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Birthdate: 1/1/2007 12:00:00 PM
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Comedy Central
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Gareth Cliff and Comedy Central have teamed up for a new Gareth Cliff talk show. The show will air on telly, and on online, on Comedy Central and Gareth's sites.
Elenas Ghost
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Teasers for the new telenovela Elena's Ghost which premieres on Telemundo in May ...
Queen of the South
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
A first look at the action coming up on Queen of the South this May ...
Labour of Love
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
A first look at what's coming up on Labour of Love this May, 2014 ...
Cruel Love
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
A look at what's coming up on Cruel Love this May.
Forbidden Passions
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
A preview of the Forbidden Passions coming up on Telemundo this May, 2014.
Days of our Lives
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Coming up on Days this May 2014 ...
Show Premieres
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Show Premieres
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Show Premieres
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Article: M-Net loses with Game of Thrones 4   [ 6 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hi everyone ... this response just in from M-Net's Head..."
Article: SABC1 calls for singles for new dating show   [ 7 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "! ... hey everyone, a heads-up that the closing date for ent..."
Article: Overhauled M-Net Series Zone coming soon!   [ 4 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "An update ... just in ... this comment about the M-Net Serie..."
Article: Muvhango Teasers - April 2014   [ 142 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Why Muvhango snubbed the SAFTAs..."
Article: Double whammy Big Brother eviction   [ 104 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Aha! Big Brother sends in a former Big Brother Canadain hous..."
Article: isiBaya teasers - March 2014 (Updated!)   [ 683 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Meet the new characters on isiBaya..."
Article: Bold Teasers - March 2014   [ 22 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey, hey moghakc and staceylee - welcome!:)A heads-up that..."
Article: Muvhango Teasers - March 2014 (Updated!)   [ 126 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Updated! We chatted to Muvhango and the episodes changed bec..."
Article: Muvhango Teasers - March 2014 (Updated!)   [ 126 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey hey everyone - we'll ask Muvhango for clarity on th..."
Article: Scoop: isiBaya Season 2 on the way   [ 24 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey hey everyone - yes-yes, it's definitely happening...."
Article: Kenny Kunene replaces Schuster on the grill   [ 2 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "News flash! Khanyi Mbau, Dineo Ranaka and Somizi are on the..."
Article: All your 2014 Oscars TX times   [ 4 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey everyone a note about a time change ... E!'s Fashio..."
Article: isiBaya teasers - March 2014 (Updated!)   [ 683 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey hey everyone! Check it out: Scoop: isiBaya Season 2 on t..."
Article: All your 2014 Oscars TX times   [ 4 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey Tazz, yes, it was disqualified because the Academy say t..."
Article: New passions, celeb goss - on Telemundo soon   [ 18 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey hey everyone! ... this letter from Telemundo just in: Te..."
Article: Binneland Teasers - February 2014   [ 1 reply ]
TVSAAdmin: "! Binneland changes names on Monday, 17 February 2014. It re..."
Article: Reeva Steenkamp doccie on eNCA & e.tv   [ 2 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Flash update: the documentary will also be airing on e.tv -..."
Article: Day 3 - 5 February 2014   [ 16 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Sorted! We've changed it everywhere *whew* wiping our b..."
Article: Day 3 - 5 February 2014   [ 16 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Haaaaaa - it's Wednesday and not Tuesday! Many apologie..."
Article: Day 3 - 5 February 2014   [ 16 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "LOL! Today is officially Day 2 ;)...."
Article: Day 3 - 5 February 2014   [ 16 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "No-no, you're not lost Mrs Chix. We labelled Monday Day..."
Article: Behind Closed Doors Teasers - February 2014   [ 16 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Updated! Teasers are now updated with the rest of February...."
Article: NEW! Cruel Love Teasers - February 2014   [ 9 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "A note that we've updated the teasers with the final we..."
Article: The Del Monte Dynasty - February 2014   [ 2 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Updated: we've updated the teasers with the final week..."
Article: Generations Teasers - February 2014 (Updated)   [ 345 replies ]
TVSAAdmin: "Hey hey everyone - a heads-up that we've updated the te..."
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Message from: Beyonce 8/3/2007 12:30:17 AM
Hello Admin!! :)
Message from: TVSA Admin 9/25/2007 11:20:50 AM
Helllooo Beee!:)
Message from: sjura 9/25/2007 11:27:28 AM
Welcome guyz y took so long.Dnt believe u guyz 4gt urselves.
Message from: sponono 10/4/2007 8:22:23 AM
hello admin listen admin where is the option to add an article to my rythm issues blog...help pronto
Message from: belz 10/4/2007 8:27:05 AM
Hey admin, i didnt know you guys had a GB, hello and welcome to GOLD!!!hihi
Message from: spice 10/4/2007 8:34:50 AM
please Admin help sponono pronto I need to reply on his article whateva he wrote about I'll agree cause he is the lite of my life and pls don't delete this
Message from: Meme J 10/30/2007 2:44:29 PM
Hey admin, sorry to bother u, but hope u can help me. I struggle with two issues, and it's only to do with my own blognorance! ....... when I write messages my dashes, italics, etc, don't come out, so I've resorted to using dots to try and create a bit of space in my messages. Is this to do with computer compatibilities or is there something I can do that I don't know about?!! Secondly, I'm struggling to post photos in 'My Galleries'. OK, I get to 'Add New Gallery', it asks for 'Gallery Name' and 'Description', but how the heck do I insert the pics? Please help!! Thanks.
Message from: Luke 10/30/2007 3:11:32 PM
I've sent you a PM, Meme J.
Message from: Meme J 10/30/2007 3:36:48 PM
OK, tx Luke. Off to check it out!
Message from: Annonymous 10/30/2007 11:59:56 PM
Hey there TVSA asmin, I didn't even know there was such a GB. Fortunately I am not one to complain, I simply don't have any issues with TVSA. All I can say is thanx for making my job incredible with me having the ability to have fun while I work!!!

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