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Written by Toodecent from the blog IN THE ZONE on 08 Feb 2010
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Yeah Yeah Yeah I know just the tittle of this article should get a couple of souls excited I am excited too and there I was thinking of what I know and what i think. So I figured you guys need to know my thoughts as I have always found it difficult keeping them to my self so here we are...

As many of you would know Jub Jub Molemo the artist took part in Survivor SA Santa Carolina and had to leave the show to nurse his genitals. Proud of him right there BTW.. the decision I mean.. Recently he said on DJ Sbu Breakfast Show and on Vuzu that he is NOT Kelly Khumalo's baby daddy which leaves us with Speedy now anyway as I was saying...

The dude who said “I’ve never had unprotected sex before” is rumoured
to be releasing his line on Condoms Jube Tubes. Must be the "Condom Week" fever which reminds me. Ladies if you have never bought condoms before or have not had the liver to this is you chance, its Condom Week after all. Lets have sex sex ...oops meant SAFE sex :)

Did You Know  there is a rumour that has been going on and also DJ Sbu online reported about it? Apparently LIVE will not be renewing a contract of one of the male presenters. Which means its between T' Bo Touch and Phila.


Who Is it Gonna Be? Only time will tell if the rumour is true and who will survive. Well for the haters of My Gal B.. Euphonik included even though he apologised, looks like Bonang is not going anywhere :) My gut says Touch eish..

Did You Know I told myself am not going to entertain this but somehow here I am writing about it.  I know it tough and so on especially with someone you love but I seriously do not get why the twice as much beautiful than Khanyi, Primrose Crous is taking queen diva to court to stay away from her man. Another thing if she is a shareholder/ co-owns the business with the dumb why is she demanding papgeld ?


Anyway this dude wa kgora, how do you leave such a HOT wife for Khanyi? Well its Khanyi after all... Hun if you need anything just not money, ask my lady for permission  first :)

Did You Know The SAFTA's are coming up? And for the first time am excited about them...

We counting down to the SAFTA's which take Place in my home town Tshwanetoria as we call it otherwise City of Tshwane on February 20th and this time my invitation didnt get lost in the Post.

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Sandy Ngema got married and not just married to a Whitey :) Congratulations Mrs.... to see more pic got to MIKA STEFANO.

Lastly..... I THINK someone SHOULD resign instead of giving State of  The Nation Address...

Anyway that just my opinion......

This is 2010 after all the year of big things, now I wish I could say more but cant YET.. Just be ready for this excting "ThinG" thats coming Up.. also its the 4th Year of TVSA 's existance.


08 Feb 2010 20:49

Nice1 TooDy! Khanyi just proved that looks r not everything.Prim is 100 times hotter than her.

08 Feb 2010 21:02

I hope its mtakama not Tbo cant b my boy leaving da bldng.

08 Feb 2010 21:05

Nice read Toody - about the male presenter leaving Live, the times reported it as   TBo touch.

Sandy's wedding "smh" Ja neh, those getting married after Khanyi are seriously in deep kak.  Have to up their game or ban reporters and photographers at their weddings.

08 Feb 2010 21:06

I also got confused at how Prim ran out of funds egarage buyin a magazine if she co-owns businesses.

08 Feb 2010 21:07

Cnga - yep, it looks like its your boy leaving the building.  His got a lot on his plate

08 Feb 2010 21:08

and nakhona, how much were these mags?  Did she really have to use icredit card to pay for them?

08 Feb 2010 21:12

Oh no FK!eish i betta watch without eyeliner on friday.i love Tbo so much.its a pity his show on radio aint age appropriate 4 me.Akon is gona send a farewell msg.

08 Feb 2010 21:13

Thanks FK, had not seen confirmation that it would be Touch yet.
Have to up their game or ban reporters and photographers at their weddings.>>> KSKD mara why? Please man should not compare anyone to Khanyi Dlomo ahahaa.
Well Cngle, seems Prim story is a Dineo Mashaba one well I hope not. Still dont get how she ran out of funds yazi. Mara le bona these women are braze opening their legs for that Oupa..

08 Feb 2010 21:15

Did you know there are people buying bread nge credit card FK? Not suprised with the magazine story ahahaha

08 Feb 2010 21:16

Yoh what is the R25k for?cosmetics?im dissapointed at Prim 4 not even having a savings account to fall back on?what do these women think mara?

08 Feb 2010 21:17

he he he Toody - funny enough I have a feeling that Ms Mbau is not giving it to him.  She is just dangling that carrot in front of him coupled with Togo juju and the idiot just spends and spends for her with the hope that ONE day is ONE day.  Ba mo tshwere ka pole dancing (cock teasing).

08 Feb 2010 21:17

Akon is gona send a farewell msg.>>> KSKD tl tl tl tl....

08 Feb 2010 21:18

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa @ FK...

08 Feb 2010 21:20

kwa kwa kwa @ buying bread ka card?  Why vele?  This is what happens when you are dependent on someone else.  I bet gore o barekela disanitary pads.  Sies man.

True cnga - maybe they are not even legally married.  I want to see their marriage contract - Out of Community????  Did not even go for accrual.  NX

08 Feb 2010 21:22

Askies Toody - ke kopa go botsa Cnga - don't they have a live blog for the Phly one?

08 Feb 2010 21:24

Where is Mandla in all this?OMG!shem the ex wife must having the last laugh.i stil remember when he dogded mantaining his disable he cant even see Khanu.

08 Feb 2010 21:27

That old geezer - it serves him right.  The sad thing singer, he can't go back to the ex wife.  He was shayeling tops when she was with Ms Mbau.  Right now, he stays in a motel in Kempton Park and the ex wife with the disabled child, occupying the R3m house.

Karma is such a BI**Ch

08 Feb 2010 21:30

Nah they dont FK,but we will use Toody's blog(with his permission ofcoz) to bid farewell to ma boy.LMAO@ jimmy buying pads,so u think jimmy aint tapping it?

08 Feb 2010 21:33

Lol..the Jimmy name cracks me up..

08 Feb 2010 21:35

He-he-he!which 3M house?a part of me feels sorry mayb embarassed 4 u remember when khanyi said on biggie she had sum1 special picking him up so it must have been old jimmy?

08 Feb 2010 21:37

Toody i cant pronounce the afrikaans name.

08 Feb 2010 21:44

Why did Kelly lie then?drum even went on to say both families were delighted.

08 Feb 2010 21:49

lol @ jimmy.

cnga - He gave her a 3-million-rand fully furnished cluster home in Bedfordview as divorce settlement,

08 Feb 2010 21:52

Gudnyt y'all.FK you forgot to update me on our fave Doc,Dr Love's shenanigans.he is a born again,no longer gay and has that mprofethi on his show preaching waya-waya.

08 Feb 2010 21:59

Hey Cngle, are you saying he has quit? Now has interest in vjayjay's? God is Great.

08 Feb 2010 22:00

kwa kwa kwa @ mprofethi preaching waya-waya.  Shim says shim's still gay but no longer sleep with guys.  Anyway, shim's never liked doing it with them guys,, lol.

ahhh that thing?  Soweto TV can be like 114 (your neighbours) with poor sound and production.  In any case, apparently they repeat their shows and Fo sho is nothing compared to them.

Nite - Askies Im sorry Toody. Nite all

08 Feb 2010 22:15

Toody he said the gay sex is painful and not enjoyable at all.lstwk the outfit was a bit toned down and he sat carelessly like how men sit no crossed legs(the mprofethi was around).lol@my neighbours,usile FK.BTW Jerusalema was his and a friend's idea and sum1 stole so fascinated by the bornagainism drama its gona make good tv.

09 Feb 2010 06:44

Calm dwon makisto...its him leaving.

09 Feb 2010 07:57

guys who are these peolpe o primrose no mkhulu  crouse ?

09 Feb 2010 08:01

Eish FK and Cnga talk too much yazi. While thina we are at home nina you are busy blogging together  the whole nite LOL.

Nice read TDC.............

Primrose leyena otswana le Khanyi. She married Crous for the cash coz why should she fight for somone who is not fighting for her. Prim a girl should have pride. Crous went for Khanyi and he wants to be with her. Except it. Trust me he will notice what he has lost and I hope it will be too late for him to come back to you. 

Sandy should seriously fire that make-up artist... shoo. Her wedding wasn't bad though. If not comparing it to Khanyi's it was stunning

baby e
09 Feb 2010 08:11

KSKD tl tl tl @ cuz -cuz. 
Primrose with that white dude. i was in stitches when i read their drum story. things peoples do LOL

09 Feb 2010 08:43

Sandy is definately AYOBA!!! i like it only the make up, i don't even know whats that on her mouth look like a sweetaid.

Promrose, i feel sorry for her shame she won't win this is Khanyi we talking about wonke amadoda ayazifela ngaye and they will shoot to kill for her.

Blaque Diamond
09 Feb 2010 08:44

morning every1. i'm a silent blogger who as of this moment will be an active 1. 

Ah Sandy and her makeup she sure should fire her makeup artist, i would have done a much better job than that.

baby e
09 Feb 2010 08:55

I think Sandy looks too oily and the beads are just too much.

09 Feb 2010 08:55

LOL Cleve >>should seriously fire that make-up artist

09 Feb 2010 09:01

Sandy's Dress is definately AYOBA!!! i like it.  only the make up that is a big joke, i don't even know whats that on her mouth look like a sweetaid or paint.

Promrose, i feel sorry for her shame she won't win, this is Khanyi we talking about wonke amadoda ayazifela ngaye and they will shoot to kill for her.

09 Feb 2010 09:15

Prim should not fight for the old geezer....i mean why fight when you have offsprings that will make sure you are well taken care of all your life?

as for Sandy..i was even more suprised to see that she has Black children instead of mixed race kids..we all know she loves her koos white

I think it might be Phila that gets the Boot..since sekayi singer

09 Feb 2010 09:47

Eish FK and Cnga talk too much yazi. While thina we are at home nina you are busy blogging together the whole nite LOL

@cleve - you must join us.  Nite blogging is the best.  lol.  We have lots of airtime (ditaba) hence we talk too

09 Feb 2010 10:19

@TDC I also think some1 shuld resign instead of  reading whatevere is written for him.

09 Feb 2010 10:33

JZ condoms: only use when you sleeping with your nyatsi..uzobona uzomitha in no time
awuvulele umshini (izinyawo)wam mshini wam...

09 Feb 2010 10:42

Im so GATVOL of Kanyi, Primrose nalo Crous.........everytime i read papers they r there. Oh nkoso'nofefe, b with me.

Well congra to Ms Ngema, that means mine is still coming...just kidding. Make sure Khanyi doesnt come close 2 u coz .....waitsi.

Im with Monchy i think its Phila since he is busy with his album.

Some ppl know how 2 do business. I hope those condoms will be soft & they must smell divine & 100% protected. Oh DONT PUT UR PICTURE JUB-JUB!

09 Feb 2010 10:43

LOL Monchy.....saze safa zinyantsi ROTLOL!

Nice one Mr Toody!

09 Feb 2010 11:00

I did not know that COPE was still active.  This is what I don't like about this party.  They wait for ANC to blunder and then make a big hoohaaaah.

Can someone start a new party that is not so hung up on ANC?  A party that will stand on its own and have its OWN manisfesto.  A party that will not make a manifesto based on ANC failures.  Until then, I will be .......eish, I find it difficult to say it loud. 

09 Feb 2010 12:27


09 Feb 2010 13:41

Haai,I also dont understand why Primrose didnt have money for the magazines.The press said she's a shareholder mos,kante dont shareholders get paid?

09 Feb 2010 13:45

I did not know that COPE was still active. This is what I don't like about this party. They wait for ANC to blunder and then make a big hoohaaaah>>>

hahahahaha!!! FK, they r not active they just making noise for now, they will be gone ooops i mean death and buried  in 2weeks time again....kwakwakwakwa!! what a joke party!

09 Feb 2010 13:51

Thanx Tholi - I was wondering.  What happened to Mr Red Socks baby drama?  What is happening to their Presidential Candidates Son' baby drama - what's his name kakade?  The one playing on Jacob's Cross?  And Terror yena a thole - I have a few skeletons of him as well?

Please don't talk about a plank in my eye when you have a log in yours.

10 Feb 2010 13:13

Tbo touch got the boot man, that is just too obvious... I SAW this one coming because Phila was a whole lot present now on the show than usual *thinking*Huh?

I don't understand why we still talk about Khanyi Mbau *censored*.

Jub I think you made a right choice and just showed us how you value yourself. It would have been total insanity to loose your life over some game show just to entertain the crowds. I understand and don't judge you at all (most probably would have done the same)

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