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Scandal! Teasers - April 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Scandal! Teasers on 25 Mar 2013
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Coming up on Scandal! in April, 2013:

Monday 1 April 2013
Episode 1717

Sasha makes a confession to Graham that she survived rape and the two forge a closer bond that is cemented when Sasha receives a potentially viable lead about the serial killer.

Zinzile reaches out to Dintle to help her feel like part of the Ngemas but will Dintle be receptive? Kila receives unexpected romantic attention from two unlikely women.

Tuesday 2 April 2013
Episode 1718

A big secret from Sasha's past is uncovered. Dintle makes an effort with the Ngemas, but she is hiding something. Gloria has her eye on Kila, but he's chatting online with someone else.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Episode 1719

Morongwe does some digging on Cain Gumede. Dintle takes advantage of the Ngema's hospitality. Kila has two women making a play for him.

Thursday 4 April 2013
Episode 1720

Sasha and Morongwe set up Cain to see if he will be positively identified as the killer. But will the plan cost someone their life?

Lindiwe tries to expose Dintle's true nature to the Ngemas, but it seems like Lindiwe may have met her match in her brother's cunning girlfriend.

Kila is surprised by an unexpected visitor - one who promises to give Gloria a run for her money.

Monday 8 April 2013
Episode 1721

Sasha learns that her witness, Renate, is dead and Cain arrives late for his date with Morongwe. A silent war of wills prevails between Mlungisi and Dintle. Kila works to resist Aku's charms, but fails to tell her the most important thing about himself.

Tuesday 9 April 2013
Episode 1722

Graham encourages Sasha to continue with the Sleeping Beauty story and NFH security footage reveals a mysterious shadow stealing Sasha's notes on the case from her desk.

Wednesday 10 April 2013
Episode 1723

What will Mangi do when he finds out Donna tried to set him up? Dintle intensifies her attempts to manipulate Scelo. Kila finds out that Gloria is pretending to be his wife.

Thursday 11 April 2013
Episode 1724

Mangi tells Daniel that Donna tried to frame him, which changes Donna's life forever. Scelo's plans to join a professional soccer club's development programme are thwarted by someone he thought would be supportive. Kila has a hard time with Gloria pretending to be his wife.

Monday 15 April 2013
Episode 1725

Daniel issues Donna with an ultimatum - leave the country or face his wrath. Will Donna risk her life to defy him?

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Episode 1726

As the world reels after Donna's departure, Sasha gets more involved with her story - and Graham.

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Episode 1727

Shakira isn't impressed to discover Cain's been seeing Morongwe too and approaches Sasha with a bold, vengeful plan. Maletsatsi recognises the new English teacher at Soweto Heights as a dark man from her past with an even darker secret.

Gloria makes a startling transformation for Kila and Aku makes an even more startling revelation to him when a stranger arrives from Ghana.

Thursday 18 April 2013
Episode 1728

Sasha tries to trap Cain using Shakira as bait, but Cain finds their hidden video camera. Maletsatsi tells Gloria that Gontse's new English teacher is not to be trusted, but will Gloria believe her? Aku reveals the real reason why she pursued Kila.

Monday 22 April 2013
Episode 1729

Graham invites Sasha to his place. Maletsatsi's alarmed when she learns that Gontse has a crush on her teacher. Kila makes it clear to Gloria that he has no romantic feelings for her.

Tuesday 23 April 2013
Episode 1730

Sasha realizes she’s overlooked a vital clue regarding the killer’s identity – plans to set a trap for him. Maletsatsi confronts the new teacher with her suspicions, but will she be able to prove his guilt? Tino and Erin hear some disturbing news about Lucky's murderer.

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Episode 1731

Sasha puts herself up as bait, but the killer outwits her.

Thursday 25 April 2013
Episode 1732

Graham has Sasha in his clutches... and time is running out for her. Who would've thought Erin would ever turn to Shakira for help and can they work together for the greater good, despite their conflicting ideas on how to achieve it?

Monday 29 April 2013
Episode 1733

The Sleeping Beauty Killer offers Sasha a final gift. Maletsatsi starts her crusade against Richard Tsebo in earnest, but Palesa's uneasy. Erin and Tino are determined to get justice for Lucky's murder. Cain has his eye on someone new.

Tuesday 30 April 2013
Episode 1734

Daniel helped Precious and Shakira is furious about it. The truth about Richard Tsebo is revealed. Daniel makes Tino an offer.

Scandal! is on Mondays to Thursdays at 19h30.


sexy d
25 Mar 2013 00:40

Wow am first yippie

Royal Child
25 Mar 2013 00:57

no 2 not bad!

25 Mar 2013 01:12


25 Mar 2013 06:58

Hi guys I am knew hear,I wonder if dintle is pregnant

sexy d
25 Mar 2013 07:03

Nna I wonder if scelo is really de father of her child

25 Mar 2013 07:10

I really don't think that Scelo Made Dintle Pregnant, but if she saYS SO.

25 Mar 2013 07:12

Welcome Phumi88, @ Sexy D U don't sleep wena mara neh. 

25 Mar 2013 08:13

I really wonder if that pregnancy is foe Scelo.

25 Mar 2013 08:14

Top 10 not bad let me read up

25 Mar 2013 08:15

Can I just say that Scandal is BEYOND HOT!!!!! So looking forward to the Scandals of April...

25 Mar 2013 08:17

This Dintle is not pregnant with Scelo's baby I'm sure!!!

25 Mar 2013 08:20

Kinda boring this month.Ag, but we'll see.

25 Mar 2013 08:25

Top 15

25 Mar 2013 08:26

Welcome Phumi ai i dnt see anything interesting

sexy d
25 Mar 2013 08:26

@Anothando ne ke sena boroko n decided to browse the net Donna is gng to leave the country but i want to knw who will tell mangi dat donna tried to set him up cos only kefilwe, donna knw or could it be stephen guess we jst have to wait n c

25 Mar 2013 08:35

Scelo seems to have been taken for a ride.

Magical Baby
25 Mar 2013 08:42

Morning lovely peeps,

That Dintle girl who looks way too old for her age is lying about that pregnancy. And I am sure that since she's gonna stay with the Ngema's she might try to have her way with the ever-uptight Mlungisi, watch this space. That girl is toooo old for that naive farm-boy Scelo.

25 Mar 2013 09:24

I knew it, that Graham is shifty. So; he is the real serial killer. So; it's bye bye Donna.

Royal Child
25 Mar 2013 10:51

I THINK SCANDAL should bring back ALEX since The Wild is no longer more!

25 Mar 2013 11:07


25 Mar 2013 20:27

We want alex back

25 Mar 2013 22:04

Nna i think if dintle is realy pregnant,the school teacher maletsatsi seems to know is the father

26 Mar 2013 05:51

Lol gloria is crazy shym...nt so intrestn

26 Mar 2013 08:20

more scandals

26 Mar 2013 10:46

27 Mar 2013 10:06


27 Mar 2013 12:52

Hope is for the better this month.Let me read

sexy d
27 Mar 2013 13:07

Guys nna i think Cane ke ena de serial killer

27 Mar 2013 13:27

Guys dont u think Dintle is lying about the pregnancy??

27 Mar 2013 17:27

This statement from about Louise: "After 5 years of playing Donna Harding on Scandal, Louise Barnes, will be leaving the soapie. Louise wanted to pursue other acting opportunities so; she has asked to be released from her role as Donna Harding for several months."

Seems as if they're leaving things open to play it by ear whether or not she'll come back.

27 Mar 2013 20:16

Dintle is not pregnant wth scelo's baby n nna i think Graham is the serial killer n Caine Gumede is the real Daniel Nyathi

28 Mar 2013 07:37

Wow wergyn mybe he reali is Daniel yazi...

sexy d
28 Mar 2013 09:30

@wergvn maybe he is de way he was angry after seeing Daniel foto i wouldnt  be surprised,,,,,plus he looks like de guy dat Q mom could fall for as he is a sweet talker,,,,,Guess we just have to wait and see....

28 Mar 2013 10:17

Damn damn scandal is hoooooooooooooooot dz month damn sasha is on d doc that is smart but too fast on her job

28 Mar 2013 10:48

Wergvien i also think cain is real daniel,but what confuses me is morongwe,doesnt she know real daniel kanti?

Modern Chik
28 Mar 2013 11:48

Top 50 at least aku fani.

28 Mar 2013 19:33

no Marhwa,remeber stan is the one who told bra eddie,morongoe,n madika about the identity of lucas,so no one knows the real daniel nyathi exept gogo nyathi n lucas

29 Mar 2013 21:11

M impressed with the writers ko scandals, thy neva run out of ideas

30 Mar 2013 08:19

Got this feeling that cain is the real daniel. And I don't really truth graham, he might be the killer.

30 Mar 2013 13:00

That time Donna's really leaving! Hayi joh! *Weeps* :(

sexy d
02 Apr 2013 11:24

So guys non of us knws the real Daniel hai this is sad hey cos lenna ever since i watch scandal by those tyms tsa bo Lulama, Thato, Vusi and Tamia but the mention of the real Daniel nvr gore even mangi doesnt knw his uncle not forgetting the fact that he doesnt knw the real name of his own father**claphandsonce**

02 Apr 2013 13:54

Cain gumede is real Daniel and graham is the serial killer.

02 Apr 2013 14:19

Could'nt agree with u more Onyii - i definitely think Graham is the serial killer, Cain Gumede is da real Daniel Nyathi and also Quinton's father. And i think Richard Tsebo is the controvesial teacher who fathered Zinhle's baby..shem poor Scelo.

02 Apr 2013 19:43

Dintle,is lying abt pregnancy,such a young girl.I feel for Lindiwe,she is trying so hard to expose her.Maybe its attention seeking nonsense.

02 Apr 2013 21:28

We need someone powerful to challenge Daniel,

sexy d
03 Apr 2013 08:59

Now am beginning to think dat Cain is the real Daniel....Madika tried to do a search on him and for a powerful businessman who travels a lot surely google could have picked it but nothing,,,, it seems like he doesnt exist at all......

03 Apr 2013 10:11

Me too sexy d. i thought that when he crushed that glass when he was at daneils' and Sharikas'. I mean the was something eeri about the way he said "everybody knows who Daniel Nyathi' is

08 Apr 2013 19:51

I thnk da serial killer is cain kapa jwang?

09 Apr 2013 15:51

Cain is the killer. Daniel will never come back now unless if the fake Daniel Nyathi is dead.

sexy d
10 Apr 2013 10:18

but if the killer y would he plant wat he planted in daniel home?....i say graham is the killer

10 Apr 2013 17:25

And what was thembeka hoping to archieve by stealing the notes?

11 Apr 2013 13:45

Guys Graham is the Killer check the 25th episode its says Graham got Sasha in his clutches time is running out for her.....

11 Apr 2013 20:09

11 Apr 2013 20:09

12 Apr 2013 20:53

Guys pm me man!!

12 Apr 2013 20:55

I think its graham 2 he strangles thembecka in the lift

16 Apr 2013 09:13

I kinda felt sorry for Dona yesterday when she was saying goodbye to Ruby.
Maybe she won''t rest until she also hurts Daniel. I think she is the one to uncover the real Daniel/Lucas

18 Apr 2013 03:44

Graham is the serial killer and Cain is the real Danial Nyathi, i like the story line got us thinking Cain was the killer at start

18 Apr 2013 09:28

i also think that Graham is da serial Killer

18 Apr 2013 10:48

sasha when she kissed graam last nyt ,tht was the shock of my life,tht made me to conclude tht he is the serial killer,the way he lures sasha no comment,i wonder wat dark secret the teacher is hiding

18 Apr 2013 11:06

Seriously guys; the teasers make it so obvious that Gaham is the killer as quoted above by Deemo, but then again maybe they are not so clear if some of you still think that Cain is the killer.

25 Apr 2013 20:11

graham graham he is so evil tht man,poor sasha she was so blind to c beyond the obvious,thembeka wll grab yo story wyl u a away

25 Apr 2013 20:11

graham graham he is so evil tht man,poor sasha she was so blind to c beyond the obvious,thembeka wll grab yo story wyl u a away

26 Apr 2013 16:21

Hi guys I'm back, it been a year since I was here. Where is May???. Still love u.

29 Apr 2013 13:17

TVSAADMIN no May teasers for both Scandal and Isibaya... what is happening??????????????

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