphe bethuna,, i would love if Grandpa Tebogo can see her ealier..

24 Jun 2016 09:21

I'm new here last night was phenomenal

24 Jun 2016 09:33

Lol as for Xolelwa selling the Mandela blankets .the girl is following in the footstesps of Choppa .always hustling .welcome fam@Balboa

24 Jun 2016 11:45

hellowww Balboa, sana,, feel free u are at home,, Guys with one is better , Sihle on Isibaya or Xolelwa on Generations??????

24 Jun 2016 12:16

Lucy was born corrupt, remorseless and cold-hearted. Yestersay was proof. I mean, is there any normal woman that can kill, provoked or not, and then live like nothing happened the next day? That woman is a female pitbull, no doubt. No wonder she is single and has never been involved in a serious relationship. Lol, just imagen if she was in Nolwazi's situation what would happen, she'd probably assault Mazwi in full view of everyone.

24 Jun 2016 12:33

do yall notice dt namhla os involved almost on the entire storyline of generations like she is the main protagonist of the show?..myb she will karabo in future the story will revolve around her

24 Jun 2016 23:07

I felt Nolwazi's emotions as she was lashing out at Mazwi. Thando Thabethe really nailed that scene without a doubt. I didn't know she had it in her.

25 Jun 2016 10:46

Sweethearts u r making me jelous, I watch ashes to ashes the gen I watch repeat. No more ashes to ashes from from next wk. Thnx for helping me see the light. U r the best fam

27 Jun 2016 20:55

Tjo guys am new here and I sense war in August. Tshidi will go crazy, how will she have the guts to face her brother after the Amo -Thapelo drama.Jack doesn't take time 2 cause havoc?????????????????? ??. ??

27 Jun 2016 22:32

The way Tau returned was creative for me. Just when I heard someone unlocking the bedroom door, I knew it was him.

28 Jun 2016 06:24

@Primetimer when Nolwazi came to the Moroka house ,I got the feeling Tau is coming the same nyt .I am glad he is back ,I am interested to see how they gonna explain his disappearance .the magic between Smanga and Namhla mmm .we all knw Namhla falls in lv fast .Getty is losing it ,she will get Lucy arrested that one .

28 Jun 2016 09:18

hopefully Tau will tell us true story of wht really happened  to  his accident,... shame Getty i thnk i will have nightmares nam yoo,, please ladies can u say Nightmares in Sepedi Launguage please,, yoo Xolelwa is very good with her language..

28 Jun 2016 10:09

Tuesday 28 June 2016
Episode 152 (0412)

Tebogo is on his way to KZN to conduct the lobola negotiations. The Morokas are still in shock after what happened last night. Fana is upset when he finds out about the assassination attempt.
Wednesday 29 June 2016
Episode 153 (0413)

Tshidi’s sudden hunger for her man arouses his suspicions. Xolelwa continues to sell her lies. Namhla saves the day for her perpetrator.
Thursday 30 June 2016
Episode 154 (0414)

Smanga sees red when Sipho writes another scathing article. Karabo informs Zondo their star witness has gone AWOL. Nolwazi’s arrival at the Moroka house causes a lot of mixed emotions.

28 Jun 2016 11:33

I just hope Tau wont leave with Karabo. That is what I've been afraid of since it was said Karabo will be leaving the soap. Jack and Tau always make things interesting when they plot against each other. Iconic Generations characters!

28 Jun 2016 12:37

so wht is going to happen to Gadaffi,, is he still be tht powerfull man or wht????? corze we cant have 3 cows in 1 kraal.. krkrkrkrkrkr..

28 Jun 2016 16:50

Tau's return.. Can't wait to see how they explain it.. Thando is sooo talented.. Her portrayal of Nolwazi is out of this world. Xolelwa.. I've loved her since day 1.. To see how she's grown.. I'm proud of her. It's true when they say practice makes perfect. People go on and on about how Namhla's getting better at acting, but I don't see it, she's still trying too hard.. And a person can see that she's acting. People say Smanga will bring out the best in her, I don't know.. Time will tell I guess. Gog'Flo.. Depressing.. Getty.. Ah man. She's just as brilliant. The emotions from her side, how the murder affected her.. Totally real. When all this comes out.. I don't wanna be her.. Lol. Lucy is heartless.. Maybe she's become immune to this but to not feel any remorse?? Wow! It would've been nice if the murder could also take its toll on her but then she pretends to be the way she is now in front of Getty, then she finds solace in that way.. Maybe that could also shut her up a bit.. Lol.. Jack... Guys like him I want to play veeeeery far from. I wouldn't want to have any dealings with him in any way. I don't like how Tshidi's fallen for him.. Yes, maybe Jack treats her like an 'equal' and Kumkani not but that shouldn't mean the end of their marriage.. I hope their able to reconcile and get passed this. Marriage comes with a lot of tribulation and the first obstacle shouldn't mean the end. Kobus' paranoia though. Lmao. I don't blame him though.. I hope he isn't killed in the end, he should just organise to get out of the country and very far from both Zondo and Jack.. He should never have agreed to betray Jack.. Biggest mistake of his life, even if Jack is behind bars he'll never be safe. Great storylines all in all.

28 Jun 2016 19:17

@uranus namhla is gud realy gud

28 Jun 2016 22:55

i just love karabo she is #PowerHouse,its either her way or the high way..xolelwa is irritating AF dnt know why they give her more onscreen time

29 Jun 2016 01:52

Tau is the one that should be angry and making demands for what Karabo has done to him, not the other way around. As for Xolelwa, now is not the right time to give her more minutes in an episode. At some point after Karabo is gone, I hope Tau will reinvent himself and return to the life of organized crime. He is better as a mobster rather than a Karabo's doormat.

29 Jun 2016 09:01

I love Xolelwa ,I don't mind her getting some screen time ,surely we have to mix the drama with some bit of comedy .she is killing he scenes with her great Sepedi .

29 Jun 2016 10:11

I wish we can skip july and jump straight to august..... Its gonna be awesome

29 Jun 2016 14:46

Karabo is very SELFISH..Her way or no way..i am still Team Jack not GATSHIKAKOZO..lets see the story as it unfolds for the GENT(Jack) & the MIGHTY(Tau) them both..sure qavile Namhla is good..starting to like Team SMANANO..VOTE..I hate this idea ya early teasers coz re pallwa ke go itshwara,,AYA619 also wish we can skip July..imagine that month hasnt even started,,

29 Jun 2016 17:08

Tau and Jack are the main anchors of this soap. The big protagonist and the big antagonist respectively. These great characters are gonna make things happen. Gadaffi should just watch and learn from Tau how to handle Jack Mabaso. It's sad to see him being reduced to virtually nothing.

Roman Reigns
29 Jun 2016 18:11

So Elam is back in August... Interesting Jack, Kumkani and Tau in one playground #MustSee# Xolelwa is irritatingly exciting and she the true definition of huster and go-getter Tshidi is boring Karabo is irritating Namhla is everywhere I see Nolwazi as the next Karabo in the future. Girl got potential gog flo cover ur hair already. Umdala for a purple dye ausi !!

30 Jun 2016 02:59

I wonder why Rapulana Seiphemo and Connie Ferguson's names do not appear on the cast names.

30 Jun 2016 11:48

@show-time Connie and Rapulana appear on the opening credits ,when the episodes start you will see their names .Jack must get out of jail .I have had enough

01 Jul 2016 01:56

Gadaffi's script yesterday was poor. How can an outcast just take over an operation of a crime syndicate? Jack kicked Gadaffi out of the drug trafficking business after his stunt with Tshidi and Jack declared him useless and powerless. Now he tells Cosmo that he'll take over, HOW? As for Kobus, wasn't he a chief engineer for VP and CEO recently? So why his family look so impoverished? His wife and kids looked dirty and hungry. Sometimes this show can be amatuerish. Not impressed yesterday.

01 Jul 2016 09:37

karabo charactor will not be killed on legacy bt will make a return in future to spice up things..thats conie said yesterdae on interview..conie said she felt bad on her last dae on set cz everyone was crying and sad bt then life goes on even thando thabethe admitted dt it was hard for everyone and most hard for legend conie....i just hope morokas dnt flop when karabo is gone....i guess tau as time goes will fall in love again then when karabo AKA sasha fierce comes back she will take over again..(Till we me again)karabos last words on set

01 Jul 2016 09:37

karabo charactor will not be killed on legacy bt will make a return in future to spice up things..thats conie said yesterdae on interview..conie said she felt bad on her last dae on set cz everyone was crying and sad bt then life goes on even thando thabethe admitted dt it was hard for everyone and most hard for legend conie....i just hope morokas dnt flop when karabo is gone....i guess tau as time goes will fall in love again then when karabo AKA sasha fierce comes back she will take over again..(Till we me again)karabos last words on set.

01 Jul 2016 09:37

karabo charactor will not be killed on legacy bt will make a return in future to spice up things..thats conie said yesterdae on interview..conie said she felt bad on her last dae on set cz everyone was crying and sad bt then life goes on even thando thabethe admitted dt it was hard for everyone and most hard for legend conie....i just hope morokas dnt flop when karabo is gone....i guess tau as time goes will fall in love again then when karabo AKA sasha fierce comes back she will take over again..(Till we me again)karabos last words on set.

01 Jul 2016 09:37

karabo charactor will not be killed on legacy bt will make a return in future to spice up things..thats conie said yesterdae on interview..conie said she felt bad on her last dae on set cz everyone was crying and sad bt then life goes on even thando thabethe admitted dt it was hard for everyone and most hard for legend conie....i just hope morokas dnt flop when karabo is gone....i guess tau as time goes will fall in love again then when karabo AKA sasha fierce comes back she will take over again..(Till we me again)karabos last words on set.

01 Jul 2016 09:37

karabo charactor will not be killed on legacy bt will make a return in future to spice up things..thats conie said yesterdae on interview..conie said she felt bad on her last dae on set cz everyone was crying and sad bt then life goes on even thando thabethe admitted dt it was hard for everyone and most hard for legend conie....i just hope morokas dnt flop when karabo is gone....i guess tau as time goes will fall in love again then when karabo AKA sasha fierce comes back she will take over again..(Till we me again)karabos last words on set.

01 Jul 2016 10:23

Thank u qavile sana.. i thnk nami ngendingu cry cry kwesostudio ,, till we meet again.. let me see and watch last nights episode,

01 Jul 2016 22:07

The show would be great if only its writers could stop writing a far-fetched script. I am referring to Gadaffi and how he incredibly took over Jack Mabaso's drug cartel. Let's not neglect reality, even though it is just a soap. Firstly, why would Jack's drug cartel members agree to meet a guy who is just a loose end in the criminal underworld and who has no contacts or power? Secondly, since when does a second-in-comnand of a crime lord gets into a bare-nuckle street fight to prove himself for whatever? Thirdly, should he have just told Gadaffi to go back where he came from or just tell his men to shoot him dead? As much as I am a fan of the show, writers need to get their act together before they turn the soap into a comedy of errors. They need to watch mobster movies to learn how organized crime works. They have already turned Gadaffi into a model and a clown, not a major crook. I hope they wont do the same to Jack.

01 Jul 2016 23:11

I have to agree with you @Primetimer. Actually I suspected that the writers would find it difficult to keep the character of Gadaffi relevant to the storyline once Jack Mabaso returned. And they didn't waste any time by making Gadaffi become Jack's yes-man for his drug cartel. I think that was a bad idea because it wasn't going to be easy to come up with a story to make Gadaffi powerful again in the criminal underworld as his own man like before. The problem is, Jack Mabaso will always over-shadow Gadaffi because of his reputation from the original series and his stature as a crime lord which is very convincing. Gadaffi looks more like a good business man and sometimes as a soccer player, with his hair cut. Tonight's writing for Gadaffi was poor and unrealistic. I mean, no one steals another crook's business through a street fight, especially a drug cartel that belongs to a fearsome mob boss such as Jack Mabaso. It is a violent deadly affair to try that. August is going to be great with the revelation of the baby secret but I think at some point after that, writers will not keep up with two antagonists in the storyline. Right now, I think Gadaffi as a character doesn't belong anymore since there is Jack Mabaso.

02 Jul 2016 00:19

When it comes to marriage, love affairs and business plotlines, the writing is good but in terms of underworld stories, they are not writing well. Even Cosmo has become a puppet that hops from one boss to the next without any threat issued against him or any punishment. It was unthinkable for Gadaffi to take him back after he worked for his enemy. How do you trust someone like that? Loyalty in organized crime is extremely important. These writers shouldn't write what they don't understand or didn't bother to research.

Roman Reigns
02 Jul 2016 10:36

@Qavile on which website did u see the Connie ferguson interview about her GenLeg exit? Link please......

02 Jul 2016 13:33

I wonder what happened in Ivory Coast that caused Tau to behave this way. Kobus must take the deal and live because I want him to stay on the show and earn Jack's trust again. That guy is a brilliant actor.

03 Jul 2016 18:31

Roman it was a radio interview....for me gadaffi fighting with those guys was not bad and ive seen gangsters doing dt to a point sm1 dies...other than tau being not normal i think they doing dt to make him a gangster again since karabo is leaving the show...i think then need to introduce sm1 new squarin up against gadaffi...and would be interesting if they age noah and bring him..i still waiting for namhla and smanga to happen #PowerCouple

03 Jul 2016 18:49

Gadaffi leaving Gen would be disastrous cuz quite frankly, like Karabo, I'm sure Tau isn't in this for the long haul. They had done such a great job building Gadaffi up but now they are breaking him down with dumb writing. They need to fix this cuz they will need him when Tau leaves. @qavile my darling u & I are sailing on this Namhla and Smanga ship and we won't give up! Lol I hope the writers come through for us hey. Xolelwa is my joy. She's such a fan favourite now. Proud of Mahlatse for her growth as a performer. Kudos to Nolwazi and Getty for superb acting as well!

04 Jul 2016 13:33

Mhn, i like the month of August, great story.

04 Jul 2016 22:08

Oh Mazwi, when will he grow up and be a man? Sphe does not deserve this spineless idiot and Nolwazi is foolish to forget that she did the same to Simphiwe. I love Smanga's politics storyline and his office is very nice. I still hope he and Nolwazi will hook up.

05 Jul 2016 12:25

hey guys

i liked the way Cosmo tell his boss Last night tht he is working for Gadaffi,, he was very brave to say tht to Jack,,i wont mind Gog Flo to hear the story about Xolelwa lol.. Karabo is the other charector bathong,, she didnt even see her hubby last night at Tsidi's ,, hayi Zola's Ghost is  really wrking on her.

 Namhla is growing woman  selehamba nama Durban July, krkrkr ..

05 Jul 2016 15:48

Lol, that madala Tebogo is crazy. When Tau was away, Karabo was leaving endless messages on his phone, begging him to return. Now that he is back, she behaves as if he doesn't exist. What's up with that? Mazwi better get over Nolwazi and take Sphe seriously. Jack must get out of Jail now!

05 Jul 2016 16:26

Must Karabo be so annoying? Shucks! I've never wanted Connie Ferguson off my screen more. Can't wait for Tau to find new love with a respectful woman who will hold it down for him like Tshidi does for Gadaffi.

06 Jul 2016 01:45

Do you think that woman is coming for Tau, @deziclesthadawg

06 Jul 2016 01:58

Wise decision to choose plan A, Kobus. Now I can't wait for him to tell Jack about the whole conspiracy and its role-players. I like Smanga's office, it's beautiful. As for Tebogo, I am beginning to suspect that he lied to Mazwi about him not being his son. What else can explain why he is always interfering in Mazwi's life like that and snubbing Smanga?

06 Jul 2016 13:43

i thnk Karabo can just go and  leave the soapi wethu in thnk i cant stand seeing u anymore,,  i want Jack Mabaso back,, Kobus i dont mind if u take Plan A.. AND HAVE A BREAK uve been through alot,, Xolelwa its enough wena stop this strealing business.. Life must move on Gadaffi u need to show us tht u can beat Mabaso.. lol..

06 Jul 2016 17:23

@Primetimer I am hoping Tau falls in love with Jack's ex wife when she joins the show(if she joins the show). Namhla I hate her annoying character lately. Judging Smanga, investingating Jack. She's like a fly, I just want to swat her.

06 Jul 2016 21:51

Lol I hate teasers. Right now I'm envying those who are genuinely shocked and bewildered by the fact that Sphe is Jack's daughter. Ai, they are having all the fun. Tonight's episode was too lit tho!

07 Jul 2016 01:25

It's better to be in the dark and anticipate. Lol, it will be hard to beat curiosity but I'll try to ignore the september teasers..

07 Jul 2016 08:13

This month has being great .everything is just flowing nicely .I am really pps were really shocked about Sphe being Jack's daughter .it was great

07 Jul 2016 10:04

Lol ja @Max85 they were shocked and sooooo upset that their "innocent" Sphe is not so innocent after all. Tau is such a captivating character, that closing scene was power! I love him more than I love Jack and that says something.

07 Jul 2016 12:00

Fana has mentioned his mother on many occassions, even yesterday and whenever someone is spoken of a lot they usually appear at some point on the show. So I'm expecting to see this woman. Jack is really cold to collude with his kids. So Namhla is going to be the only rebellious child to Jack and she happens to be his only biological one.

07 Jul 2016 12:31

@show-time hence I don't get why the writers made her Jack's daughter only for her to betray him so soon. When Jack finds out that she sold him out to Sipho he's gonna write her off!

07 Jul 2016 13:24

guyz fana and namhla are both nothing like jack bt fana rather tolerates him bcz the gent did everything for him and sphe so they feel they owe him their lives..smanga storyline is boss..nolwazi deserve bad boy like smanga/tau so tau can hv her...getty is doing amazing ..teasers spoil everything and people who dnt know whats next enjoys more than us

07 Jul 2016 15:00

Mmmmh @qavi Nolwazi and Tau? Interesting... He can be her blesser lol!

07 Jul 2016 16:33

Nolwazi and Tau together... GROSS! I need clarity about the whole Jack-Cele relation. Maybe it will get clearer as the storyline unfolds but at the moment I can't help but wonder that since Sphe is a princess, it means her mother is the queen. Is it usual for an unroyal guy like Jack to marry a queen? Or perhaps the Celes aren't royalty at all, but fraudsters working for Jack?

07 Jul 2016 17:24

@Deziclesthawg lol tau will nver be a blesser cz without karabo he is a usless broke thug dts why the guy is holding on to her just for money and i just like karabo the SuperBitch no matter what she does she is just a signature perfomer/character on generations

07 Jul 2016 21:45

LOOOOOOL haibo @qavi! How can you call Tau that? He was a self-made man before he married that Moroka cow.

08 Jul 2016 21:36

Lol, Cosmo just got into stitches when he announced that Pops is dead. He looked very happy. Jack has this strong hold on Tshidi that I can't explain. It was as if Tshidi didn't want him to go after he kissed her.

09 Jul 2016 13:41

Well she might as well get over her feelings for him because he is about to destroy her. Guys baby Amo is so adorbz! I could just steal him! lol

09 Jul 2016 14:58

Eish can we have an edit button. Lol bad grammar and wording from me.

09 Jul 2016 16:09

Jack Mabaso! I just love this villain. Thursday episode belonged to him.

10 Jul 2016 08:11

eish did not watch fridae episode and its the 1st time missing an episode since the show came back as legacy

11 Jul 2016 12:12

I can't wait to see what Jack Mabaso's next move will be tonight.

11 Jul 2016 15:05

Come on Mr Vundla give comso a bigger role dat is exciting 2 watch he should be acting as de man of the house bt no!! Lucy is de boss. Producers or whatever tend 2 give Vusi Kunene a big role e.g @Isibaya Samson hardly appeared, on Generation kumkani he appears once or twice per episode even on Isidingo Barker nd Gorgie where nt as ruthless as dey used 2 be.

12 Jul 2016 16:58

Now we are going to see some action, Gadaffi, Jack and Tau... Sphe is becoming bold now... no more calling Mazwi Ubaba and I like how she calls his name... Mazwiii. Tshidi is being tossed from one guy's bed to the next... Oh Lesedi, I like how her acting is improving.

12 Jul 2016 17:06

@primetimer lesedi has grown and she is now my crush...still crossing my fingerz so dt my boy smanga and namhla happen

12 Jul 2016 21:52

I'm disappointed in Tau because he is underestimating Jack by trying to soften him up with diamonds and sweet talk. Jack can't be fooled that easily, he of all people should know that. It's sad to see how much Karabo has changed Tau for him to make bad judgements and mistakes. As for the Bra Pops storyline, someone on twitter questioned how someone got hold of Getty's numbers. Isn't it obvious that Pops was not working alone and that he gave his helpers or associates those numbers, like those shady guys that came to give Getty a note from Pops?

12 Jul 2016 23:14

Wow! Jack Mabaso makes me fall in love with this soap more and more! His attire tonight was out of this world. A real crime boss with a gentleman's touch. All that was missing was one of those classic Frank Sinatra's trademark hats. His house is exquisite too... the interior design, decoration... just magnificent. Exactly how an affluent kingpin should live and appear. Stefano Di Mera, eat your heart out. Kudos to those responsible for everything.

13 Jul 2016 06:35

I wonder who is trying to scare Getty ?who knows about this murder ?I am hella confused .lol it would be interesting if Tshidi ends up pregnant with Jack's child ,she is really into him .

13 Jul 2016 07:09

So @primetimer your theory is that one of Bra Pops' single brain-celled cronies watched the murder from a distance? And instead of responding with immediate violence this lowly thug decided to start sending anonymous texts? Maybe had they done a location shot of the cover up and shown someone unknown lurking in the shadows it would've given credence to this whole blackmail. Right now its too confusing and senseless to even be fun.

13 Jul 2016 10:29

lol mayb xolelwa is the one sending all the messeges...cosmo is confusing me who is he loyal to?

13 Jul 2016 13:46

also thing Xolelwa sent the message

13 Jul 2016 15:58

You guys might be onto something. Genius actually! And if its really Xolelwa I'm done with her. How evil of her.

14 Jul 2016 21:01

lol again im still saying xolelwa is the one sending messages

14 Jul 2016 21:15

Oh, Siphesihle... I love her very much. And I like when she calls Jack babaaaa! Cosmo is making a mistake by running away. Smanga should have just got the hell out of that house. Jack Mabaso did well by putting Namhla in her place. Loved this episode.

14 Jul 2016 22:41

Great episode that didn't need over the top drama to be enjoyable. Although the blackmail thing is still so lame to me. Agh anyway looking forward to Jack's storylines and all things Sphe (love her to death).

15 Jul 2016 11:26

How is it that Namhla is bothered by Jack being a scoundrel while she was raised by a man who has made a living by working for major crooks and having an ex-convict of a mother who is still a proud hoodlum? She accepted them for what they are.

15 Jul 2016 13:05

That's why Namhla's issue with Jack's criminal ways is so unrealistic. She watched Gadaffi kill Bob while her uncle was basically an accessory. She grew up in a criminal house but suddenly she's all sensitive? Dumb writing.

15 Jul 2016 20:40

karabo should have burnt the clothes and do the bathing on the river if not outside +not tau bt other women

16 Jul 2016 14:34

Maybe Namhla expected Jack to be different because she was fed up of living with crooks. Can it be looked on that angle before we dismiss the storyline?

17 Jul 2016 22:11

Well I certainly hope next time she finds a big bag full of drugs in Lucy's room or Cosmo's workshop she'll also rat them out. Since she's such a crime fighter.

Riley freeman
17 Jul 2016 22:22

@dezi well Namhla has always been critical of her mother and uncle for being the thugs they are..didn't the experience of accidentally seeing Gaddafi killing Bob hit her hard for a few days?? and i don't think she gave Jack away to that Journalist because she is bored or is intentionally betraying him..she is doing this only bcoz she wants to deflect the attention to Jack and finally that Sipho guy will cut Smanga(his only nightmare) some slack and they can finally continue with the campaign..

Riley freeman
17 Jul 2016 22:32

@dezi are u seriously comparing a drug situation that could get his family years in prison to a newspaper story that will only damage a reputation?? fair..she did say that she believes in Smanga and his campagn of wanting to help children get education and that upcoming article will only hurt Jack moneywise,egowise,reputationwise..and Jack is already ridiculously rich..there was just no bigger story he could give Sipho and that would him back off especially with the elections nearing..i think calling it 'dumb writing' is kinda harsh

18 Jul 2016 12:42

How can anyone rat out the people that practically raised them, let alone a mother? Namhla barely knows Jack Mabaso, that is why it was easy for her to decide to do that. She obviously doesn't care for him as much as she does for the family that she has known all her life.

18 Jul 2016 17:02

So this isn't about her hating crime the way she continues to claim it to be @Primetimer? She's ok with crime as long as she cares about you? Ok I see. I was confused but now I understand.

18 Jul 2016 21:48

Namhla is a big hypocrite. She did dirt too with Sokhulu and now she is judging people. Tonight after Nolwazi showed them Sipho's article, there was somewhat an expression of guilt on her face and even when she greeted Jack as he was speaking with Tshidi. She knows what she did was wrong. She'll crawl back to live with the Diales again but oneday she'll return to Jack and confess. In my opinion, I think the writers are trying to develop a Karabo Moroka in Namhla, that judgemental, tragic and Miss goody two-shoes character.

18 Jul 2016 21:58

Family or not. Loyalty or not, as long as she gets what she wants. In fact, I strongly believe that she did that for Smanga, not because she wants his political career to be a success, but because she wants Smanga for herself as her boyfriend. Mark my words, she'll go after him like she did with Sokhulu and Adze.

19 Jul 2016 00:29

Lol Lucy made my night... she was her usual ghetto fabulous self at that party. All she needed was a beer and a tupperware to take the food home. Lol, And she can snore that one.

19 Jul 2016 10:12

hey guys,, Tamkhulu Tebogo,, always say,,"wayitseng" lol,, please correct me wrong spelling i knw but he always ..wayitseng,,wayitseng,, .. and wht is Cosmo excusse??? he must choose btwn Gadaffi and Jack thts it..

19 Jul 2016 10:13

i for one would love a Smanga - Namhla romance. Think somehow they would bring out the good in each other.
Lucy cracked me up yesterday too. She bring comic relief to Generations. i also like the way Tau stood up to uncle Tebogo. the Morokas have been walking over him for too long. I like the way Jack doesnt let on he knows Tshidi betrayed him too. 

19 Jul 2016 19:20

lucy was funny AF...i wonder if smanga will the elections or

19 Jul 2016 21:55

I respect Namhla for having the guts to tell Jack that she is the source. I was sure she was going to keep it a secret. It's a pity that she will regret it.

20 Jul 2016 09:14

Shame Getty i can feel your pain sana,, it really not a nice thing to be broke..

22 Jul 2016 09:07

I wonder will Namhla find out that her dad is behing Gog' Flo's kidnapping? Lucy is really acting well. All her emotions were on point from the worry about what to do, letting the others that she would sort it out.

On a lighter note is the Chief stomach for real? Yoh almost like it wants to fall out of the shirt his wearing. But I found it hilarious how he cut the Moroka's down to size

22 Jul 2016 12:11

@coolmama,, sana you are not alone asking abt tht Mr  Chief Cele's tummy,, yuuuuuu ,, ingathi phethe i ngestoamch,, ,, i thnk its a real tummy sana,,

22 Jul 2016 12:13

ingathi uphethe ibag nge stomach,,

22 Jul 2016 12:28

Qaqamba hahaha that tummy is too much. Doesnt even seem proportional to the rest of his body

Riley freeman
22 Jul 2016 21:19

Damn a tight spot Cosmo found himself him in and I admire him for being so resisting.I found today's episode great and wish it carries on along the same lines..I'm glad that the truth about the kid came out even though I wasn't on the "when is the truth gonna be told" bandwagon..I'm just relieved now and finally people are gonna stop pestering us about that( WTF as if we are the writers)..I just felt like some people were too focused on that and as a result missing out on the other fun stuff going on on the show..for me that's dumb..Jack now has to have the upper hand on Gaddafi with this one..but I think their feud will eventually calm down and they can be focused on other people and dealings.They will surely have to cast some people as time goes..EXCTING TIMES

22 Jul 2016 23:55

Jack Mabaso returned prepared to have complete dominance on his targets. He now has a stronghold on his rivals and enemies... Tshidi is about to file for divorce without knowing that Jack is actually out to ruin her... The Morokas and Phakades will be at each other's throats because of the baby issue... the Diales wont dare cross him... and he is using the Celes to gain something from the Morokas. The Gent is in total control now.

23 Jul 2016 16:14

i like james dude

23 Jul 2016 19:28

I like J too, actually he should just be Jack's official henchman so that we can see him often like Ace. He made me laugh when he told Gog'Flo that by talking about God, she reminds him of his grandmother.

25 Jul 2016 14:45

Guys I think Getty has been let go from Gen. She posted a pic of her character on ig and captioned it "I will miss her!". Just when her character was getting super interesting! I'm sad, that's if its true. Does any1 have the tea?

25 Jul 2016 16:00

@DeziclesThagawd i think she was refering to her look cz she had a weave on that pic not dreads so myb miss the previous look...eish i still pray dt Gail Mabalane comes back on generations and be with my boy smanga..i love that lady

25 Jul 2016 16:10

I asked her on twitter. If I don't get a response by midnight then it is true. But I think it is. I am always crossing my fingers that none of the main cast members leave, and I'm tired of that. If either Jack or Tau leaves, then I'm done!

25 Jul 2016 18:26

I have grown to love Gets Gets ,I would break my heart if she leaves .if one person should leave in the cast it should be Namhla ,she is by far the weakest link .

25 Jul 2016 18:53

I agree with all of you guys, Getty is lovable because she is a natural actress. And a home girl that most of us can relate to. You can tell that the girl who plays Namhla is favoured by the writers and producers. She's average at best but she's the star of the show! *sigh*. I hope no one else is leaving cuz its contract negotiations season in soapie world. Getty might be the first of a few to get the chop.

25 Jul 2016 19:54

Riley Freeman, I love you dude Lmao The way you keep on roasting, dragging, slaying and anhillating haters on Facebook is commendable hahaha. I was just reading comments and it was drag after drag but sometimes my guy you lose it yho. You attack innocent people, Haybo, for the why?? Letpeople have their opinions, even if they are flawed but keep on dragging those bi*** that ask dumb questions and post dumb/ hateful comments lol. Yho you guys, Generations is on fire, I'm living for the drama!!! Jack has got the Phakade's, if only he can have proof to back the baby- saga up which he obviously wil judging by the teasers. Personally I think without contacts, Kumkani is stronger and may beat Jack whenever there's an altercation. Kumkani only used Cosmo as his "connection" who was just an informant and mainly did the job by himself. The guy slayed even on a wheelchair. He killed Bob, Abe, Karishma, kidnapped and tortured Karabo to get back at Tau. He filled Mary's drink with some chemicals and bribed the doctor to inform Tau and Karabo lies about their baby, stole the baby and is now flaunting him in front of everyone, including the original parents. Kumkani is SAVAGE!!! We thought we were witnessing his downfall when he became Jack's lapdog but he bounced back again and took all of Jack's dealings, and Jack's men now work for him, He is fu***ng POWERFULL!! He also basically sent Jack to jail all by himself when he kidnapped Kobus for him to spill some beams regarding Jack and his dealings. He went to prison and came back without making anyone "disappear" , just being a smart asshole! He currently has the upper hand on Jack and more powerful as of now, but obviously tables may turn once the baby drama is revealed. I think he can actually beat Jack anytime, anyday but he has a small problem. He is extremely impatient and isandla sakhe sishushu. He wants to destroy everything in the now once and for all. Jack's power comes from him being smarter and always thinks his plans through. e.g Jack knows Tshidi played him but has not said anything to anyone but James about it, he'll planning to destroy her swiftly. If it was Gaddafi betrayed, Tshidi would be dead by now and Fifi would probably be investigated and maybe put in jail because He DOES NOT THINK CLEALY AND THINK AHEAD!! Anyways, let Jack vs Kumkani real war begin. I Am Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Jul 2016 20:03

And Jack will permanently drag Tau to his beef with Kumkani. It's going to be a three-way battle guys!! I can't wait and All these 3 guys hate each others guts. I'm still waiting for Tau to prove himself that he can also be powerful and have every man, woman and child wrapped around his fingers, dancing to his guitar. He has not shown that yet and I think/feel he's on a lower pedestal when compared to Jack and Kumkani when it comes to power and control. The guy was seriously tossed around by his wife, who is more ballsy than him yho. I don't even think that Kunkani will have a slightest inch of nervousness when Tau hears about Amo, I don't think he's intimidated by Tau anymore. I'm just a viewer and I am not intimidated by him too. But hey, we'll just have to wait and see. Kumkani may just be scared* of going to jail qha but not scared of any Moroka/ Mogale

25 Jul 2016 22:23

@Zondwa I'm so glad that there is someone who still believes in Gadaffi and remembers what a force he was last year. He's an unsung hero who helped The Legacy during crucial and uncertain times. Jack came back to Gen when the show was already flourishing. Personally, I would hate to see Kumkani getting overlooked by the writers just because Jack's back. Anyway I'm very excited about Tau's character as well. He's gonna be massive!

26 Jul 2016 06:46

im soo #Team_Gadaffi even he fails 100 times .people dont appreciate him now bt when legacy started he was fan favourate bt im scared dt they will write him out soon+he will be shooting a movie in the coming months...that would be sad to see big charaterz leaving (gadaffi&karabo)...i alwayz wonderd why gadaffi doesnt have even 1kid cz his old moes even if the mother is not tshidi

26 Jul 2016 07:58

Ja you can tell that they are gonna cast him aside soon. They should rather invest in him and make legitimate like they did with Jack, Sbusiso and Tau. Rapulana will leave Gen just like Karabo, just you wait and see.

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