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Celeb Q&A: Mark Pilgrim

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Celeb Q&As on 23 Sep 2008
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Fave TV show of all time:

Friends - I’ve got the complete collection. I watch them over and over - you can just pull an episode out and watch. It’s a form of escapism, you can forget about the problems of the day and just have a good laugh with characters you’ve grown up with.

That’s the great thing about a show that lasted 10 years - they’ve been around as you were growing up going from a teenager to an adult to whatever the case may be. It doesn’t feel like a sitcom where you’re just looking at actors playing a role, you actually feel like you’ve grown with them. Also you know their idiosyncrasies that’s what made the show work.

Fave TV theme tune of all time:
Postman Pat - I use it so often on my radio show. Whenever I read a listeners mail I play it in the background. I think it’s because I’m British and it’s such an English TV show and I remember it as a youngster.

Magnum’s the other one - I also use the theme all the time on my show, I arbitrarily throw it in wherever I can. You know, all the big shows from the ‘80’s - those were my formative years. There were also fewer shows back then, now there’s such a bouquet shows are almost diluted.

Your most valuable possession:
My wife.

She’ll be pleased.
Yes, she’d be very upset if I didn’t say that. My favourite gadget probably has to be my computer - I’m Mac crazy. I only recently got it, a few months ago. I got an iphone and loved it so much I thought “If the phone’s that good, the computers must be even better.” and I’m obsessed with it.

I can’t believe why I didn’t change earlier and why so many more people aren’t on Mac. For me it’s five years ahead of Windows. It doesn’t hang, it boots up within seconds, it closes within seconds, graphically the interface is much easier –

You do realise you’ve had more to say about your Mac than your wife.
*laughs* Well I’m trying to convince people about a Mac, I don’t need to convince them that wife’s beautiful.

What’s your Power of 10 prediction-percentage on these:

What percentage of South Africans have won the highest weekly earnings on the lotto?
I think the percentage is so small it’s negligible. If you’re talking about 200 people out of 44 million you’re looking at ..000000whatever %

What percentage of South Africans watch porn?
It’s very different to asking the question: what percentage admit to watching porn?

I think with the advent of the internet it becomes a lot more accessible so I’d say probably ... a lot of people don’t have access to TV’s and the internet - I’d say that of those who do: 5%.

How many people go to sleep before 10pm?
I’d say between 45 - 55%. When you see the roads in the morning so many people get up really early

If you’re getting up early you have go to sleep early. Also, if you're in rural areas you have to get up early to milk cows.

What percentage watch Oprah?
I do, my wife does - we PVR it. Once again a huge amount of the population don’t have TV’s, it’s on a free to air but it doesn’t appeal to everybody so I would say of the population as a whole: 10%.

On average she gets about 800 000 viewers a day so in a population of 44 million viewers...
Well, 44 000 is 10%.

What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done in your life?
Absailed down the side fo the Big Brother house - I’m scared of heights. People don’t realise that the first BB house was actually five storeys - the studio we were in - so I had to absail down five storeys and shat myself. If you listened carefully you would have heard me swear.

Your fave character from any TV show, movie or book:
Chandler from Friends. He’s self deprecating, he puts himself down, he’s very funny - sometimes in a silly way but he uses a lot of innuendo and ambiguity and plays on words, which is my kind of humour.

Your most memorable TV presenting moment - besides absailing.
Probably the first time that I spoke to a live TV camera on Big Brother 1. I’d done one other TV show before that but it wasn’t live, it was recorded so I’d done a lot of recorded TV but the live TV camera, I remember sweating my pants.

Do you believe in aliens?
I once dated a girl who had a large cranium and it got me worried for a little bit. And she had big eyes.

I believe in the possibility that there could be things beyond our realm of knowledge.

A wow/most-special moment:
Just being at home with my wife with our arms around each other.

Which of these do you choose:
Boxers or briefs?

Summer or winter?

Ferrari or McLaren?

Idols or Survivor?

Japan or Spain?

Fame or wealth?

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23 Sep 2008 03:48

Didnt figure him for the swearing type,oh and he is british?well he doesnt sound like it.

23 Sep 2008 03:48

Didnt figure him for the swearing type,oh and he is british?well he doesnt sound like it.

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