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Elif 5 Teasers - July 2024
Norty but nice. Birce and Akin enjoy each other's company while they're locked up at the office.

Elif 5 Teasers - June 2024
Despite all her hardship, Elif shares the little food she has.

Elif 5 Teasers - May 2024
Melek's had enough of Figen's insults. Is she honest about it? Yes! When you need to fight you must fight.

Elif 5 Teasers - April 2024
Melek struggles to find a job to provide for her and Elif - and then she passes out. Poor Melek!

Elif 5 Teasers - March 2024
Season 5 premiere! Melek and Elif try to start over while protecting themselves.

Elif 4 Teasers - March 2024
Shhh... no-one must know that Elif and Melek are mother and daughter.

Elif 4 Teasers - February 2024
Veysel and Melek are on the run and then... Melek becomes prey.

Elif 4 Teasers - January 2024
... Is that you?... Elif spots Melek in the street.

Elif 4 Teasers - December 2023
Elif steps into fancy footwear as the face of Hiskarpin shoes.

Elif 4 Teasers - November 2023
Yay for Sureyya whose photos are celebrated. But what about Julide's new house?... there's something suspicious.

Elif 4 Teasers - October 2023
Macide is convinced her medicine is making her ill but nobody believes her. Will they wake up before it's too late?

Elif 4 Teasers - September 2023
Trust is at the heart of Elif in spring. She starts to trust Sureyya and Sureyya is suspicious of how Vildan treats her.

Elif 4 Teasers - July 2023
Trippy stuff. Elif dreams about her mother and then an unknown woman comes to town.

Elif 4 Teasers - June 2023
Humeyra is desperate to be a mom.

Elif 4 Teasers - May 2023
Yildiz and Reyhan get one step closer to the truth about Elif.

Elif 3 Teasers - April 2023
Season 3 finale! Twists and turns around every corner.

Elif 4 Teasers - April 2023
Season 4 premiere! Elif lands up in hospital.

Elif 3 Teasers - March 2023
Melek decides to take a job elsewhere which means she has to move with Elif.

Elif 3 Teasers - February 2023
Elif battles to adjust to normal life.

Elif 3 Teasers - January 2023
Elif is desperate to escape.


Lost in Love Teasers - July 2024

Isha is overwhelmed when Ishaan publicly acknowledges her as his mother.

Jhanak Teasers - July 2024

Jhanak confesses she was forced to marry, but keeps her husband's identity secret.

Diepe Waters character portrait: Vaughn Lucas as André Jordaan

This Class Act alumnus plays a has-been sportsman who revives his bromance with Jacques.

Isitha: The Enemy 2 Teasers - July 2024

TK reveals why you can't be consumed by worry. He's blinded by them - so much so he's completely led by them.

New on TV today: Monday 24 June

The only new show today is Grand Designs Australia 10 on The Home Channel.

Moederhart Teasers - July 2024

Onur finds a very distraught Zeynep roaming the streets... not the ideal way to spend a day.

New on TV today: Sunday 23 June 2024

TLC is Taking on Taylor Swift and Nat Geo documents Clotilda: The Return Home.

Skeem Saam Teasers - July 2024

Season 13 premiere! Lizzy's in a state of disbelief and distress over her mother’s arrest.

New on TV today: Saturday 22 June 2024

New talk show Gesels begins on VIA and foodie show Ranch to Table is new on Food Network.

Kelders van Geheime Teasers - July 2024

Edmund finds a scantily dressed visitor in his bedroom and Mercy's 21st gets off to a roaring start until...


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