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- Season 7 -
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Broadcaster: SABC1 DStv 
Show Genre: Comedy
Season Premiere: Friday, May 16, 2008
Season Finale: Friday, October 10, 2008
Time: 20h30 - 21h00

Show Summary

Girlfriends is an American sitcom created by Mara Brock Akil and produced by Kelsey Grammer which centres around the lives of four African-American women living in Los Angeles, California.

The series originally aired in the USA on UPN (which became The CW in 2006) from 11 September, 2000 to 11 February, 2008. There are 172 half-hour episodes in eight seasons.

Girlfriends originally aired in South Africa on SABC1 from 10 September, 2001, to 9 January, 2009. It later aired on DStv's M-Net Series and Vuzu channels and TopTV's Top One channel. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 7 premiered on M-Net Series on Thursday 14 May 2009, at 21h30. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 22 episodes in the seventh season.

Season 7 Repeats

Fridays: 03h30, 09h30, 15h30


Girlfriends is a sitcom which takes an in-depth look at the lives of four very different African-American women living in Los Angeles.

Meet Joan Clayton, the "mother hen" of the girlfriends: she's a successful attorney working for a prestigious law firm, very attractive and intelligent and she often puts the needs of her friends above her own.

Then there's Toni Childs, a childhood friend of Joan - she's a vain, self-obsessed money-hungry woman working as a successful realtor and she's generally the spoilt one of the four.

She later marries a white Jewish plastic surgeon but the marriage barely lasts a year.

Next is Maya Wilkes - she's Joan's very sassy assistant at the law firm and she's married to her childhood sweetheart, Darnell.

Lastly there's Lynn Searcy, a roommate of Joan and Toni at UCLA, and she's the genuinely nice one of the four. Born to multi-racial parents, she was adopted by a white family and only embraced her black background when she met Joan and Toni.

The girlfriends have an extra friend in William Dent, a senior partner at the law firm where Joan works. He's one of Joan's best male friends and becomes the "listening ear" when the girls need to lash out at the latest drama in their lives.

Girlfriends takes a sometimes serious but mostly hilarious look at the lives of these four women as they tackle socially relevant issues common to today's society.

Casting Departure

Jill Marie Jones (Toni Childs) left the show at the end of Season 6, saying she felt it was time to "move on". She made a guest appearance in the first episode of the seventh season.


In 2004, Girlfriends received its first Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Cinematography in a Multi-Camera Series.

The series has received NAACP Image Award nominations for four years, including a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Tracee Ellis Ross also earned her sixth consecutive NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, including one win in 2007, and received the 2005 BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress.

Golden Brooks won the 2006 BET Comedy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and co-star Reggie Hayes won the 2007 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

In 2006, the show won a BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.


Season 1 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 10 Sep 2001 | Finale: 4 Feb 2002 | Mondays, 20h00
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 6 Aug 2003 | Finale: 31 Dec 2003 | Wednesdays, 18h30
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 28 May 2010 | Finale: 6 Aug 2010 | Fridays, 19h00
Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 27 Dec 2011 | Finale: 8 Mar 2012 | Tue/Thu, 19h00

Season 2 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 23 Jul 2002 | Finale: 17 Dec 2002 | Tuesdays, 20h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 15 Feb 2006 | Finale: 12 Jul 2006 | Wednesdays, 18h30
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 13 Aug 2010 | Finale: 22 Oct 2010 | Fridays, 19h00
Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 13 Mar 2012 | Finale: 24 May 2012 | Tue/Thu, 19h00

Season 3 (25 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 11 Jun 2003 | Finale: 26 Nov 2003 | Wednesdays, 21h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 7 Sep 2006 | Finale: 30 Nov 2006 | Thursdays, 23h00
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 29 Oct 2010 | Finale: 21 Dec 2010 | Mon-Wed, 21h45
Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 29 May 2012 | Finale: 21 Aug 2012 | Tue/Thu, 19h00

Season 4 (24 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 29 Sep 2004 | Finale: 9 Mar 2005 | Wednesdays, 21h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 24 Feb 2007 | Finale: 12 May 2007 | Saturdays, 23h00
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 22 Dec 2010 | Finale: 15 Feb 2011 | Mon-Wed, 21h45
Channel: Vuzu | Premiere: 23 Aug 2012 | Finale: 13 Nov 2012 | Tue/Thu, 19h00

Season 5 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 27 Apr 2005 | Finale: 21 Sep 2005 | Wednesdays, 20h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 19 May 2007 | Finale: 28 Jul 2007 | Saturdays, 23h00
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 6 Oct 2011 | Finale: 1 Mar 2012 | Thursdays, 18h30

Season 6 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 1 Nov 2006 | Finale: 18 Apr 2007 | Wednesdays, 22h00
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 10 Jul 2008 | Finale: 18 Sep 2008 | Thursdays, 23h00
Channel: Top One | Premiere: 8 Mar 2012 | Finale: 2 Aug 2012 | Thursdays, 18h30

Season 7 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 16 May 2008 | Finale: 10 Oct 2008 | Fridays, 20h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 14 May 2009 | Finale: 8 Oct 2009 | Thursdays, 21h30

Season 8 (13 episodes)

Channel: SABC1 | Premiere: 17 Oct 2008 | Finale: 9 Jan 2009 | Fridays, 20h30
Channel: M-Net Series | Premiere: 26 Aug 2010 | Finale: 18 Nov 2010 | Thursdays, 21h30

Show Trivia

1. The show was officially cancelled by The CW on February 13, 2008 that Girlfriends will not be filming a series finale, as it was too expensive. The last two pre-strike episodes of the season which aired two days before the announcement will serve as the shows final episodes.

2. A retrospective episode was to air on The CW Network after the announcement that the show wouldn't continue, to conclude the 8-year series. However, the characters' storylines wouldn’t get any kind of resolution but at least the sitcom would have a series finale. This is no longer going to happen. The network offered the actors half of their usual episodic salary to take part, but the actors collectively turned them down.

3. The Girlfriends spin-off show is titled, "The Game" was formed through an episode of Girlfriends. Currently the series does not air in South Africa. 

4. Mention in The Second Season DVD, the creator expressed that Trick Or Truth? is her favorite episode.

5. The main cast hosted The 35th NAACP Image Awards. 

6. Although the 'B' word is often used in the series, it's sometimes edited on BET Network when the show is in syndication in the U.S.

7. Tracee Ellis Ross's real-life sister Rhonda Ross Kendrick appeared on a Halloween episode of Girlfriends titled "The Remains of the Date.". 

8. In Season 1, Golden Brooks appeared as the character Maya on an episode of the TV series Moesha in a cross-over special. Later that same evening, Shar Jackson appeared as the character Niecy Jackson on Girlfriends (Old Dog - Season 1). 

9. Persia White only had one visible tattoo on her lower back during Season 1.

10. Golden Brooks had clear braces during mid-season 2. 

11. Persia White's (Lynn) real-life daughter, Mecca, was on a Mother's Day episode of Girlfriends (My Mother, Myself-Season 2) and played the character of Earl's Granddaughter.

12. Starting at Season 3, every season finale is a 2-part episode. 

13. The J-Spot set is really William's house with a wall removed and a pond added. (Season 5)

14. It's known that William's mother hates Monica, but we never seen his mother appear on any episodes of the series.

15. In 1999, Golden Brooks appeared on Mo'Nique's series The Parkers as a lesbian. Coincidentally, Mo'Nique appeared as herself in a 2005 episode of Girlfriends. (See J-Spot Run - Season 5). 

16. In the seventh seasons of Girlfriends and Gilmore Girls, the shows referenced each other. In Girlfriends, the character Joan Clayton mentions that she lives near a Gilmore Girl. In Gilmore Girls, Lorelai makes fun of Christopher's selection of saved TiVo programs, one of them being Girlfriends.

17. Golden Brooks (Maya) was originally signed to play Toni Childs role but declined.

18. Persia White is the music director for various episodes. 

19. Golden Brooks has written an episode entitled "Snap Back" which aired November 12, 2007. 

20. Tracee Ellis Ross has directed an episode entitled "What's Black-A-Lackin'?"

Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Joan Clayton Tracee Ellis Ross
Maya Wilkes Golden Brooks
Lynn Searcy Persia White
William Jerome Dent Reggie Hayes
Darnell Wilkes Khalil Kain
Monica Keesha Sharp
Aaron Waters Richard T. Jones
Brock Harris Malik Yoba
Toni Childs Jill Marie Jones
Ray Carl Anthony Payne II
Keith Atwood Troy Winbush
Traci Blackwell Ryan Michelle Bathe
Peaches Shawn Harrison
Derwin Davis Pooch Hall
Melanie Barnett Tia Mowry
Robert Dooling Bruce Gray
Eleanor Jonelle Allen
Penny Wilkes Sundra Oakley
Kenny Jamil Walker Smith
Waitress Yasmin Giles
Bill Clayton Michael Warren
Eldon Parks Kadeem Hardison

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