Should hypocrites take the Hippocratic Oath?

Written by Moagisi from the blog Bringing good TV back! on 31 Mar 2009
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Last week: our riveting drama ended with Mihlali shaken after overhearing that her folks are HIV positive. 

What does a young girl like that do when she hears that the happy family life she once knew is treading on deadly ground? She makes a plan, that’s what she does. She starts taking a few of her parents’ rands without necessarily checking with them first. Kind of like stealing. Last night we saw Mihlali take money from her mom’s purse in the morning before going to school. Could this be a cry for help or a touch of kleptomania? Or something more?
Mrs Theki goes to market and bags more than just groceries 

Mrs Theki (we’ll call her) walks into the Moloi’s supermarket to get a few things, coughing up a storm all the while. With stigma being what it is, or perhaps because he knows more than she does, Zimele asks Mrs Theki if she has had her cough checked when she returns to the counter to pay for her goods. She responds that she is taking something for the cough. Zimele hesitantly suggests that she go and get tested because her cough sounds like it could be something serious like TB or…. 

Mrs Theki does not take kindly to the insinuations made by Zimele’s unsolicited advice which comes with her groceries. She looks at Lebo who has been standing quietly in the background, and then back at Zimele and asks him what exactly he is trying to say. 

Zimele puts on a brave face and says that she should get tested for HIV because she never knows. “Zimele, are you suggesting that I’m cheating on Theki?” she says. More like Theki is forcing you into dangerous ‘polygamy’ behind your back dear and although Zimele was speaking out of turn, he felt it was the least he could do without exposing Theki. Becoming a bit of an HIV/AIDS advocate this Zimele and he got an encouraging rub on the shoulder from wife Lebo for it. 

A boat is rocked, and Zimele is mocked 

Mrs Theki leaves the shop in a huff. She goes home and lays onto to Theki, who then goes to the Moloi supermarket where he finds the Moloi’s entertaining friends chesa nyama style. The occasion? Celebrating Bulela being awarded a study scholarship to America. Shine shine. Tefo, Lihle Sol and the dreadlocked nurse from the clinic whose name I clearly don’t know because I would have just called her so, all there having a ball. 

The drunk and disorderly Theki immediately starts at Zimele, asking him about the suggests he made to his wife regarding getting tested (don’t you just love how we all know what “getting tested” means? The phrase has developed a stigma too). He accuses Zimele of planting ideas in his wife’s head who is now on Theki’s case accusing him of sleeping around. Things went a little crazy with Theki trying to have a go at Zimele, accusing him of thinking he is better when he also sleeps around, to which Zimele confidently responds that he no longer lives that life style. 

The commotion, finger pointing and shouting carries on as Tefo tries to get in the middle of the two men, and pushing Theki to go away. Lebo and Zimele look worried that Theki in all his drunken rage might blurt out their HIV status. And he didn’t disappoint . It was loud enough for all to hear. Eyes turn to the couple and Lebo calmly confirmed that she and Zimele were HIV positive.

In love we make up 

Lulu and Zakes reaffirm their love for one another and she makes Zakes promise that no matter what his status turns out to be after the window period, nothing between them will change. Zakes promises that if they ever break up it will not be because of HIV. 

And we break up...repeatedly 

If Dineo sort of breaks up with Bulela again I swear I’ll pull a Theki and just go and tell it on the mountain that she is a freaky freelancer. I won’t even need to get drunk about it first. I’ll just be fuelled by annoyance. She says it’s not quite a break up but more of a let’s not see each other outside of school or study together because we end up doing that thing where condoms are myth and self-control is well, what is that again? Poor Bulela agrees, believing Dineo’s reasons about exams approaching and there being a lot of work to do, blah blah blah. All perfectly fine reasoning, if any of it were true. 

Tefo for President

Following the Theki vs Zimele saga, Tefo decides to do something about this ‘boys will be boys’ nonsense that has men behaving very badly. He visits the school to speak to the principal about calling a meeting for men only, where the issue of HIV will be on the agenda. We know they won’t want to hear about HIV, but Tefo says their curiosity about a men only gathering will draw them to the waters. I want to say that we should admire Tefo for being such a self-respecting man and loving husband, but I also think that we need to treat the likes of Tefo as the norm and not the exception because this is really how it should be. But another topic for another day. 

One plus two...

Lulu is outside doing a bit of gardening when BF Dineo pops in for a visit. Lulu tells Dineo about how things have improved at home with Gogo getting a grant now and her younger sister’s school fees also being paid for. Lulu offers Dineo some cake, and they sit down to share more friendly talk. Lulu decides to tell Dineo about her HIV status. 

Dineo very awkwardly brushes Lulu’s knee and says askies and continues eating her cake. Lulu naturally finds it odd that Dineo is taking this very well and doesn’t seem surprised at all. She asks Dineo why she is behaving like she already knew. Dineo, for some weird reason, tells Lulu that Zakes had already told her about it, but she didn’t want to mention it until Lulu told her in person. Who does that? 

Equals three

Zakes arrives all buzzing and grabs a seat, but instead of a friendly greeting he gets the ‘how could you tell Dineo about my status when you had promised you wouldn’t tell anyone’ question from a shocked Lulu. Lulu throws down her yummy looking cake in rage and Zakes and Dineo try to the PR situation. But eventually Zakes comes out with the truth about him and Dineo sleeping together. Doesn’t mention the no condom part, but then again we are getting used to condoms being an afterthought to these characters. 

Lulu throws Mr and Mrs we were drunk and fell upon each other’s nakedness by accident out of her yard. Zakes in turn goes and throws a stone into the Moloi’s shop on his way home, breaking the window. When the Moloi’s return to the shop to find the broken window, they suspect it was Theki. 

Money, money, money isn’t funny in a poor man’s world 

Lebo and Mihlali are counting shop takings for Lebo to go and bank afterwards. While Lebo is not looking, Mihlali takes some of the money already packed into the money bag and slips it into her school bag. Maybe she just wants to recount it again later. Or she’s planning a surprise farewell party for her brother. She’s a good girl right? 

Lebo returns to the shop and asks Zimele if he has taken R500 from the money that was to be banked. He denies taking any money, but precedence leads Lebo to ask if he has another girlfriend he is feeding. Zimele is of course innocent this time and while they are trying to figure out where the missing money went, Mihlali’s school teacher gives Lebo a call asking to see her regarding Mihlali’s lack of concentration in class and her dropping performance. Lebo tells the teacher that there have been some problems at home and that she will come in to see her. 

The cash stash is found 

Lebo finds the missing R500 hidden on a shelf in Mihlali’s room. Later that evening when Zimele asks what Mihlali’s teacher had said, Lebo shows him the money that she found in their daughter ‘s room. Mihlali is called in to explain. She lies and says it is money she has been saving. They obviously don’t believe her because they don’t give her that much pocket money. Mihlali was forced to admit that she had stolen the money from the shop. 

Mihlali’s interpretation of making hay while the sun shines 

When asked by her disappointed parents why she would do such a thing, Mihlali says that she did not want to end up like those poor AIDS orphans she sees on tv, and was trying to save money to look after herself and her unborn sibling once her parents died of AIDS, since Bulela would be away in America. I wouldn’t have guessed this would be her reason. I was thinking attention seeking, and maybe there was a bit of that too. 

But she was only trying to do what she thought was best for her and her younger brother of sister. Tears ran down Lebo’s face as she pulled Mihlali into her bosom and reassured her that although her parents had HIV, she shouldn’t worry about being an orphan because they were both still healthy and would be there to look after her and the baby. 

Should hypocrites take the Hippocratic Oath?

Now that Mihlali knows, Bulela had to be told. His reaction to the news left me wondering if he is smarter than an 8th grader because he stood shouting at his parents for betraying their own teachings of condom use. I know it wasn’t just me and there was something very wrongo about this reaction because, well hello, need I spell it out. A bit hypocritical don’t you think Bulela? Mmh? I mean, I don’t remember you using condoms. In fact, I remember you doing the opposite. Twice! I wouldn't let this aspiring Dr take my temperature.

Soul City, Monday 20:30, SABC 1!


31 Mar 2009 11:52

1st yipieeeeeee! now let me read.

31 Mar 2009 12:04

i thot lulu was crazy i mean she cheated and probably gave the guy HIV and she's angry cause he slept with a 'virgin'............ hello!!!!!!!!!!

31 Mar 2009 12:05

It seems as if Thekhi knows very well that he is sick ,why did he acted like that after Zimela ask her wife to do the HIV test . Cheating it is not a good business let us catch a wake up call BAFOWETHO & do whats right for our relationship love,respect,faithfulness.

31 Mar 2009 12:11

OMW, thanx Moagisi for the recap.. so much happened on last night's episode. Great work

Ms. Jay
31 Mar 2009 12:21

So much happened indeed! guess its all unfolding somehow - poor Mihla....its not a thing one that age should be thinking

31 Mar 2009 12:28

LOL@ Mrs Thekie coughing and being asked to go for a David Kau was rite...we must be careful of coughing in public these
Thanks for the recap Moagisi...great one as always

31 Mar 2009 12:30

Great Recaps as always... thank you

i ws so touched by Mihlali's reasoning

31 Mar 2009 12:45

Soul City never disappoints!

31 Mar 2009 12:59

kids really understand kids. my little sister knew exactly what mihlali was doing stealing all that money and nna i was wondering WTF she is doing. i was even psychoanalysing her....sheesh, old age sux!

31 Mar 2009 13:05

Soul City never disappoints
yes you are right on the story line part

mara guys why is the shop owner's (Zimele) house so old fashioned>>>>>>>the grey sofas>>>>old coffee table>>>>>>>>>>>old table (tv stand)>>>>>>>>>>old everything
the only thing missing is red floors. (which is polished with a red polish with a sun picture)

haai no everything in that house is old mara batho ba grocera ko Zimele. i thought profit ya bona e shap(mihlali stole money twice and it wasalready R700, so imagine if they saved for furniture at least room divider). or that woman's taste in furniture dull like her make up (from yesterday's episode)

why was lulu wearing malabulabu? yes she is poor mara those clothes!!!!!

zuluboy ena.....haaai no! that guy, why did he wear the beanie? ka gore that black thing (wind breaker or something) we know are used to. 
it made me confused gore kante is it winter or summer ko masakhane 

moagisi big ups!

31 Mar 2009 13:12

I felt for Mihlali too-poor kid

31 Mar 2009 13:21

Lol @ blueroze! Ja ne, they really furnish like some of our grandparents, who actually are more modern in their taste lately. 

Just a thought: Don't you have to go for medical checks for insurance purposes when you get study scholarship to US? I remember my friend did when she went to study in America last year. Maybe that's how Bulela is going to find out his status.

31 Mar 2009 13:23

only thing missing is red floors. (which is polished with a red polish with a sun picture) 

it made me confused gore kante is it winter or summer ko masakhane 
 kwa kwa kwa Blueroze

31 Mar 2009 13:26

mara guys why is the shop owner's (Zimele) house so old fashioned>>>>>>>the grey sofas>>>>old coffee table>>>>>>>>>>>old table (tv stand)>>>>>>>>>>old everything
the only thing missing is red floors. (which is polished with a red polish with a sun picture) 

careful there blueroze....that house is habo someone I know very well ko Pimville!

31 Mar 2009 13:39

Yeah Moagisi-last week they sais he must get tested.

What does Moagisi mean?

31 Mar 2009 13:41

@Moagisi - maybe maybe not,  they dont do it anymore,but because its  a story, youll never know.

but i like the pain that Zimela feels , everytime he looks at his family  that has destroyed, i wish men should watch Soul City and learn something.

and the Wife i like her a lot, she can act .

31 Mar 2009 13:41

I liked last nights episode....
Soul City is full of Hypocrites

31 Mar 2009 13:42

Nc nc Vesa-muhle ke umuzi kaZimele...ungathi yipenthouse  yase Sandton.

31 Mar 2009 13:43

Yes Maogisi you do take the test and it takes up to 2 to 3 weeks. I did it also and I also think Bulela would find out there that he is HIV positive. Soul City is great it shouldnt be missed very informative.

31 Mar 2009 13:54

just a quick question to all my fellow HIV soldiers out there; why is it that when people discover thier status, especially when the learn they're positive; they go on like it is such a surprise? I mean does one just go from unprotected sex to HIV positive in one fell swoop, are there no tell-tale signs, symptoms, etc? or are people simply in denial. Help me out people, I guess I'm ignorant here...

31 Mar 2009 13:58

i just hope Bulela is not Positive that will be a blow to the family bathong, the way Zimela is over the moon about the whole thing is just going to break him. 

so i suggest the story should be that Dineo is positive and Bulela is not. there are those people who just dont  get infected, first round so they should give both sides of the story and not just throw AIDS into our face like that, its good but i think the story line is being extreme now. thats why people dont take HIV - spreading means serious. 

okay i am bitter about the whole Bulela scholarship.

31 Mar 2009 14:15

Skinkl... in this case

Lebo find out about her status because she was pregnant and preg people are advised to do blood test... and Zimele find out after Lebo find out .. they were both not sick yet

31 Mar 2009 14:19

What about the old skorokoro cars Blueroze?

31 Mar 2009 14:25

Akusona ese cousin kaVesa careful

31 Mar 2009 14:32

I think Soul City is an HIV understanding community. People just blurt out their status in public without thinking about the people's reaction. As much as we have to sympathise I feel it is selfish for someone I care for to burst out like that without preparing me and psyching me first. I would also need pre-counselling in order to deal with it. Phela you can't share it with anyone else as they say "your status is your secret".

Imagine a friend of yours comes crying to you and tells you they are positive. He/she is dealing with it by telling everyone they want to tell and here you are dealing with the news...."on your own".

31 Mar 2009 14:39

Nc nc Vesa-muhle ke umuzi kaZimele...ungathi yipenthouse yase Sandton. lol

31 Mar 2009 14:45

careful there blueroze....that house is habo someone I know very well ko Pimville! tjo Vesa o sa mmotsa

What does Moagisi mean?
the one who helps in building, maybe in this case one who help build a family

31 Mar 2009 14:47

What about the old skorokoro cars Blueroze? akere ke ipotsa gore o batla gore go twe o drive gusheshe o ja bana!

sweetie my baby
31 Mar 2009 14:51

i beg of you... when soul city leaves our screens, please pick another show you love and give us recaps, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your commentary, it is truly the bomb!!!

in fact, don't you wanna turn your hand to Rhythm City.... i can just see it, oooh weee!!

31 Mar 2009 15:31

Why thank you sweetie my baby, I'm actually toying around with the idea of blogging on Hopeville, even though I caught it 3 episodes late. But no promises, lol. It plays today 19:30 SABC 2.

I like the interpretaion of my name from blueroze, quite literal but yeah, that's about it really. 

31 Mar 2009 15:39

Thanks blueroze...

31 Mar 2009 15:54

Has anyone checked out the OneLove campaign website ( Pretty resourceful. I've been visiting it ever since they asked to put a link to this tvsa blog on their website. 

Anyway, I've just taken a quiz on correct condom use and I scored 5 out of 5! Yipee!

31 Mar 2009 16:12

WOW Moagisi, that's super cool!

31 Mar 2009 16:15

just checked out the site.....iyhooooo i run the risk of gettin addicted to it as well...

31 Mar 2009 16:43

Thanks man, it is rather cool indeed, I think the people at Soul City liked our interaction on this blog. Good on us all I say.

I know, great site ne, I mean it's like a one-stop-shop for anything you want to know about HIV/AIDS and people. So how did you score on the quiz Toxic? lol

03 Apr 2009 10:38

ok, Best achiever; What I was asking is this; doesnt a person affected by HIV first get a rash, drop, or some form or the other of STD? I mean, in that case people will know that there is something wrong with them and then, when they eventually test they find out that they are indeed positive. The way in which the story is being told so far is that people are utterely surprised at their status when they do find out; I mean when I go to the doctor's suffering from some ailment or the other, i know more or less from the SYMPTOMS what is wrong with me. Does anybody else dig what I'm saying here?

Oh, and the issue of Bulela being found out to be positive; I will be quite dissapointed if indeed he is- I know SC is trying to get people to use condoms everytime, every round but Please, guy- he DID NOT sleep around here!

Moagisi knows my indignation very well on that score!

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