Sis Ribs' DD Makes Singing Debut

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Popstars 2010 Recaps on 03 Oct 2010
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What do you think? .... do you stand a better chance of winning a reality talent search if no-one knows who are; or if everyone knows who are because you've got a famous, mom'singer?

This is the dilemma that challenges 18-year-old Popstars contestant Noluthando Malope a.k.a. the Rebecca's daughter. She made her TV debut on Saturday night's episode that covered the auditions in Pretoria and couldn't rid of her mom, no matter what she did.

First Sis Ribs was hovering and waving around behind her, when she was introduced:

Then she went berserko singing,


and then got very bossy:


Thankfully she eventually disappeared and gave her a bit of space during the actual auditions, where Noluthando caused a heart-flutter in PJ Powers who girlcrushed on her bigtime. She took one look at her and couldn't stop saying: "You're very, very beautiful. You really are. You really are."

Which Azania caught too. She went into a weird sort of trance, muttering: "mesmerising."

The only one who didn't seem as smitten was Zwai, probably because of his concerns about the problem orange T-shirt he wore. We love him but he really needs to do something about his moobs.


Still, Noluthando didn't seem to notice and managed to sing her heart out, in between a hiccup of nerves. In her interviews between her singing she explained that she'd wanted to go to the auditions in Jozi the week before but decided against it.  Then she plucked up the courage and tried in Pretoria.

On one hand you'd think she'd be super confident, yet on another you can understand why she'd be more nervous than other contenders. The pressure. Expectations.

The aftermath: if she's in the winning group there are those who'll say she only got there because of her mom; and if she isn't there are those who'll say the same.

Revealing that being the child/brother/sister/anyone close to a star must be a very complicated thing.

Which will get more so now: she's in the group who are being considered for Workshop Week. All of the semi-finalists have been chosen from round the country, next: the judges need to decide who has what it takes to make it through to intensive training.

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04 Oct 2010 13:44

she is beautiful

04 Oct 2010 13:50

Makisto leave Zwaai alone, he is good at what he is doing and he is not going to be start truck like you when dealign with young sis Ribs. LOL.

I love her she can sing.

04 Oct 2010 14:07

You just dont like the guy man, he is good in other ares too, like singing nje/

Today i type s*t....'starstruck Makisto*

04 Oct 2010 14:18

'other areas' meaning all that you have listed excpet Gospel Gold.

But you seem start struck by the whole family why else would say Zwai must get over himself when he is not reacting like others? Sis Ribs is very old for you man.

04 Oct 2010 14:30

startstruck again lol, i am high hey.

okay yah her daughter is beautiful i cant blame you there.

04 Oct 2010 14:55

Makisto what do u mean she is Ribs 's step daughter???? they look alike mos

04 Oct 2010 16:09

Sis Ribs once said her daughter looks like Thabo Mdluli. Now that I've finnally seen the daughter I must say I fully agree.  

04 Oct 2010 17:25

I am so tired of this thing! Once we had Zwai's cousin (Akhona) whom I believed was very talented. But because she was related to a judge she got disadvantaged. Now we are facing something of similar nature here.

This is not a BEE deal (if you talented no one can deny that), if she is great enough, so don't deny her the right to win (is she does).

Where should she audition? Australia? Britain?

She is a South African and so she'll do it.

I'm so glad of the fact that she wants to accomplish her dream not through her mother's "contacts" but by merit!!!

04 Oct 2010 18:33

kwakwakwaaaaa! Sis Ribs carries this energy everywhere she goes?! tl tl tl *dead*

06 Oct 2010 10:48

kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa @ Sesi Rebeka.

06 Oct 2010 11:14

ms.tebby-Sis Ribs carries this energy everywhere she goes kkkkwwwaaaawwwwwwwwk

08 Oct 2010 15:10

Noluthando's situation is complicated because if she wins we will complain saying she won because her mom is well known and she doesn't the same will be said.So the best is for judges to be honest all the time.I think Dr Rabeka should have just stepped back and let the daughter to do her stuff without her in the picture because people might think Rabeka was trying make judges notice that Noluthando is her daughter.

All along I thought Makisto was a lady damn it.Kganthe o poo Makisto?lolment

Indeed she looks like Thabo Mdluli..maybe she is Thabo's drops hey one never knows.

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