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Celeb Q&A: Ayanda Ngubane

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Celeb Q&As on 20 Oct 2009
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Your Top 3 TV shows of all time:
I’d say The Apprentice, Desperate Housewives and Home Affairs. Home Affairs is very true to the South African viewer - I can relate to it. I think a lot of people in the country relate to it. Not only that, I think it’s got some of the best performers in the country. From a performance point of view I really enjoy watching it - of course that’s including myself because I’m on Home Affairs 4 *laughs*.

With Desperate Housewives, I enjoy how well-defined the characters are. They really stick to what their characters are, which makes it interesting.

I’m in business, my fiancé and I have a few businesses of our own so The Apprentice I can identify with, relate to. Sometimes I’ll sit and think “What are these people doing?? I would have done it this way.”

It’s interesting to watch how people think differently, also to see how, when people are really good performers in terms of work or business - and then they’re put into a different situation - how things can hinder their progress.

Just small things because they’re not thinking straight or being pushed beyond their limits - how when you take them out of their comfort zone things can get chaotic.

It’s also nice to see how they can also push to their best and fullest potential - I’m very business driven so I really like it.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I would probably be a lioness because of that motherly instinct. I love how they go out to find the food - I don’t like what they actually do with the food when they get it - but nonetheless, they go out and hunt. I was a single parent for a long time and I can identify with that, being a mother and providing for your child, so yah.

The scariest thing you’ve ever done:
I’m scared of heights and we were up on the Lesotho mountains and ... it might not sound that scary but I’m very scared of heights ... we were standing on the top of this hill, and watching this view. It was beautiful but I’m really terrified of heights or stairs.

A TV moment of yours that you’ll never forget:
Two scenes on Home Affairs: the one where the two sisters are confronting each other. It was really hard because of the emotions and then the scene later, the one after that - when they reconciled. It was very tearful, very painful, I was so in-the-moment and it was the best.

Your fave word:
“Nana” - that’s my baby.

Your life Motto:
God’s will will never take you where his grace will not protect you. What that means for me is that I’m here for a purpose and that purpose was planned for me before I was even born.

When I go through the difficult times, even the good times, I always remember that I’m here for a reason and that no matter how hard it may be God’s grace is working in my life and will protect me.

Summer or winter?

Japan or America?

Khanyi Mbau or Kelly Khumalo?
Neither! *laughs*

Truth or dare?

Money or fame?
Mmmm ... money.

Jeans or mini-skirts?

If you were in a different profession, what would you be?
A lawyer, I grew up wanting to be a lawyer, a criminal lawyer, but I had a cousin who was much older than me who was a lawyer. I think she was doing her articles at the time and she wasn’t earning that much money - I thought there was just no way I was going to set up myself up for that. So I didn’t do law - I did advertising, so I’d either be a lawyer or somewhere in the ad game.

Do you believe in aliens?
No. Before answering I suppose I should say it depends on what the definition of aliens is. I believe in the spirit world but not UFO’s.

Do you think there’s life out there?
I think there’s spiritual life and life after death.

Your most valuable possession:
My daughter.

And materialistically?
My photo albums, I take lots and lots of them. I treasure photos.

What possession would you like that you don’t have?
*laughs* A five star lodge! With a personal chef! And a personal spa! I’ll get there. *laughs*

What’s the best thing about playing Nomza?
Probably being in the fortunate position where you’re the lead and yes it comes with it’s pros and cons but definitely some of the pros are good - being the lead and knowing how much of an influence you can have on everybody else.

I can remember, many times, we’d have guest artists on the show, and some of the guys are new to the industry. Nomza was my first big role when I took over from Zinzile, and it’s really nice - for lack of a better word - to be able to positively influence some of the guest artists who come on.

Often they’re shaking in their boots, they haven’t been briefed and comedy’s hard - also we tried to shoot one episode a day so there's no time for people to make mistakes or forget their lines.

Sometimes people have learnt their lines but they forget them because there’s so much going on and they don’t know if they’re coming or going - there’ve been times where I’ve been able to influence some of the guests who’ve come on.

I’ve been able to say “I know, I’ve been there, I know exactly what it feels like: just go out there and do what you know and think is right, forget what the directors saying, just go out there and do it.” I’ve had some of the guys saying “Thank you, this was fanatastic - I just went in doing what you said.” So it’s been great to be able to influence some of the guys in this way.

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Nomzamo 3 premieres on SABC1 on Monday, 26 October 2009 at 19h00. For more about the show (including changes for the new season), see: TVSA's Nomzamo 3 Show Page.

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20 Oct 2009 07:57

Ayeye yeyeye , yeyeye yeyeye ...  hhu sizawuvelelwa yileliculo

20 Oct 2009 07:57

but i like Tsepo a lot

20 Oct 2009 08:17

Shes beatiful.

20 Oct 2009 09:24

This girl is so so pretty bantu. Her character irritates me a bit though on Home Affairs in that he allows the husband to treat her sister like thrash!

20 Oct 2009 09:34

IMO...'twas a horrible show but she can act   Nomzamo was just a badly scripted  comedy IMO

Desperate Housewives is very true to the South African viewer -....mmmmmmhhh  the jury is still out on that one...the show is great and all but life in Wisteria Lane and Mzansi...!!

20 Oct 2009 09:41

mna i have no comment...maar i wud like to say she is a fine a$$ woman!HoTT!

20 Oct 2009 09:47


lady gaga
20 Oct 2009 09:53

God the woman is beautiful, i could just stare at her pretty face shame..............ok i love her!

20 Oct 2009 10:07

She looks like those kinda ladies, who are married, marraige material, u look at them and u see marriage, kids, mother-inlaw, big house, tea sessions, etc......

20 Oct 2009 10:13

In this photo she reminds me of Khanyi Dhlomo-something.

20 Oct 2009 10:19

rotlol @ felfel and tea sessions...LOL..o-seister abaserious

lady gaga
20 Oct 2009 10:30

She looks like those kinda ladies, who are married, marraige material, u look at them and u see marriage, kids, mother-inlaw, big house, tea sessions, etc......  uqinisile yazi

20 Oct 2009 10:36

She looks like those kinda ladies, who are married, marraige material, u look at them and u see marriage, kids, mother-inlaw, big house, tea sessions, etc......
and a 3step gold wedding ma di scones so!! o stout wena Felfel

20 Oct 2009 10:42

"and a 3step gold wedding ring....." awuuu blueroze

20 Oct 2009 10:49


20 Oct 2009 10:54

TL: awuuu blueroze
me: *smiling* TL I was completing the sentence nje!

20 Oct 2009 11:25

LOL@ the 3-step gold wedding ring, I wish someone could tell those type of ladies that 3-step gold rings doesnt mean money anymore ...

I was wondering where have i seen her kanti it is Home affairs? ?

20 Oct 2009 12:39

lol felfel.....she looks like the kinda mother i wanna look like,and i'll take ur description minus the 3 step ring,one little ring is fine...and other gr8 staff...

now i luv the show...looking forward to seeing the of my fav emerging actors....whats his name?

20 Oct 2009 15:03

LMAO @ y'all's comments. BLOGGERS le wrongo!

Prince Bee
20 Oct 2009 18:07

Khanyi Mbau or Kelly Khumalo?
Neither! *laughs

lol good girl with class..... i love that.

21 Oct 2009 12:46

She is so beautiful.   ngiyaphela khona lapho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is the lucky  fiance?

Miss A
22 Oct 2009 15:27

Hello friends. I hope I can call you that. Firtsly, to all of you, thank you for the lovely comments (including the not so nice ones too!). I had been trying for some time to log in and respond but technology got the better of me. Finally after calling Tashi in CT, she was able to help me make contact with you guys. 

I really hope that you will enjoy the 3rd season of Nomzamo. Lots of exciting changes. I'm certainly geared up and excited. I loved making it and I hope that that will come trough on the show and you'll appreciate it. I'm always open to critism, as long as it's done in good taste. So I can agree to some degree with sponono. There was room for improvement, as with everything else in life. 

lady gaga and felfel, you guys forgot to mention the white picket fence, loads of trees in the garden and books. I'm a the next girl next door, love to cook, love my child and my partner. If I could, I'd have 10 more kids! would love a house full of kids! So you guys were not too far off in your analysis! 

I really would love to respond to all of you personally...

all in all, thank you, i am humbled. i'm honoured. and i mean that sincerely. keep supporting local shows. they are because of you. and lastly  may God continue to cause His light to shine upon you, so that you may be that light in the world! 


22 Oct 2009 15:32

Nice of you to respond Miss A!

22 Oct 2009 15:51

yeah man, thanx for getting back Miss A

lady gaga
22 Oct 2009 16:08

thanx Miss A, and know that we love u gal/ Ooh again u r beautiful!!!

08 Dec 2009 13:49

she is beautiful and talented... Hhola Sister!..

Wise gal1
24 Aug 2010 16:13

She is gorgeous!!!! uyababa sister.....i cherish u.

11 Apr 2013 12:41

You have nailed it Ayanda, i'm very impressed!

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