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Busi Lurayi joins Generations

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 14 Nov 2011
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As you might have seen on this week's highlights of Generations that Busi Lurayi will be joining the soapie as Swazi Lukhele. We best know Busi on City Ses'la as the crazy Phumzile and on Sokhulu and Partners as the sexy Winnie Molepo. 

Check out her snaps on the set of Generations...



Swazi Lukhele is married to David Lukhele but they are in the process of their divorce.

If you remember there was super biatch, Ntsiki Lukhele on Generations who was shot by Sarah. I think this David Lukhele might have some connection with Ntsiki Lukhele.

I mean the surnames are the same and you know in soapies once the surnames are the same there's def connection between the characters. 

Who knows maybe David Lukhele could be Ntsiki's brother and Swazi Lukhele's sister-in-law. We'll wait and see maybe it will be revealed in the soapie as time goes on. 

Here's Swazi's character description:

AGE: 28 – 35
She’s socialite wife. Married in the process of divorce to David Lukhele. She was a house-wife, and they have been separated for a year or two now for David’s philandering.
She’s the type who wakes up, drops the kids off in her range rover. Come back go to Melrose arch private gym. After gym, goes and has lunch with her friend. After brunch, goes home sits on her laptop planning the next charity or party – not because she cares, but because she can. 

She feels that she deserves to be treated nice from David, because David made her quit her job in PR / Brand Managing that she was qualified for. So, David owes her because she made a sacrifice. She was his marketing and PR campaign while he climbed the ladder.
She doesn’t believe in beating about the bush. She will never let go of anything without a fight. She has to settle that score.

Great communicator, and extremely persuasive. She extremely straightforward. Extremely vengeful, diabolically clever. She is tenacious, it takes a lot to make her give up on something. She is not a bad mother, she loves her kids but she loves herself more. She makes sure they are taken care of – nanny, new expensive toy. She’s like an Ayanda Mbuli.

She’s pretty, fit. Even when she wears a simple jean and jacket, she looks smart. She’s sophisticated and classy. Wears designer labels, but even if it is a cheap jean – it looks designer. She knows how to dress her body. It’s not the clothes that make the body look good, it’s the body that makes the clothes look good.


Maggie Benedict has played a leading role on the Mating Game which was on SABC2 but now it is repeating on SABC 3. She's been in many other drama's too. 


Right now she plays Akhona Miya on Generations - another interesting new character in the soapie. It seems like she's gonna last longer in the soapie as her storyline is connected with Mawande and Noluntu. 

Here's Akhona's character description: 

Characteristics: Akhona is a driven go-getter, who is willing to work as hard as she needs to, to get to where she wants to. Life has not come easy for her. She is artistic, she’s always busy – creating a plan, implementing a plan, making connections, making an impression. 

She has a small child that she has left with her grandmother who is on pension. She believes in the basic goodness of people, but that people have a self-serving streak that can turn them nasty. 

She is a good a judge of characters often, but not all the time. She’s learned to be quick about it, because you snooze you lose, and she has lost big in the past. Akhona is a good listener.

Akhona is vibrant, outgoing, she can be the life and soul of the party because when she needs to unwind, she goes all out and lets it all hang out. But, most of time she is quite serious and earnest because she has a lot of responsibility for one so young. 

When it comes to her work, she is committed and driven. But she also knows how to be young and crazy. 

Looks: She is funky doccie chic. Because she is always on the go, and has to get everywhere fast, she wears chunky flat shoes, boots, All Stars / Tommie’s, leggings, cargo pants, fitted T-shirts. 

She can’t afford expensive clothes, but she likes vibrant colours on her cheap clothes so that she never fades into the background, because she needs to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd. 

She loves outrageous hairstyles, and changes her hair on an emotional whim – if she needs cheering up, or if she’s feeling sad. Because of her work, she wears simple jewellery: studs, no bangles she can’t have jingling on set.

Story points
She’s busy with a documentary about people who benefitted financially through the faction fights/political violence in the nineties. 

She connects with her aunt – Mawande Moletsane, Noluntu’s mother. She has to adjust to having a rich aunt and a whole new family. (Akhona never knew her father, Mzwanele, who is Mawande’s brother.

He disappeared through Ngamla’s shady underground business in the 8o’s. Akhona was in her mother’s stomach. Lulama, her mother, told her about her father but never let her meet the father’s family. Lulama got arrested for being a drug mule in 1999. She’s still serving a 15 year sentence) 

She has a love relationship with Nicholas and has to compete with her newly found cousin sister, Noluntu, for this guy.


This sounds all interesting to me dunno to you. I am excited with Busi Luraye's addition in the soapie as well as other new actresses in the soapie such as Nambitha Mpumlwana, Maggie Benedict and Noluntu (dunno her real name). 

I think there is some drama coming our way. Let's just hope the soapie will be fire in the next coming weeks as Generations needs to redeem its self.

So what do you think of the new additions on Generations?

Actors in this post: Busi Lurayi, Maggie Benedict

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14 Nov 2011 17:23

i think they are both great actresses

guy gaga
14 Nov 2011 18:02

Great......honestly speaking these fews is goood, they said Sharon and Sam their going out .....because they were reports around June/July even Thabiso confirm!!

14 Nov 2011 22:15

Great stuff!!! I'm not surprised with Buisi Lurayi's addition, hey... Akere the headwriter is now that woman - she always takes her actors with her - I wouldn't be surprised if Melusi Yeni would also join the Genegene cast list soon - not that I'd complain, cough, cough! It looks like Generations is starting to head in the right direction - perhaps coz of this new writer, Bongi Ndaba - she has always known how to lead proper storylines. Looking forward to the next few months.

The General
14 Nov 2011 22:23

Really going to be interesting, but to be honest, I have this bad image of Generations in my head and it's gonna take more than new characters, better storylines etc to change that image.

miss ceepee
15 Nov 2011 07:37

of late i really look forward to watching Generations.i just luv Mawande.Noluntu is something else.cant wait to see Busi.i should say Generations has been given a new lease of life!!

15 Nov 2011 08:53

I think the addition of Busi Lurayi is for the greater good of the show. Great job Cheesa. Also well done for using your resources and contacts at Generations. You did well girl. Good for you and may you keep the exclusives coming, lol.

15 Nov 2011 09:03

this might just sound nasty but really now? who the heck is the casting director for this show? you reached you quota of not so good looking people long time ago, I mean whatever happened to getting hot people, yes sex still sells, a lot! 

HHayi man this is not on. 

15 Nov 2011 09:18

i recetnly saw Busi on LNN! she kills me! talent right there

15 Nov 2011 09:32

me thinks better things are coming..lets just sit tight and enjoy..

15 Nov 2011 09:43

mayb nw i'll start watching again!.. there is hope afta all!!! phela i gen besekuwumbhedo shem....

15 Nov 2011 10:14

WOW, and who still thinks Generations is boring after this information? I cant wait!
thanks Cheesa

15 Nov 2011 10:14

I cant wait to finish exams so that i can watch in peace, umh i like, i like with Busi Lurayi coming to Gen. She can be evil and still look evil and she can be nice and still look nice= to good actress.

I think Gen is gonna rock big timeeee.

Shaz can go bathong, am tired of her complaining to everyone about Lulu & Sam kissing.

15 Nov 2011 10:18

Damn im loving Gen these days ........Busi Lurayi is an incredible actress . 
She connects with her aunt – Mawande Moletsane, Noluntu’s mother. She has to adjust to having a rich aunt and a whole new family. (Akhona never knew her father, Mzwanele, who is Mawande’s brother.

15 Nov 2011 10:19

Em excited tht i'll b seeing Busi every week day on my tv, she is so talented yazi.. I had tear in my eyes, her facial expression was so believable tht she really cant afford to buy herself food..

I always wondered why was she in the soapie but now I understand...Tjo!!!! Ngamla is in deep *bleep!* I tell you, now he's got something 2 do with the disappearence of Akhona's dad.

Thanx Cheesa for the 411.

15 Nov 2011 10:21

LOL at Tizoz yeah I feel you on that one we need some hot people on Gen they must learn from Muvhango even though they dont cater for us women there coz the men there whuuu hayi! But the ladies are hot shem. 

When I heard about the Busi Luraye news I thought of you Monchoo lol I know you love the girl! 

It looks like her character is gonna bring fire. I wish Ntombi was not living so that Sbu can have a thing with Swazi and Ntombi be faced with that. I think it was gonna make for some good drama as all the actors are pro!

Now that you mention Carino who knows we mgiht see alot of home affairs actors and from other dramas Bongi Ndaba has had an input on flocking to generations.

Thanks Maki! LoL ;-)

15 Nov 2011 10:24

Its all a pleja guys! Hehehe... ;-)

15 Nov 2011 13:28

Congrats Bongi - bring us hot stuff

15 Nov 2011 13:35

I think im gonna love Gen. Thanks Cheesa for sharing.

U explained it much better.

15 Nov 2011 14:31

Wow...I just Loveee Busi...she is a great actress shame....Im starting to Like Akhona with her ghetto accent...Lol! she cracks me up evetime she starts to speak..Lol! They should change Generation for the better.....Maybe the Lukheles are related to Nsiki ...who knows....I think im gonna love it too:)

15 Nov 2011 15:58

This is good news indeed.  They should have brought in Bongi Ndaba way back, it really looks promising.  Even with just the arrival of Mawande one could feel the change.  Thanks Cheesa

16 Nov 2011 10:56

Cant wait for the drama to unfold..it sound juicy

16 Nov 2011 12:53

Wow Akhona & Mawande ur related.

16 Nov 2011 14:33

dis is going 2 get interesting,cnt wait*wink*

16 Nov 2011 14:58

cheesa wa baba ka nete!!!!!!!!hott hott. thats interesting stuff ahead of us, i like i like. mara cheesa ke sebabole neh!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks maan.

16 Nov 2011 15:05

ya tight le gona @ moncho the sinking titanic  is going up again and will reach the surface with a BANG!!!!!!!! AYOBA.... 

16 Nov 2011 15:09

cheesa..you know me so well. i tell you everybody ekas'lam now knows Busi Lurayi will on gen. i couldnt keep it to myself.

and i know she will nail that character...you must just watch Gen ratings go to 8Mil

16 Nov 2011 15:11

ke gore ngamla ke nja bathong. he killed annes babe with his fake fomula n now n nw akona's dad disappeared, interesting. great job gal

16 Nov 2011 15:59

Monchooza uyi Radio wena Heita good ppl

01 Dec 2011 12:38

I still watch generations if there's nothing better on television. Let them bring Melusi Yeni then I will watch generously.

21 Mar 2012 20:26

Do u guys think mzwanele really die?

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