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Written by TVSA Team from the blog on 12 Feb 2015
Favourite this post's taking on the legacy of Generations with the channel's new daily telenovela Ashes to Ashes and it's doing so in A Big Way. The series premieres on Monday, 2 March - in the same timeslot as SABC1's long-suffering soapie - and stars a cast crammed with the Generations 16.

Patrick Shai, Nambitha Mpumlwana, Zenande Mfenyana and Mandla Gaduka are headlining the show, along with Maggie Benedict who saved herself from a pounding headache (didn't have use her Panados!) by leaving Generations before the firing fiasco exploded.

The bonus for everyone: they have Fridays off. The series will air Mondays to Thursdays for 104 episodes and tells the story of a family owned funeral business in Tembisa.

This from the synopsis:

Namane Funerals is a highly prosperous funeral home owned by a husband and wife, who inherited the business. These two have created a funeral empire that the father runs with his two sons. 

Almost as if encrypted in family structures; there are personalities that tend to derail from the legacy penned for the family. The head of the family has incredibly challenging addictions that may ruin the future that they have collectively worked hard for.

To add to this demise, the family still faces the threat of an estranged family member and a dark secret.

  Here's a close-up on the starring cast and their characters:
Selogilwe “Selo” Namane (50)
Played Patrick Shai

The Patriarch of the family, he is charismatic, charming, street smart and a family man. Coming from very poor beginnings, he is a township guy with a signature look, but his vice in life is his addictions.
Mandlakazi Namane (48)
Played Nambitha Mpumlwana

The matriarch of the family, a perfectionist who is connected to her faith and culture. She puts family above everything and would do almost anything to protect them.

Mandlakazi has done some very dark deeds in the name of family, but is not immune to guilt - she carries her sins with her.
Tsietsi Namane (28)
Played by Nyaniso DzeDze

The eldest son of the Namane’s and happens to be their favourite son.

He holds a clumsily obtained degree. He's good-looking, charming and pegged as the heir and head of the family (and the family business) when his parents pass. However, he hides a potentially disturbing side to himself.

(Nyaniso makes his small screen debut in the role.)
Monwabisi Namane (26)
Played by Chumani Pan

Plays second fiddle to his brother Tsietsi and is also the romantic lead with a Masters in Psychology turned grief counsellor for the funeral home.

He has largely rejected his cultural heritage in favour of Western psychological and philosophical beliefs. This makes him slightly condescending and patronising towards the devout clientele.
Reba (28)
Played by Zenande Mfenyana

The main female protagonist. A pretty woman with incredible inner strength and an independent spirit. She is intuitive and often says what she is thinking before thinking.
Violet (25)
Played by Maggie Benedict

The striking funeral planner for the Namane Funeral home holds a BA in marketing. She is a perfectionist, an over-achiever and a lover with overzealous plans.
Mickey (50)
Played by Craig Urbani

Mickey is not the sort of a man you’d like to meet in a dark alley. He is an ex-cop and gun for hire with good connections and the ability to manipulate. He works as the head of security for Namane funerals; and other things.
Damian (22)
Played by Mandla Gaduka

He mans the front desk and ensures the daily running of the office. He flirts with the women and boosts the men's egos, all for self-gain. He is also an aspiring actor who never gets a call back.

So, so, so - does it have the chops to take on Gen'? Will you be watching? Sound off below.

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Zingaphy Zeeeeee
12 Feb 2015 22:33

Wooooooow....Ay sana these channels ziza neento ezibabayo I must sey, first uzalo frm sabc 1 now dis ohhH well aziwe keeee

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
12 Feb 2015 22:36

I v missed u chopsta looools ivn thou some f us besesmjwayele u gen legacy bt dis z a must see nomakanjan

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
12 Feb 2015 22:40

I hope u Jason *zolisa xaluva* wil b here I also miss his owesome smile. Umzansi magic komele a pulle up socks or else kuzoshuba

13 Feb 2015 07:14

Any attempt to go hard at Generations should be well thought out. I hope this show offers a fresh angle and is able to captivate the audience. Generations may be limping at the moment but it is not dead yet. I respect Patrick Shai for the work he's put in the industry but I dont think putting him in the lead is a good idea. I just cant see him carrying this type of a show. Details are still sketchy so will wait and see. Good luck to etv.

13 Feb 2015 07:27

I also missed Chopsta yaz. By the way TVSA staff,have the ratings been cancelled? Have not seen them in weeks. Wanna see how all the shows are doing

13 Feb 2015 07:50

Jumping up&down

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
13 Feb 2015 08:34

@rhonda ja I v bin askng maself da same question yhaz sfunu bona klk

13 Feb 2015 09:23

There've been some changes to the ratings this year so we're waiting for one final thing to be finalised and then we'll publish them. They're going to be juicy - new and improved.

13 Feb 2015 09:32

Hope it's hot so that I'll have something to watch at 20:00 

13 Feb 2015 12:00

izakuhlala kubani i remote ye tv kulaa ndlu bathong?????? ...

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
13 Feb 2015 17:06

QQ looooool uzaba strong gal

16 Feb 2015 10:19

Wow something new and fresh can't wait

16 Feb 2015 10:58


Its good bye to Generations and hello to ASHES 2 ASHES COME 8:00PM. ayeye!!!

nomawethu fayo
25 Feb 2015 12:31

U Ngamla na yena akazubakho?byeee sabc 1 hlw Etv. Ndatsho nam ndabukela ngo 8pm

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