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Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 20 Jun 2011
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I've always wanted to be a detective. Not in a flightly, unrealistic, TV show sort of way but genuinely so. Even though I'd need a savvy leather jacket and hardcore script, the desire goes much further than simply being thrilled by the idea of it.

If you feel even the slightest same pang as me you'll be hooked on the new series The Killing. If you don't, it doesn't matter, because you'll be hooked too.

The cool news is that M-Net has confirmed that they've snatched it, with a premiere date set for 7 October at 21h30.

It's an AMC original series - the same US cable network who make The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad - and it really is the utlimate detective show. Saying that feels as if I'm doing it a disservice because it conjures up the idea of a predictable procedural yet it's the furthest thing from it.
13 episodes. One murder.
The series is about the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen.  At the centre of the investigation is Detective Sarah Linden, played by Big Love's Mireille Enos in terrible brown/cream jersey's and sensible (yet oddly hott) boots.

The Killing 3

She's about to leave Seattle to get married and the murder happens just before she makes tracks. Her replacement arrives on the scene and as he starts to move in she gets more and more edgy about leaving, resulting in their pair of them reluctantly working together.
The Killing 5
Detective Stephen Holder, played by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman in is first English speaking role
Their relationship doesn't have the slightest hint of cliché to it. Instead it's complicated and riveting as their investigation starts to unlock things about each of them - to themselves and to each other.

While the series follows their story, it also follows Rosie's family, how they cope with her murder and the aftermath.

And of course there's the essential who'dunnit aspect at the very core. I've seen the first episodes and it's so full of tension, intrigue and layers you can't tear yourself away. There are also loads of titbits surrounding it that makes it even more intriguing.

It's based on a Danish series of the same name that centres round the same characters and murder but get this ... the murderer's going to end up being different from the Danish series which has already aired so as not to spoil it.

Also, there's no guarantee that the case is going to be solved because there's a second season and speculations are rife that part of the case will be solved but not all of it.


It's filmed in Seattle and it rains all the time: a deliberate technique of the show to make it as wet and cold and dark as possible - as if the characters are drowing in the rain.

Apparently it rains a lot in Seattle but not as much as in the show. Creator Veena Sud revealed in interviews that they use rain machines to pound the action with rain. It gives a relentless, urgent, deathly feeling that you want everyone to escape from - yet also you need and want them to stay because if they don't it'll end.

Set a reminder now. Don't miss it.

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