LIVE Talent Search to tally early

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 02 Jun 2010
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On Friday night (28 May 2010) SABC1's LIVE revealed the Top 4 contenders chosen from the show's nationwide Talent Search.

The foursome were introduced and each presented an insert to show off their presenting skills.

Voting lines opened during the show and the voting time for viewers to choose faves was scheduled to close on Monday, 7 June, with the winner announcement on Friday, 11 June.

Between then and now, these times have changed.

Voting lines will now close this Friday, 4 June and the winner will be announced on the show on Saturday, 12 June .

Because of the broadcast of the World Cup, LIVE will move from Friday nights at 21h00 to Saturday's at 18h30, as from Saturday 12 June, for the duration of the tournament. It takes over from Class Act: which ends this Saturday (5 June).

Three days remain to vote for the best of the four, who are:

Nandi Mngoma


Nandi is 22 years old.
She comes from Durban.
She is a God fearing, bubbly, crazy, dynamic, strong moral background, ambitious, humble and humorous.
She is currently studying a LLB and would like to specialize in media.
She has always been involved in many activities and is able to balance her life.
She entered the LIVE competition because she felt she was ready and that she has been working on her craft to be an entertainer.
Should she win the show, South Africa will experience her authenticity because she believes that there can only be one her.

To vote for her, SMS LIVE 1 to 39060.

Nkanyiso Masoka


Nkanyiso is 19 years old.
He comes from Hammarsdale.
He is a hip hop artist who's involved in music production while studying IT.
He is a fun energetic person, he loves music, traveling and entertainment.
He believes that he can balance his life if he could win this competition.
He entered the competition because he believes he has what it takes to be a LIVE presenter.
He believes that he will bring a Real-ness that South African viewers can relate to.

To vote for him, SMS LIVE 2 to 39060.

Minenhle Dlamini


Minenhle is 19 years old.
Born and raised in Durban, she currently lives in Cape Town.
She is loud, fun, energetic, loves people and has an element of being a drama queen with brain for business.
She is studying Film and Media, drama and economics at UCT.
If the South African public vote’s for her she believes she will manage to fit presenting into her schedule because she has always been a busy person and has had to juggle her sport performing arts and academics.
She entered the competition because she understands that it is the biggest show in SA and she dreams big.
Should she win the competition she believes that her value would be to bring her youthful energy that the whole of South Africa can relate to.

To vote for her SMS, LIVE 3 to 39060.

Gavin Rashopola


Gavin is 21 years old.
He is originally from Polokwane, currently working in Port Elizabeth.
He is a vibrant, fun, outgoing and cool person.
He works as a carpenter and does construction as well.
He wants to win this competition and he believes he can give it his all.
He entered the competition because he believes he is made for presenting especially a music show as big as LIVE because music is his passion.
If the public votes for him he believes that he will represent Polokwane.

To vote for him, SMS LIVE 4 to 39060

May the best VJ win!

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Nokia 5110
02 Jun 2010 13:01

Nandi is ur girl B wanna be . Hayi futhi uNandi is five much uyaphapha , i will stop watching live if she wins .

Gavin is ur boy  T wanna be 

So my vote goes to  Nkanyiso and Minenhle

02 Jun 2010 13:02

Nandi my vote goes to you Miss Authenticity  mhhhh!! 

02 Jun 2010 13:11

I would love my vote to go to Minenhle but because I am from Polokwane I will vote for  Gavin

02 Jun 2010 13:52

Gavin all the way......

02 Jun 2010 14:06

Gavin d tired with xexo xexaxhoti xaxoqhexa xa........haaa.

02 Jun 2010 14:36

Lol mathata me too its about time some limpopo folks do the wonders we are tired of nguni's and mahikeng

Sana Lwam
02 Jun 2010 14:49

Minenhle has my vote. I was very irritated with that Gavin I think he should replace Mpendulo on Jika Majika and that Afro gal must replace Zizo on Selimathunzi. 

02 Jun 2010 14:58

hay shame inoba i calendar yam i messed up, it says the 8th of June is on Tuesday not Saterday.....anyhow.........dont like any of them.

02 Jun 2010 15:02

The limpopo guy should just take off the earings before I change my vote

02 Jun 2010 15:02

Thanks MakaB - yes, Saturday's the 5th. Sorted!

02 Jun 2010 15:06

tjo.i wonder where some ppl works.

02 Jun 2010 15:28

Definitely not Nkanyiso

02 Jun 2010 15:29

So true with d earings......same to that ntjebe...his too young for that, his So kc n jojo.

Gavin ..Morena rakwana akere..

02 Jun 2010 16:02

Enhle is the future!!

Hawu mara Nkanyiso Masoka??? too much powder/ lemon lite cream on his face. *sorry bra*

02 Jun 2010 16:08

Hellow guys, mandithi qgaba qgaba

1. Nandi - Her hypeness is the reason why i dont like her & those childish facial expressions......NOT 4 ME. It's like she is high on something so NO VOTE 4 U darling & Gosh i would be mad if she wins. Utjatjarag 4 much.

2. Nkanyiso - Mr Cool. I voted 4 him on Friday. I just fell inluv with this boy. I'll vote again my baby.

3. Minenhle - No comment

4. Gavin - Naye njee i don't feel him.

Nkanyi let me vote 4 u rhanqaza. I need 2 c that face on my 37cm on Friday.

02 Jun 2010 16:10

Gavin Gavin Gavin Gavin I am sure o kwele gore mathata o reng

02 Jun 2010 16:16

Nandi is too tjatjarag n tries too much to be ur gal B: There can only be one B .... Gavin too much of Akon's worshiper aka Tbo touch so no other mrapper for me..... Nkanyiso must go relieve sis Reebs in gospel times too much hand usage *think anishay'izandla lapho nina* .... Minenhle you are the future.. You r just urself n natural

02 Jun 2010 16:17

Minenhle luks like Ravern

02 Jun 2010 16:32

Nandi - she's a B wanna be PERIOD!! she finished me when she was yapping crazy lots next to Bonang and dancing... ntombazana please cut the childish facial expressions mani they're three much

Nkanyiso - i don't know...not sure about him

Minenhle - not sure

Gavin - such a wanna be too...the hands all over the place were so irritating – its like he was on some “rap to fame show”

i couldn't finish the show b/z of Nandi and Gavin....

02 Jun 2010 16:33

Now that you've mention it myname, i see the resemblence...*uyapopola neh*

02 Jun 2010 17:26

Loved Nandi!* Live was getting boring.. she's mnandi and stunning(face for TV)! GO NANDI*

02 Jun 2010 17:39

I struggle to see the similarities between Nandi &Bonang both physically and performance wise. Nandi =Durban swag+ Afro. Bonang= Jhb swag+weave. Both beautiful& full of life, but very different. Like Nandi* the show would be exciting with her. Live needs Life*  

02 Jun 2010 17:47

Hayi!,no! the top 4 doznt really do it 4 me.uNandi is all Up in YOUR FACE. I think I culd vote 4 Minenhle.The guyz hayi, cha! uGavin 2 me sounds like a TBO touch wanna b.As 4 uNkanyiso  well, I 'll keep my comments 2 myself...(hihihi...!!!)

02 Jun 2010 20:16

I ain't voting 4 any of them I've outgrown LIVE...My Gaaad sis'Ribs does it 4 me

02 Jun 2010 20:35

Nkanyiso is original, then my vote goes to him. We don't need too much tjatjarag on our screens.

03 Jun 2010 07:44

Nandi is a bit 2 much, minenhle is da one, nkanyiso is a bit 2 dull mayb He cld do da lotto o som, as 4 gavin we already hav touch.

03 Jun 2010 09:00

I'll vote for Nandi..that show needs a tjatjarag person and she's got that unique DBN phapios vibe ..and I'm a Durbanite

however I like Minenhle and yah she looks like my other favorite schleb Raven Symone..

as for bra-Gavin..the Eyebrows cut like Bow-wow's, thick hoop earings not one but TWO of them..and the goatie.....Hell-noooooooo !!! cheeeeesy

lady gaga
03 Jun 2010 13:49

Minenhle is the one, she is very beautiful !!!. as for  u nandi hai no comment!

03 Jun 2010 14:14

i am not going to vote a person because they look beautiful, beasue no one is from my town Gavin will do for me i love his swag, 'Tbtouch wannabe tht's cruel.

 we all are individuals, if this guy loved hip-hop does he have to change now because of Tbo touch? please people stop crashing other people's confidence yhu!!

03 Jun 2010 15:19

I'm with Sobza,we are the team ya Sis Reebz,shayani' zandla nina!

04 Jun 2010 09:07

i wonder if Minenhle and Bonang are still ' "fighting" over Euphonic

04 Jun 2010 10:05

hau Kakapana, u dnt say???????? Is she da chikita involved in dat Eufonki saga kanti?

10 Jun 2010 15:15

my vote goes to minenhle....................YOU ROCK SISTAS

19 Dec 2011 08:56

me too i pass my vote to minenhle she is smartand she got welcom face loudly

19 Dec 2011 09:28

@khaoza, why r u pulling old articles bathong! cant u c da date of this blog!!!! and Minni is already on lie for how long nw?

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