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Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 29 Mar 2010
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On Saturday night (27 March) the curtain rose to reveal the Top 10 finalists who've made it to the crunch-phase of the SABC1 reality series Class Act.

Over the past three weeks the series has featured the audition tour in search of the 10: first up was Durbs and Cape Town, ending in Gauteng on Saturday.

Hosted by actor Kenneth Nkosi, the show's scouting for a winning actor who'll play a lead role in an Amstel TV ad. and jet off to the US for an eight week acting course at the prestigious New York Film Academy.

On Saturday's episode the panel of three judges decided on their short list, discussed their choices with the show's director Tim Greene and together they came up with the 10.

This coming Saturday (3 April) the real showdown begins. The 10 have moved in together (yes-yes they're living Big Brother) and they're being put through their acting paces in preparation for the episode - which will be broadcast live in front of the judges and a studio audience.

They're also in the process of filming short movies, which will be on the show. They'll do their thang, viewers will vote and one contestant will leave each week.

A different celebrity judge join the series-judges each week to give their feedback - the first pro coming up this week: international man of mystery Hakeem Kae-Kazim.

Without further adieu, the 10-sum are:

Danville Ross

Age: 23
From: Cape Town
Occupation: Sales Assistant

More about him: Originally from Worcester, Danny has always wanted to be an actor. He studied Acting, Speech and Drama in KZN and has worked professionally in theatre productions.

In his own words: "Film is a tough industry to get into, so I'm grateful to be part of the 10 contestants to have made it through. Being part of the show will give me the headstart and the exposure I need to make it in the industry."
Denzil Thompson

Age: 26
From: Zeekoeivlei, Cape Town
Occupation: Waiter

More about him: Born in Lavender Hill, Denzil has wanted to be an actor from an early age. He has a diploma in Theatrical Art and Drama and landed a stint as an actor in a feature film called Janja Weed.

He's also been featured in a local TV commercial but feels that he needs to hone his skills and gain more experience over a range of genres.

In his own words: "Class Act will give me the exposure and the experience I need in the film and TV industries. I want to make it big in Jo'Burg."
Greg Parvess

Age: 28
From: Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
Occupation: Waiter

More about him: Born and raised in Cape Town, Greg has always wanted to pursue an acting career. He studied drama and psychology and has acted in TV commercials, an international mini-series and has worked as a presenter.

He was also part of an educational theatre troupe in Dubai. He now wants a leading role.

In his own words: "I want to show people what I'm made of. I want to get as far as I can in the show, do my best acting and show the best of my skills."
Malusi Mbele

Age: 28
From: Verulam, Durban
Occupation: Call Centre Representative

More about him: Born in Inanda, Durban, Malusi knew that he was born to act. As a child in primary school he told his parents that he wanted to act. "You're always singing the same song," they'd say.

His role model was Jim Carey and he and his friends would entertain their school peers with their Carey-like performances.

In High School he and his friends produced and acted in a play which took round Verulam - people reacted with tears and standing ovations.

In his own words: "I've got this in me. I can do it. Why shouldn't I pursue it as a career?"
Muzi Ngwenya

Age: 27
From: Bramley, Johannesburg
Occupation: Actor

More about him: Muzi grew up in Eldorado Park, saw himself as an aspiring actor and became a fan of Al Pacino and Denzel Washington. This lead to him ultimately becoming an actor and actively seeking roles in the film industry.

As a youngster, he would practice acting in front of a mirror after watching a movie.

Menzi Ngubani (Sibusiso on Generations) has proven to be an inspiration to him, and even though he has had no formal acting lessons, he has had cameo roles on television and appeared in a television commercial.

Muzi also enjoys fishing, rugby and gaming to relax.

In his own words: "I want to gain as much exposure and experience in the film industry, and Class Act is now providing this stepping stone for me"
Sdumo Tsepo Mtshali

Age: 27
From: Montclair, Durban
Occupation: Actor

More about him: Born in King Edwards hospital in Durban, Sdumo's always dreamt of being an actor. He has a background in theatre. He started acting in productions while he was studying drama and acting and is now a fulltime thespian.

Currently he's busy with educational school shows based around climate change and the environment.

In his own words: "I can't wait to experience acting in a film environment, where we get to see how direction works, in a professional environment with key industry players. I love acting because it's creative. I'm passionate about it."
Steven Ward

Age: 19
From: Irene, Pretoria
Occupation: Lecturer at Loerie Academy of Dramatic Arts

More about him: Born in Papua, New Guinea, Steven has wanted to be an actor since he was a child.

While his hobbies and skills are varied - he enjoys rugby, socialising, playing various instruments, singing and street dancing - he would really love to be a leading man in a character role, much like Johnny Depp, his favourite actor, in Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

South African actors who inspire him are Charlize Theron; and Kagiso Kuypers who acted in Blood Diamond. Steven studied at the Youth Theatre and the Loerie Academy of Dramatic Arts and has acted in various plays in small theatres.

In his own words: "My favourite genre of film is action, and I hope that Class Act will bring me much needed experience of acting in front of a camera, film experience and life in the eye of the media."
Thabo Rametsi

Age: 21
From: Kempton Park, Johannesburg
Occupation: Law Student
More about him: Thabo, a law student at UNISA, has acted in various TV ads and school plays. Born in Umlazi, KZN, he now calls Kempton Park home.

He would love to act in an historic epic, portraying an action hero. Ever since he can remember he has wanted to act, and recently found inspiration to be a better actor from watching Robert Whitehead as Barker Haines in Isidingo.

Having been a football fan since his schooldays, he took time out to act in school plays, his true passion. With no formal acting training and having acted in some TV ads, he's hoping that Class Act will be the start of a new career in the film industry.

In his own words: "I really want to get as much exposure as possible in the film industry and learn from working with other actors who are striving for the same thing, to play the lead in a major film. I love singing and writing songs as a hobby, but acting is my passion."
Vaughn Lucas

Age: 28
From: Braamfontein, Johannesburg
Occupation: Communication Science student

More about him: Being married didn't stop Vaughn from queuing early for the Class Act auditions. Neither did the risk of being away from his wife for up to 13 weeks.

Vaughn has always wanted to play a hero in an Epic or Sci-Fi/Action movie, and Class Act with its 'call to action' was what he was looking for.

He hasn't had formal acting training, but has appeared in TV ads, done voiceovers, and dabbled in some modelling.

He believes that Class Act will give him the opportunity to learn better acting skills and to become a better actor with the ultimate aim of moving forward and getting noticed in the film industry.

In his own words: "Chris Beasley in the role of Len Cooper has been my inspiration from a South African perspective, but Al Pacino is my favourite actor, specifically in Devil's Advocate."
Yonda Thomas

Age: 24
From: Eersterust, Pretoria
Occupation: Currently unemployed

More about him: Born in Umatata, Yonda now calls Eerserust, just outside Pretoria, home. He has not had any formal acting training, but has had roles in numerous school plays and productions.

Judo and tennis keep him busy when he is not watching his favourite movies, which are psychological thrillers.

Gerard Butler is his favourite actor, while Hlomla Dandala, who plays Jacob Abayomi in Jacobs Cross, is the South African actor who most inspires him. What role would he play if he had a choice? His answer: "Without a doubt a villain like John Travolta played in Swordfish".

In his own words: "Through Class Act I hope to learn more about the industry and how to act in different roles. The workshops and training are going to be a great help. I have wanted to be an actor since I was 14. This was when I acted in my first school production."

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29 Mar 2010 07:45

WOW!! Looking for " Will Smith' look alike...:-)

29 Mar 2010 08:20

Denzil Thompson is my favourate

29 Mar 2010 08:44

Yonda Thomas looks cute...

Sana Lwam
29 Mar 2010 08:48

Yonda Thomas is yummy looking :)

29 Mar 2010 09:08

Muzi Ngwenya looks scary, a true Eldos thouroughbred, lol

29 Mar 2010 09:30

Thabo Rametsi

Oh bantu ndze yena u Smiddle Poondle, bantu komfana wamama .. oh bantu bantu!

Shy Girl
29 Mar 2010 11:24

Muzi is my favourite... Yonda is handsome maan...

29 Mar 2010 13:32

Hai sorini bt i have to say this. Sdumo luks like those lost people from Kumbulikhaya. 

Yonda is so cute bathong, come to mama boy boy, i will make u My Class Act!!!!!

29 Mar 2010 14:51

Thabo Rametsi SHO!!! hayi no comment

Shy Girl
29 Mar 2010 15:13

ngathi ufe wavuka - Buligirl... 
I know ths is bad but I'm joking neh..

DJ Why why
29 Mar 2010 17:43

Wow, Yonda Yonda!!! is teh voting open yet?, lol

30 Mar 2010 22:49

Muzi will mos- def take it!

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24 May 2011 14:27

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