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Primetime TV Ratings - Week 28

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Primetime TV Viewing Figures on 23 Jul 2015
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These are the primetime adult television viewing figures for 6 - 12 July, 2015.

For an explanation of how the viewing figures are calculated, please read this article.

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Top Shows By Channel
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Uzalo 7,002,000 Muvhango 5,162,000 The Bold and the Beautiful 1,330,000
2. Generations 6,537,000 Moferefere Lenyalong (R) 2,798,000 Isidingo 1,001,000
3. Skeem Saam 6,281,000 Ditlabonyane Ke Ditlaboima (Reb) 2,041,000 What's for Dinner 823,000
4. Mfolozi Street (Reb) 4,576,000 Speak Out 1,876,000 Days of Our Lives 810,000
5. Tempy Pushas 3,983,000 Ke Ba Bolelletse 1,679,000 Strictly Come Dancing 691,000
6. Zaziwa 3,423,000 Majakathata 1,415,000 ParaNorman 658,000
7. Zulu News 3,417,000 7de Laan 1,251,000 Fokus 560,000
8. Stumbo Stomp 3,259,000 When Duty Calls 1,218,000 50/50 494,000
9. Selimathunzi 3,160,000 Gospel Classics (R) 1,053,000 Desperate Housewives (R) 494,000
10. Xhosa News 3,127,000 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 1,053,000 High Rollers 438,000
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Scandal! 4,187,000 The Expendables 3 230,000 Our Perfect Wedding 1,185,000
2. Rhythm City 3,147,000 Carte Blanche 165,000 Idols 922,000
3. X2 2,732,000 Idols 165,000 Date My Family 889,000
4. Z'bondiwe 2,535,000 Revenge 66,000 isiBaya 777,000
5. Shrek the Third 2,502,000 Suits 66,000 Utatakho 329,000
6. Bloodsport 2,370,000 The Big Bang Theory 66,000 iNumber Number 263,000
7. B&B 2,008,000 Battle Creek 33,000 aYeYe (R) 214,000
8. Modern Family 2,008,000 Chicago P.D. 33,000 aYeYe 165,000
9. Ashes to Ashes 1,725,000 Elementary 33,000 Zabalaza (2013) 158,000
10. Elektra 1,679,000 Hawaii Five-0 33,000 Between Friends 132,000

Top Shows By Genre

Top Dramas

1) Mfolozi Street (Reb) (SABC1) 4,576,000
2) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 3,983,000
3) Z'bondiwe ( 2,535,000
4) Ditlabonyane Ke Ditlaboima (Reb) (SABC2) 2,041,000
5) eKasi: Our Stories (Reb) ( 1,251,000

Top Reality Shows

1) Stumbo Stomp (SABC1) 3,259,000
2) 1's and 2's (SABC1) 2,633,000
3) Khumbul'ekhaya (SABC1) 1,547,000
4) Rolling With... Headliners ( 1,317,000
5) Reality Check ( 1,284,000

Top Comedies

1) Ses'Top La (Reb) (SABC1) 3,094,000
2) Moferefere Lenyalong (R) (SABC2) 2,798,000
3) B&B ( 2,008,000
4) Modern Family ( 2,008,000
5) Ke Ba Bolelletse (SABC2) 1,679,000

Top News Bulletins

1) Zulu News (SABC1) 3,417,000
2) Xhosa News (SABC1) 3,127,000
3) Siswati/Ndebele News (SABC1) 1,679,000
4) Sesotho/Tswana/Sepedi News (SABC2) 830,000
5) Afrikaans News (SABC2) 826,000

Top Soap Operas

1) Uzalo (SABC1) 7,002,000
2) Generations (SABC1) 6,537,000
3) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 6,281,000
4) Muvhango (SABC2) 5,162,000
5) Scandal! ( 4,187,000

Top Talk Shows

1) Zaziwa (SABC1) 3,423,000
2) Rise (SABC1) 2,732,000
3) Motswako (SABC2) 823,000
4) Katch It With Khanyi ( 625,000
5) Shift (R) (SABC1) 625,000

Top Actuality Shows

1) Speak Out (SABC2) 1,876,000
2) Sunday Live (SABC1) 1,679,000
3) Cutting Edge (SABC1) 1,218,000
4) Checkpoint ( 1,086,000
5) Leihlo La Sechaba (SABC2) 790,000

Top Magazine Shows

1) Selimathunzi (SABC1) 3,160,000
2) Spina Guluva ( 724,000
3) Pasella (SABC2) 658,000
4) Kasi Living: Edlaleni ( 560,000
5) 50/50 (SABC3) 494,000

Top Game Shows

1) Noot vir Noot (SABC2) 922,000

Top Documentaries

1) 100% Youth (SABC1) 2,798,000
2) Mi Kasi Su Kasi (SABC1) 2,502,000
3) Made In Africa (SABC2) 329,000
4) The Producers (Mzansi Magic)

Top Primetime Movies

1) X2 ( 2,732,000
2) Shrek the Third ( 2,502,000
3) Bloodsport ( 2,370,000
4) Elektra ( 1,679,000
5) The Whole Wide World (SABC1) 1,086,000

Top 10 Regular Shows (excluding News bulletins)

1) Uzalo (SABC1) 7,002,000
2) Generations (SABC1) 6,537,000
3) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 6,281,000
4) Muvhango (SABC2) 5,162,000
5) Mfolozi Street (Reb) (SABC1) 4,576,000
6) Scandal! ( 4,187,000
7) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 3,983,000
8) Zaziwa (SABC1) 3,423,000
9) Stumbo Stomp (SABC1) 3,259,000
10) Selimathunzi (SABC1) 3,160,000

New shows that started this week
Show Viewers Channel Genre Timeslot
The Amazing Race 21 395,000 SABC3 Reality Monday, 20h30
The Sopranos 33,000 Mzansi Magic Drama Monday, 21h30
Utathakho 329,000 Mzansi Magic Reality Tuesday, 19h30
Marrying the Game 33,000 Mzansi Magic Reality Tuesday, 20h00
Dream School SA 2 560,000 SABC2 Reality Tuesday, 20h30
Shuga 2 593,000 Drama Tuesday, 20h30
Just Shoot Me! 6 560,000 Comedy Thursday/Friday, 17h30
What's for Dinner 823,000 SABC3 Reality Saturday, 19h00
Idols 11 165,000 M-Net Reality Sunday, 17h30
Idols 11 922,000 Mzansi Magic Reality Sunday, 17h30

Special notes

Uzalo beat Generations on all three nights it aired for the second week in a row, officially making it the biggest show in South Africa.

Note the strong start for Utatakho which premiered in the number five spot on Mzansi Magic.

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23 Jul 2015 18:28

I just want Generations to reclaim its number one want, but it is doing well given that it has competition

23 Jul 2015 18:35

its number one spot

23 Jul 2015 18:59

Congratulations to Uzalo this is the first any show in SA except Generations has reached the 7million mark .this is history in the making for the sabc .I am pretty sho they gonna turn Uzalo into a soapie .I am glad Generations is also in the 6million mark for a second week and scandal and rhythm city have also maintained their 4million and 3 million mark again .tv is great .

23 Jul 2015 19:06

Skeem saam reached the 6 million mark during that controversial week of the Enhle stabbibg wen lelo and sis ouma were annoying the whole of SA .sabc 1 as a channel is really performing well .maybe sabc must take isidingo to sabc 2 .to increase viewership for isidingo .

23 Jul 2015 19:16

congra to uzalo ...E.C was expiriencing load shedding past two both my favourate soapies legacy/zalo are doing well...we hv dstv bt we watch sabc&sabc must be given credit....#dstv is so boring cz they repeat all these international shows and they not that interesting

23 Jul 2015 19:29

@qabile I also find it interesting that dstv shows never do well comparing the number of ppl that have a dstv dish .credit must really be given to South African production houses cz the industry has grwn a lot in the past eight month sincew that generations strike .

23 Jul 2015 19:50

@max yes all these local programs are doing well....generations is getting more interesting now gail mabaleni is joining legacy

23 Jul 2015 22:32

Wow! Look at SKEEM SAAM and ISIDINGO. I knew Isidingo would recover with one mil. SCANDAL still on 4 mil.

23 Jul 2015 22:53

I don't see Gen returning to the top any time soon though. I suppose the reign has come to an end, at least not until Uzalo ends or gets some worthy competition. No King reigns forever. But credit to Uzalo. It rose to popularity quite rapidly.

24 Jul 2015 06:16

@show-time I agree .I don't see Gen reclaiming the number 1 spot anytime soon unless Gold Diggers on E tv turns out to be a flop in a way .then those viewers can give Gen an up .uzalo is trendding every night .it was smart of sabc to put it at 8:30 cz not many ppl watch isibaya

24 Jul 2015 08:34

generations will bounce back to nmber1 wait and see..I wonder why people are making it a big deal when legacy comes 2cnd toomuch hate by media towards legacy....both legacy and uzalo are my favourates

24 Jul 2015 11:51

Is it safe to say etv is the second most watched televison station in South Africa?

24 Jul 2015 13:28

Sabc need to find better programming for sabc 2 and 3 .sabc 3 needs to stop focusing on giving the nation american programs .we are done with such content ,now we watch our own stories and programs .

24 Jul 2015 21:19

How come SKEEM SAAM get 6 million viewers at 6h:30???????? while popular sopaies like Scandal that play at prime time dont get that kind of viewership? I mean statistically speaking the viewership of Skeem Saam and Generation the Legacy are almost the same. Can someone explain this

24 Jul 2015 21:33

Mr Soul, Scandal and the shows that plays at SABC 1 in the same timeslot 19:30 have the same target (they target same viewers) and when you look at the SABC 1 19:30 shows most of them are at 3 million viewers. Which means Scandal shares viewers with those shows. But Skeem Saam is aimed at different target than 7de Laan, Skeem Saam attracts blacks, and 7de Laan attracts whites, so really Skeem Saam does not share the slot with any show, except the news on etv that are not doing well

24 Jul 2015 21:38

@MrSoul scandal actually has competition because of sabc 1 shows at 7:30pm .shows like zaziwa .ses'top la ,1's and 2's.while skeem has no competition except 7de laan which black people don't really watch .that's y skeem saam has more viewership than scandal .

24 Jul 2015 21:46

This would be an ideal time for etv to create a soapie that would rival muvhango cz really that show is main for an older market .I think etv should actually cater for the youth market at 9pm.

24 Jul 2015 22:40

@XolaniJX and max85.. Oh thanks a lot. Now this makes sense. 

25 Jul 2015 10:09

not only dat jst remember SABC 1 services a broader audience than any other channel. there is some areas in SA still wer u cant find the etv, sabc3  signal hence so the rating will always remain lower and dats y sabc1 will play a crappy show same slot as a very good etv show bt sabc1 will still remain on top.

if shows like scandal, RC, zibondiwe etc wer on sabc1 they wud hv 7/8 million viewers.

but also SABC1 is like the now ANC, they mess up bt ppl will still continue supporting them........ we as black ppl are lazy we cnt exercise the freedom to choose.

hope etv will not make the same mistake as what hpnd to ashes to ashes, bad pic quality and sound. if u gonna compete with high budget glossy show like generations, they must do the same.............. Look at the pic quality of Umlilo, zbondiwe, matatiela.....................they shud use those production houses bt then again i understand Ashes was a rush job and they needed to capitalise on that. 


25 Jul 2015 10:28

@babyomuhle I agree with u on the picture quality and sound of ashes2ashes .for me it still give me that vibe of Ekasi our stories cz the picture and sound looks very amateurish as compared to a quality show like umlilo .if u can look at season 2 promo of umlilo u r already attracted to it .I hope wen ashes comes with a second season they will have improved a lot of thing cz its not only great acting that attracts a viewer.its the total package of a show

27 Jul 2015 05:35

@Max85 and BabyOmuhle.....good impartial comments guys, thanx for that. Bless you. ETV investing in local productions without tv licenses revenue or monthly subscriptions, they deserve to be applauded. Proud to see our talent pool growing.

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