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Isidingo Teasers - January 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 14 Dec 2008
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Coming up on Isidingo in January, 2009:

Thursday 1 January 2009
Episode 2505 

Vusi's loneliness slams into him. The shattered Matabane's reflect on the year that's past and the year that's coming. An angry Calvin confronts Frank and Natasha. The resolutions at Maggie's house descend into laughter.

Friday 2 January 2009
Episode 2506

Maggie wonders if she and Stella are gossip addicts and will have to start gossip's anonymous. Agnes wants to talk to Vusi about Neo's upbringing. Frank is in danger of losing his friends.

Monday 5 January 2009
Episode 2507 

Frank lays down an ultimatum for Natasha. Parsons asks Agnes for her approval for his divorce from Nandipha. Maggie wonders if she should stick that rigorously to her new year's resolution, or shouldn't one have some ying to balance out the yang?

Tuesday 6 January 2009
Episode 2508 

Parsons reluctantly agrees to contact a divorce lawyer. Frank says he can't promise to wait for Natasha, and Priya points out that for once he is being true to himself. Stella is oddly reluctant when Farrow suggests an evening of foot pampering for the ladies.

Wednesday 7 January 2009
Episode 2509 

Frank and Natasha realize that there are no happy endings. Thandi is delighted when Agnes holds out an olive branch but a lawyer's news unsettles her. Stella comes clean about why she is hesitant to put her foot in it.

Thursday 8 January 2009
Episode 2510 

Frank struggles to pick up the pieces after the break up of his relationship. The prospect of having more grandchildren fills Zeb with excitement and delight. Stella confronts her fears head-on and succeeds.

Friday 9 January 2009
Episode 2511 

Agnes finds herself questioning her ability to forgive Vusi, and her faith in Christianity. Calvin's pragmatism is in stark contrast to his father's loneliness. Farrow and Johnny manage to start talking again.

Monday 12 January 2009
Episode 2512 

Ross Quinlin arrives at The Duncan and tells Johnny some interesting things. Zeb has a big business idea, but refuses to tell Agnes and Vusi what it is. Priya eschews fame.

Tuesday 13 January 2009
Episode 2513 

Frank cracks the whip with Calvin, who is not intimidated. Zeb wants a shareholder meeting, and Agnes, to her horror, realizes that Siyanda, as a shareholder, will be there. Farrow is very curious about Ross Quinlan.

Wednesday 14 January 2009
Episode 2514 

Zeb reveals that he wants to build a theme park. Calvin prepares to cross a line using his father's influence. Farrow is nearly caught red-handed snooping, but her suspicions about Quinlan are confirmed

Thursday 15 January 2009
Episode 2515 

Farrow sees an opportunity with Ross Quinlan and wants to meet him for dinner. Len goes above Priya's head to get what he wants. Agnes fears her husband might need psychological help.

Friday 16 January 2009
Episode 2516 

Agnes angers Zeb with her fears that he is going through a mid-life crisis. Calvin and Len discover that Priya is not going to make things easy for them. Farrow toys with Quinlan

Monday 19 January 2009
Episode 2517 

Calvin and Frank are drifting even further apart, and Calvin is determined to crack the big time with his TV pilot show. Vusi and Zeb seem to be getting closer. Farrow plays her trump card.

Tuesday 20 January 2009
Episode 2518 

Farrow starts a liaison dangereuse with Quinlan. Calvin can't resist snooping through Priya's case files. Vusi shocks Agnes by backing Zeb's tourism idea.

Wednesday 21 January 2009
Episode 2519 

Frank gets inkling about some police show being planned, and wonders how come he knows nothing about it. Ross Quinlin contemplates going into business with the Matabanes. Farrow is really desperate to know what Ross is up to.

Thursday 22 January 2009
Episode 2520 

Frank and Priya are stunned to discover Calvin's pilot went ahead without Frank's sanction. Thandi makes an interesting suggestion. As Ross tells Farrow the truth about his reason for being on The Deep, he prepares to scam George Zamdela.

Friday 23 January 2009
Episode 2521 

Len tries to convince Priya to stay with the project, but she is not interested. Parsons realizes that extreme sports might be just the thing to add value to his father's tourism proposal.Stella plans to reduce the world's carbon footprint.

Monday 26 January 2009
Episode 2522

Calvin, trapped beneath a hotel bed, is a man on a dangerous mission. Mr. George Zamdela has dollar signs in his eyes. Stella's reasons for be coming an eco warrior are made slightly clearer.

Tuesday 27 January 2009
Episode 2523

Calvin gets even deeper into the world of international crime and dangerous conspiracy. Parsons prepares to take an airy leap into the unknown. Stella causes mayhem at The Rec. Mr. Zamdela has a plan.

Wednesday 28 January 2009
Episode 2524

Calvin gets stuck again in his hiding place and overhears some terrifying and ambiguous dialogue. Parsons suspects that Vusi is scared of skydiving. Stella opens the wrong attachment.

Thursday 29 January 2009
Episode 2525 

Calvin's amateur sleuthing leads to his capture, and Priya and Detective Mamba fear he has blown the case. Frank wants Priya to storm a Duncan Hotel room with main force. Parsons tries to get his father to make the big jump.

Friday 30 January 2009
Episode 2526 

Nel and Brown decide to beat the necessary information out of their young captive. Detective Mamba gets worrying information about the substance in Nel and Brown's room. Priya and Frank Xavier find themselves intimately confined.


15 Dec 2008 08:11

wow..bra zeb theme park,hayi shem isidingo is getting more en more boring...

Ms. Jay
15 Dec 2008 09:21

Priya and Frank- hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, a theme park????? Thandi pregnant??? I sure have missed alot on Isidee!!!!

15 Dec 2008 09:51

Parsons asks Agnes for her approval for his divorce from Nandipha.
What is it with men asking approval from their mothers..tjerrrr...

WOW Barker is on holiday in  Jan...good for him

15 Dec 2008 09:59

Not so interesting this month!!!

Maggie wonders if she and Stella are gossip addicts

Always has been and always will be...

15 Dec 2008 10:48


peace t
15 Dec 2008 11:51

Where is Barker  - is he still in jail  boring

my face
15 Dec 2008 16:04

my face
15 Dec 2008 16:04

Theres nothing interesting this month. We need more drama and less fiction!!!!

15 Dec 2008 21:54

the plot isnt that interesting.i'm a huge fan of isidingo bt,this barker in jail story is getting tired.pls writers do somethng.i thnk we need a superbitch.okae cherel?

16 Dec 2008 13:38

And what happens to Nan???? 

Was this month shot at the time she "took a break to concentrate on SCD"?? just asking....

16 Dec 2008 14:22

What in the world is going on with my favourite soapie????
Georgie's storyline has become sooooo boring...And Barker what the hell????

17 Dec 2008 10:05

i'm a huge fan of isidingo bt,this barker in jail story is getting tired.pls writers do somethng.i thnk we need a superbitch.okae cherel?

Exactly Fire!!!
Isidingo has been so "nice& sweet" for the past 2months. What happened to soapy superbitches? or Nandipha and Thandi pull hell of a catfights, some nastiness or sumthng..... :-(((((

ada flo
17 Dec 2008 12:42

they should cast actors and actresses that has left other soapies like generations (xollile tshabalala, ann de villiers, busi, seiphume - aka tau moghale, etc) those sturborn actresses and actors to bring isidingo to life again)

19 Dec 2008 13:41

Barker is going to jail for real?

20 Dec 2008 13:18

Oohh, Barker might just be free...YAY!!!!

21 Dec 2008 01:36

Did I hear somebody mentioning Ann De Villers?

21 Dec 2008 01:36

Did I hear somebody mentioning Ann De Villers?

ada flo
22 Dec 2008 15:59

yes dear, i mentioned ann de villiers, she is a  trouble stirer and maker, isidingo needs someone like her.

23 Dec 2008 08:30

I really miss Xolile Tshabalala and Pamela Nomvete. Guys where is that guy who use to play Generations(Glen Majozi aka Fredericks)!!!!!!!!!!!!

ada flo
23 Dec 2008 17:58

Xolile once acted home video in my country - Nigeria.  Don't know where she is now.  Who can help us out to find her?

08 Jan 2009 15:54

Aaaah!!  isidingo is becoming more and more boring each day....I thought Nan was going to be hooked with Vusi in order to give Parsons a taste of his own medicine...Aaah!! it is so........(yawn)...boring!  And Siyanda?  I can see that she is mentioned only once.....thought she would come back and cause a bit of stirr in the soapie.....I think Isidingo crew messed up big time when they allowed Lettie to die instead of her going to New York...I kinda miss her, not to mentioned Lee Haines.....Aaah! something just has to be done, am beginning to find Generations much more interesting; to be frank.......

ada flo
08 Jan 2009 18:21

really boring.

09 Jan 2009 09:27

I'm really glad that idiot Shezi is gone, at least they got one thing right. Killing Letti was a big mistake coz now we are so bored. Generations is actually more intersting.

09 Jan 2009 09:30

Ya, they need to do something...i'm slowly moving to RC...

09 Jan 2009 13:42

We want to see some revenge on Parsons for leaving Nandipha!

09 Jan 2009 14:09

Its true maan Isidingo is boring especial now that Parsons is planning to dirvoce Nan on the other side Thandi is getting closer to Ma Agnes.

09 Jan 2009 14:24

Guys now you understand why I stopped doing Isidee Recaps... its sooo boring now, I can miss it and not worry. Im afraid RHYTHM CITY is giving Isidee some serious ass wopping!!!!

<<Killing Letti was a big mistake coz now we are so bored. Generations is actually more intersting.>> True that, Generations has kinda upped their game but they can still do better :-)

09 Jan 2009 14:39

I dont watch Rhythm City, but from what you guys are saying, it seems its quite interesting.  I think I will start watching it coz isidingo is now becoming something else.....and the dress code for the ladies is just WACK!

09 Jan 2009 16:08

I have some ideas to spice Isidingo up! Nan and Vusi and then Parson wants her back, Maggie gets a sexy love interest... for real!, Neo wants to be with his dad and goes away for a while. Barker and his secretary get together and he turns over a new leaf ... for a while.

12 Jan 2009 11:52

i also think Isidingo  hs been boring the past two months and am so close to stop watching it,where is the umvh???????????

14 Jan 2009 12:14

ags, that is quiet interesting...I hope the producers/storywriters can take up one or two of your ideas...especially Nan and Vusi being together and Parsons wanting her back......then Nan should look Parsons in the eyes and tell him that 'its too late to say that you love me now..." 

26 Jan 2009 13:48

26 Jan 2009 13:49

Can anybody tell me who plays the role of Ross Quinlin

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