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Broadcaster: M-Net DStv 
Show Genre: Soap Opera
Series Premiere: Thursday, October 13, 2005

Show Summary

Binnelanders (formerly entitled Binneland Sub Judice and Binneland) is a South African Afrikaans-language television soap opera produced by Friedrich and Elsje Stark of Stark Films and set against the backdrop of an up-market private hospital, Binneland Clinic, in Pretoria.

The stories revolve around the lives of a dedicated group of professionals at the clinic who are committed to healing the suffering of their patients.

The series premiered simultaneously on M-Net and DStv's kykNET channels on Thursday 13 October 2005, at 19h30. It began as a weekly hour-long drama, changed to a daily half-hour soap, became a full one-hour daily soap then reverted to a half-hour soap once more.

See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 10 premiered on kykNET on Monday 31 March 2014, at 18h30. New episodes broadcast daily, on weekdays. There are 260 episodes in the tenth season.

Episode Teasers

Seasons 1-5

The series is set against the backdrop of the up-market private hospital, Binneland Clinic in Pretoria. The stories revolve around the lives of a dedicated group of professionals committed to healing the suffering of their patients.

Binnelanders is a story of real people living real lives until a ghost from the past threatens to destroy everything they love.

Zieg Combrink is a successful doctor and part-owner of an up-market private clinic. Surrounded at home and work by a bevy of adoring and competing women, Zieg seems to have everything a man could want, until his life takes an unexpected turn.

First a patient of many years dies, leaving Zieg with a moral dilemma. Then a new nurse arrives at the clinic and appears determined to sabotage him professionally and personally.

When Zieg realises what she is up to he confronts her, only to discover that she suspects him of something terrible.

Zieg knows he’s innocent, but has trouble convincing everyone else, leaving his straight-talking wife Karla to try to piece together the sinister events of the past in a desperate attempt to save her family.

Season 6

The sixth season features a raft of changes to the show, not least of which its title: Binnelanders officially becomes Binneland Sub Judice. The show also becomes an hour in length - the first South Africa daily drama to do so.

To accommodate the new length of episodes, this season introduces an arch-rival to the Binneland Clinic: a team of legal eagles known as RPK (Rossouw, Paulse and Knight Incorporated), whose sole aim appears to be to take down At Koster and the clinic in a legal battle of power.

Binneland is accused of dealing in the unlawful harvesting of organs by RPK, and the ensuing drama unfolds.

Season 6 sees the return of a number of familiar faces including At Koster (Hans Strydom), Ingrid Louw-Koster (Michelle Botes), Stefanie Louw (Rolanda Marais), Conrad Best (Hykie Berg), Kallie Koster (Tobie Cronjé), Toeks Muller (Franci Swanepoel), Jennifer Adams (Sandi Schultz), Franz Basson (Dawid Minnaar), doctors Quinton Meyer and Tertius Jonker (Ramey Short and Reynardt Hugo), Nathan Richards (Karl Thaning), Faye Becker (Esmeralda Bihl), Pippa Venter (Nadia Valvekens), Veronica Williams (Chantelle Gertse), Elise Kruger (Lindie Stander), Daleen Oosthuizen (Desiré Manthey), Gys Eloff (Viljé Maritz) and Dylan Fourie (Carl Beukes).

New characters this season include the RPK Directors Joeke Rossouw (Jana Cilliers), Warrick Paulse (Terence Bridgett) and Oliver Knight (Nick Boraine); lawyers Hannah Rossouw (Lika Berning), Michael Lennox (Antony Coleman) and Yvette Stuurman (Michelle Pienaar); article clerks Zoey Matsekwa (Maggie Benedict), Belinda "Billy" Cooper (Robyn Olivia) and Nadia Da Costa (Christl Weinbeck); Emilio Castignani (Jason Kennett), the owner of the Bistro next door to RPK; and Ulrich Moolman (Albert Pretorius), a law student who would desperately like to work for the firm, but in the meantime works as a barman at the Bistro.

This season also introduces a new set and is shot in a new location. It is shot entirely on HD.

Season 7-

After one season as a daily hour-long soap known as Binneland Sub Judice, the show reverts to a half-hour daily soap and changes names for a third time, to Binneland.

The name changes from Binneland Sub Judice to reflect the removal of the legal aspect of the show that dominated last season. The law firm RPK (Rossouw, Paulse and Knight Incorporated) has been written out of the show so that it once more only focuses on the Binneland Cinic.

Characters from RPK will still be involved, with guest appearances and new storylines integrated with Binneland Clinic.

Most of the Season 6 cast return for Season 7, with the notable exclusion of Michelle Botes, who left midway through the season in 2010 to resume her role on SABC3's Isidingo. Karl Thaning has also left the show.

A major casting this season is the addition of former 7de Laan star Elma Postma as Bea Delport, a newbie who has difficulty being accepted by the Binneland crew.

Aside from Posthma, the main credited cast members this season are:

Dr. Jennifer Adams (Sandi Schultz), Dr. Franz Basson (Dawid Minnaar), Dr. Conrad Bester (Hykie Berg), Dr. Dylan Fourie (Carl Beukes), Dr. Tertius Jonker (Reynardt Hugo), Dr. At Koster (Hans Strydom), Kallie Koster (Tobie Cronjé), Suster Elise Kruger (Lindie Stander), Stefanie Malherbe (Rolanda Marais), Dr. Quinton Meyer (Ramey Short), Toeks Müller (Franci Swanepoel), Suster Daleen Oosthuizen (Desiré Manthey), Warrick Paulse (Terence Bridgett), Yvette Stuurman (Michelle Pienaar), Suster Pippa Venter (Nadia Valvekens) and Suster Veronica Williams (Chantelle Gertse).

Due to the division of M-Net into two channels in April 2011 - M-Net Satellite and M-Net Terrestrial - the series is now broadcast on kykNET and M-Net Terrestrial. Season 7 will thus not air on M-Net Satellite, nor on M-Net HD.

Production History

Binnelanders began in October 2005, a weekly hour-long drama. It began filming in August 2005 at the SABC's Broadcast House in Commissioner Street, Johannesburg.

The first season and the first 16 episodes of the second season ran as an hour-long drama on Thursdays at 19h30, in Afrikaans only.

Midway through the second season (Episode 69) the show became a daily half-hour soapie and English subtitles were introduced. The time changed to weekdays at 18h30, directly after M-Net's long-running soapie Egoli.

The change in format came two months before M-Net Open Time (17h00-19h00) was closed and was designed to boost the Binnelanders audience before the pay channel lost its free-to-air viewers.

Binnelanders changed to the 18h00-18h30 timeslot on Monday 6 April 2009, swapping times with Egoli, which had already set its finale date. The move was designed to get viewers used to the 18h00 timeslot before Egoli ended.

The show became the first daily drama in South Africa to be an hour in length when Season 6 debuted on 5 April, 2010. It replaced Egoli in the 18h30-19h00 timeslot on weekdays when the former soap ended its 18-year run, taking over the whole hour from 18h00-19h00.

From Season 6 the show was retitled Binneland Sub Judice to extend the scope of the story after becoming an hour in length - producers felt the hour would be too long to have it set exclusively in the clinic.

A new legal firm - Rossouw, Paulse and Knight Incorporated (RPK) - was introduced, along with a host of new characters.

The production also moved from shooting at Broadcast House to Stark Studios in Randburg, a production facility built by the Binneland producers, Elsje and Friedrich Stark.

For Season 7 the show once again renamed, this time to simply Binneland, after a decision was made to drop the legal angle of the series after one season. It also reverted to a half-hour daily soap and was removed from M-Net Satellite after the channel was split into two.

Shortly before the end of Season 9 - on Monday 17 February, 2014 - the series reverted once more to Binnelanders, as the producers felt that when viewers talked about the show, they still referred to it by its original title.

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Note: The series aired simultaneously on M-Net and kykNET for the first six seasons. In April 2011 M-Net was split into two channels, M-Net Satellite and M-Net Terrestrial, and the show was moved to M-Net Terrestrial for Season 7, airing simultaneously on kykNET.

Season 1 (52 episodes)

Premiere: 13 October 2005 | Finale: 5 October 2006

Season 2 (88 episodes)

Premiere: 13 April 2006 | Finale: 8 May 2007

Season 3 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 9 May 2007 | Finale: 6 May 2008

Season 4 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 7 May 2008 | Finale: 6 May 2009

Season 5 (235 episodes)

Premiere: 7 May 2009 | Finale: 31 March 2010

Season 6 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 5 April 2010 | Finale: 1 April 2011

Season 7 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 4 April 2011 | Finale: 30 March 2012

Season 8 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 2 April 2012 | Finale: 29 March 2013

Season 9 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 1 April 2013 | Finale: 28 March 2014

Season 10 (260 episodes)

Premiere: 31 March 2014 | Finale: 27 March 2015

Main Cast

(For full cast and characters, click Seasons tab at top of page)
Gys de Villiers
Hans Strydom
Dawid Minnaar
Michelle Botes
Neels van Jaarsveld
Rolanda Marais
Sandi Schultz
Milan Murray
Elzette Maarschalk
Paul du Toit
Nadia Valvekens
Franci Swanepoel
Fatima Abdool
Lindie Stander
Jurgen Hellberg
Jana Cilliers
Terence Bridgett
Nick Boraine
Lika Berning
Antony Coleman
Michelle Pienaar
Maggie Benedict
Robyn Olivia
Christl Weinbeck
Jason Kennett
Albert Pretorius
Elma Postma
Quanita Adams
Hanli Rolfes-Opperman
Ben Kruger
Desiré Gardner
Reynardt Hugo
Ramey Short
Stefan Ludik
Odelle de Wet
Renate Stuurman
Erik Holm
Hannelie Warren
Je-ani Swiegelaar
Pascal Pienaar

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