Cherel Escapes Isidingo With A BANG (Vid)

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 19 Apr 2007
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Cherel's Final Frame:

After weeks of being gripped by her bloodlust, a mental asylum and a slappable Rajesh who's turned out to be a raging sucker, Cherel made her final dash out of Isidingo on Wednesday night (18, April 2007) - after almost scalpelling Barker's eyes out.

I understand that Rajesh is supposed to be Mr Nice Guy blah blah - but the way he spent the entire episode moaning on and on about being worried about Cherel's fragile state was soo pathetic. This is how the episode started  - with him droning on to Frank about Cherel's foetus and how dangerous it was for her being all alone with it.

Over at Haines International, Cherel's disguise did the trick and got her into his office unnoticed where she Harrietnapped Grethe Fox at gunpoint.

She asked Harriet when Barker would be getting to the office and Harriet managed to quiver that she wouldn't get away with her plottings before getting herself gagged by silver-shiny masking tape.

Harriet's face was hysterical as she realised she wasn't gonna be able to scanive out of getting involved - her glasses in combo with her eyeballs and lower lip espesh.

Cherel tied up Harriet's arms and legs, put her in a chair and next thing Barker walked into his office and stepped into all the loathing and helldog rage Cherel's built up towards him over the years.

Using her gun as ammo, she got him strapped into a chair too, explained how she blondly got herself into the building and told him she knew exactly what she wanted out of life and how to get away with it.

She perched herself on a chair, sent Lee an SMS from Barker's phone saying: "I know where Cherel is! Come ASAP," and rambled on to Barker about how sane she is while she waited for Vodacom to do their thang.

Just moments before this, Lee was in her office quizzing Frank about why he was referring to Cherel as "delicate". Frank did a crap job of pretending it meant nothing so she guessed the truth about Cherel's pregnancy within moments and in mid-horror she got Cherel's SMS calling her.

While she went scootling off to her doom, Cherel caressed Barker's cheek with her scalpel and told him that she was gonna cut one of his eyes out, shoot Lee in front of him so he could see it with his other eye and then blind him completely.

When Barker realised that she'd sent the SMS calling Lee over he lost it and went berserk - spitting her evil deeds back at her, saying that her baby should never be born 'cos it would suffer the same grisly fate as Tanya.

For a moment Cherel was taken in and almost de-eyed him but then cackled wildly as she realised that he was trying to get her to kill him so that she wouldn't kill Lee. (That can work if you're being held hostage apparently - if you just go mad you put your hostage-taker off guard, they stop being calculating and lose it too which gives you a chance to get away. )

In between Barker showing how much he actually loves Lee, Cherel decided to phone Rajesh who was hanging out with that creepy institution blond (WTF's up with her?) trying to get information from her.

Rajesh asked Cherel where she was - showing yet again what a stupid he is, like she'd tell him - duh - and then he told her about her being pregnant. She gloated, Barker vented about it and amidst the chaos Lee walked in.

This is when things got very intense - I didn't for a moment believe Cherel would ever really shoot her and when it happened it freaked me out in how surreal it was. She stood so close to her and the bullet hit Lee in such a terrible place I had to shelve thinking about what it must have felt like.

Lee collapsed to the ground in a heap but luckily she only stayed there for bit 'cos Cherel heard a noise, went dashing out, Lee scrabbled to a phone and realised the line was disconnected.

She got up, hid next to the TV, Cherel came back in, Lee jumped Cherel and wrestled the gun away from her. She wanted to shoot her but couldn't defeat Cherel's mindgames when Cherel told her she'd be a murderer if she killed her baby.

Rajesh and Frank eventually woke up to the fact that Cherel was at Barker's office and went racing over while Cherel backed herself out of the barrel of the gun and disappeared down the corridor, stopping to look back with a final smirk that suggested she thought she'd won.

Which I'm sure she has. I'm dying to know how much she'll be getting paid for Binnelanders. My guess is R100 000 a month.

I'm also quizzy to know how they'll handle her - if you ask me they should make her Cherel in Binnelanders. She's escaped her past and she's hiding in a new Afrikaans dimension type thing. They could even let her swap between the two shows. Imagine. Like they'd ever do that. M-Net/SABC working together. Not.

So that's it. The ultimate in Cherel's evil has disappeared into the deeep. Apparently the search is gonna be on for her in the next few episodes, which of course won't produce results. It does leave things open for her to return though. Everything's also been purfectly set up for her unborn child to return to seek revenge in 18 years time or so.

To leave you with some final memories, here's her very last scene for you to watch again for posterity.

(It's in two parts. The best way to watch is to click them both so they start streaming then pause each of them as soon as they start playing so that they both keep buffering. Go off to do something else for about 10 minutes leaving them buffering in the background and then come back to play them. You'll know the first one's at its end when you see a twirly circle. To rewind pull the progress bar back to the beginning.)
Part I

Part II


Cherel's final moment happened in episode 2059.

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