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Isidingo Teasers - February 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 30 Jan 2012
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Coming up on Isidingo this February 2012:

Wednesday 1 February 2012
Episode 3305

Lust takes Calvin's hand and leads him to the abyss called jeopardy. Lerato gets a call, and Bianca realizes that the cat is getting out of the bag. Prada proves good for ratings.

Thursday 2 February 2012
Episode 3306 

Rajesh tells Calvin the affair with Katlego will end in tears. Rajesh warns a scared Calvin off the affair, but will he take the advice?

The knowledge of Bianca's pregnancy is spreading. Prada is a hit as co-host with everyone except his co-host.

Friday 3 February 2012
Episode 3307

Calvin Xavier finds himself caught between heaven and hell. The news is out and Katlego and Bianca brace themselves for the storm. Prada burns bridges while trying to mend them.

Monday 6 February 2012
Episode 3308

There are more complications for Calvin when he takes on the wrong enemy in Benjamin. S'khumbuzo steps way out of line and causes problems for Bianca and Ayanda.

Prada's sensitivities take another knock when he overhears a colleague in conversation with Ma Agnes.

Tuesday 7 February 2012
Episode 3309

Calvin's cavalier attitude leaves him badly exposed. Bianca seeks the sage counsel of Agnes Matabane but doesn't like what she hears.

An alarmed S'khumbuzo discovers that his legendary charm may be deserting him.

Wednesday 8 February 2012
Episode 3310

Calvin tries to break it off with Katlego, but someone is on to the affair. S'khumbuzo makes a decision on the women in his life.

The fallout from the on-air spat between Prada and S'khumbuzo threatens to become a more serious issue.

Thursday 9 February 2012
Episode 3111

Benjamin has video evidence about Katlego and Calvin and he's thinking of sending it to Jefferson. Bianca wrestles with her love of S'khumbuzo - can she forgive him?

Agnes puts the squeeze on S'khu to put friendship first - but he has so many other things to worry about.

Friday 10 February 2012
Episode 2212

Prada unwittingly gives Jefferson the tools he needs to trace his wife's whereabouts. S'khumbuzo tries to put all his efforts into his relationship with Ayanda but is not entirely successful. Prada stands his ground with S'khumbuzo.

Monday 13 February 2012
Episode 3313 

A ghost from the past arrives looking for Ayanda Diale. Dr McNamara has an awful suspicion about just what exactly Jefferson Sibeko has done.

Ma Agnes dispenses more advice to an increasingly confused S'khumbuzo Nzimande.

Tuesday 14 February 2012
Episode 3314

Ayanda makes a most unromantic discovery on Valentine's Day. Katlego attempts to exercise damage control over recent events at The Duncan. S'khumbuzo makes a heartfelt plea for forgiveness from Prada.

Wednesday 15 February 2012
Episode 3315

Ayanda's meltdown leads her into temptation; Jefferson issues Katlego with a chilling command, while S'khu's life implodes around him as he gains enemies and loses friends.

Thursday 16 February 2012
Episode 3316

Bianca tries to break free but she won't escape easily. Priya is snooping around the Sibekos regarding the assault, and Katlego decides to be proactive. S'khumbuzo tries to salvage one friendship from the mess of his life.

Friday 17 February 2012
Episode 3317

Gaz makes contact with Ayanda and tempts her with a way out of her troubles. Frank gets back and is soon on the warpath when he sees the extent of Calvin's beating. S'khu tries to save his friendship with Prada.

Monday 20 February 2012
Episode 3318

Ayanda's night with Gaz has serious repercussions. Frank confronts Jefferson and doesn't get what he expects. S'khu finds that he does have at least one friend in the world after all.

Tuesday 21 February 2012
Episode 3319

Ayanda's indiscretion results in a seismic and irreparable shift. Katlego makes a last ditch attempt to save her marriage. Charlie is distracted by exotic thoughts.

Wednesday 22 February 2012
Episode 3320

Ayanda moves in with Gaz and he does all he can to get her under his spell. Katlego finds she is being taken to task for her behavior from all quarters. Charlie celebrates her final exam with enthusiasm.

Thursday 23 February 2012
Episode 3321

Ayanda is booked for a gig, but she needs 'help' to get up for it. Frank has a path to redemption for Calvin - but Calvin is not convinced. Eddie draws a line in the sand on Charlie's partying.

Friday 24 February 2012
Episode 3322

Ayanda decides to try and stay clean, but Gaz has other plans. Calvin decides to face Jefferson, man to man. Charlie resorts to desperate measures to find a job.

Monday 27 February 2012
Episode 3323

Its brother against brother as Len goes after scheming Gaz. Jefferson has a surprise visitor offering a unique insight into his past. Eddie's ultimate fear comes true when his daughter brings home the job offer from hell.

Tuesday 28 February 2012
Episode 3324 

Ayanda has to deal with the fall-out from her very public meltdown. Frank and Jefferson finally confront their demons. Charlie finds her new job more of a challenge than she had imagined.

Wednesday 29 February 2012
Episode 3325

An awful surprise is in store for Cherel on her return to town. Sifiso haunts Lolly from beyond the grave. Charlie's baptism of fire escalates under the watchful eye of Georgie Zamdela.

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30 Jan 2012 17:17

WOW, Isidingo never disappoints! Luv it!

30 Jan 2012 17:28


30 Jan 2012 17:40

third yeeeey

30 Jan 2012 17:42

4th YAY

30 Jan 2012 18:11


30 Jan 2012 18:31

Awe 6th..sounds gr8..aldou I'm missing good old Barker Haines!!It's just not the same without him:(..

30 Jan 2012 19:21

Ohk I'm 7th I reckon!!

Khanyie omuhle shenge
30 Jan 2012 21:13

Top 10 yeeeepy, gud stuff happening dis mth

30 Jan 2012 21:15

Haibo madoda, I'm no 8 for the first time. Man like Jefferson need to be cheated.

30 Jan 2012 21:26

Yipee.. I'm 10th!

30 Jan 2012 23:22

Top 15

31 Jan 2012 06:12

More interesting month, good work

31 Jan 2012 08:19

Hello Everybody!
I'm new and I was so hoping to make it to the top 10 at least, lol.
I just want to say that I've been reading the teasers for a very long time and all your comments.
So, i decided to joing the Tv SA Family!!!!!!!!

31 Jan 2012 08:20

Ok, I'll read when I come back. Later! 

31 Jan 2012 08:32

I'm in tears as i read the teasers,i wonder if i'll be able to watch the real thing,Seriously...calvin getting a beating from who?this is too deep

31 Jan 2012 08:34


sexy d
31 Jan 2012 08:44

let me go and read

31 Jan 2012 08:52

i wonder who noticed that bianca is preg and spreading the word

Snuca Babe
31 Jan 2012 09:01


31 Jan 2012 09:25

Hi all,
sounds like an interesting month although I am bored already that cherel is only coming back at the end of the month.

  Please all of you who are 1st 2nd 3rd etc are you going to stay and comment for a change.

Poor Calvin getting a beating but he shouldnt mess with a married woman.

Why does Jefferson check up on her he doesnt want her.

Till later xx

31 Jan 2012 09:48

@zdwesha I think Leratu le  sechaba- di u hear them talking abt seeing how fat bianca is and she saw her entering a doc's room!! and who is the best when it comes to starting rumours and spreading them ..Sechaba!!! 

So barker is still not coming back!!!!

I was hoping they wont start with the drugs story again!!

31 Jan 2012 09:54

WOW! Sounds like fun this month.
Bianca and S'khu??? Like wow!
Calvin getting a beating, he should have known!
Ayanda back on drugs? That was coming! 
Jefferson wants to control his wife.

Magical Baby
31 Jan 2012 10:04

Calvin is gonna get a beating from none other than Jefferson!

31 Jan 2012 10:10

good news both barker and kimberly make way to the deep this march..@bezu i also think lerato and sechaba will have something with leaking the secret of bianca's pregnancy....the writters are ruthless,why didnt they let calvin enjoy himself a while longer and now he's crossed paths with someone as dangerous as benjamin...shame

31 Jan 2012 10:11

So Ayanda and Skhu broke up?

31 Jan 2012 11:10

Oh no is Ayanda going back on to the drugs, how come?

What will Skhu do when he finds out Bianca is pregnant?  Everyone is sure to find out with lerato and sechaba spreading rumours.

Barker it seems comes back in March  cant wait, will Kim come with him?

What job does Charlie get I wonder, shame she gives eddie grey hairs.

Calvin poor you are really in the s.........

31 Jan 2012 12:51

@MS yep they are coming at the same time,possibly together...maybe they bumped into each other at cambodia or wherever they are..

about the pregnancy, lerato is going to accuse sechaba of fathering bianca's baby!!haha i can imagine the debate..

I'm soo not gonna enjoy calvin's downfall..hope its not too much coz i looooove calvin,if he's hurt then i get hurt too..soapies hey

31 Jan 2012 13:00

OHHHHHHHH Calvin's body that six pack even Mrs sibeko could not resist it but do u blame her Jeff is only having 1 pack (umkhaba)

31 Jan 2012 13:17

Just to slow moving for my liking.

31 Jan 2012 13:26


@zdwesha Sana Calvin uyandibulala /uyababa yuuuuu, he was not tht whn he started the show, but now he is hot as ever, Cape flats  is waiting for u , come back home, haaa

Bianca Bianca shme mann this is all new to u, thts life sana, cant wait to see other ppls eyes when they heard tht u are pregnant, 

Baker Haines i miss u, whn are u cmng back??????

31 Jan 2012 13:58

Mna i wonder what did Calvin do to Benjamin? haisuka maan naye uBenjamin soloko engusebekho inja yabakhwetha! mcxim!

31 Jan 2012 14:13

sxobha, sana uyasithetha isiXhosa mann, ndiyaqala ukuyiva ke le i version,

sobekho inja yabakhwetha haaaa angakuthuka uthi saaa nge Afikaans if angakuva u Benjamini haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

31 Jan 2012 15:14

A month without cherel....2 years without rain.wen in hell is barker returning.miss him so dearly cuz he is ISIDINGO and Cherel THE NEED

31 Jan 2012 16:06

English please!!!

Who is going to believe that bianca is carrying a surrogant.  People like to think the worst.  Poor woman is going to end up looking live a whore because they are all speculating who the father could be.  I wondered about chicco long ago I mean is he just out of the picture, bianca also had a daughter that was away at school and they were both trying to better themselves to give the child a good life, what happened to that  dream.

Calvin has a body most woman couldnt resist.   Jefferson is an old fart and doesnt know how to treat a woman.

31 Jan 2012 16:31

interesting month! poor calvin,u get burnt whn u r playin with fire. wish they wouldnt b caught so soon though. I kind of like the affair!

31 Jan 2012 16:35

interesting month! poor calvin,u get burnt whn u r playin with fire. wish they wouldnt b caught so soon though. I kind of like the affair! I miss Barker! whn is he coming back?

01 Feb 2012 09:04

morning!!!an update on last night's episode will be much appreciated..thank you

01 Feb 2012 09:04

hey Bloggers

Whats up with Ayanda and singing these days thats all they have been showing of her, and now straight to drugs!

wasnt her past based on her singing and then to drugs and its happening all over agian... some times she just doesnt have much of a chacacter. 

As for Calvin and that skinny Katlego ya ne they have livers, naye what was Calvin thinking .. ok not thinking! Len cooper warned him that he's playing a dangerous game with a dangerous married man! ejoooo

at the same time Jefferson must just divorce his wife and move on  now!

Sku cracked me up last night when all the callers were requesting for Prada!

Swit Pee
01 Feb 2012 10:21

yep wat an interesting month, l can`t wait but l have to admit l miss barker & kim wen are they coming back. l hate katlego l think jeff deserve beta

01 Feb 2012 11:09

Hello all,

Had to laugh when everyone was asking for Prada, serves you right for skipping your show sku and going behind your girlfriend's back.

Calvin is playing with fire and will get burnt.  NO one makes a fool of jefferson

Barker, Kim and Cherel must come back now.

I dont like ayanda's voice much
till later

The General
01 Feb 2012 15:49

This and Rhythm City are best soapies in SA

01 Feb 2012 15:50

lol, hayiwethu Qaqamba khoyeke maani, plz dont scare me, ndiyamoyika nyan uBenji yhoo Bawo!

i think Lerato will start the rumours about Bianca......

01 Feb 2012 16:27

I miss Barker but at the moment I am intrested on what is happenning between Katlego and Calvin I just want to see i results..... kaloku u Lerato is the one ozoyazi first into eyenzeka ku Bianca......

01 Feb 2012 16:29

Sifiso haunt Lolly from beyond the grave " soo interesting I wonder what is going to happen can't wait..........

02 Feb 2012 09:08

Hi Ppl,

I think Lerato needs a good slap gee that woman can perform.
How long again did sechaba and bianca study together she would have had the baby already if he had made her pregnant, Lerato do your sums please.

How does jefferson find about at calvin and katlego.

02 Feb 2012 10:21

@MS remember making a baby can only take you few seconds maybe u Lerato thinks that they did "quickies".

02 Feb 2012 11:36

Mornig all,

Aysh ,Lerato, and your Boyfrnd can perfom mannn, Sechaba wena did u remember sleeping with Bianca, hayi suka mann !! u make us foolssss nxxx.
Too Much make up on Bianca ppl or am i the only one who noticed tht????
Katlego u are scaring the kid wena, dont u see tht????? 
I didnt understand ACE  and Prada's show pls explain to me guyz!!!! *very lost *

02 Feb 2012 12:11

#deathby sechaba and lerato...i laughed soooo bad that tears rolled down my cheeks!they don't dissapoint,thumbs up..And Rajesh lol wandering eyes hahahaha....

@qaqamba bianca's make up is fine to me,she looks gorgeous these days...
ace and prada's show its everything to do with sport from soccer to rugby to whatever...or what do u mean

02 Feb 2012 12:29

Yho uyafundekela la Leratondini, with all that shouting they did izolo noSechaba at the shebeen nogal nabani na can spread that pregnancy nuz... shame poor Bianca.
Njani ukub uKatlego noCalvin bebe all touchie in the office and at her house like that any1 moss cud've seen them like Ragesh did, badinga imvubu ka MaAgnes bobabini nxah siss!

Kanti yintoni isidingo sika Goergie kwelibali?  Just wondering mna andiwuboni umsebenzi wakhe.

Thank gudness Sifiso is gone, I don't like him anywhere... 

Did Harriet retire na kwathi cwaka nje ngaye?

02 Feb 2012 12:54

Bianca looks better with her hair straight, did you see her the day she went out with sku she looked gorgeous with straight hair.

Now the news is out next they will be saying sku is the father if they find out about the kiss shame poor Bianca what is she going to say.

02 Feb 2012 13:12

ellablueivy,, thanks sana, ok Prada is replacing Nan, sharp, doll,

02 Feb 2012 15:36

it is soo nice to work at  Bra Goergie if your bf umithisile you will get i compassionate leave .........

03 Feb 2012 11:02

Hi all,

Calvin and Katlego playing with fire almost got caught.
Sku shame what is happening to your show, everyone wants prada.

03 Feb 2012 12:08

hi!!!missed a lot of episodes this week..can't wait for the omnibus..

I hear katlego and calvin are smooching in public,,first timers they cant keep their hands off each other,im sure jeff is gonna catch them red handed

03 Feb 2012 13:10

@ella they arent smooching in public as such they are taking chances sneaking around the pent house, they were almost caught yesterday by Nkira, i dont want to be in Calvin's shoes when jefferson finds out. 

Poor Len is shocked out of his socks about who Calvin is involved with he knows here comes K....

03 Feb 2012 23:20


04 Feb 2012 15:27

l hate the ayanda drugs part i know its gonna b boring!!!!!!!!!!

04 Feb 2012 20:40

Misssss Cherel and Baker!!!

05 Feb 2012 14:58

hi ms.. watched omnibus ths mornin. I can't believe katlego and calvin. What are they thinking. I so feel for calvin.. day they get caught.

05 Feb 2012 20:50

Hi guys I'm new here

06 Feb 2012 08:41

i cant wait 2 c Jeff catching katlego and calvin in mission

06 Feb 2012 10:33

Mara o katlego,what was she doing pressing on Calvin's nuts in front of Jefferon

06 Feb 2012 15:37

lol @Pnoma i know ayandaz drug issue is gonna drag and be boring eish

06 Feb 2012 16:21

Sechaba saying he didn't give Bianca his magicstick that was hilarious

07 Feb 2012 11:06

Hi all,

Sechaba must get over himself and stop calling  Prada names.

Looks to me like Katlego wants to get caught with calvin she is taking too many chances.

Do you think Sechaba and Bianca will end up together  Ayanda is not impressed he spent the day with her.


07 Feb 2012 11:08

hi all!am i the only one that gets a really bad bad feeling when kat and calvin kiss in the penthouse?like lastnight's ending when kat asked calvin to kiss her,,jeff could have walked really scared the sh*t out of me...

07 Feb 2012 11:27

katlego is playing with fire u kud swear she is doing it on perpose

07 Feb 2012 11:29

Calvin, likes trouble but this time there will be no place to run to, Jeff will make sure you pay.

07 Feb 2012 11:33

and calvin almost got himself busted too!when talking to jeff on the phone he said"i'll be here",and immediately corrected himself to" i'll be there"...akere jeff called him to the penthouse,but he was already there with katlego in jeff's bedroom..

07 Feb 2012 12:24

but if Katlego is doing this on purpose Why " though I don't blame her moss for doing what she is doing if Jeff doesn't wanna give it to her well she has a right to look somewhere else isn't it so??

07 Feb 2012 12:29

Katlego is playing with fire, I wonder what jefferson will do to her when he finds out,  Calvin will get the beating of his life.

Benjamin got on my nerves last night trying to boss calvin around at the bar.

07 Feb 2012 14:43

Benjamin irritate the hell out on me and I think Calvin's joy stick is way better than jefferson,futhi jefferson looks much older

07 Feb 2012 15:58

Kalok' Calvin is young and energetic that's what Katlego needs!!!

07 Feb 2012 22:16

i'm now staying on camp and will  only get to watch the omnibus...please please update

08 Feb 2012 14:34

Hi all, m new . Eyi mara calvn uzosha kabuhlungu mxm n wts wrong wth jef wanting to spy on katlego whereas he dsnt wnt hr? Katlego shd js go ahead gt it sumwer hau

08 Feb 2012 14:40

U amkelekile Lamshee phela kusho u kuthi u Calvin u ya u shaya u mshini wakhe

09 Feb 2012 08:57

I can't wait for Katlego and Calvin to be caught,but for Benjamin to record them with his cell phone,good move.
Mrs Sibeko is addicted to SEX.

Isidingo rocks!!!

09 Feb 2012 09:14

uptades plz plz didnt watch last nyt confused by these soccer games

09 Feb 2012 11:41

Benjamin made a video recording of Kahlego and Calvin in the office, flirting. 
Skumbuzo told Bianca that they should end their 'friendship' for the sake of her relationship with Ayanda
Dr McNamara, suspects Benjamin is up to no good again
Benjamin is still going ahead with the day care plans despite being told Sibeko is not to be involved. maybe he plans to use the video clipping of Calvin and Kahlego to get his way.
that is all i can think of zdwesha, hope this helps

09 Feb 2012 12:31

thanx GKMA

09 Feb 2012 14:02

Hi all,

Watch Benjamin will start black mailing with is video.

Sku and Prada getting a big tired of their petty arguments.

Aaynda is getting bored with the singing.

10 Feb 2012 10:12

Morning all 

Calvin sana u are in deep deep S%^&^t, cant wait Jack Mabaso!!!!!!! haaaaa,whn he cought them, :)

10 Feb 2012 12:44

Hi all,

Gee Benji doesnt wait long does he.  What now how long is jefferson going to sit with this info before acting on it.  How can Katlego stand and blatantly talk to calvin within ears drop of jefferson what a nerve.

sexy d
10 Feb 2012 14:01

Cant wait for tonight episode its so gonna rock yip yip yip

11 Feb 2012 09:30

Dear Lord! Yesterday was hooooooootttttttt! yhooooo! i was shouting all over the hose ndifihle namehlo saying dont open the door Calvin, lol! yhooooo Jefferson wambetha umntana wabaleka nd he still went after him! Good Lord! 



11 Feb 2012 12:31

Hi ppl! Ya yesterday episode was what i've been waiting for. Its funny how when it comes to cheating u'l get caught but killing a person u dnt get caught(benjamin). Calvin oh poor calvin they could have let him get away with it. Skhu wow just after having the dance with Ayanda u think about Bianca. What does that say abot Ayanda.

11 Feb 2012 13:00

LLLLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sxobha dats just nasty man mara poor Calvin.

12 Feb 2012 10:14

Imagin o morwa ka ngaka o morelwa a mathambo a jena phela o katlego o ondile maan

12 Feb 2012 17:13

Everything is just so wow,but im more interested in skhu n bianca,

13 Feb 2012 12:38

Hi all,

Didnt realise Jefferson still had it in him to punch calvin like that.
Poor Calvin caught with your pants down.

Sku what is he up to with Bianca after just being with Ayanda, what a player.

13 Feb 2012 13:36


13 Feb 2012 15:52

tjo Calvin wht were u doing  wena tjo tjo tjo!!!! alala dudu!!!

14 Feb 2012 07:44

Kanti ujefferson ba m dlisa I penty hini I thought he will want nothing more to do with katlego but noo all he do is to moor the hell out on calvin and then turn around and say to katlego "a sambe wena!"I mean like really! If he was in generations I would say she gave him one of khaphela's concotions

14 Feb 2012 09:07

Hi all,  Calvin doesnt look too hurt.  Loved it when the doctor asked katlego if her arm was hurt due to domestic violence.

Shame on Sku how can you do that to Ayanda? Is there a future for him and Bianca, do they just carry on as a couple once the baby is born? 

Len's brother in town here comes trouble. 

Chat later xx

14 Feb 2012 09:21

ha ha Bianca - is stuoid cant she see that Jefferson has no time for her. 

why why would you hit him that way if you didnt care about me. huh 

dude, Jefferson 0 tennwe ke gore he asked Calvin to be on the look out for you and he was doing you behind his back ....

14 Feb 2012 09:21

Calvin had it coming but the writers messed up a bit in the story line at the hotel: What was Calvin doing opening the room without a shirt on? Even if it was not Jefferson at the door it was going to be an issue of some one else (a Duncan member of staff) found him in The Sibeko hotel suite with his shirt off.

14 Feb 2012 09:42

There I was thinking ubufebe is only in the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.
Calvin,Katlego and Jeff.
Now Skhu,Ayanda,Bianca and the parents of the unborn baby.

Why is Skhu cheating instead of telling Ayanda it's over so she can hook up with Len?
Bianca sis man,how can you say yes to money,now it's yes to Skhumbuzo's penis.

Mrs Sibeko do you know about Calvin's background?
Why not date someone you own size?Jeff crushed Calvin like a green fly.
Calvin bring the gangs to sort out Jeff.

Jeff what's the use of keeping a wife if you can't make her happy in the bedroom?
ISIDINGO writers big up!

14 Feb 2012 10:27

The botton line is if you want to have an affair dont do it on your own doorstep, how obvious a place the DUNCAn, those stairs everyone runs and up and down them, look at Bianca yesterday sneaks up the stairs to meet sku, how obvious can one get of course you will get caught, doesnt look like anyone locks their hotel room doors at the Duncan either, everyone walks in and out as they please.

I dont think Aynda will hook up with LEn, they dont really suit each other.
Doesnt she get involved in the drugs again ?  and with who ?

I cant imagine jefferson and Katlego in bed together, she will go looking again quite soon cos he doesent satisfy her. 

14 Feb 2012 10:41

missing isidingo due to on campus life*smh*

I think at some point katlego and calvin will resume the affair,but just not now.....
not sure about skhu and bianca but he seems to be more inlove with bianca,,the way he looks at her............I hope Gas Cooper is hot

14 Feb 2012 10:43

That guy in an off white suit who told Mrs Matabane that him and Ayanda go way back might get her back into drugs,I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.
Mark my words.

14 Feb 2012 11:11

mara kuphele i hunks na? lenz brada is not yummy az i was expecting

14 Feb 2012 11:53

Does Len know his brother is coming?

@majobe you are probably right.  Its a shame she is so happy at the moment and now she goes backwards again with the drugs not going to be nice to see and she is going to disappoint a lot of people.

Bianca and sku do look so in love just a pity ayanda is going to get hurt.

What is Frank going to say when he gets back about Calvin being in the hospital, every one seems to be hushed up about what happened, is the truth going to come out what really happend, calvin and katlego shacking up together?

15 Feb 2012 09:04

Hi all,

See its all quiet again.

I told you you cant cheat at the Duncan you will always get caught.

Ayanda sang so beautiful last night I had tears in my eyes.

Jefferson and katlego were holding hand lol.

Chat laterxx

15 Feb 2012 10:01


everyone was gaga over ayanda's song...i so wanna hear it
i hear ayanda gave skhu a warm slap,you go girl...still think bianca and skhu make a hot couple but what they did to ayanda is just wrong...

katlego and jeff holding hands???wow

15 Feb 2012 10:02

MS - i see more coming. Bianca now on Skhumbuso and Ayanda on drugs, the baby issue.... 

nice on isidingo nice one

15 Feb 2012 10:08

@babye yes more heart ache is on the way poor ayanda.
I wish Len's brother would go away he is bad news.
@ella yep song was awesome and yes ayanda gave him a slap but as far as I am concerned it wasnt a hard enough slap.

Yes Katlego and jeff walked into the venue holding hands, what now????

15 Feb 2012 10:22

@MS maybe they were just pretending,they surely dont want the world of horizondeep knowing about their cracked marriage....

I feel sorry for poor is she going to handle the TENSION in the sibeko house>>kat&jeff, ayanda&bianca phew....

where is calvin????

Mrs Chix
15 Feb 2012 11:12

please someone feel me in why did Ayanda slap that Skumbuzo

15 Feb 2012 11:54

@mrs chix is because she caught him and bianca kiss in his room

15 Feb 2012 12:34

@ella yep maybe they were they dont want everyone to know but I am sure it will come out somewhere. 

The tension in the house is dreadful, Bianca didnt want that kind of tension

sexy d
15 Feb 2012 12:49

I told you you cant cheat at the Duncan you will always get caught.  @ms u said it gal katlego& calvin were caught ko de duncan now ayanda caught skhu le bianca ko de duncan hai shame hope de ones who is planning to cheat must chose another venue

Ayandas song was out of the world wow de gal is talented

15 Feb 2012 15:15

eish i was  crying with ayanda last night

15 Feb 2012 15:23

oh no..., will watch it tonight, bathong!!!!!!

15 Feb 2012 16:08

What has been stoppin ayanda from havin skhu before bianca. This two had chemistry but seemed not to know what to do about each otha. If it was not ayanda hallucinating about Sfiso it was that.. aagh. So tired of them.

16 Feb 2012 08:47

Ayanda sure can sing but cry noo phela that was the fakiest cry ever to be recorded in the history of television as for Len's brotfher he fits being Len's father not brother the guy looks horrible

16 Feb 2012 09:01

Sku n aya I liked dem togeda now bianca n sku ay.. Jst goes to show once a cheat always a cheat

16 Feb 2012 09:33

Good move Mrs Sibeko to blackmail Jeff for killing Sifiso so he wont devorce you.

16 Feb 2012 09:36

 selelo sa ga Ayanda was hectic yesterday. she even touched me cause thats how i feel africans cry...... 

she played it well 

skhu and bianca - look nice together and Skhu loves Bianca and Ayanda was too much bathong hey....

Katlego you got Jefferson but for how long......... hated it. she is crazy

16 Feb 2012 10:51

i did not watch isidingo, pls update meoooooooooo

16 Feb 2012 12:28

i just hope Skhu lreally loves Bianca, shame i dnt wanna c tht gal getting hurt.......usizana shame tltl

yhooo Katlego..............i just  wanna stab her with a carrot...........crazy

17 Feb 2012 09:17


17 Feb 2012 09:17


about the saftas, i  feel isidingo has been robbed of  best writing team nomination.and only two actors nominated,cherel&maggie..what about benjamin,braam,jeff,barker??anyway life goes on......

anyone update me please

17 Feb 2012 11:01

Jeff gave Calvin a good hiding when he found out that he is sleeping with Katlego.
Calvin is in hospital and is refusing to press charges.
Jeff told Katlego to pack her bags after cheating on him wi Calvin and Katlego refuse to go and that she will go to the cops and the media and tell tell them that Jeff killed Sifiso.

Biaca and Skhumbuzo were caught kissing by Ayanda in the hotel.
Ayanda gave Skhu a good clap and now wants Len to get her drugs.Len refused.

Ayanda told the Sibekos that Bianca is having somthing romantic with Skhu and Biaca ran away.Jeff sent the cops to bring back Bianca for the sake of the unborn child , and Bianca agreed.Skhumbuzo was not happy and wanted Bianca to lay charges against Sibekos.
Priya was told by her hubby that he thinks Jeff beat up Calvin for cheating with his wife.Priya then called Calvins dad to come back and offer support to Calvin.

Len's brother is in the horizone deep.

Katlego offered Calvin money to keep quiet and not to charge Jeff.
Calvin is now confused why Katlego is supporting the abusive husband.

While Jeff was beating Calvin,Katlego was hurt on the arm.
The same docter Jeff was helping to build the clinic told Katlego to lay charges of domestic violence.

Ayanda is not happy that Bianca is back in the Sibeko house.

17 Feb 2012 11:04

@ellablueivy hope that helps but watch tonights episode in order to catch up or better yet watch the OMNIBUS on Sunday.MAJOBE

17 Feb 2012 11:43

what time does the OMNIBUS starts on Sunday?

17 Feb 2012 18:43

@majobe thanks,unfortunately on camp no tv no nothing..and will also be writing a test on the same day!

@Gadis omnibus @0930am

17 Feb 2012 18:45

damnnn majobe u are a great updater!!! thank you again xoxoxo

20 Feb 2012 12:14

Hi all

Poor ayanda going to down the old road again damn len's brother.

20 Feb 2012 15:34

hi all 

ive watched the omnibus, Poor Ayanda i dont knw wht to say, just hang in there sana,pls dont do drugs,,LOL,,Skhumbuzo  theres smthing lacking abt you or your character u dont act like a playboy, theres somthing maybe im wrong sana u are very cold with Bianca,i dont feel any spark btwn u two,, MAYBE IM WRONG, correct me guyz
Benjamin u are soo quite whts up????? where is Cherel guyz????we need more news regarding his son with Rajesh Kumar,Frank uve gained weight wena..Calvin u are soo cute, even with brses in your face, your muscular body is kiiling me, haaaaa. Calvin i wouldnt mind if u press charges against Jefferson, for assalt or anythnig related to your incident.

21 Feb 2012 09:02

HI all,

@qaqamba i also dont feel any spark between sku and bianca, there was a spark between ayanda and sku.  Ayanda sill girl how can you be so weak the first one is the worst one for an addict.

I think calvin is old enough to fight his own battles Frank shouldnt interfere he is a big boy now. 

I think Cherel will be back soon, cant wait she causes most of the drama in town.

Chat later xx

21 Feb 2012 09:23

Skhu still loves Ayanda,oratile go bolaya motho maabane.

21 Feb 2012 10:14

@black maybe he does look how he went for Len's brother, why did Len stop him he deserved a good smack.

21 Feb 2012 10:38

@MS that Len's brother i don't like him,there is something about him i don't know what.

21 Feb 2012 12:50

@blackie yes he is a very creepy character not at all like Len, len is open and honest and what you see you get.  I hope Sku gives him a good hiding he deserves it for getting ayanda back on the drugs.

What is jefferson going to do when he sees the pic in the paper?

21 Feb 2012 18:48

Katlego must change her hairstyle now we had enough

21 Feb 2012 20:07

I total agree with you ntoko. She should change before she take the trophy frm dineo(generations).

22 Feb 2012 10:31

Morning all

Haaa @ntoko, sana i was asking myself tht too, sana, why lo sisi same hair style , but will  c maybe next week, Skhumbuzo i really liked wht u did last nite, Gary Cooper or Guess Cooper must knw where to play his cards,wht a shock answer frm Jeffson regarding Ayanda's anoouncemnt tht she doesnt want to be in the same roof with Bianca, tjo,, 
im glad Prada and Skhu are buddies again, 

Guyz is Prada wearing his wedding ring in the show?? ????

22 Feb 2012 10:36

@ntoko and Kandyfloss Katlego is suffering frm impandla (bald) infront so the hair style she has got now suits her if they change it they must make sure we don't see the bald.... otherwise I like her and so glad that looks like her and Jeff are going to be husband and wife again but lets just wait and see.....

22 Feb 2012 10:48

yho ayanda expecting jeff to kick his son out(bianca) she must be joking blood is thicker than water shame she was shocked

22 Feb 2012 11:01

Aag ayanda! What was she expectin..

22 Feb 2012 11:09

I thnk as she is Sibeko she thought maybe Bianca will be kicked out already, haaaaa i wonder how much money are  u gonna have Bianca tjo,, is it  more tht a Million guyz????? answer pls,,

22 Feb 2012 11:37

Hi all,

Poor ayanda she expected the sibekos to give Bianca her marching orders.
She mustnt get on her high horse the company was prepared to help her.
Where she going to go to gaz who promises her the world in her singing career.

Good for aggie and eddie kicking gaz out the hotel another bloody parasite.

Is charlie really studying hard?

Chat later xx

22 Feb 2012 11:39

MS ,, my question, is she still doing matric?????

22 Feb 2012 12:31

I don't why the Sibeks zulu isn't sibeko sotho or something

22 Feb 2012 12:38

@qaqamba i think it is still matric, didnt she fail a subject or two and is writing subs?

22 Feb 2012 12:51

Meant to say I don't understand

22 Feb 2012 13:00

MS sana andiyazi into yalamntwana, LOL,, 
morogo,,sana a u asking wht launguage are they speaking ?? i thnk Zulu is their home launguage .


22 Feb 2012 19:47

Whr does ayanda get da rite to call bianca names, bianca didnt go after skhu, skhu went after her. Its da same as calvin, he didnt go after katlego, katlego went after calvin....... Dats how it is

23 Feb 2012 09:13

Hi all

Ayanda is a fool, I dont feel sorry for her, she and gaz should just hit the road, len should kick them out of his flat.  She had no right to call Bianca a slut she hasnt slept with Sku and yes he was the one who pursued her.

Nkiwe you go girl tell that slut Katlego what you think of her.

chat later xx

23 Feb 2012 09:16

Morning all

Please guyz just tell me the truth, Ayanda Diale, (in real life) how many kids does she have??? some1 told me tht she have  4 kids.. is it true??????


23 Feb 2012 10:21

@qaqamba I dont know how many kids she has she was in the you and they said she was still breast feeding, it looked like she had two but cant be sure.

23 Feb 2012 13:03

isidingo is so boring this month pls we need something better than this next month

23 Feb 2012 13:36

We need cherel, barker and kimberley back on to add some spice to the program.

24 Feb 2012 00:09

@morogo sibeko is a zulu surname, @qaqamba Ayanda has 4 kids in real life and charlie didn't write her finals, so I think she is writting supplemtaries or something :)

24 Feb 2012 00:16

@qaqamba, 1million?? Haha I would also become a surrogate, Bianca is being paid R130 000, I think 30 000 of it was upfront coz katlego saw that she was desperate... She also gave her R5000 to "help her decide"

24 Feb 2012 09:43

@Shirlookelz,, sana thanks for all your answers hayi Ayanda how old are u sana???? same father or choice assorted??????hayi its too personal just leave it guyz,, tjo,, 4kids,, ngingafa!!!!!!


Last night i really hate tht Gas charecter, but Ayanda sisi u get wht u want
so Calvin is jobless or wht ppl??? i couldnt hear Mama Agnes  last nite, was bit bzy was she fiaring him or suspension?i love tht the boys (Prada and Skhu) are back together ,, 

Gray Homeyr, we need new faces pls help,..

24 Feb 2012 10:07

ladies i heard tht the seceretary/pa  who works at Sibeko Gold Offices is one of us Mabloggers frm tv sana, LOL..

24 Feb 2012 11:00

Ayanda...damn!! wat a mess....... u deserve t...

24 Feb 2012 11:52

@qaqamba ayanda has 3 kids aged between 1 and 5..and she's 26 yoh!!!

finally i get to go home for short vac from school...YAY!!!
i hope i wont be bored coz i only have 2 weeks...already bored by the ayanda and gaz drug story,but its real shame....wish the affair didnt end so quic

24 Feb 2012 11:59

ayanda is having 3 kids she said shez married i saw her in yotv last saturday with her 2 kids she left the younger 1 and they r so cute they looked like coloured ppl

24 Feb 2012 12:22

@qawamba calvin is on suspension.

I think eddie is too easy with Charlie, Imean she is drinking and driving.
You dont get a hangover from two ciders lol.

Poo Ayanda but it is her own fault she wants the drugs, what a fool she made of herself at the shebeen. 

25 Feb 2012 15:46

ppl vote 4 isidingo it only hs 5 nominies jst vote'i'to 45763

25 Feb 2012 15:49

bt anyway i'm new evry1 i lyk isidingo my fave person is priya.hellow

26 Feb 2012 15:54

Ayanda's real life's character has 3 kids, & I don't mind it 'cos WE have our choices, & WE are responsible for our actions. As for Ayanda going back to drugs, & thru de same man, then I'd say that serves her right. How stupid can she really get?

26 Feb 2012 16:19

Many people get hooked on drugs daily & girls more than boys, mostly b'cos it's easy to catch them. They love money so much they don't care who gives it & will do anything to get it, not caring who gets hurt in de process. But when tragedy strikes they not only seek sympathy but help also.

26 Feb 2012 22:45

Guys,a question from me is....Back in the day bowt 6 years back Ma agnes bought and owned a steers restaurant,what happened 2 it?

Mrs Chix
27 Feb 2012 09:26

I am getting bored with Isidingo because of the Gaz dude

27 Feb 2012 11:13

Morning all. was into this other new hobbie (gym) nw am ready to be skiping so am back. haven't watched in months. but thanks yall i've got an idea wats been happening.

i agree with u MS. Abt time they bring back Barker/Kim/Cherel, we need somthing to look forward to.

mna i started watching isidingo at the time of the kidnapping of Braam so sorry don't knw abt the Steers but wld love to knw also wat happened.

good day all

27 Feb 2012 13:43

Hi all,

Welcome back Ms kim.  Cherel should be coming back soon, dont know about kim she has just had a baby girl Annabel (you mag this week), Barker i think later.

I cant believe Gas is the one giving all the photos of ayanda taking drugs to the press what a prick, even when she didnt do it the last time he made it look like she was taking.

Is eddie going to be happy if charlie goes to work at the shebeen?

Must have been real hard for calvin to go and apologise to jeffereson
Chat later xx

27 Feb 2012 13:59

@MS,why was it hard for Calvin, is he now sleeping with Jefferson?

Just pulling your leg,@ms I know what you mean.

Jeff is like MUGABE.LOL

27 Feb 2012 15:38

lol Charlie working at the shebeen, wld love to see that.

thanks MS, i see its been busy here since i left.

27 Feb 2012 15:54

@mskim I think it is the only job she can get, as usual when you apply for a job they want you to have experience I mean what experience can charlie have she has just left school someone must give her a break, I dont think the shebeen is the right place.

@majobe come to think of it jefferson is like mugabe same facial expressions.

27 Feb 2012 17:56

all i knw is dat charlie won't make it

27 Feb 2012 17:56

all i knw is dat charlie won't make it

28 Feb 2012 12:57

kiki i knw for a fact that i'd never allow my daughter under any circumstance to work in a shebeen.
Eish eish hw i wish Calvin cld punch Ben, i hope one of these days he does.

dd i miss something btwn Jefferson n Katlego??? i mean i thot Jefferson knwz that Katlego cheated i ddn't expect to see them together...

28 Feb 2012 14:20

Len's bro aaayibo, the man is evil. 

i see am the only one today... Good day all.

28 Feb 2012 16:22

Ayanda should catch a wake up
Gaz is only playing her for a fool

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