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  • I haven't done it with a girl yet - Pam Andrews
    14 Apr 2014 00:00 (7 replies)

    Rhythm City's Pam Andrews opens up to TVSA about her new hubby, her revived singing career and her outstanding life goals which include getting hot and heavy with a babe.
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  • Miss SA on boyfriends, test tubes and golf
    1 Apr 2014 00:00 (3 replies)

    Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss has dumped three boyfriends and has a golf handicap to be reckoned with. We catch-up with her to find out what we don't know.
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  • Keagan: Life after winning Big Brother
    25 Apr 2013 00:00 (9 replies)

    Big Brother StarGame winner Keagan Petersen gives us the scoop on his life after the show and his bank account. Also: a Celeb Pops video about his relationship with Talia.
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  • Walking Dead's Danai Gurira: the ultimate shero
    3 Apr 2013 00:00 (1 replies)

    Season 3 was Danai Gurira's first season on The Walking Dead and she was the ultimate in cool. We catch-up with her for the inside scoop on Michonne in the wake of the finale.
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  • Abdul Khoza - life after Class Act
    18 Mar 2013 00:00 (11 replies)

    He's gone from firefighter to reality winner to Two Step on Intersexions. We chat to Abdul Khoza to find out if Class Act delivered the show's promised prizes.
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  • Marilyn Ramos: from beauty to Queen
    14 Dec 2012 00:00 (9 replies)

    Marilyn Ramos hasn't been Miss South Africa for a week yet and already she's felt the demands of the crown. We hook-up with her for an intimate chat.
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  • Weza: from acting on Big Brother to iNkaba
    16 May 2012 00:00 (11 replies)

    Weza Solange dishes on the difference between acting on Big Brother versus iNkaba, castings for her new on-screen sister and what BB winner Karen's up to.
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  • Living with zombies - Sarah Wayne Callies
    15 Feb 2012 00:00 (1 replies)

    Back! The Walking Dead ... an exclusive chat with Sarah Wayne Callies who talks about life as Lori Grimes, keeping zombies cool and how she'd handle an apocalypse.
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  • 'Brad Wood wanted to kill me' - Loyiso
    1 Dec 2011 00:00 (16 replies)

    "One guy out of three seasons threatened me and it was Bad Brad." Loyiso Gola takes us back over three seasons of Late Nite News.
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  • Tamera on child stars & interracial couples
    17 Nov 2011 00:00 (9 replies)

    You may have caught the new reality show Tia and Tamera on Style on Wednesday? Tamera's in South Africa so we caught up with her to chat about the premiere.
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  • Idols: Catch-Up with Mark Haze
    3 Oct 2011 00:00 (2 replies)

    They've got the T-shirts and they're on a mission. We get snatched by a group of Mark fans while chatting to Mark who spills about a surprise surrounding the prize.
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  • Idols: Catch-Up with Dave van Vuuren
    3 Oct 2011 00:00 (3 replies)

    Their final performances are over and now Dave and Mark are at the mercy of voters. Dave chats to us about his soon-to-be-fiance, standing ovations and who he's closest to.
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  • The Twinz: spilt personalities
    28 Sep 2011 00:00 (43 replies)

    Hlelo Masina spills about her break-up with Bozza, Ntando dishes on her secret boyfriend. A catch-up with the Twinz to find out what sets them apart from each other.
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  • Mvelase or Moloisane? The real Lerato
    22 Sep 2011 00:00 (89 replies)

    She was Moloisane and now she's Mvelase but she hasn't married. Why has Lerato changed her surname? She solves the mystery and spills who she really is.
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  • 'I'm the chef not the ingredients' - Nicky
    18 Aug 2011 00:00 (2 replies)

    Nicky Greenwall's series The Close Up premieres on Saturday, while she's on maternity leave. She chats to us about baby pics, the bizness of TSR, google and LA.
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  • Ding Dong! It's bad boy Ronnie Nyakale
    21 Jul 2011 00:00 (13 replies)

    Ronnie Nyakale's credits read like a collection of Wanted posters: Papa Action, Sylvester and Ding Dong, who's back on Rhythm City. How bad is he? ... we find out.
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  • The gospel according to Lindelani
    20 Jun 2011 00:00 (8 replies)

    Auditions for Sing Gospel 2 have wrapped. Lindelani Mkhize reflects on Season 1 to give the juice on winner Lungisani Ntuli's album and opens a secret envelope.
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  • Vusi Kunene dishes on the Sibekos
    17 Jun 2011 00:00 (21 replies)

    Vusi Kunene stepped into Isidingo on Tuesday night to headline as Jefferson Sibeko. He gives us the lowdown on his new family: their past, present and secrets ...
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  • A check-up with Dr Mol
    13 Jun 2011 00:00 (11 replies)

    Why do chicks fall for their doctors? What does he think of shows like Grey's Anatomy and House? Michael Mol gives his prognosis and spills about his days in ER.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Duma Ndlovu
    2 Jun 2011 00:00 (34 replies)

    Muvhango creator Duma Ndlovu has been awarded an honorary PhD from the University of Venda. We chat to him about it, and find out why he created Muvhango.
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  • Miss SA: been there, done that, got the T
    25 May 2011 00:00 (4 replies)

    What's it really like to be Miss South Africa? Do guys fling themselves at you - or are they too terrified? Miss SA 2008 Tatum Keshwar dishes on this and more.
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  • Walton Goggins: justifiably cool
    29 Apr 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    He delivers a kickbutt performance on one of the hottest shows on TV. An interview with Justified's Walton Goggins to find out who Boyd Crowder really is.
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  • Introducing Baron Vaughn
    21 Apr 2011 00:00 (1 replies)

    Actor and comedian Baron Vaughn stars in Universal's new series Fairly Legal. He's been in South Africa and has a lot to say about male nurses. A catch-up with him.
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  • The goss on JR's million bucks
    15 Apr 2011 00:00 (10 replies)

    On Sunday night rapper JR grabbed R1 million when he won TIOT3. What's he doing with the cash? Who's asked him for a cut? Did he watch it rush into his account?
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  • Tatum: on face punches & Khanyi
    23 Mar 2011 00:00 (8 replies)

    She got smacked in the nose on Sunday night, then eliminated. Tatum Keshwar dishes the behind-the-scenes tensions and dirrrt that we haven't seen on TIOT3.
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  • 'I just love her rags to riches story' - Unathi
    18 Mar 2011 00:00 (10 replies)

    A catch-up with Unathi Msengana who chats about her fave Idols winner across seasons, American Idol 10 and her experiences as a judge at the auditions so far.
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  • 'I was waiting to get my revenge' - Bonang
    4 Mar 2011 00:00 (10 replies)

    "From the get-go I'd start with an alliance ... with JR, Loyiso, Andile and Khanyi." gal B talks about being eliminated from TIOT3, her reality show future and actin...
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  • 'Everything about me's intimidating': Khanyi
    24 Feb 2011 00:00 (29 replies)

    " ... boobs, hair, my personality, my laugh - it was just too much for her to handle." Khanyi Mbau gives her take on why Tatum Keshwar voted her out of TIOT first.
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  • Getting sweaty with Bold's Jack Wagner
    23 Feb 2011 00:00 (18 replies)

    We nick Bold and the Beautiful's Jack Wagner while he's working out at gym and ask him to spill about his GF Heather Locklear. With a surprise for TVSA's MsKim.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Simba Mhere
    16 Dec 2010 00:00 (17 replies)

    A chat to Top Billing Presenter Search winner Simba Mhere who's hooked on Pepperment Crisp, has stalkers on Facebook and was in a controversial Die Antwoord video.
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  • Jack Parow & Mr Hyde
    8 Dec 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    He's nominated for Best International Breakthrough Act for the 2011 MK Awards ... but who is he Really? We chat to Jack Parow - and his alter-ego Zander Tyler.
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  • From Survivor To Pasella: Irshaad Ally
    30 Nov 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    First he was tried by the jury on Survivor SA, then he got arrested and ended up in a real court - and now: he's on Pasella. Irshaad Ally's search for meaning.
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  • Catch-Up With L'loyd Cele
    3 Nov 2010 00:00 (19 replies)

    Idols runner-up L'loyd chats about where he's at right now, his plans for the future, the album he wants to release and how the show changed him.
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  • Catch-Up With Elvis Blue
    3 Nov 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    Idols winner Elvis Blue chats about the album he's about to release, why he and L'loyd decided to share the cash and the real reason he sings ... to get girls.
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  • Lizha James, Buffalo Souljah Dish Muso Dirt
    2 Nov 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    There's a battle going on between musos, who don't want others to succeed. Channel O MVA nominees Lizha James and Buffalo Souljah spill the dirt, and more.
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  • Zombie Star Talks Walking Dead
    2 Nov 2010 00:00 (1 replies)

    The new zombie slasher series The Walking Dead starts on Fox FX tonight (2nd), as part of the world premiere. We go after one of the show's leads, Laurie Holden.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Connie Ferguson
    31 Oct 2010 00:00 (42 replies)

    Karabo Moroka and Tau Mogale tied the knot on Friday, while Connie Ferguson played her final scene. Connie walks us down the aisle of her time on Generations.
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  • SA's Latest Talent: James Bhemgee
    31 Oct 2010 00:00 (2 replies)

    On Thursday night he took the winning title on SA's Got Talent and hasn't stopped singing since. James Bhemgee chats to us about his 22-year wait for glory.
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  • Haven's Trio Of Trouble
    21 Oct 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    A threesome. Troubled by a supernatural town, each other - and themselves. We chatter to the cast of the new sci-fi series Haven, on Universal on Sunday nights.
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  • Star Talk: Pam Andrews
    16 Sep 2010 00:00 (21 replies)

    Hang onto your OMG's ...Pam Andrews dishes everything we've wanted to know about 101, why it didn't last, her boyfriend at the time, her singing - and stardom.
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  • Popstars Host Dishes Audition Tips
    20 Aug 2010 00:00 (23 replies)

    The countrywide Popstars auditions fire up tomorrow. Host Martin Phike dishes his audition tips, goss and punch-up dirrrt, as a former member of Ghetto Lingo.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Nelsan Ellis (True Blood)
    19 Aug 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    With the Emmys coming up at the end of this month and True Blood nominated for Outstanding Drama we take a bite out of Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Palesa Mocuminyane
    6 Aug 2010 00:00 (19 replies)

    It's a year since Palesa was jailed on Generations. Now, she's back on TV - headlining the first episode of the new season of eKasi. Playing a fired soapie actress.
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  • New Muvhango Hottness: Themba Nofemele
    1 Jul 2010 00:00 (60 replies)

    New Muvhango hottie Themba Nofemele dishes about Ranthomeng and Thandaza, XXX-relationships, how to kiss on TV and what makes his tattoos tick.
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  • The Secret Life of Penny Lebyane
    23 Jun 2010 00:00 (18 replies)

    Radio, award ceremonies, celebrity judge, host of various shows and now Motswako. Penny Lebyane has done and said it all. Or has she? ... She spills her secrets.
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  • Bouga Luvs The Comrades
    28 May 2010 00:00 (14 replies)

    Muso, TV host and athlete Kabelo Mabalane a.k.a Bouga Luv will be chasing time at the Comrades this Sunday. We catch up with him on the set of Sportsnite.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Johnny Clegg
    22 Apr 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    A fangirl catch-up with Johnny Clegg who makes his TV-host debut on Sunday in a new SABC2 show: A Country Imagined. He dishes about the series, music and Jesse.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Louise Barnes
    26 Mar 2010 00:00 (5 replies)

    Is she the new Abby? Is she psycho? Is Daniel hott for her? Donna Hardy's on a mission to shake things up on Scandal! A catch-up with Louise Barnes who plays her.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Sisa Hewana
    18 Mar 2010 00:00 (12 replies)

    Last Friday he won the Isidingo Talent Search and this week he's been on-set, filming 10 scenes a day. A catch-up with Sisa Hewana, the soapie's new Ace.
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  • Scandalous Khanyi Dishes Dirt
    26 Feb 2010 00:00 (143 replies)

    Khanyi Mbau chats to us and spills dirrrt on her Lamborghini's, the Theunis Crous saga and her new guest role on Scandal! - as Katlego, a wannabe socialite.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Maggie Benedict
    10 Feb 2010 00:00 (8 replies)

    Actress Maggie Benedict will be back on our screens soon in a new show The Mating Game. We fire up for Valentine's Day by catching up with her - on her birthday.
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  • The TVSA Interview:Devi Sankaree Govender
    20 Dec 2009 00:00 (1 replies)

    Carte Blanche is launching a new Consumer show, anchored by Devi "The Rottweiler". She gives the scoop and spills things she's faced when she confronts scum.
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Being Erica's Erin Karpluk
    11 Nov 2009 00:00 (4 replies)

    If you could go back to change something in your life - what would it be? A chat to actress Erin Karpluk who time-travels through Hallmark's new show Being Erica.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Ruby Gettinger
    10 Nov 2009 00:00 (4 replies)

    She weighs 227 kg and she's facing the battle of her life. The shero of Style Network's new reality show Ruby chats to us about her fight against The Beast: her addiction...
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  • The TVSA Interview: Trevor Noah
    5 Nov 2009 00:00 (10 replies)

    Trevor Noah's new one-man movie The Daywalker debuts at Nu Metro today. A pervy chat with him to find out more, featuring juice about his comedy TV show.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Lady May
    29 Oct 2009 00:00 (7 replies)

    The 2009 Channel O Awards go down at Carnival City tonight. A spotlight on Best Dance Video nominee Lady May: the Most Adventurously Dressed winner last year.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Shado Twala
    28 Oct 2009 00:00 (7 replies)

    The SA's Got Talent auditions reach the Top 21 soon and then the live shows begin. A coffee catch-up with judge Shado Twala to get her take on the action.
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  • EXCLUSIVE: TAR 14's Luke Adams
    6 Apr 2011 00:00 (3 replies)

    He and his team-mate mom Margie blitzed through The Amazing Race 14 premiere on Monday. We hook up with Luke Adams, the first deaf contestant to rush the race.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Lira
    23 Oct 2009 00:00 (18 replies)

    The 2009 Channel O Awards arrive soon. To get into the vibe we chat to Lira about her three nominations, her (Mimi-alert!) emancipation; and her recent wedding.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Mduduzi Mabaso
    14 Oct 2009 00:00 (37 replies)

    He plays Suffocate on RC: a dangerous, edgy gangster with a soft spot but what's actor Mduduzi Mabaso all about? We unravel the award-winning actor's mystery.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Randall Abrahams
    1 Oct 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    A catch-up with SA's Got Talent judge Randall Abrahams who talks about hula hoops, snakes, audition horrors and what he's looking for in hopefuls on the show.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Ian von Memerty
    1 Oct 2009 00:00 (1 replies)

    In preparation for the premiere of SA's Got Talent tonight we caught up with judge Ian von Memerty to chat about dancing girls, buzzing bad acts; and talent.
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  • Is Viwe Soga Our Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
    21 Aug 2009 00:00 (9 replies)

    Out of two seasons of Survivor SA, Viwe Soga is the only contestant who's forged a TV career. A catch-up with him to get his take on the smut going down in Survivor China.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Dave Annable
    11 Aug 2009 00:00 (4 replies)

    Brothers & Sisters' actor Dave Annable gives us the inside scoop on playing Justin Walker, sibling kisses, behind-the-scenes on set and a sniff of Season 3.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Luke Macfarlane
    11 Aug 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    Brothers & Sisters is back on M-Net for Season 3. We chat to actor Luke Macfarlane to get a peak of what lies ahead for newlyweds Kevin and Scotty.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Dale Steyn (+ WAG)
    5 Aug 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    He may not be a TV actor in the usual sense of the word but when it comes to a ball he delivers on drama. A quick chat with cricketer Dale and his WAG Jeanne.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Hakeem Kae-Kazeem
    9 Jun 2009 00:00 (5 replies)

    On tonight's premiere of 24: South African actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim kicks bad butt as the Season 7 villain. He chats to TVSA from LA to spill the on-set scoop.
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  • Discovering The Power Of Escape
    24 Apr 2009 00:00 (0 replies)

    To coincide with Monday's Freedom! Day we trap escape artist Jonathan Goodwin, who's new show One Way Out premieres on Discovery next month.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Deon Opperman
    21 Apr 2009 00:00 (22 replies)

    How can Joost save himself? What did Naas Botha do when he bummed in America? Getroud Met Rugby creator Deon Opperman, spills rugga answers (and questions).
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  • The TVSA Interview: Lebo Mashile
    27 Mar 2009 00:00 (22 replies)

    She's a poet, presenter, actress and producer and she's back for a new season of Drawing The Line. We hook up with Lebo Mashile who slams us with a poem.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Mathew Moolman
    22 Mar 2009 00:00 (8 replies)

    Idols' Mathew is back in Cape Town after his elimination two weeks ago. Every Monday night he's heatin' up the Results Show at Stardust: his home-away-from-home.
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  • Face Of Africa Interview: Kate Menson
    11 Dec 2008 00:00 (6 replies)

    Ghanaian model Kate Menson recently won the Face Of Africa 2008. We chat to her about what she did to win, being too thin and America's Next Top Model.
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  • The TVSA Interview: Earl Cole
    31 Oct 2008 00:00 (22 replies)

    Spotted! Survivor Fiji winner Earl Cole living it up in Cape Town. We hang out with him ...
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  • TVSA Interview: Yau-Man Chan
    30 Oct 2008 00:00 (14 replies)

    We chat to Survivor Fiji's Yau-Man after Tuesday night's Finale that saw him losing both the car and a million bucks while winning a spot in Survivor Season 16.
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  • TVSA Interview: Total Drama Island Creator
    6 Oct 2008 00:00 (3 replies)

    The animated reality show Total Drama Island's currently eliminating victims on Cartoon Network. We poke Reality TV with the show's co-creator Tom McGillis.
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  • TVSA Interview: Siya Mdlalose
    28 Jul 2008 00:00 (5 replies)

    From fan to the host of the show: Take 5 presenter Siya Mdlalose chats to us about breaking out of his shell, 'doctor/nurse' games and Home Affairs.
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  • TVSA Interview: Derek Van Dam
    30 Jun 2008 00:00 (15 replies)

    A freezing Cape Of Storms day. eNews weather anchor Derek Van Dam stands frozen at the edge of a blustery world. A scorned weather girl gets revenge. Bwahahaha!
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  • TVSA Interview: Shannon Esra
    27 Jun 2008 00:00 (8 replies)

    The Lab 2's new babe on the Mingus-block Shannon Esra gives us the lowdown on Sam, filming the show, sex in public places, drugs and Bollywood.
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  • TVSA Interview: Zolisa Xaluva
    13 Jun 2008 00:00 (69 replies)

    Generations, Tsha Tsha, Rhythm City and now uGugu no Andile. We get up close to Zolisa Xaluva's love affair with acting to find out how hott he is.
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  • TVSA Interview: Thembalethu Ntuli
    9 Jun 2008 00:00 (50 replies)

    Thembalethu Ntuli recently made his first full-scale acting debut as streetchild and Suffo-saviour Pule on Rhythm City. We find out more about this newcomer.
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  • RC Exclusive: Head Writer, Neil McCarthy
    4 Jun 2008 00:00 (12 replies)

    Rhythm City's head writer Neil McCarthy gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on how the soapie's written and what it's like being the head honcho on the show.
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  • TVSA Interview: Portia Gumede
    20 May 2008 00:00 (61 replies)

    She's the writer and producer of two shows on the box at the mo. and the star in one. We catch up with Portia Gumede and discover she's spilling family beans.
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  • The Lab 2: Past & Present
    16 May 2008 00:00 (1 replies)

    Jaws, Monty, Pearl and Mingus are back for a new season! We catch up with The Lab star Graham Hopkins, who fills us in on where the show's been and where it's going.
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  • TVSA Interview: Sharon Haarhoff
    22 Apr 2008 00:00 (2 replies)

    SA's first ever Biggest Loser winner Sharon Haarhoff dishes the lowdown about being on the show, watching it as a viewer and her new life afterwards.
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  • TVSA Interview: Barry Hilton
    17 Apr 2008 00:00 (3 replies)

    Stand-up comedian Barry Hilton's currently co-hosting The Generation Game on 2. He gives us his take on the trials of being a comic, Eishkom and Debra Patta.
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  • TVSA Interview: Hex's Jemima Rooper
    8 Apr 2008 00:00 (0 replies)

    The edgy, witchcraft series Hex premieres on SET tonight after being tucked away when the channel first launched. TVSA gets the scoop on the show from one of the leads.
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  • Jerry Spinger On Jerry Springer
    19 Nov 2002 00:00 (0 replies)

    Jerry Springer's been in SA filming a new talk show for M-Net. An interview with him about the people on his US show and whether or not they're for real.
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  • TVSA Interview: Hill Harper
    25 May 2005 00:00 (1 replies)

    TVSA gets a check-up from actor Hill Harper, who plays forensic autopsy guru Dr Sheldon Hawkes on CSI: New York.
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  • Behind The Badge: CCH Pounder
    25 Mar 2008 00:00 (1 replies)

    The first season of The Shield premiered on SET on Saturday night. TVSA catches up with Emmy nominated CCH Pounder, who's starred on every season of the show.
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  • The Cuz Shares The Luv
    14 Feb 2008 00:00 (5 replies)

    He's been married twice before and now he's found the love of his life. Comedian Barry "The Cousin" Hilton shares the spirit of Valentine's Day with us.
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  • Idols Interview: Tender Mavundla
    27 Nov 2007 00:00 (52 replies)

    Last night Tender was voted out of Idols in the penultimate Results Show. She talks about revealing her HIV status during the show and the baby she lost in May.
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  • Podcast: Gideon Emery
    7 Aug 2007 00:00 (2 replies)

    What's it like acting opposite Kiefer Sutherland? TVSA caught up with SA actor Gideon Emery who's a guest star in tonight's 13th episode of 24.
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  • TVSA Interview: Inside Mahendra's Fridge
    17 Sep 2004 00:00 (6 replies)

    We take a visit the home of SABC3 newsreader Mahendra "The Lips" Raghunath and take a snoop around his fridge to find who's responsible for his ridiculous hair.
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  • TVSA Interview: 5 Questions To Dilana
    13 Jun 2007 00:00 (0 replies)

    On Monday night Dilana was named runner-up in Rockstar. TVSA caught up with her after the show to find out how she's doing and what she's been up to since.
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  • TVSA Interview: Leigh Bennie
    8 May 2007 00:00 (1 replies)

    Big Brother SA's Leigh Bennie chats to TVSA about life after the show, what the rest of her housemates are up to and gives her advice to BB Africa 2 hopefuls.
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  • TVSA Interview: Tumisho Masha
    26 Apr 2007 00:00 (10 replies)

    The new big budget medical series Jozi-H starts tonight. TVSA finds out what it's like to get your heart massaged by one of the star doctors, Tumisho Masha.
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  • TVSA Interview: Femi Oke
    5 Apr 2007 00:00 (1 replies)

    She started her CNN career as the best weather anchor in the world and has gone on to be the sassy host of Inside Africa. TVSA gets up close to Femi Oke.
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  • Putting Alex Jay On The Hot Seat
    24 Nov 2006 00:00 (2 replies)

    As out-there as radio and TV personality Alex Jay is, there's also a lot about him that's a mystery. He chats to TVSA about the things you don't know about him.
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  • One-On-One With Temptation's Grand Master
    30 Oct 2006 00:00 (0 replies)

    Theunis Strydom was named Temptation SAs first Grand Master when he thrillingly went on to play Night Six and won. TVSA catches up with him to pick his brains.
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