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Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 05 May 2008
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Last week US comedian and Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel visited South Africa to film an episode of the US version of the show, using our set, suitcase models and Ed Jordan as part of the action.

He arrived last Saturday (26 April), filming happened last Tuesday (29 April) and in between he hooked up with some of SA's press at an intimate press conference, hosted by M-Net.

I was there in full force and gathered as much news for us as possible.

Hot Goss!

A bevy of SA cleavage
Howie arrived at the conference packed between a bevy of hott SA schmodel-boobs that clearly thrilled him:

The culprits, Miriam, Kim and Stacey also seemed to have the time of their lives - they didn't stop twittering from the moment they engulfed him, right through the conference.

The reason for their lurve was understandable - he's got a very take-me-now attitude and sense of humour. As he walked in he immediately struck me as being humble, gracious and embarassed by any fuss.

He sat down and had everyone giggling within moments. I recorded the conference but could hardly hear anything on playback because of all laughter surrounding people's talking. He joked about everything and anything, including his myophobia aka his fear of germs.

Why SA?
Howie and the show's crew have visited three country's in total over the past couple of weeks: SA, Estonia and the Phillipines.

They chose the three specifically because we all play the show according to similar rules and also, we're three country's that the US knows very little about.

In Howie's words: "They're so far from our world ... we wanted to experience the melding (I think it's the word he used) of African culture and share that."

Bald brief
The fact that both Howie and Ed have no hair has nothing to with the brief for hosts of the show - it's just coincidence.

US contestants meet Ed
The episode features Howie and Ed hosting the show together - with US contestants playing. Apparently it was a total surprise for the contestants - they basically arrived to do the show and were told they're going on a major trip.

The angle of the episode is that Ed guides Howie through how we play.

Hi I'm Tashi, from the TVSA website.
Howie: Hi - I'm very familar with the internet.
Tashi: Do you have a blog?
Howie: No, I just look at a lot of porn.
Tashi: Okay, fair enough.
Howie: No, I'm just kidding.
Tashi: That's what they all say.
Howie: I don't even know what porn is.

Will SA contestants meet Howie?
Tashi: Will we get to see you on our SA version?
Howie: I haven't been invited. I haven't been invited!

I asked about it more after the conference and the production company Endemol weren't sure if it was possible because of time constraints. As yet I haven't heard if it happened - will keep you posted if it is.

Howie's germophobia
Howie spoke openly about the fact that he's struggled with an OCD fear of germs and how it impacts on his life.

Contrary to the things written about his relationship with it - which suggest he'll never hug anyone in the flesh ever - he said that he will hug and touch people in certain contexts - like his kids etc - but that when it comes to general social situations he feels more comfortable clicking fists instead of shaking hands.

Real contestants versus actors
Before Howie arrived for the conference we caught an episode from the US show and our crowd have nothing on the Jerry Springerdom of the contestant we saw playing!

Tashi: One of the scenes we saw from the US show had someone from North Carolina and my eyes were on stalks. Is everyone for real or does the show include plants?
Howie: They're always for real - we get asked that all the time. In America, to be given the opportunity to be on stage in the show - which really is a phenomenon (between 10 to 16 million viewers an episode) - and with the money at stake - almost 10 million rand - something happens to them and it's all real.

Big buck strategy
Tashi: Having been part of as many episodes as you have (almost 200) - is there a technique to winning big on the show?
Howie: I think it's knowing when to get out at the right time. I don't know what the culture's like in South Africa but Americans have that go-for-it attitude sometimes - they'll just keep going and a lot of people end up walking away with not that much money.

They'll lose $100 000 because they haven't won the million, yet where else in the world can you walk away with 100 000 for no skill, in a lottery type game? You can be a moron and win on the show!

Howie on the success of Deal Or No Deal:
"To be on the other side of the world filming Deal or No Deal is a moment I never dreamed would happen. It makes it all even more special."

SA's debut in the US
The episode will be broadcast in the US on Wednesday, 14 May 2008.


The second season of Deal Or No Deal SA's on M-Net on Saturdays at 19h00.

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05 May 2008 02:38

nice cleaveage gals..mare tha 1 on tha right of Howie..u'v got tha assets gal!!

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