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Celeb Q&A: Namhla Ndlovu

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Celeb Q&As on 26 Mar 2008
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Fave TV theme tune of all time:

It would have to be Friends and Zola 7. When I listen to that Friends tune it just does something to me, *sings* "I'll be there for you-ou-ou." It's like very relevant to the theme of Friends, I really enjoy it.

The wildest thing you've ever done:
Ooooh-weee, um ... let's just say I did something I wasn't supposed to do in the bushes. It happened last year - *laughs* just on the side of the road, in the bushes - very wild.

On your bedside table right this moment:
I've got my kid's photo's - I've got just one, she's five - books, notes - there's this project we're starting in the townships called Kasi Movement so I've got notes regarding that - I've just got everything there.

What does the Kasi Movement do?
We want to promote all the different artists in the West Rand townships by getting everybody who's established and going to the private sector to get funding. We want to get bursaries from different institutions rgearding the different arts so when we have a fashion show we want to have all the fashion guru's there so that the best new designer can win a bursary from a school or label, maybe Sun Goddess or something like that.

Soweto's on the map, the East Rand's on the map, the North West's on the map and West Rand, right now, nothing's really going on there - we want to put Magalie City on the map.

Fave books:
I like romance, I'm also reading one by Eric Miyeni.

Dream holiday destination:
I don't have anything in particular but I know I'd love to go to a place where I can hike, where there's a pool, privacy, a lodge maybe, but with all the necessities - with a whole bush theme going on.

Fave music video of all time:
That Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson song Scream - just seeing those two together do something gives me goosebumps.

Janet Jackson's huge in her own right, Michael Jackson's huge, they used to sing together when they were kids and obviously went their seperate ways but that video - with them together, there are stages were you can't even see if it's Michael or Janet.

At the end he puts his arm around her and it gives us another different picture of Michael - we see him as the big brother.

If you were in a different profession what would you be?
Definitely a psychologist. I know that there's a lot of people who are going through things and they need to speak to people who'll counsel them in the proper manner. I know people who are going through a lot and I've been through a lot as well, as a kid and I know what it does to you when you grow up so I'd like to help people.

Which do you prefer?
Truth or dare?

Ice cream or jelly?
Defnitely ice-cream.

Britney or Kevin?
I say neither of them but everybody should just leave Britney alone.

Angelina or Jen?
Defnitely both.

Sunset or sunrise?

Your most valuable possession:
My baby.

If you were to get married - what track would you want for your first dance?
There's a song from Pretty Woman - I can't remember what's it's called - there's a particular song that drives me absolutely crazy - I think it's towards the end.

Then there's also that one by Black Street - Money Can't Buy Me Love.

Fave fictional character from any TV show, movie or book:
It would have to be Marlena from Days Of Our Lives. She's something else - she looks like she's twenty and she's probably in her fifties and she's just strong, she's been through so much.

She's capable of doing and loving yet she makes mistakes as well which remind us that she's also human. When she's in trouble we tend to wonder how she's going to get out of it - it seems like she can always help everybody else but when it comes time for her to solve herself she always takes time - she's interesting, she's beautiful - she's just on another level.

Your most memorable moment from 20something:
There are so many, like meeting people you've always wanted to meet. Recently I met Lucillia - the director of Sanlam Fashion Week and with the Kasi project we're going to have a fashion show so meeting Lucillia was like fate, meeting this woman and having the project and not knowing where I was going to start.

I know nothing about fashion shows and putting them together, then I had to interview Lucillia and I was really, really interested and the interview was so alive - I felt like I was discovering something, there was really meaning to it.


25 Mar 2008 20:35

Thank 4 interviewing the bold Namhla, would'nt it be nice if someday u Tvsa staff can do the interview 'live' u tell us who do u have sit with them & u give us a chance 2 ask Q's straigth 2 the celeb. What do u think mabloggers?

26 Mar 2008 00:48

love namhla absolutely do.

26 Mar 2008 05:56

<<like romance, I'm also reading one by Eric Monyeni. >>
could she mean Eric Myeni?

26 Mar 2008 06:06

Yep i think she meant Miyeni, coz nguMiyeni who has a book.

26 Mar 2008 08:40

so who is at fault here, is it her Namhla or the TVSA staff? just wandering.....

Fluffy Head
26 Mar 2008 08:46

Its Eric Miyeni and I think TVSA staff sitypa intando yaso......

03 Mar 2009 07:20

How i wrote bold masage?n smilies

20 Apr 2010 14:56

20 Apr 2010 15:01


Nokia 5110
20 Apr 2010 15:08

@ quade uhamba wedwa i give up on u .keep on digging u might just find what u looking for .

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