Which Super Power Do You Want Most?

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 18 May 2007
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When the awesomeness of Heroes premieres next week we're going to be introduced to a bunch of ordinary people who discover they can do the most super-sorted kickest butt things ever.

You always automatically assume that if you were to suddenly discover you had a super power it would be a dream come true and you'd go beserk powering yourself up all of the time but the intriguing thing is that there are characters in the show who feel completely the opposite.

For some of them their new powerful abilities freak them out in a big way for a variety of reasons and they see them as being much more of a curse than a blessing.

These are some of the extra-wow things different people discover they can do:

See the future by painting exactly what's going to happen.
Freeze time to change events in a moment and travel through time and place
Fly like a whizzing thing.
Hear every sound much more loudly than anyone else can.
Read people's minds constantly.
Be invisible.
Heal no matter what happens to them - even if they die.
Change into the image of other people.
Morph through walls, glass and any physical object.
Learn things in a heartbeat with a mega photographic memory.

If such a trippy thing were to happen to you - which one would you most want to get?

Flying's SO up there on my list obviously. It's something we all dream about while drifting off to sleep before that suckarse falling thing happens, which suggests there's something universal about wishing we could do it.

It must have to do with evolution - like we were all birds once and wish we were again. Either that or we haven't been birds yet and we're hankering to be them or something.

It would be very fun to be invisible too, except the trouble with it is that I'd get stressed about being too sneaky. The cool *bleep!* you could do is very tempting though - like see why guys go with their chicks to the beauty salon.

Sorry - off topic I know but I have to tell you something that finished me off. Yesterday I went to a beautician for some beauty therapy and before I went into the boothe thing where they beautify you a guy and his wife or girlfriend came out together.

From what I could work out she'd been tinted in all sorts of places and he was asking the beauticians questions like: "So what was the colour tint that you used?" Once they left I asked what the stuff was up and the beautician said - get this - that they often have guys who come along "to watch". Ha! Is it just me or is that seriously creepy??

If you were invisible you could defs eavesdrop into such things to see who the whackjobs are but once you've seen one you've seen them all so besides the sneaky thing it could also get boring.

Learning things pronto could be fab too - but it could also get too much. Sometimes I'm really happy knowing as little as I do and also enjoy being impressed by people who know what I don't - like people who build things like planes and roller coasters and doctors and so on. If you knew it all you could never have your brain fried by how clever some people are.

Reading people's minds and changing into other people would confuse me more than I already am so both don't do it for me and seeing the future would make everyone think you're a crazy so it's out too.

As for the healing thing, I'm pretty happy that I won't live forever. For starters if not everyone else that you know can do it too you'd end up all alone and secondly you'd get soo tired don't you think?

Morphing through walls and things is exciting but the trouble is it's only one thing - once you've done it a couple of times and been through everything you might get bored - espesh when you compare it to travelling through time.

Out of them I'd have to say this would be my ultimate power to have. The idea of visiting both the past and future and seeing what it's all like up close blows my hair back in the hugest way. Imagine popping into an ancient civilsation as an outsider/inlooker. That's the important thing with it - you wouldn't want to be a person actually living in that time but rather just a visitor to gather the goss type thing.

So, yes, if I were to get a power that's my first choice. What's yours?


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Karin Smith
01 Aug 2007 08:43

I would like to pursue anyone. Like the one girl does. Telling people exactly what to do and say and walla they do it. That way you go to an airport and tell the person behind the counter. Give me a ticket to New York for free. And they do. Could have soooo much fun. Imagine that.

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