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Republic of Doyle is a Canadian dramedy television series written, produced and starring Allan Hawco which stars Seán McGinley and Hawco as Malachy and Jake Doyle, a father and son team who partner as private investigators in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The series premiered in Canada on CBC on 6 January, 2010.

Republic of Doyle premiered in South Africa on TopTV's FOX Entertainment channel on Sunday 1 August 2010, at 21h00. When FOX Entertainment became FOX and joined DStv in 2013 the series began rebroadcasting from Season 2, simulcast in HD on the DStv platform. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 3 premiered on FOX on Friday 11 October 2013, at 22h00. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 13 episodes in the third season.

Season 1

Thomas Magnum, Jim Rockford, Mannix, Remington Steele... would the cocky, temperamental P.I. with the cool partner and a penchant for trouble of all varieties please step forward?

Hey – not so fast, Jim Rockford... you had your turn.

Meet Jake Doyle – a rogue, a charmer, a drinker, a brawler, emotionally immature and unavailable... but that doesn't stop the ladies from flocking to him.

Think Californication's horny Hank Moody crossed with firecracker Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me, sprinkle in a generous helping of Rockford-style, gut-instinct street smarts and you have Jake Doyle, the handsome, P.I. hero of Republic of Doyle.

Jake Doyle is a new breed of Private Investigator, cracking cases – and the occasional head – in the colourful and unique port city setting of St. John's, Newfoundland, the oldest city in North America.

Jake's charming little hometown is changing in a big way as it's quickly transforming from a small seaport to a booming oil town – and where there's cash, there's trash. And lots of it.

Republic of Doyle combines the retro cool crime vibe of classic investigative shows with the dramatic/comedic edge of contemporary television fare, producing a blend of intriguing episodic mysteries woven with the always evolving (and sometimes regressing) relationship turmoil and dynamics of the Doyle clan.

This one-hour comedic drama takes a peek into the lives of a not-so-everyday family with problems trying to make it all work as they run a very uncommon family business – a gumshoe racket in St. John's, Newfoundland – out of a very full house.

This new take on the hero P.I. character, while embracing the traditionally fun and twisty conventions of the genre, is the charm of Republic of Doyle.

It's a modern day homage to the great and memorable P.I. shows of the past with benchmarks like classic cars, fleeting romances and great loves, and knockout punches and chases after bad guys – but with a new edge and in a different kind of town.

Season 2

Private Eye Jake Doyle returns for a raucous second season of Republic of Doyle, solving cases, dodging punches and chasing criminals through the hilly, colourful streets of seaside St. John's.

Allan Hawco stars as the charming and irreverent detective who struggles daily to navigate the complications of running the family P.I. business while keeping his very tangly private life in check.

Also returning to the Republic are the people that Jake can't live with - or without: colleague (and de facto stepmother) Rose Miller (Lynda Boyd); vandal turned P.I. apprentice Des Courtney (Mark O'Brien); and enterprising niece Tinny (Marthe Bernard).

But the return of one Doyle remains uncertain. After a couple of massive back-to-back heart attacks and emergency surgery, what has become of Malachy Doyle (Sean McGinley)... and how are the Doyles moving forward?

This season features some fresh additions to the Doyle universe, folks who will make an impact Jake's world: Crown Attorney Allison Jenkins (Michelle Nolden), St. John's Mayor Bill Clarke (Rick Roberts) and local loan heavy Big Fat Ronnie (Matt Gordon).

Republic of Doyle Season 2 also heralds the return of unapologetic Martin Poole (Nick Campbell), bombastic novelist Garrison Steele (Victor Garber) and the Prodigal Doyle, Christian (Jonathan Goad).

Season 3

Allan Hawco returns as handsome rogue, Jake Doyle, for a hilarious and action-packed third season of Republic of Doyle.

But this is Jake as we've never seen him before. Still working cases and capturing criminals on the streets of St. John's, Jake is earning his stripes as a newly-appointed sergeant – the most colourful member of the Newfoundland Royal Constabulary.

Assigned to protect a mob informant turned federal witness, Jake finds himself in over his head. Will the dismantled Doyle; Doyle Investigations come together to help save one of their own?

Mal (Sean McGinley) and Rose (Lynda Boyd) must decide if retirement can wait. Do they want to return to the dangerous business of private investigation or would they rather be relaxing on a beach somewhere?

Apprentice Des Courtney (Mark O'Brien) has begun to carve out a new identity for himself as a university student. With his Women's Studies degree as his focus, he's left the P.I. racket behind. For now.

Tinny (Marthe Bernard) has left St. John's in order to pursue her studies overseas. Did she really leave the Doyles behind for good?

With the future of Doyle & Doyle Investigations still in limbo, time will tell if Jake Doyle remains a cop or if the rules and restrictions of the RNC force him back on the P.I. beat.

The third season features some fresh faces joining the Doyle universe and further complicating Jake's life, including older sister, Kathleen Doyle (Krista Bridges) and Des's new girlfriend, Chandra O'Neill (Mishael Morgan).

Returning to the Republic are fan favourites: Rose's shady ex-husband, Martin Poole (Nicholas Campbell), eccentric millionaire Carl Maher (Shawn Doyle), arrogant author, Garrison Steele (Victor Garber), and archnemesis, Maurice Becker (Gordon Pinsent).

Adding to the fun are incredible new guest stars: Russell Crowe, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes and Shannon Tweed – among others.

Republic of Doyle is produced by Take the Shot Productions.


Note: FOX Entertainment became FOX in 2013 and was added to the DStv bouquet (simulcast in HD on DStv only) and the series began rebroadcasting from Season 2.

Season 1 (12 episodes)

Channel: FOX Entertainment | Premiere: 1 Aug 2010 | Finale: 17 Oct 2010 | Sun, 21h00

Season 2 (13 episodes)

Channel: FOX Entertainment | Premiere: 18 May 2011 | Finale: 10 Aug 2011 | Wed, 21h00
Channel: FOX | Premiere: 17 May 2013 | Finale: 9 Aug 2013 | Fri, 20h15

Season 3 (13 episodes)

Channel: FOX Entertainment | Premiere: 14 Nov 2012 | Finale: 6 Feb 2013 | Wed, 21h00
Channel: FOX | Premiere: 11 Oct 2013 | Finale: 3 Jan 2014 | Fri, 22h00


Des Courtney

Jake Doyle

Leslie Bennett

Malachy Doyle

Rose Miller

Tinny Doyle


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