Walking Dead: The terrible State of Rick

09 Mar 2015 14:33 Posted in The Walking Dead

I'm very concerned about Rick - been thinking about him all week and I'm Troubled. Those last lines of his last week were something we've never seen nor heard before!

They're a change in him, a break in him, his spirit crushed by what they've been through. Even though they don't trust the people in Alexandria, they've still been kind to them - given them no reason to be violent towards them yet - so it's shocking that he's thinking like this.

What's happened to him? Michonne would also have been shocked to hear what he said I'm sure - not Carol and dirty Daryl though. I still love them obviously but his statement crosses a line. It's so hectic that one statement could do that but it does - it makes me not trust him which I always have.

Can't wait for tonight's episode to see if he manages to justify his words somehow but right now I don't see how he can.

09 Mar 2015 16:00

Guys mina i just saw SEASON 5 ,, ePISODE 9,, where can i see the previous episodes??????? i am worried, i followed  all other seasons only  this one,, i miss all the 1-8 episodes,, last time i watched it they were all in that container where Rick,, hide the weapons in  the bush..

09 Mar 2015 17:13

Hey qaqamba - there's nowhere to see it unfortunately because it isn't on Catch Up. I almost missed an episode two weeks ago 'cos I thought it would be on Catch Up but it isn't.

10 Mar 2015 15:26

I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so I'm just commenting on his statement without knowing what happened after he said that.

I don't see it as so troubling.  Rick's main concern is looking after his group.  Sure, he'll help out other people if possible, but not at the expense of those he's been on the road with, some of them since the beginning.

What's happened now is that they've come into a community which is doing some things right and some things wrong (e.g. hanging up the walker, the girl and then Carl being able to climb over the wall without being noticed).  The things being done wrong haven't mattered so far, but they do need to be sorted out in order to ensure the long-term survival of the community.

That's essentially why Rick and his group were invited to join.  They know what's needed to survive, and the community's leader is hoping that they'll impart that knowledge.

So what I took Rick's comment to mean is that they're going to try to make the community work as it should in order to deal with the challenges of surviving in a zombie apocalypse.  But there's the chance that people aren't going to listen to them.  If that happens then they're going to take over the place.

Even though he was initially reluctant, I think he's realised that he's found somewhere that they can settle down and where the group (which includes his children) can live what passes as a normal life.  He's going to do whatever's necessary to make that happen, and if it means staging a coup then that's what he'll do, although I see him as doing that only as an absolute last resort.

13 Mar 2015 14:36

Very interesting perspective Cit - you've made me see it from a different angle and now I'm thinking, yes, that could definitely be what he meant - especially after this week's episode.

It was a crazy feeling seeing him start relaxing like he did - espesh at the party, flirting with the Problem-Husband chick and the way he responded to seeing Carl happy. It troubled me too because I don't want him to be vulnerable so I found myself constantly on edge that he was becoming too vulnerable - particulary when he rejected Carol's guns.

And yet I wanted him to too because it means he's finding himself again which is what I thought he'd lost. Same thing with Daryl - I'm pleased he wants to give it a chance because now we'll see a different side to him.

Unlike Carol who just keeps showing more of the same side - her terror threat to the small boy about the cookies was hectic! At the time I was furious with her and shocked but now ... a couple of days later ... I'm thinking she had to. It would have broken all trust between them and the community if they'd found out.

14 Mar 2015 14:44

In the comic's equivalent of that scene, Rick says, "If they ever try to make us leave we'll just take this place from them and make it ours."

The place is set up a little differently in the comic, which is probably why they've changed what he said, but I think the basic idea is still there - they're only going to resort to violence as a last resort.

20 Mar 2015 11:00

Oooh thanks Cit - I love hearing about the comic vs the show. I was reading somewhere - can't remember where - that one of the big differences between Michonne in the series vs the comics is that she has notable relationships with men in the comics - steals someone's guy apparently!? - yet she hasn't had any such thing in the show. Yet. I keep wondering if they're gonna let it happen.

20 Mar 2015 15:46

What I like about the way that they've adapted the comic is that while they're following the basic plots - the farm, the prison and now Alexandria, the characters aren't identical.  There are some who exist in the TV show but not in the comic (Daryl the most notable example) and vice versa, and some characters are alive in one version but not in the other.  So unlike Game of Thrones which is a more faithful adaptation (which it has to be - that's not a criticism of GoT), having read the source material doesn't spoil you to the same extent as the fates of the characters could be completely different.

So it's entirely possible that they bring in a relationship for Michonne in the TV show, just as it's entirely possible that they don't.  It may depend on whether they're able to fit it in as obviously with the TV show they have the restrictions of a limited number of episodes, whereas the comic has a bit more freedom.

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