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Written by Tashi from the blog BB Africa 2 Interviews on 24 Oct 2007
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On Sunday night Code Sangala was the eighth housemate to be booted out of the Big Brother house after 10 countries whacked him instead of Richard.

When I caught up with him for us there was NO ways I was gonna let him off the hook the way his girlfriend Janu did when she so gobsmackingly hugged him outside the house.

If I’d had my way I would have made the interview last at least four days and four nights so I could grill him by coming back to the same questions over and over again - my voice getting louder and louder (wearing black leather with a whip natch) - with him tied up on a chair with Chinese water-torture dripping on his head.

*Big Brother cam zooms in on the scene:*

Tashi: I was shocked out of my mind at what you did to your girlfriend and baby especially - how could you have done what you did with Maureen knowing you had a family on the outside?? I just don’t understand.
Code: Well um it was hectic in the house, just losing it a little bit. We were confined, we were in a box and we had no track of the outside - it was just completely crazy.

Tashi: How could you have not thought about how hurt she must have been watching, knowing what was happening?
Code: I really didn’t know about the baby actually in the first place.

Tashi: You didn’t?
Code: No I didn’t.

Tashi: How about thinking about her then?
Code: I always had her at the back of my mind but Maureen was showing me so much love I had to give back love - my heart isn’t made of stone.

Tashi: If the situation were reversed there’s no ways you’d have greeted Janu the way she greeted you when you came out of the house.
Code: I wouldn’t know because it’s not there but obviously it was difficult. I know she went through a hard time - I mean if it happened the other way I probably would have thought about it that way.

Tashi: You mean you would have done what she did?
Code: Granted if I’d felt the way she felt I would have done the same.

Tashi: But you wouldn’t even let anyone look at Maureen.
Code: Well I mean there were guys talking this and that and it was difficult not to notice these things - especially bringing them to her attention.

Tashi: But if Janu were in the house and had a relationship - that would be like guys looking at Maureen but a million times worse.
Code: The situation was the way it was because I was gathering things and people were talking to me about this and that and it fueled my reaction.

Tashi: You said that you forgot about the outside world - that’s what I don’t get - how can it happen to that extent?
Code: As the days go by you start losing track of the outside world. You start to exist in this confined space so the outside world starts phasing out. That’s why I say at the back of my mind I had her but because of the pressures and the reality that I was seeing in the house - certain things from the outside started slowly shutting down.

Tashi: You’ve declared your love for Maureen - now what?
Code: Nothing. What was in the house was in the house - I left it there. That’s why I was constantly saying that if we don’t do anything in here I think it will end here because I knew on the outside I had to face my girlfriend.

Tashi: If you’d had sex with Maureen would it have been different? Would you have committed to her?
Code: I don’t know - I would probably take it as it came. I can’t speak for something that never happened.

Tashi: Do you think you used Maureen?
Code: No, I think we were there giving each other emotional support. I don’t think we used each other. I think we needed each other and I think we helped each other in a good way emotionally.

Tashi: The thing that’s stressed me out is that three of the guys in the house have had major love commitments on the outside and have had affairs on the inside - don’t you think it’s a huge blow to women’s lib?
Code: I mean it wasn’t something nice, it’s not something I’m proud of but at the end of the day, as I said when you’re in the house you slowly start to shut down to the outside world and you start doing things that aren’t imaginable. Deep inside there was always that love and respect but because of the confinement and different psychological things that came along that messed with my head.

Tashi: Was your relationship with Maureen a security blanket?
Code: It was giving love back in return to someone who’d been pouring their heart to me. As I said my heart is not made of stone, I had to do something because it would be very weird if somebody gave me so much love and I was stone cold.

Tashi: If all that love was going on how do you cut it off now and say that was in there and means nothing now? It obviously wasn’t real?
Code: What I was given was real but what’s also real is that I have somebody who I hold deeper in my heart.

Tashi: Do you think Maureen’s gonna to be hurt?
Code: I’m not too sure because right up until the moment I stepped out of the house I wasn’t sure if what she had for me was genuine.

Tashi: I assume you’d like her to win?
Code: It’s more like who I think is going to win than who I would like to see win. I think Ofunneka’s a good contender and she stands a chance of winning.

Tashi: But you’d prefer Maureen to win?
Code: Well, she always talked about winning so it seemed like it was a big deal for her to win so if she wins well and good.

Tashi: But she was your major alliance - with all the love surely you’d be on her side mostly?
Code: Yes she’s somebody who expressed her love but she’s also somebody who I didn’t know if she was genuine or not so it’s a complicated disaster I’d call it.

Tashi: Why didn’t you have a different strategy? All the guys went into the house and the first thing they did was get a girlfriend. Didn’t you think about any other strategy to stay in the house?
Code: I did not have getting a girlfriend as a strategy - I did not get a girlfriend in the first place - I got companionship and that’s something I respect.

Tashi: Your choosing Ofunneka - she’s the only person who’s gotten as far as she is alone.
Code: Yes this is why I have a feeling she stands out because it’s very difficult to watch people love each other or whatever it was going on and still maintain yourself so I think she’s a very strong woman.

Tashi: The Untouchables - Max and that crowd - talk about them for a bit.
Code: They were people who really related to very well at the beginning until the nomination of Max which seemed like a big deal all of a sudden and I was very shocked that it was a big deal. We knew that if we were in the house that sooner or later we were going to be nominated so if someone gets nominated and they make a big deal of it – and like you’re saying, they’re fondly known as Untouchables, it’s just confusing – that’s why I never made a big deal of my nominations.

Tashi: Yes they thought you nominated them when you didn’t.
Code: That’s right, especially on the part of Max which hurt me even more because at the end of the day he accused me of things I didn’t do and spread it amongst the Untouchables sort of like a wild disease and here I am getting confused, trying to find out what’s really problem and nobody wold confront me about it. I’m the one who went around approaching everybody- the only person I didn’t talk to was Lerato as far as I’ concerned - but I spoke to everyone else and tried to make peace with them.

Tashi: So - what are you gonna do to make everything up to Janu?
Code: I don’t know - we’re talking, we’re taking it a day at a time. I just want to be a responsible person, a responsible father.

Tashi: Does being in the Big Brother house drive you out of your mind?
Code: It’s a box man, when you’re confined in a box you do unusual things - you wouldn’t know it until you get there.

Tashi: What you’re saying is you lost touch with reality?
Code: One way or the other.

Tashi: So you went a bit nuts?
Code: I’d like to think I derailed a little bit in my actions and the way I looked at things - you just lose track of - reality.

Ends with a whip crack


Brown Shuga
23 Oct 2007 23:13

ROFL!! Tashi Tagg!!!!!! You never cease to amaze me...heheheheh how can you whack this poor boy like better leave that whip at home when you interview Richard coz that interview is gonna end in a screaming match!!! Either  that or my boy is gonna tell you "I don't feel comfortable discussing it." hahahah

Anyway, awesome interview! I love the way you grilled didn't hold back at all...loves it!!
So he really didn't know she was preggas?? I refuse to believe him...!!!

<<You’ve declared your love for Maureen - now what?
Code: Nothing. What was in the house was in the house - I left it there. That’s why I was constantly saying that if we don’t do anything in here I think it will end here>>

THIS IS SOME CRAZY BULLSHIZNIT!!! Boys will be boyz huh!!!! 
I wish we could go back to the days when the word LOVE was used only when it came from the heart....nnx.

Anyway, thanks Code for your time in the house.. You and Maureen were BORING as hell and your kisses deserve a mention in my upcoming book "The most horrible TV kisses of all time". 

Yesterday, we were talking about all the awesome words he brought into the house so thank you "Codey" for the following words:

Take it easy dawg

Poor Maureen, I wonder what Gaetano thinks of her....

Brown Shuga
23 Oct 2007 23:17

How could I forget my favourite of them all...bullshiznit...hehehe.

sweetie my baby
23 Oct 2007 23:21

well, he's redeemed himself somewhat - i think that's probably the most honest he's ever been (and i can weirdly relate to what he says about the house becoming this odd space, where the real world shuts out)

however, Juna's verrry strategic, and i can just see her coaching him on how he's going to respond to certain questions and address his activities with Mau mau... he says he DIDN'T know about baby? hmmmm.... we need Sego's intervention here, kante what's up????  batho ba!  ba bapala ka di emotions tsa rona.....i'm tired of the lies masquerading as 'strategy'.

24 Oct 2007 00:01

LMFAO Tash, great questions....i'm sure Code was sweating....

I'm also puzzled by this baby story, who's fooling who?

And Tash, i think the girlfriends name is Juna not Janu?

24 Oct 2007 01:21

Boring Code out, ur mau mau is next...

i cant wait for Richard's interview!
@BS   Either that or my boy is gonna tell you "I don't feel comfortable discussing it." hahahah

thats more like Richard for u.....

24 Oct 2007 01:55

I am really really really annoyed about this... 

Code has said on different interviews even on the BB website that he knew about Juna being preggies and now he says to Tashi he didn't know! Juna confirmed that he knew... 

Tashi, It is Juna... not Janu!

24 Oct 2007 02:06

TASHI you delivered like no other!!!!!!

BUT read the big brother interview with code again. HE CLEAERLY STATES HE KNEW ABOUT THE BABY. so if that's keepin it real, why the anger with the untouchables for not'keepin it real'
ugh... getting involved with maureen .. what? he did all that as a favour to her??
its a favour letting africa watch as you keep someone on a string, talk about  how you gonna be together in the outside world get cross that she didn't have sex, then come out and say its all ok because you didn't have sex. eish. this boy is worse than richard. he knew about the baby, admits to knowing about the baby and then lies about not knowing about it. at least richard knows he has screwed up BIG time.

24 Oct 2007 03:02

Oh Code, i laughed until i was out of breath when he said to Tatiana "You guys are going to make a Big Brother baby, coz i can see the chemistry is getting MAJOR". For a while there i thought that i was watching one of those movies from the Africa Magic Channel. Atleast now that you are out of the house u'll have to face your demons bro, and yo g-frend Maureen will be joining you this week. And shame on you 4 saying that u knew nothing abt the bambino.

24 Oct 2007 03:57

ROFL @ Shuga: 'you better leave that whip at home when you interview Richard coz that interview is gonna end in a screaming match!!! Either that or my boy is gonna tell you "I don't feel comfortable discussing it." '
BS,.. you are too good 

Tashi, you do know how to make them sweat, huh?

'Tashi: How could you have not thought about how hurt she must have been watching, knowing what was happening?
Code: I really didn’t know about the baby actually in the first place.

Tashi: You didn’t?
Code: No I didn’t.'

In this point and time, I have to say that I think that the dawg is technically full of BULLSHIZNIT!

This is what he said to Meme J's colleague, Natash Uys (yesterday's paper):

'Did you know that she was pregnant before you entered the BBA house? It was very unclear at the time that I went into the house.

You know in the first month there is always a risk of miscarriage.

To be honest I wasn't really sure.

I knew it was a possibility.'

Meme J
24 Oct 2007 05:46

Entertaining read, Tashi! I mean Code is so Code!! And can't believe it, for once I'm on the same wavelength as Shuga :) ... Code and his words! And they led me to a great discovery on the web: the Urban Dictionary. Check it out ya'all if you get a chance.

24 Oct 2007 08:00

Interesting, the man keeps changing his statements. I also wonder whether Juna hasn't had something to do with this. I wish them well.

24 Oct 2007 11:26

Code just makes me cross!!!!!!!! O nkwatisa big time!
I mean after all the drama he went thru with Mau Mau, he comes out and say he was doing all those smooching and his jealosy act just as a favour to Mau Mau?

Im so glad Mau refused to give him some, or he would have come out and say Mau raped him. This whole thing is just  so bullshiznit!

Meme J
24 Oct 2007 11:47

@Tsholo: 'Im so glad Mau refused to give him some, or he would have come out and say Mau raped him.' LOL

24 Oct 2007 11:48

LoL... nice interview Tash, you asked everything I told you to ask he he he.

Cant wait for Richard's innerview

24 Oct 2007 13:17

I wish them all the best. It shows the difference between colours. It is good to have a forgiving heart and that is what most Africans are lacking. Code was my second favourte until when he started to mess with Maureen.

25 Oct 2007 13:19

Thanks for the replies everyone - pleased you enjoyed the action! I've been away - on Kung Fu training, hehe  - and just seen them now.  Whoops about Juna-Janu! 

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