Meet Mpho Koaho: alien fighter

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 30 Jun 2011
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As spilt on TVSA, TopTV's Fox Entertainment has scored Stephen Spielberg's new post-apocolyptic alien series Falling Skies.

It premieres this Monday, 4 July at 20h15 - two weeks after it's US debut.

The story centres round the survivors of an alien attack that's left the world in chaos. The aliens invaded, they want to stay and they want all humans DEAD.

The series starts six months into the alien occupation: the survivors have gathered together to create a resistance movement called 2nd Mass - to fight back.

Falling Skies

One of the 2nd Mass leaders is the series lead Tom Mason, played by Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter on ER.)

Mpho Kaoho

Also part of the resistance is Mpho Koaho, who plays Anthony, a hardcore fighter for the movement. He's a former Boston police officer and has South African roots.

Mpho, not Anthony. Turns out both Mpho's parents are Mzansi'ians.

In an interview with TVEdge he has this say about it:

Mpho: Well I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My mother Khuli is from “Alexandra Township, Johannesburg”, and my father Eric is from Durban (not sure where exactly). I have a sister (Blessing) , a niece (Abigail) and nephew (Boitumelo). I’ve been acting now for about 14 years now ...


Mpho landed his big break when Maya Angelou cast him in the film Down in the Delta in 1998 - which she directed. The movie stars Alfre Woodard as Loretta Sinclair and Mpho plays her son Thomas.

His other film credits include Four Brothers (he played a gang leader), Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Saw III and VI. 

In Saw he plays Timothy, one of the victims of the body-breaking "chair". He dies in the third movie but re-appears in a flashback in the fourth.

TV-wise he's had guest roles on the new Kojak, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint and a mini-series we haven't seen here called Soul. Two years ago he was nominated for a Canadian Gemini award for both Flashpoint and Soul and won for Soul.

To meet him and find out more about Anthony, here's a clip of him chatting on the Falling Skies set:

PS: his name's spelt incorrecto in the vid - it's defs Koaho.

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01 Jul 2011 06:54

I have seen his name several times in movie credits and yes I went to imdb and ddnt find much about him then, hopefully his profile is updated now. Hm! Okay! Go boy. Although its hard to take credit for people like him saying they represent SA coz realy he doesn't. CharlizeN Terry, Shalto (Wikus) yes...but heey *shrugs*

01 Jul 2011 07:03

^^Funny enough,of all the actors you mentioned,he's the one most people would assume is born and bred here. Could swear I've seen him on Zone 14 or something. He doesn't even know where Durban is,did his parents emigrate or something?Canada can keep him.

01 Jul 2011 07:19

I've been waiting for Falling Skies forever, but I will miss the first half as I cannot miss Survivor. When are the repeats?

01 Jul 2011 07:26

Tltltl Onkez, maybe he even meant kzn when he said durban (western tendencies of thinking africa is one country). Alex is documented on wikipedia I'm hardly clapping there and surely his mom must have roots eleswhere ko magaeng, Alex ga se ga bo motho (exception ke di bortnfree) haai, kannete he must fly on the canadian flag.

01 Jul 2011 09:31

We had a revolutionary struggle here and many people found themselves in exile ...

many of whom built families, died, and their children have our names and know nothing about us other than a few words heard here and there !!!

Yah I am convinced ... ningama Born-Free angempela! ...

You sometimes fail to associate events beyond the present ...

01 Jul 2011 09:33

My reaction was ....

I wonder who his parents are ...
Did I / We know them ...
I wonder ...
All returned Zeros & Nos ...

We need Boere to come klap us again in order for us to get back to our roots & identities again ...

01 Jul 2011 09:35

He is Canadian ... but can claim to be South African due to the Grandfather clause ...
viz ...
If One's Grandfather is born in any country ... One can claim it as a homeland ...

It is obvious his Grandfather is South African ...

01 Jul 2011 12:19

^^And then?VusiK I hope you aren't taking more than the recommended dosage mfondini!

01 Jul 2011 14:22

Vuss, you know what, i hear you.....Bbbbut!.....

01 Jul 2011 18:28

His Grandpa is South African ... 
He can claim us ...
We can claim him  ...
Even though he knows he is Canadian and does not claim us!!!

01 Jul 2011 19:13

Hmmm Vuss, I guess its about celebrating more than claiming or not claiming. I don't celebrate him just as I don't celebrate many SA born and bred actors..... AND I also don't claim him-----> my choice... But all that doesn't take away from his right to claim SA.? What's the argument I don't understand.

04 Feb 2013 17:57

Ahhh cum on ppl he didn't claim his south african , yes his born of south african parents nd that's something he seems to be proud of and you know why I like him even more? Its because he never even changed his name, and that is a proud south african to me.

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