On Motswako: Skin Lightening (5 December 2011)

Written by Tashi from the blog Motswako on 04 Dec 2011
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Mshosa Large 10This Monday (5 December) Motswako looks into the mirror to ask questions about identity and addresses the issue of skin lightening.

Penny has a frank and open conversation with Nomasonto Mnisi about who she is and who she wants to become.

Is Mshoza really going to give up her kwaito roots and turn into a white woman? What does this tell us about ourselves? Or is this just another whim coming from a lost soul?

Motswako is on SABC2 on Mondays at 21h30.


04 Dec 2011 14:54

'is Mshozi really going to give up her kwaito roots and turn into a white woman?'lol this line is too funny

04 Dec 2011 21:05

blah-blah Penny!remove yo weave strip the make up and then scrutinize mshoza.our mothers have been doing this for yrs remember percivate cream?.the methods have gotten more advanced.i want laser hair removal myself.

Mrs Chix
05 Dec 2011 14:22

Blah- Blah for real Cnglemother, its here body and skin, let her do what she want...

06 Dec 2011 09:11

I kind of cringe whn i see her in this new white completion I have no problem with it bt im scared that she will turn be like micheal jackson with weak paled skin falling off her body..............

Posh M
06 Dec 2011 09:59

Majority of women use chemicals to enhance their beauty, we just call them beauty products and use the words like "clear blemishes & even tone" ....honestly we are not different from her ,its just that she has the money and the will to go further.

06 Dec 2011 10:12

mrs mnisi looks lyks the wayans brothers on the movie "white chicks". kwakwakwakwakwa. haaaa ahahahahaha ...... hai noh man... tltltltltltltltll. she made my hectic day. okare ovtlotse ka vim hai lol maaan!!!!!!!!!hahahhhahhahahaaa.......haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

06 Dec 2011 10:13

Is Mshoza really going to give up her kwaito roots and turn into a white woman? not really, she want to be the third white chick. lol

06 Dec 2011 10:22

saw the interview yesterday and even watched her interview on 3 talk, was very disappointed with both Penny and Noeleen they came across as condescending

i must admit she does not look bad i wish she could stop manje, as Trevor Gumbi said she'll end up looking like a KZN ghecko

06 Dec 2011 10:34

Honestly, penny didnt do a good job with the interview yesterday. I think it was appalling. She came across as trying to attack Mshoza and the whole objective was to understand why she was doing that, not judge her. She was subjective and the tone in her voice was condescending. There were even moments where her facial expressions where showing a bit of disgust. Penny has done lovely interviews before but this one was quite bad. So my advise to the lovely Penny is to be objective when doing such interviews. Nonetheless Motswako still rox

06 Dec 2011 11:23

Forgot to watch. 

I guess there is justification in using even tone or blemish clere but going under the knife to look fair skinned.

I agree with u guys that talk about Penny not doing the right job during the interview. The whole interview is about finding out why she did it not attacking her.

06 Dec 2011 11:38

although i dont like and i dont think us applying make up being similar to what Mshoza is doing because she is doing "change -up" phela motho is restructuring herself, i mean rona with make up we only applying but yena she is changing herself

06 Dec 2011 11:59

favoured y r u applying make-up  on ur face, to enhance perhaps which is exactly what Mshoza is doing but to the extreme, she does not want to apply make up everyday

06 Dec 2011 12:40

I agree with you guys ngo Penny, very judgmental and condescending.  Was also disappointed.

06 Dec 2011 12:46

I am not promoting what Mshoza did but Penny sucked last  night.Motswako is a very respectable show especially for us women and she should not ruin it.I would have switched off the TV if they didnt invite that doctor.

06 Dec 2011 13:29

i also think Penny was a bit off same as the Mandoza's wife's interview(insensitive), she got personal.

We cant ignore that we live as/in a society, some behaviours calls for help no matter how much money a person has........

I do think Mshoza need serious help: she seems hurt deep inside/feeling inadequate hence " The need to look like a white woman" 

She said it herself: to say you want to enhance your beauty or : wanting to look like your sister/friend/mother.........are not the same things..........

She may have had other reasons (disease;enahancing etc) but wanting to look like someone.............
Make up has been used even by Africans (not talking about skin lightening) from ancient times........beauty is not actually defined by models as people like to think......(you'll be naive to think that)........we are different in our own way...and

accepting that you are beautiful........and you are enhancing what you are already proud of , is different that wanting to look like someonese

06 Dec 2011 13:50

This was not an interview kagore Penny was shouting and judging Nomasonto wa batho.

06 Dec 2011 13:56

A bo a nkgopotsa interview ya ga Debora Patter and Khanye.

06 Dec 2011 16:03

Penny is not my favourite person but i love watching motswako... izolo she was really ruining what the show is about and poor mshoza had to kinda defend herself instead of responding to the interview.  Some of us could do with 10% melanin some ppl are getting rid of. Do they do the opposite? The sun burns while tanning others... kwaye kutheni lento abantu abaninzi becinga ukuba ukubamhlophe kuthetha ukubamhle?  Hayini bahlali masingabhanxani.

07 Dec 2011 16:37

Penny was not objective....But the doctor made some valid points we are all guilty of trying to change how we look the only difference is some people have the guts and money to take it further.....Penny should learn the difference between being a journalist and detective cause she really got it confused

07 Dec 2011 17:02

@ntlewame2, I also thought Penny was too harsh on her....she didnt have to tell her gore she disgust her....it all written all over her face and tone of her voice.....

I think we all have choices in life...and this is Mshoza's choice, she thinks she will be prettier and confident when her skin tone is lighter...so why are people judging its not like she asked for donations for these procedures...she is also not killing anyone...if she gets burned....why care...when she doesn't ...its her life..if there is judgement day or when it comes na dwe all find out its a sin to change your skin colour she will pay for her own sins.....everyone will pay for their own sins.....let her live her life...

she looks rather cute with her fare skin....Lol!

09 Dec 2011 12:14

I’m sorry guys I know it’s long overdue but I just wanna add my frustration. 

Penny was out of line full stop I’m not Mshoza's fan but I could swear if Penny was the owner of that show she wouldn’t had invited her in the first place. She was impolite & critical towards Mshoza and her tone and facial expression were saying it all. I felt for Mshoza because she was trying to protect herself not explaining the real reason why she decided to go pale. I wonder what Penny said after watching herself. Her face was written JEALOUS. I mean Mshoza is renovating herself not her. She is spending her husband’s money then when did Penny become a bias-prima-donna. We already have Debra Pratta. 

I couldn't finish that interview bcoz i was gatvol. She must visit EC some mamas are still using movite. Their faces are yellow and their hands are dark like dark chocolate. Penny must grow up maan!

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