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- Season 2 -
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Broadcaster: M-Net StarSat 
Show Genre: Action/Adventure
Season Premiere: Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Season Finale: Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Time: 21h30 - 22h30

Show Summary

24 is an American action television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran and presented in real time, with each season depicting a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer, who works with the United States government as it fights fictitious terrorist threats to the United States.

Broadcast by Fox in the United States and syndicated worldwide, the show aired from 6 November, 2001 to 24 May, 2010. There are 124 episodes (and a TV movie) in eight seasons.

24 originally premiered in South Africa on M-Net on Thursday 31 January 2002, at 19h00. It was moved to DStv's M-Net Action channel for the 7th season, as well as the preceding television movie 24: Redemption. It later aired on e.tv (first season only) and TopTV's Fox Entertainment channel.

When Fox Entertainment became FOX in 2013 the final season aired on the new channel, which was broadcast simultaneously on TopTV and DStv. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times by channel.

Season 2 premiered on Fox Entertainment on Wednesday 6 October 2010, at 23h15. New episodes broadcast daily, seven days a week. There are 24 episodes in the second season.

Fox Repeats

Daily: 02h20, 05h20

Season 2

The 2nd season is set approximately 18 months after the first season. The main plot of the season revolves around David Palmer – who is now the President – and Jack Bauer’s attempts to stop a band of terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb in the Los Angeles area.

We also meet Kate Warner, who suspects that her sister’s boyfriend is part of this terrorist group and is instrumental in getting vital information to CTU.

As with season 1, Season 2 can be broken into two acts. The first half of the season focuses on CTU attempting to stop a Middle Eastern terrorist cell from detonating a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

The second half sees Jack, Kate, and CTU try to prevent a misdirected retaliatory strike from the U.S. by exposing the real masterminds who let the terrorists acquire the bomb.

Other subplots include Kim Bauer being on the run after rescuing a girl who had been abused by her father. President Palmer also suspects that he may have traitors within his cabinet. Another subplot is the growing relationship between Tony Almeida and Michelle Dressler.

The season ends with yet another major plot twist – The nuclear bomb situation is resolved, but President Palmer collapses after being attacked with a biological weapon in an assassination attempt.

Events that will affect future seasons

• Is President Palmer dead? This was only resolved in the third season
• Who exactly are "Max" and Trepkos?


Note: Seasons 6 and 7 were separated by the TV movie 24: Redemption, which did not air on Fox Entertainment.

Season 1 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 31 Jan 2002 | Finale: 11 Jul 2002 | Thursdays, 19h00
Channel: e.tv | Premiere: 15 Feb 2005 | Finale: 26 Jul 2005 | Tuesdays, 21h00
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 12 Sep 2010 | Finale: 5 Oct 2010 | Daily, 23h15

Season 2 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 1 Jul 2003 | Finale: 9 Dec 2003 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 6 Oct 2010 | Finale: 29 Oct 2010 | Daily, 23h15

Season 3 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 13 Apr 2004 | Finale: 21 Sep 2004 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 30 Oct 2010 | Finale: 22 Nov 2010 | Daily, 23h15

Season 4 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 3 May 2005 | Finale: 11 Oct 2005 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 9 Jul 2010 | Finale: 17 Dec 2010 | Fridays, 21h00

Season 5 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 9 May 2006 | Finale: 17 Oct 2006 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 4 Jul 2011 | Finale: 12 Dec 2011 | Mondays, 21h00

Season 6 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net | Premiere: 15 May 2007 | Finale: 23 Oct 2007 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 3 Jul 2012 | Finale: 11 Dec 2012 | Tuesdays, 21h00

24: Redemption

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 3 Jun 2009 | Wednesday, 19h00
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Aired: Did not air

Season 7 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 10 Jun 2009 | Finale: 18 Nov 2009 | Wednesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox Entertainment | Premiere: 1 Jan 2013 | Finale: 4 Jun 2013 | Tuesdays, 21h00

Season 8 (24 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 6 Oct 2010 | Finale: 16 Mar 2011 | Wednesdays, 19h00
Channel: FOX | Premiere: 2 Jul 2013 | Finale: 3 Dec 2013 | Tuesdays, 21h00

Show Trivia

Near the end of this season, Aaron is asked how long he has served in the secret service, and he says that he joined during Reagan's second term, which lasted from 1985 to 1989. It is also stated that he has served for almost 20 years.

The first part of the first episode mentions that it happened in Seoul however it is the skyline of the commercial district of Singapore that was shown.

Cast & Characters

Character Actor
Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland
Kimberley Bauer Elisha Cuthbert
David Palmer Dennis Haysbert
Kate Warner Sarah Wynter
Michelle Dessler Reiko Aylesworth
Peter Kingsley Tobin Bell
Keith Palmer Vicellous Reon Shannon
Lynne Kresge Michelle Forbes
Nina Meyers Sarah Clarke
Vice President Jim Prescott Alan Dale
John Mason Eric Christian Olsen
Tom Baker Daniel Dae Kim
Tony Almeida Carlos Bernard
Marie Warner Laura Harris
Ted Simmons Steven Culp
George Mason Xander Berkeley
Sherry Palmer Penny Johnson Jerald
Mike Novick Jude Ciccolella
Aaron Pierce Glenn Morshower
Ryan Chappelle Paul Schulze
Reza Naiyeer Phillip Rhys
Mandy Mia Kirshner
Bob Warner John Terry
Carrie Turner Lourdes Benedicto
Gary Matheson Billy Burke
Megan Matheson Skye McCole Bartusiak
Carla Matheson Tracy Middendorf
Miguel Innis Casey
Jenny Dodge Tamlyn Tomita
Paula Schaeffer Sara Gilbert
Joseph Wald Jon Gries
Hasan Naiyeer Shaun Duke
Rick Phillips Michael Cudlitz
CHP Officer Brown Michael McGrady
Mamud Rasheed Faheen Anthony Azizi
Paul Koplin Al Sapienza
Syed Ali Francesco Quinn
Lonnie McRae Kevin Dillon
Steve Goodrich Max Martini
Omar Marc Casabani
General Bowden Dean Norris
Jonathan Wallace Gregg Henry
Frank Davies Brent Sexton
Ramon Garcia Lombardo Boyar
Yusuf Auda Donnie Keshawarz
Marcus Nick Offerman
Danny Dessler Louis Ferreira
General Gratz Carmen Argenziano
Rouse Raymond Cruz
Secretary of Agriculture Robert Pine
Max Thomas Kretschmann
Mae Chuti Tiu
Raymond O'Hara Brian Goodman
Dave Gregory Sporleder
Division Agent Bruce Nozick
Chris Jimmi Simpson
Ronnie Stark Peter Outerbridge
Rick Brad Grunberg
Mosque Greeter Faran Tahir
LAPD Officer Ben Koldyke

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