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The Cramp Twins

- Season 1 -
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Show Details

Broadcaster: M-Net DStv 
Show Genre: Animation

Show Summary

Lucian and Wayne Cramp might be twins but they are anything but identical.

Lucian is sweet and obedient whereas Wayne is wild and unruly, always out looking for trouble.

They live in Soap Town with a mother who is obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleanliness and a father who looks as is if belongs on a country and western movie set.

Truly never a dull moment in the Cramp household.

Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Voice of Wayne Cramp Tom Kenny
Voice of Lucien Cramp Kath Soucie
Voice of Tony Parsons / Seth Parsons Terry Klassen
Voice of Wendy Winkle Jayne Paterson
Voice of Mari Phelps Tabitha St. Germain
Voice of Dorothy Cramp (mom) Nicole Oliver
Voice of Horace Cramp (dad) Ian James Corlett
Voice of Mr. Winkle Colin Murdock
Voice of Mrs. Winkle /Lily Parsons Cathy Weseluck
Voice of Dirty Joe Muldoon Lee Tockar
Voice of Marsha Ellen Kennedy
Voice of Tandy Iris Quinn
Voice of Mr. Pretty Jay Brazeau

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