Sifiso Laughs His Way To The Bank

Written by TVSA Team from the blog on 04 Feb 2009
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Last night Durban comedian Sifiso Nene proved that he's not the only one who laughs at his jokes when he won the first season of SABC1's reality show So You Think You're Funny!

He walked away with the title of Mzansi's Funiniest, R100 000 and a 12-month contract in a David Kau show.

Beating out fellow finalists Thabang Manyelo, Tsietsi Matlakala and Mdu Mazibuko (who was brought back as a wildcard), Sifiso was consistent across the 13-episode competition and was never in an elimination round.

The Finale began with a showdown between the finalists - each of the four performed, Mdu and Thabang were eliminated after the first round and Tsietsi and Sifiso battled it out for the win.

Judge and show mentor David Kau says the judges are confident that they have found their man, “Besides being funny, I reckon he is ready for the big time” said Kau.

Now all Sifiso needs to do to keep bigging up the bucks is be funny all the time. No pressure!


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04 Feb 2009 06:45

Gaad, i have never been this excited over a win! This guy is funny but he must be careful of relying on 'gay' jokes too much. Everytime i think of his jokes, i think gay.

well done to the audience for making the right decision.......dont know why they brought back Mdu and Mthawelanga..arrgh!

Brown Shuga
04 Feb 2009 06:49

Yho the finale was mad funny! I was impressed! I lived Tsietsi's Limpopo joke too. 'Mahe! Amakae?!' LOL

04 Feb 2009 06:52

'Mahe! Amakae?!' LOL 


The joke that flew over my head was the PURE MONATE AND 2010 IN TEN DAYS joke......what was that about?

I loved Thabang's taxi stopping joke though....

Brown Shuga
04 Feb 2009 07:01

meant 'loved'

Brown Shuga
04 Feb 2009 07:05

Yeah the humble Zulu taxi driver LOL! 'Bagibeli, niphelele? 'Yebo.' 'Shot left driver!' Niyabona! Ngibuzile ukuthi niphelele na nathi yebo manje nithi kushota uLeft? Angibuyeli emuva mina' Kwa kwa kwa kwa

04 Feb 2009 07:08

Ngibuzile ukuthi niphelele na nathi yebo manje nithi kushota uLeft?
tltttlltltltltl!!!!!! I am so happy comedy is going places in SA!

I stil cant blv that wheeeeeeng guy was in the running, mnciim!

04 Feb 2009 07:12

He's the best among those three and dat joke about Newspaper~Terror~COPE tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl

04 Feb 2009 07:19

dat joke about Newspaper~Terror~COPE tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl
KWA KWA KWA 1st!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! And the punchline killed me!

The one about Tbo touch was creative as well!!!!

Yho, cant wait to see a one man show from this guy!

04 Feb 2009 07:38

The one about Tbo touch was creative as well!!!!
dat joke about Newspaper~Terror~COPE 
Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa tl tl tl tl tl tl tl, oh Lawd!!! Lat night's episode was off the hook, but Mthawelanga killed the mood

04 Feb 2009 07:39

im glad i watched the show yesterday after neglecting it for so long 

well done sfiso i was ROTFLMAO all the way.

that was good 

it seems like Limpopo was their target though, but its all good it was funny.

04 Feb 2009 07:42

eish i misd last nyt episode i neva b4 misd n episode mara i MISD LAST NYT EPISODE im so mad at myself  im just glad Sifiso won.........for nna the winner ws ida hm or Tsietsi..........they both rocked me

04 Feb 2009 07:46

Mthawelanga killed the mood

yeah Zah000, he bored me too!!!

askies mstick, you missed the best episode since the show started!!

04 Feb 2009 07:47

I told ya...Sfiso is the man...I can't wait for his show...
This is one reality show winner I think is gonna make it big time.

04 Feb 2009 07:56

eish Toxi eish.............

04 Feb 2009 07:56

Tsho, I actually laughed for the first time during the show! 
Anyway, congrats to him, can't wait to see him in action

04 Feb 2009 07:57

Is there a repeat guys i mssed it ..

04 Feb 2009 08:04

Who is Mthawelanga? Is he the guitar guy.

I must say though, putting the finale in 30mins made the show seem really unimportant to SABC 1(and i'm not complaining), coz with most of these things, the finale gets an hour...hehe

Brown Shuga
04 Feb 2009 08:24

Tox what did they say about Tbo Touch?

04 Feb 2009 08:29

Last nights episode was off the hook, Sfiso deserved to win and Tsietsi was funny as well.

Is there a repeat guys i mssed it .. 

I believe the repeat is today between 12H00 and 13H00.


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