Getting sweaty with Bold's Jack Wagner

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 23 Feb 2011
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At the cast appearance at Eastgate Mall on Sunday.
As you probs know, three of the Bold and the Beautiful cast have been touring the country this week. They were in Cape Town yesterday and in between their public appearances I managed to grab Jack Wagner (Nick) for us, while he was working out in the gym at their hotel.

Today I'm pleased to present the sweatsville results that took place, which includes a special surprise for TVSA member MsKim, who wins the award for Most Bold and Diehard Babe.

MsKim was at Eastgate Mall on Sunday to get autographs of the threesome and despite her best efforts wasn't able to get one when people broke through the security barricades and the event was cancelled.

In her words:

"... ddn't manage to get an autograph tho, it was too crowded (my toes hurt from being stepped on eish)..n the whole thing was cancelled, i tried to stalk Nick n they hid him (sh*t sh*t) for hrs ddn't hav much choice but to leave ...

"survival of the fittest Lol."

MsKim ... Jack's signed an autograph for you:


Jack Wagner 2
There's even a spot of sweat where his hand was - I've been hoping it doesn't dry!

Jack Wagner 1

Jack Wagner 6
I have my grubby paws on it MsKim - gonna send it to you.

In between the signing I chatted to Jack while he was working out:

Tashi: What's the craziest fan response you've ever had, in your whole career?
Jack: I think it might have been last night at Cape Town airport - a guy came in and started taking pictures of me at the urinal so I had to tell them: "Let's just keep this for outside, do you mind?" Excuse my sweat!

Tashi: Oh no, that's fine, I can report back on it.

Jack Wagner 8
It definitely feels different from the usual: probs 'cos I was concentrating more on his rock hard chest and almost fell off the treadmill I was standing on.

Tashi: Anything else that's particularly memorable?
Jack: Well since I've been in South Africa, just the love and kindness and joy in all the people's faces and hearts. It's a real gift to be able to give back all that the audience has given us on the Bold and the Beautiful so this experience is one of my most memorable.

Tashi: What's it like being a star on the world's most popular soapie?
Jack: You know, we really don't come in touch with that until we leave America. We're all centred in Los Angeles and you see so many stars there so it's not a big deal but when we go international or to other cities in America then you really see the impact the show has.

Tashi: Do you find you have more women fans than men fans?
Jack: Not in this country, yes there are more women but the men are so into it here. It's not like ... you know, sometimes men say: "Oh, I'm not gonna watch that," here, men are very, very much into Bold and the Beautiful so it's a nice mix.

Tashi: How does Heather Locklear feel about all the women who like you?
Jack: You know, we're in LA so we have our own private life so it's really not ... she knows I've been around long enough to take care of myself and she's been around long enough to take care of herself when we're apart.

Tashi: When are you getting married?
Jack: Let me call her! Hang on, while we're talking about that ...

Tashi: Have you got the ring? Are you getting one here?
Jack: You know, she has a 13-year old daughter, and I have a 16-year old boy and a 20-year old so we're not rushing into anything - we're really focusing on being good parents.

Tashi: Did it all start when you were on Melrose Place together?
Jack: No-no, she was married, I was married, we were actually just friends, for years and I guess it was the beginning of '07 - our paths crossed and we started hanging out a little bit and it turned into a now four-year relationship.

Tashi: Where were you when Bold first started 24-years ago?
Jack: 24-years ago I had a No 1 record in America (titled All I Need) and I was starring on General Hospital. I was on that show through the '80's, then Melrose Place in the '90's, then a stint on Broadway.

I love to do theatre, I do a lot of theatre - and the Bold and the Beautiful in the 2000's. That's kind of how I describe my career.

Tashi: Have you watched the entire series?
Jack: I'd never seen the show before I was on it.

Tashi: Did you have to go back to watch all the years?
Jack: No, I created a new character. For me the show started when I joined because my character wouldn't know anything about the history of all the people so my focus was on Nick, the spirited, drinking, smoking sea captain.

He didn't understand the fashion world, so that was my focus. As an actor you have come open, not knowing, I don't really want to know anything before I got there - it's got to be real.

Tashi: What secret can you tell us about the show that you think people would be surprised to know?
Jack: I think they'd be surprised by how much work we do in such a short amount of time. We say our dialogue and it sounds normal but we have it to learn that everyday so it's really challenging to make it almost like theatre - a new play every day.

Jack Wagner 7

Jack works out daily, for between 30-minutes and an hour a day. The reason: "You never know when you're going to have to take your shirt off on the show."

He has a gym at his home.

His workout consists of:

* ages on that stepping machine that's like a treadmill, sort of like the orbitrek.
* lifting weights

Tashi: Do the Bold actors gossip about each other?
Jack: Um, you know, not maliciously, more in fun.

Tashi: What's your all-time favourite scene that you've filmed on the show?
Jack: Mmmmm ... it might have been when I get married to Brooke and she came down in a carraige with white horses and I was in my white sailor uniform. It was pretty dream-like, kind of like a prince and princess.

Tashi: And the most challenging?
Jack: Taking her to bed afterwards!

Jack Wagner 12

Tashi: Ha! What's surprised you most about South Africa?
Jack: Well I think the blend of black and white. You know, Americans are a lot more jaded and distracted but I just find here, there's been a real revolution and not a violent one. Kind of a bridge since apartheid has been abolished.

I mean people don't greet us with their hands, they hold us, they hug us and that's unusual. It's wonderful - it doesn't happen in America.

You know, America is the leader in so many ways - people watch us, our music, our entertainment, our economy, but when it comes to love and bridging racism, I think we're way behind this country.

Tashi: Do you think Nick's your role of a lifetime? Do you see yourself in it forever?
Jack: I wouldn't call it a role of a lifetime - I've been very, very lucky to have a lot of different roles. The role of a lifetime is when I play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide on Broadway - that would be "It" for me. But you know, this is the longest I've ever been on a series. This is my eighth year so I'm very grateful.

Tashi: Do you ever feel: "Oh no, I'm not in the mood"?
Jack: You know I think it wouldn't be natural, some days everyone feels like: "Wow, going into work," you know you look at the economy and as you get older parts get fewer and fewer so you just try to remain grateful.

Tashi: All the kissing on a soap - can you talk about that for a bit.
Jack: You know, it's really just a job.

Tashi: That's what all actors say.
Jack: Yeah, the best part of all the kissing is all the good laughs beforehand to lighten it up.

Tashi: How many people have you kissed in total in the eight years?
Jack: A bunch.

Tashi: I won't ask you who the best was.
Jack: Okay.



23 Feb 2011 11:17

lol@ the last part...So Bold has been around for 24 years?Thought it was older than me..

23 Feb 2011 11:25


Yoooooo Tashi! You touched his nipples!!!!!!!! Hallelua!

The man looks yummy for his age.....

23 Feb 2011 11:32

Oh no! @ the last pic. I dont want to say what it looks like the guy is doing. 

How MsKim would've loved to be you, Tash, on pic#6. 

 Lemme read the interview. 

I used to like Nick when I used to catch the bold in the evenings. I remember when he was marrying Brooke.. that was just one of the weddings that I've seen on TV... and somewhat features on my thoughts when i imagine my own.

23 Feb 2011 11:50

The last pic looks wrong

23 Feb 2011 12:05

Hehehe... carino don want 2 say what he looks like hes doing. I think just by reserving ur comment, u r just saying it out loud.

23 Feb 2011 13:12

Let me also laugh @ the last pic, heheheheheee

@Tashi.... So sweet of you to get a pic for MsKim.

23 Feb 2011 13:21

I don't watch this show, but last month I saw Katy's wedding...loved her wedding gown

23 Feb 2011 13:47

TL : vows did for me in that wedding.. tjo

23 Feb 2011 13:56

..Really cant get over the last pic

23 Feb 2011 16:37

Tashi you have no idea wat this means to me.. thanks a lot mwaaa.

i knw it has taken me a while to respond stil can't believe it. oh. best surprise ever.. my boss was in the office wen i saw this he thot there's been a tragedy coz i jus closed my mouth n cldn't hold back my tears. i cld see the sympathy is his eyes.. long story short THANK U Tashi u r a darling.

23 Feb 2011 17:22

ncaaawww MsKim, @ your boss feeling sorry for you, if only he knew.

23 Feb 2011 18:13

Hehehe MsKims boss doesnt know abt TVSA? Lol! My boss back in S A knows abt TVSA, bt she found out when I had drama in my life & wrote an article abt it here 4 sum advice. So shes also a blogger here - most of the time, a silent blogger. I always felt uneasy whenever Im laughing and she would say: WHAT IS TVSA UP TO? Ja, what can I say shes a cool boss. As long as Im nt waisting too much time & meet the deadlines.

23 Feb 2011 19:13

I wish Jack had more interviews like this one. Well done!

FYI: There's a new Twitter feed for Jack fans:!/JackWagnerFans  or search JackWagnerFans

23 Feb 2011 20:51

lol@people admitting to watching da show.what is wrong with Taylor's lips vele?i crack up everytime i see her.

23 Feb 2011 22:52

PLEJA MsKim! It'll be in the post to you sooon.

24 Feb 2011 07:19

lol Cnglema, makes two of us...didnt she have that hollywood lip enhancing injection thingami...*thinking*.....arg cant remember the name. I always think she is a victim of that thing when i see her. She defs isnt the Taylor of the oOooold days when we were littler...everything everywhere...

24 Feb 2011 09:20

Can't wait thanks Tashi..

The interview well done!

@Green there wasn't enough time to cook up a lie with the way i was excited, i told him the truth am now praying that i don't get a warning anytime soon... he jus stared at me like haa nxa! women! like dah so thats why u always seem busy?? eish mayb am in trouble o not.. watever.. no regrets am jus happy.

Lol @ Cnglema Taylor's lips, shapeless n big they're such a nonono she needs to go back under construction n redo watever she was tryna do.

24 Feb 2011 09:39

How MsKim would've loved to be you, Tash 

(((((((I was concentrating more on his rock hard chest and almost fell off the treadmill I was standing on))))))))).

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