Connie Ferguson Leaving Generations!

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 30 Apr 2010
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! Crazy but true ... this news just in moments ago from the set of Generations:

Generations, South Africa’s number one daily drama series, is saddened to accept the resignation from the series of Connie Ferguson who portrays the character of Karabo.

"It is with the fondest memories that I think back to Episode 1 of Generations, 16 years ago, in which Connie first featured as Karabo Moroka," says Mfundi Vundla, Executive Producer of Generations.

"Connie is a leading lady in the true sense of the word. We will remember her for her professionalism, dedication and loyalty - she is an icon that will be sorely missed by her loyal followers as well as the Generations family.”

According to Connie Ferguson the past 16 years with Generations have been an amazing and humbling experience. “I have received so much love from fans locally and abroad. After 16 years with the show though, I do feel the time has come for me to go out into the world and see what else is out there for me. I feel like a teenager who is just about to leave home for the first time, both excited and nervous.

"A big thank you to Mfundi, Friedrich and Elsje, the executive producer and producers of Generations respectively, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of history in South African TV entertainment, and my colleagues for the love and support they have shown me over the years. I wish them all many more years of Generations," says Connie.

Connie will not be doing any interviews until her official departure from the show in August 2010. The character of Karabo will be on our screens until October this year.


30 Apr 2010 17:48


Savanah Dry
30 Apr 2010 18:57

i had stopped watching anyway so she can go!!

30 Apr 2010 20:11

*sobbing uncontrollably*.....:->

30 Apr 2010 20:29


30 Apr 2010 20:49

m gonna mis her! i mite as wel stop watchin gen!

30 Apr 2010 21:19

so sad, its feelz like she's dead or missing i dnt knw bt it doesn't feel gud. Generation won't have anada Karabo,she is a lady,very classy,unique,glamarous. She is beautiful. This is a big lose 4 us and generation. It's strange cause i already misses her. Al d best 4 u Connie gud lucky on yo adventure, we wil alwayz love u and miss u

30 Apr 2010 22:08


01 May 2010 11:58

bye conz

01 May 2010 12:28

What will Generations be without Karabo, really now?

Da Diva
01 May 2010 21:41

Wow Connie is leaving now, i wish her a gud luck kukho konke azokwenza after generations................ Awu liyahamba idlozi leGenerations usesele yedwa uQueen.

happy ndlovu
01 May 2010 22:34

Please don't kill her. We are tired of funerals in generations especially for the moroka family. She will be missed she is so lovely.

01 May 2010 22:40

I realy dont think there'll b a difference. Not long a go she was off screan and i didn't even notice that she had gone 2 long. Generations was doing good, that shows that she's not the heart of the show. Remember we were so scared when the other actors & actresses left the show, we were complaining. People lyk Pamela Nomvete, Sello Maake ka Ncube etc. But the show has grown stronger than b4.

03 May 2010 07:04

it'll take time to adopt but time will be on our side to let us heal.i know that she'll be missed,all the best Connie,

03 May 2010 07:18

ao!!! Gen will not be the same again without her

03 May 2010 07:32

it's about time she gives herslf another brand name, i cnt imagine playing one character for so many years. She was good hope to see her play in another series maybe a vampire part wow Karb u will sure be missed dear!!!

03 May 2010 08:14

When is Queen leaving?

03 May 2010 08:49

Makisto I also think thats the reason why she left. Mfundi forgot that Connie is a brand on her own and talked out of turn when he said that statement. Connie has never branded herself with generations, her name on its own sells. Yes she was popular because of Generations but its not her problem that people associate her with it.

03 May 2010 08:56

generations is boring at times,Im sure she(karabo) is tired of losing babies and fiances!!!!!

03 May 2010 09:20

I am going to miss her..........She was one of those u knw but then it's time for other growing actprs to show their talent like she did........all i can say is dat i'm proud of her en she's an unselfish woman. Good luck to ur new career Mrs Ferguson!

03 May 2010 09:20

thats one hell of a woman! she is good in whatever she do...just wish she could get a place in muvango, teaming up with tandaza may be that way the endless fights in muvango wil end. al i can say is sis connie you go gal and show them what you made of!................

03 May 2010 10:23

Instead of killing her character they should replace her with Terry Pheto

03 May 2010 10:53

@Dini....No one can ever match up to Connie acting the character fo KArabo so plaes no replacements...and replacing her with Terry mighr create tensions because Terry is also doing the Garnier advert so that is BRANDING as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 May 2010 10:54

I'm the one who's going to replace her

03 May 2010 10:55

But the girl is also a very good actress sweety I think the other problem was with the salaries as well or let me play the character then.
Maybe Mfundi should do what Isidingo did with the Ace character and give us the chance to audition

03 May 2010 10:56


03 May 2010 10:58

good i support karabo,explore the world and b happy.
her life doesn't revolve aroung Generations.

03 May 2010 11:12

Well Karabo... go well dear

i for one will get over it very soon, you were not a diva or a villian so apart from you being in the soapie longer than others there is nt much real that can make me boycott Gen .... if i was able to keep watching after my favorite actress Ntsiki and Julia ... those were there people who could often times leave you on the edge of your couch karabo was never anything close to that except when she had a miscarriege.  so for me it is just gonna be another Busi leaving Gen

I think her going anywhere else except acting will be even more good or even if she can come up with a show of here own(wonder what could that be), maybe about beauty and fashion or whatever because for some reason nje i cant picture her fitting into any SA soapie without being viewed or expected to be Karabo, so maybe a new drama or new show can do her good....

otherwise she must just stick to her businesses because she is just good and have image for it ....

03 May 2010 11:15

excuse spelling mistakes,

03 May 2010 11:26

I think she had overstayed her welcome....its about time she left the soapie
she is a wonderful actress but the charecter karabo was no  longer going anywhere......i can't say i will miss her considering she was gone from the show  not so long ago and it made no BIG difference

I wish her all the best for the future

03 May 2010 11:28

l wish her all the best in her new venture. l hope she is stepping to another better level.

03 May 2010 11:41

She should try Scandal

03 May 2010 12:04

I hear on move magazine she was getting R9500 per month. i dont know how true is this.  

03 May 2010 12:10

@Holiday.....Ferguson, who is getting paid around R80000 a month, had a problem with her salary increment, says a source.

Producers apparently didn’t want to give her a salary increase anymore.

03 May 2010 12:42

Reply from: makisto 5/3/2010 5:58:58 PM

@ Dini
That would be pairing her with her husband Shona Ferguson. 

Maybe she will finally jump to life when doing a kissing scene if it is with the hubby.... damn she can be cold when doing an intimate scene....

03 May 2010 12:44

@ Holiday where did you hear about the R9500 even Gladys does not get that

03 May 2010 12:45

@ tizoz to be honest Karabo cannot act she just dress smart

03 May 2010 13:12

i will miss her i real like her boldness people may think or say what ever they like but people like Karabo and Queen stood up for our nation they prove that if other countries can play sopies we can also do it, I will always admire and salute her for her talent Karabo was never involved in any drama like drug or alcohol abuse she has been a role model to us and our are my hero good luck gal.

03 May 2010 13:12

Connie or must i say Karabo really BELIEVED  IN her DREAM.  She was  Living it, it means she was swimming against the stream of the society....because no one will understand the dream u have until the Birth of it. People believe in a Dream once it comes into existance. So make your Dream become Existance by Believing in it and LIVING it. LIVE YOUR DREAM Inspite of every circumstance. Fight For your Dream... it's a loss to generations and to us viewers but bigup to Connie for now she will make her dream come true!!!!

Sure I will miss U Karabo and good luck to your future endeavours!!!

03 May 2010 13:36

Really dnt know what to say , i will miss u Karabo. "sad'

03 May 2010 13:43

Karabo was never involved in any drama like drug or alcohol abuse she has been a role model to us and our are my hero good luck gal.

@ntoko...aowa Karabo was involved in drugs while she was a model maybe you meant aus Connie

@ tizoz to be honest Karabo cannot act she just dress smart
@Dini, i agree with you to some extend, there wasnt enything exceptional about her acting

03 May 2010 14:04

Good luck in every thing that you are going to do

03 May 2010 14:17

im glad she is leaving, igenerations beyimenza isfebe

first it was Max Naidoo, Glen Majozi, Khaya Motene, his bodyguard (Thapelo Mokoena forgot his character name) ;  Sibusiso Dlomo, Tau Mogale and now Paulie

this made me think she is promiscuous vele

03 May 2010 14:59

@Best-Achiever .....aowa Karabo was involved in drugs while she was a model maybe u meant aus Connie

Yeah i meant Connie sorry ma bloggers ukuthi i ma so sad she was a lady but that's not gonna stop me form watching sure Sbuda is still there and Senzo my favourites

03 May 2010 15:10

Reply from: Katlegom 5/3/2010 8:17:40 PM

im glad she is leaving, igenerations beyimenza isfebe

first it was Max Naidoo, Glen Majozi, Khaya Motene, his bodyguard (Thapelo Mokoena forgot his character name) ; Sibusiso Dlomo, Tau Mogale and now Paulie

Didnt she do Fana Mokoena as well?

and dont forget Khaphela they dated for a

to be honest the real reason I watch is to at least see Senzo's behind cause even his acting is leaving a lot to be desired

03 May 2010 15:28

enkosi ngohambo lwakho so dat uzonika abanye abantu i-chance

03 May 2010 16:17

@tizoz, oh yeah Mandla too, Mr lfat nose!

04 May 2010 09:12

FiNALLY, although i'm a bit dissapointed that its Karabo first and NOT QUEEN, i'll cross ma fingers that QUEEN leaves the show too........and ZAMANI, AJAX, SAMUEL,PAUL,SHARON,KHETHIWE..........OMG.......mfundi needs new good actors ASAP..............

05 May 2010 12:28

thank God It about time Connie.Farewell !!!

07 May 2010 13:41

Hamba kahle...

07 May 2010 14:16

Karabo was never involved in any drama like drug or alcohol abuse she has been a role model to us and our are my hero good luck gal.

@ntoko...aowa Karabo was involved in drugs while she was a model maybe you meant aus Connie 

CTFU heish wena BA hihihi

Go well Mrs. Ferguson...was a pleasure watching u on my screen

09 May 2010 15:34

Ouuuu! its so sad that karabo is leaving generations. . i wonder what will happen to generation when she leaves? i gonna miss her very much and she was a good character in generation. . i think i will stop watching generation. . now what will happen to Queen. . i really going to miss you karabo and all the best hey. .

09 May 2010 22:47

WoW ,whooping R80- 000 is so little that you can leave your job ?
Is she going to be a speaker like bo Bassie to cover for the loss income.

cece M
11 May 2010 09:47

lol wow finally she`s leaving! ive been waiting for this day 4 quite a while now GOSH GOGO UYAHAMBA

cece M
11 May 2010 09:47

lol wow finally she`s leaving! ive been waiting for this day 4 quite a while now GOSH GOGO UYAHAMBA

cece M
11 May 2010 09:47

lol wow finally she`s leaving! ive been waiting for this day 4 quite a while now GOSH GOGO UYAHAMBA

11 May 2010 10:10

Cece M, Connie is beautiful & still hot at her age. SUBA NOMONA IGAMA LEKOFI.

Tsamaya gantle ausi Connie. Ke tlo ku missa nna.


11 May 2010 10:30

11 May 2010 10:34

Generations wont be the same with out Connie.I will miss her so much but ke ebengasoze aphelele kwi generations anyway.

11 May 2010 10:57

that's what i said Floh, eish abantu badla imali langaphandle. i read that Bassie charges R250 000 if companies want to use her face. 

tjoe!!! a quater of a million for ubuso nje.....

11 May 2010 11:46

the body gard was not using his name he was called Gabrill

11 May 2010 11:55

Go well Karabo<> Connie, you did your part. Wish you many blessings along the way BYE  God Bless

11 May 2010 13:32

big mistake fundi, big mistake.....................

17 May 2010 02:41

ja its about time she really needs to go out and find something else ,she cant be stuck in one job, the gal is talented i wish her all the best.

18 May 2010 14:31

Shame her part ibingabonakali ngoku bendisendine worry ukuba uzobhanxwa aphelelephi nguPaul i hope Akazo hamba ngokufa shame. bake bafunele uQueen indoda i'm shore le Surprice iyiclient ka Jason inokuba yindoda kaQueen

20 May 2010 12:08

20 May 2010 12:11

This is when i say "ezibuhlungu azipheli"...damn, what would be gen without this classy lady, atleast usakhona Queen, once she also make up her mind and join Connie, dat would be the end of gen, mark my word. mfund, u better hold on to Queen if u know what best for you, in every where queen is, always brings humour and laughter.  Its wont be easy after karabo has gone but we will get used to it.

20 May 2010 12:33

Hi mabloggers

I've been gone for quite a long time now but I really have to comment on this.

I'm really excitted that Karabo is leaving shoo!!!!!!!!!  Its about time.  Give other people a chance you'll be missed thou but its about time you go.

20 May 2010 15:22

I will miss you Connie wish you all all the best.May the Lord open a door with great achievements. 

28 May 2010 23:46

Argh, ayiye keneth would say ABOROGWA & ngamla SHAY'I S'SHWAPHANA SAKHO UHAMBE LA, & me AY'GUBHE MAMA!

31 May 2010 14:03

Mfundi u have 2 months to think of how will she leave Gen, not by death please dont kill her.  She might as well just go abroad to live with Angela or something like that.

31 May 2010 14:26

she is pregnant , and its not Paul

04 Jul 2010 16:37

Its about tym. She has gwrn in gen & now deservs a new start. Gud luk. C u as a whole new karekta.

04 Jul 2010 16:42

Its about tym. She has gwrn in gen & now deservs a new start. Gud luk. C u as a whole new karekta.

Mrs Chix
13 Jul 2010 16:47

shame wat a pity we will miss her. Good luck Connie

21 Jul 2010 13:41

Hey you will be greatly missed.really loved your shoots. 


21 Jul 2010 13:41

Hey you will be greatly missed.really loved your shoots. 


21 Jul 2010 14:01

they must consider bringing back Xolile Tshabalala aka Julia Motene to close the gap..

28 Jul 2010 15:07

i was getting tired of karabo lways changing men, she dated almost every man on generations, she should go before she dates kenneth.

as for connie, your good image was nearly lost, good luck connie

28 Jul 2010 15:20

Go well dont Come back

28 Jul 2010 15:21

Mhmmm she has a good structure bantu, i saw her legs on her shorts skirts in drum or movie magazine. Fresh nice body...

28 Jul 2010 15:30

Ya nami I saw those hot legs wow!  she must donate to me those legs

28 Jul 2010 15:31

NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH GUYS; my sister who always claims to know it all..says she was borrowed i Move magazine and she read in there ukuthi Connie is HIV positive...she says its Connie who is quoted admitting that....min ake being the number one fan *in my head*...i dont believe that....have you guys heard anything about that

28 Jul 2010 15:36

No MaWiniza I never heard of that I even 100% doubt it.

Georgie M
28 Jul 2010 16:14

It's so sad that she's leaving, I loved her character very much, at least we still have Queen (Sophie), Sbusiso (Menzi) and Kenneth (Sputla). They are the only people who make me watch Generation this days, I think the writers and producers have ran out of ideas. Lest I forget, The guy who play Lungile, is not the first time he plays in Generation, he played a while ago, although I cannot remember his name back then, but he was once a bad guy always riding his motorbike and was in love with Thembi (character played by Florence Masebe) and Thembi then, was married to Sonny who later married Baba (Rina Nienaber), correct me if I'm wrong, you've totally lost it guys, come on get your act together, I don't forget that easily.

12 Aug 2010 08:35

Cnt believ she iz goin,it wil take tym to get used.I mis u nd wil mis u.Mch lv

15 Aug 2010 12:27


15 Aug 2010 12:32

despite ukungabonakali kwe nto ayenzayo,let me give zamani a break...ja we! good buy karobs maybe mr ferguson heard enaf of achiez,mandlaz,paulz etc..who are always smooching yo lips like its real...huuuuh kwazibani? hamba sisi xa ixesha livumarisha for you

19 Aug 2010 09:41

Well well well, its about time she left I mean she was starting to be a boring character in Generations and well what can we say apart from every man that came to the show was set to be her Boyfriend first, so we have a Brook of our own. She was made out to be a SLUT and I think she needs to move on out and let new talent step in. No hard feelings Cons but you have played your part and I was staring to hate you with all the drama between you, Dineo, Paul and Lungile. So go take care of your own real man and stop being the woman of all man on Generations.

08 Sep 2010 14:45

WOW,pretty speachless, well connie i will miss you like never be4 anyways i want you to go and explore the rest of the world in peace with you and your family and i want you to live many endless years with you and your marvelous family.I wish you all the best and as we all know the future is bright so we want to see you gazing around in the future trying to see a better world  anyways i love u and i will be behind you and well done on your role as karabo you really were a star in the past 16years

sexy d
08 Sep 2010 14:55

gud luck connie hope things go accourding to your plan wish you all the best in future..

29 Sep 2010 13:41


30 Sep 2010 11:55

Connie even though sometimes we were saying evil things kaKarabo is painful to c that she won't be appearing in our screens, gud luck legend keep shining.

05 Oct 2010 12:10

are you married if yes then is good that you quite for the sake of you husband.

06 Oct 2010 15:33

i wont lie and say i will miss her she is the reason why i dont watch generations anymore i wish dineo would give her a smack

11 Oct 2010 11:51

It's about time not that she had an impact on the soapie.We are tired of old faces,looking for new fresh faces now. Sorry Conz try something else

13 Oct 2010 15:08


04 Jul 2013 12:12

miss u karabo in generation pls come back generation is boring without u

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