Miss South Africa 2010: Bokang Montjane

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 13 Dec 2010
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The Miss South Africa 2010 pageant took place at Sun City's Superbowl last night (Sunday, 12 December) and was won by 24-year old model and entrepeneur Bokang Montjane.




The show was broadcast live on Mzansi Magic for the first time and was hosted by former Miss Universe Michelle McLean and current Idols host ProVerb.  Former Miss SA Tatum Keshwar hosted the Red Carpet in a half-hour pre-show build up ...

Little J from Gossip Girl? No, Miss SA Teen 2010 Mikaela Oosthuizen.

Khanyi Mbau couldn't keep her eyes open on the red carpet. Reason:  super-size lashes.

A skirt turned into a dress apparently.

Elana Afrika with her bo, who didn't utter a word.

The Booths. Who never spend a cent on "Do's".

The ceremony itself included performances by the Bala Brothers, oddball ballet dancer dudes (yes, the stockings pun was intentional) and Reality Bromance of the Year El'Loyd*, who should forget about solo careers and start a duo/group.

While the Bala Bros and El'Loyd were current, the music in between wasn't. Every bit of soundtrack and link-up music that was played to accompany the finalists was dated, bland and irrelevent unfortunately.

As for the Top 12,  they schmodelled in bikini's, designer-wear and ballgowns and spoke about how they plan to save the world.

Strong favourites among the audience during the show were 19-year old Natasha Kashimoto and 24-year old Dorah Mtetwa. Natasha was a Top 12 finalist in Miss SA Teen 2008 and Dorah was a Top 12 Miss SA finalist in the same year.

This year: Natasha made it into the pageant Top 5, while Dorah didn't.

natasha_1 dorah1
Natasha Dorah

Also in the Top 5 were Bianca Couthino (who won the Sandra Bullock award for Miss Congeniality), Careen Truter, Dhesha Jeram and Bokang.

The title of First Princess went to 23-year old Dhesha and 22-year old Bianca was named Second Princess.

desha_1 bianac_1
Dhesha Bianca

Once they'd gotten over their shock moments of: "Damn, we can't believe we didn't win but can't show it," Bokang was named winner of the crown.

Born in Limpopo Province, Bokang now lives in Honeydew Ridge, Johannesburg and runs a modeling and confidence school in Auckland Park. She has various pageant titles under her belt but has never been a Miss South Africa finalist.

Bokang her own words:

"My favourite food is pap and morogo, pap and mopani worms. I love tripe too and shushi. A lot of carbs but I love it. I sudied Public Communications, Relations at the University of Johannesburg. I'm done, finally I graduated.

"For someone to have confidence and a high self-esteem it takes them to be extremely comfortable with who they are. Always have an attitude of: 'I'd rather stand out than blend in.'" If you make that your motive you'll never feel like you really, honestly need to fit in with anyone else. Just be yourself and love who you are."

Keep a lookout for front-row snaps and goss from the ceremony, comin' up in the week.

*Idols winner Elvis Blue and runner-up Lloyd Cele.


13 Dec 2010 07:28

The pageant was plain boring.

Congrats to Bokang. 

It was nice seeing L'loyd in a suit.

Ga twe who was you best & worst teacher? Couldnt Mrs Booth find an interesting question to ask?

13 Dec 2010 08:04

when was this bethuna?

13 Dec 2010 08:17

It seems like I did not miss much because everybody says the show was a whack.Those are some of the consequences of taking the event of such magnitude to some shady pay tv channel.Bring that show back to SABC then everything will be much better.....

Congratulations to Bokang!!!

13 Dec 2010 08:39

mina if i had aspirations of being Miss SA, black as I am I will not enter for the next 2 years, cos next year the winner is surely going to be a coloured/indian chick and the following year a white chick, these gals can't they c this trend

ownah m p
13 Dec 2010 08:57

congrats to all the winners and all the best to all..

13 Dec 2010 09:07

hi everyone, 

i have been missing you guys so bad. i had no access to the my favourite blog but after some few updates i am back. 

i am so happy to read comments from Cnglemama, Maddie, One & Only, Makistos, Andi01, the list goes and on Poshspice, everyone is still her. 

i missed you guys so bad. 

love you lots 


13 Dec 2010 09:48

the show kept to its coinsistency of class and serious glamour! .....I guess that's the reason I was bored.

13 Dec 2010 12:06

oh they(sun international and its partners) switched channels and also THE CROWN(is it called SASH NEH???).The crown aka sash looks so high school ai....

13 Dec 2010 13:45

what a bore!class kuphi?can they get people who know how to style amaweaves nxt time.their weaves were such hot messes lookin like wigs.i love Proveb mara izolo he lost his mojo ngeke!hi babye,are u outta da cow-ntree?

13 Dec 2010 13:58

Maki we're not saying we wanted Big Nuz and Tira(wouldnt mind though lol).it looked low budgetish in terms of entertainment acts and it did not look international std glam, too was very predictable,no extra outa da box entertainment elements were incorporated to keep us glued and forget bout pots in the kitchen.

13 Dec 2010 14:04

ek-zakly Pru,the swimsuits killed it to start with,those bold summery colours could have been modernised a bit,the summer theme looked like a chreche outing to sun city.swimsuits could have been altered a bit to have sum interesting details.

13 Dec 2010 14:13

Lavuvuzela and their burlesqueish performance?they didnt practice maan!shades not matching their nice sexy outfits.

13 Dec 2010 15:36

@ Makisto...I can't remeber the last time I watched a beauty pageant. Maybe I was expecting a kind of awards ceremony where we have interesting artists/musicians.

Couldn't the orgarnisers have a co-host & a backstage presenter? (Not one person doing both).

I think it's different strokes for different folks. You enjoyed it & I didnt.

14 Dec 2010 18:55

wat miss sa? yu, bendingazi shem. if ppl say it was wack then they must can it

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