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Gender: f
Birthdate: 2/27/2007
Born: Mafikeng
Currently reside: Maftown
Occupation: Accountant
Relationship Status: S
Kids: Not yet
Pets: No
Interests: Watching tv,blogging on TVSA,Reading mags,gossiping
Turn-ons: I look at a man's shoes b4 talking to him
Turn-offs: Scrubbadacious men
TV Shows: Generations
Gospel Time-my Gawd
Sewende Laan Omnibus
TV Channels: Fo Sho
Channel O
TV Moment(s): When I appeared on Selimathunzi,a long time ago.
TV Genres: Soapies
TV Theme Tune(s): Tididididi tididi tidididida - Soundtrack ya Bophelo ke semphekgo.
Movies: Diary of a Mad Black Woman (I dunno how many times I've watched it)
Celebs: Sbu,Sbu,Sbu and more of Sbu
Kaizer Junior
Music: Gospel
R & B
(in that order)
Books: Does DRUM count?
Heroes: The big G upstairs
My parents
Pastimes: Sleeping
Going to church
Sports: Athletics
Food: NAMA
Hangout: Anywhere,as long as the company's good
Lex 272
MY DAY    
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Its my birth day today,272
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Welcome to my guestbook!
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Message from: Shirmell 8/6/2007 7:43:10 AM
Hi there Lex, welcome to TVSA Gold, go nuts filling your profile.
Message from: babyjoe 8/6/2007 7:52:50 AM
Welcome to GOLD
Message from: Citanul 8/6/2007 7:59:20 AM
Hi Lex, welcome to TVSA Gold.
Message from: KeleFabulous 8/27/2007 8:07:00 AM
welcome babes! now work on that profile!
Message from: Foxy gal 8/27/2007 8:13:01 AM
Welcome to the world of GOLD!!!!!!!!!!
Message from: Lex 8/31/2007 3:39:53 AM
Guys,my picture refuses to show on my profile,please help.Only the red cross is showing.
Message from: Lex 9/11/2007 4:57:58 AM
Somebody please help me upload my photo,pls,I've been trying for the past two weeks,I know I'm technologically challenged,mara KE KOPA LE NTHUSENG TUUU!
Message from: KeleFabulous 9/13/2007 6:21:05 AM
what exactly is the problem Lex?
Message from: Lex 9/17/2007 3:43:02 AM
KFab,akere I go to edit,choose picture,browse,then choose the picture I want.It says to me the picture has been changed but only the red cross shows.Please help.
Message from: KeleFabulous 9/17/2007 9:23:06 AM
try again with another pic babes. and this time make sure the pics in your computer are open ie u must double click on them if they're not. hehehe u c now there goes my "anonnymity" hi hi hi. i went to the one in auckland park. stayed ko horison on the 2nd floor. now put them pics up so i know who this is!!!
Message from: tshepiso 10/3/2007 4:37:36 AM
Lex, I am also in Maftown ka mosebetsi. where a u in Maftown?
Message from: leopez 10/15/2007 6:23:54 AM
hey lex!howzit?if you loook at a mans shoes den wat tym of shoes do u luk at coz my all stars r as dirty as hell! i'l send u a picture of them n maybe u can judge! dey r da dirtiest in pretoria! halla back! wuld luv 2 chat more! hav a leka dag
Message from: KeleFabulous 10/26/2007 2:01:56 AM
you still haven't told me gore o mang?
Message from: tshepiso 10/31/2007 3:43:49 AM
i can't tell u the truth about myself as u know how government employees since it it illegal to blog during office hours. in which department are u. I am in the health department in the SABC BUILDING
Message from: KeleFabulous 10/31/2007 5:33:33 AM
Here's how u do it: first u gotta make sure the pic is saved on your desktop...under My Documents/My Pictures (for eg)...on your RHS(right hand side) of tvsa u go to Edit My Details...then underneath the pic u click on the change picture icon. A box will pop up and u click on browse...where u'll be taken to your Pictures (from your desktop). u then double click on the pic u want and click on save...
Message from: brownskin 11/1/2007 7:25:07 AM
lol. @ "Esale ke bona dikarabonyana tsa gago gore ke tsa ngwanyana wa MMB." o makgakga wena lex... ke tswa ko danville.. wena o tswa kae??
Message from: Bra Bizza 11/1/2007 7:54:22 AM
hey Alexis(hope i'm right)....thanks for passin by ko gae....when are we getting the picture uploaded???
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/2/2007 1:57:02 AM
finally u got it righ! LOL. nice to put a face to the name jong
Message from: Toodecent 11/2/2007 2:34:17 AM
that is cute..!
Message from: MADENZA 11/2/2007 5:55:39 AM
Dumela Lex, its Friday, wish a great weekend.
Message from: brownskin 11/5/2007 3:12:45 AM
hey lex! o dula setlopo?? Hmmm I grew up ko teng.. I go there like alot.. he he he he he he.. maybe we know each other..
Message from: brownskin 11/5/2007 4:31:51 AM
Message from: tshepiso 11/5/2007 6:14:08 AM
re ne re na le baeng from Limpopo kwa Bophelong, so re tshameka le bone ball. so after metshameko ke ge re braai and waitse e tsamaisana le alcohol jwang ngwaneso. kana ke bua nnete ke ne ke dlala no. 5. and wena Setlopo o nchaela gore o bloma daar? and nna ke renta ko Lomanyaneng.
Message from: brownskin 11/5/2007 6:38:31 AM
oh lex ok.. nna my aunt o dula mo taxi di fellang teng... just after board ekwetsweng kwena's tavern.. obua ka bridge bofeng... the first 1 mo gonang le tsela e white??
Message from: brownskin 11/6/2007 12:28:15 AM
ohok nice ne.hhhmmmmm ke tla bethela round ga ke le ko maftown
Message from: sanas 11/6/2007 12:36:56 AM
Hi Lex, howzit gal I was browsing ur profile and i thought u've got a gud personality and a half, i've added u on my friends list.Chaaaw!!!!!!!!
Message from: brownskin 11/6/2007 12:48:34 AM
he he he he gal i need ur help how do I add sum1 as my friend..
Message from: brownskin 11/6/2007 12:49:39 AM
oh I just figured it out......lmfao.......my lazines
Message from: tshepiso 11/6/2007 5:14:10 AM
kante sentlentle Brownskin o tswa kae? nna ke dula mo gaufi le butcher from Mofine bottle store you pass Motimalenyora then butcher, from town after the railways line and pass the scrab yard then the road curve, on your left side of the road. eseng side ya St Mary's.kante wena o ntse o tsaya kae network ke e tlhokile the whole morning.
Message from: MADENZA 11/6/2007 6:48:13 AM
Lex i am fine, how are you doing my love? atleast monday o fetile.
Message from: monchooza 11/6/2007 8:53:49 AM
holla holla, i hope you had a great day cause mina i def had a wonderful day and now its time to go home. keep smilling until kusasa. nice pic by the way
Message from: Tshd21 11/7/2007 7:35:20 AM
hey Lexie, how u doing gal?? Hi-hi ke lebogela tshono e o e tsereng go tla go ntshegofatsa ka lerato la gago ngwana wa ko gae :)...Pula!!!!! Hope u all good
Message from: brownskin 11/7/2007 7:44:08 AM
hey lx gal. wareng fela 2day?? A monate wa letsatsi...hi hi hi
Message from: MADENZA 11/7/2007 8:18:15 AM
o jwnang vandag ma luv?
Message from: brownskin 11/8/2007 1:08:28 AM
good morning girl! just came in here to give u some kisses 2 brighten ur day... A le nne monate ne..
Message from: Tshd21 11/8/2007 6:09:25 AM
Hey gaaal, what up??? Just popped by to spread some lerato all over ntlo ya gago neh? A letsatsi le le monate ngwana wa ko gae....*tight hug*
Message from: tshepiso 11/8/2007 8:23:04 AM
lex ga ke motho yoo chaisetsang straight gae, phela goa bora ko Lomanyaneng. most of the time ke chaisetsa ko Bop flat for some chatting and drinks with friends/ ko dicottages. cheers ke a tsamaya batho kgale ba chaisitse nna ke diiwa ke maaka a internet.
Message from: MADENZA 11/8/2007 8:25:45 AM
Lex dumela ousi.
Message from: spice 11/9/2007 1:29:02 AM
Lexy lexy lexy I hope u know what u get yourself into, banna ba bapedi ga ba tsee matlakala, I take it u watch generations jaaa picture yourself in Dineo's shoes................ haaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm just kiddin looks like ngwana gesho has got the hearts for u................. are u game lexy ?
Message from: brownskin 11/9/2007 1:30:23 AM
hey lexie! wareng fela gompieno ngwanyana..
Message from: Tshd21 11/11/2007 10:00:36 AM
Hello Lex, wa reng fela ngwana wa ko gae? Itumelele Mosupologo wa gago akere o a utlwa??
Message from: brownskin 11/12/2007 1:15:41 AM
Lex dumela mosadi.. how was ur wknd?? n how is ur monday so far??
Message from: tshepiso 11/12/2007 3:54:29 AM
hi tsala how is the Monday. eish tsala go ne go bora gore ko stadium eish ke sa itshole fela jaana and ke tlogetse monate o jwang ko Lomanyaneng a very nice aftertears. ka ya go kopana le ntja engwe ya ma x teng a mpusa gae very early ke ipoleletse gore from stadium ke ya ko Club ambassadors.
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/12/2007 8:06:34 AM
so how is life after wits treating u?
Message from: brownskin 11/13/2007 12:37:42 AM
lex ngwanyana r u still alive???
Message from: MADENZA 11/14/2007 4:44:59 AM
Lex how are you doing ngwanyana?
Message from: MADENZA 11/16/2007 6:50:18 AM
lex baby sorry ke retirile mo TVSA.
Message from: tshepiso 11/19/2007 4:05:54 AM
Lex ke ne ke sa ya aftertears ya ope .Ka Friday ke ne ke ile ko convention centre for gala dinner ya MECs awards. and Saturday ka chilexa le magents ka tlase ga setlhre re ntse re fupafupa a ga e se tsona leroborobo mmata. mpatlele ledonga moo.
Message from: tshepiso 11/19/2007 4:50:32 AM
eish ga o itse sepe ba mo SABC ba tla go passa jaaaka bolo thats y ke batla ba koo. the one I got now is becoming boring, ga a sa batla go vipe o nnile steif ga ke itse y. o rata tsone dipleke tsa bo convention centre mo bo formaling, and nna I not that type. ga ke rate go pretenda se ke leng sone
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/19/2007 8:18:07 AM
eish mara Lexie why didn't i know u back when??? do you know i still don't have my diploma because of that stupid bloody accounting subject i couldn't pass? bona fela, nkabe ke tlile ko wena wang tutora
Message from: SuddenCute 11/20/2007 2:40:36 AM
Hey lex... how r u? AM I welcome..........................oh that silence means yes.. thnks......
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/20/2007 3:56:51 AM
nah...ne ke sa ba tlwaela that much. i didn't even know what they were studying. they were friends of a friend...mara come next yr i'm going back to school. i just have to decide what i'll be studying or if i'll finish off that diploma...
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/20/2007 5:45:07 AM
eheh and what does an HR person look like? lol. i did actually study hr. do you know Noluntu? whatever happened to abo Bathabile and LIndiwe vele? ran into jabu not so long ago at wits. i went to get a printout of my results so i can re-register and i think she was looking to go back there...
Message from: KeleFabulous 11/21/2007 6:59:58 AM
aah oo yena...bo rego thola mo rogo siya mo. haaisuka man! that man needs to grow up. i wonder cheri ya gage ke mang setlaela sa ngwanyana seo! tjessus!
Message from: tshepiso 11/22/2007 3:01:48 AM
hi Lex, re na le big screen ya that coming up match mo SABC ON sUNDAY u are welcum to join us
Message from: Tshd21 11/27/2007 10:33:15 AM
Hello Lexie my sweetie...how u doing? Thank u so much for the love fa ke ne ke se teng akere o a utlwa? Ke leboga go menagane. Go a itumedisa go itse gore fa ke se teng o kgona go lemoga...eish, ngwana wa ko gae, go boima...but Modimo o mogolo
Message from: Baby-A 11/27/2007 1:40:57 PM
Hello... Lexy..... was just thinking about you and thought i should wish you a HaPpY wEeK......
Message from: tshepiso 11/29/2007 12:05:18 AM
hi Lexie! goreng o le skaars so? whats up the coming weekend except expo, sixties and all the boring jazz? I want to be somewhere very cool but around Maftown.
Message from: Bra Bizza 12/3/2007 7:02:00 AM
Wad up Lex...did you go to the sixties and if you did can we get some pics
Message from: Tshd21 12/3/2007 11:54:38 AM
Hey Lexie gal, what up? Eish, ga ke a kgona go tla Maftown and one of my gals is pissed at me! I decided to stay behing and just chill. A go ne gole monate? Re fe mgozi tu! Hope gore u took pix and o tlile go dira blog neh?
Message from: Tshd21 12/9/2007 8:02:03 AM
Hi Lexie gal...Hi-hi-hi lekau le lesha? I like, I like, I like!! Lol! What's his name and how fabulous is he? But I kinda know how fab he is, if u 2 spent the whole weekend lo shebane mo matlhong? LMAO Enjoy friend, banna ba a shorta mo lefatsheng! And I know where Tsaoge, Morokweng is, phela ke tswa ko Cassel and it's right there...Later friend
Message from: SuddenCute 1/8/2008 8:06:08 AM
hey lexie babe.... how was maftown ka festive ngwana? wat were u up 2? nna le ngwaga o monate akere.. masego ke ao
Message from: Toodecent 1/14/2008 3:27:43 AM
Looks like Bokone Bophirima bo go tshwere sentle mosetsana, o itlhokomele akere...?
Message from: SuddenCute 1/15/2008 2:26:15 PM
wa re new love? wena o ja monate hle. o mo tsaya kae monna? eish ngwana ke busy jwang @ work thats y i login this late. il pm u
Message from: MADENZA 2/1/2008 6:45:43 AM
sho Lexy babe ,i am back and doing good ma luv.
Message from: MADENZA 2/8/2008 4:05:36 AM
Lex moratiwa o ntse o phla jwang?
Message from: Tshd21 2/17/2008 8:18:24 AM
Hey Lex, how u doing? Pls believe me when I tell you that the article was not meant to remind anyone of their pain/loss... I just wanted someone to tell me that what I was feeling was okay and help on how to move forward... I'm very sorry about Kgosi... Thank you for your kind words gal..keep well..
Message from: belz 2/27/2008 2:53:07 AM
You look 24 - 25, am i right?
Message from: Vutmi 2/27/2008 3:01:18 AM
I am a sucker for birthdays, if i could i would send you gift(really!!!); here's a little poem i found; hope u enjoy it Its your birthday, so dont feel down; Dont think bad stuff and frown; Your life should be filled with mirth; Just look what youve done since your birth. You started out really small, Now youre really filled out and tall. In the beginning you would just cry, Now you can laugh if you try. Youve done quite well since your start, So as you grow older take heart; Keep up the good work and dont be a jerk; HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN.
Message from: Best-Achiever 2/27/2008 3:01:32 AM
happy Bday, once more
Message from: Nonny 2/27/2008 3:04:06 AM
My guess is along thge lines of Belz's guess. But either way u are young (or young looking should I say.........LOL) and umuhle with ur magnetic smile, enjoy ur day and make sure that u make it a spectacular day for yourself and don't expect another person to make it good for wena, coz in life when u seldom rely on others to make u happy, u are seldom dissapointed. Make the best of this once in a year special day for you!!! (((((((((((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)))))))))))
Message from: carino 2/27/2008 3:10:07 AM
Happy, Happy Birthday! Happy! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Lexy ngwana, Happy, Happy Birthday to you! ----- singing that MTN advert.
Message from: carino 2/27/2008 3:10:49 AM
tjo, nnana weee... ke feletswe ke moya.......
Message from: sanas 2/27/2008 4:48:15 AM
Happy befday sisi, ukhule ungakhokhobi gal:-)
Message from: monchooza 2/27/2008 7:57:37 AM
Hey Lex. i am emmangweni section. do you visit my home town frequently??
Message from: mosh-t 3/3/2008 5:51:01 AM
my dear darling, ke sorry thata go se go eletse masego mo letsatsing la matsalo baby, ke na le tse dintsi tse ke batlang go go bollelle ka tsone mabapi le badiri mmogo le wena ba batsofetseng ba ba leswe ba ba ko property. Kene ke tlile personal me ka kopana le batho ba ba snaaks tota basadibagolo ba o bonang fela gore stress sa bone ke sa letswai.
Message from: Mphoyame 3/12/2008 8:57:32 AM
Thanx for the names, I like Aobakwe don't what to pair it with
Message from: KeleFabulous 3/19/2008 4:20:33 AM
haai haai haai batho ba bangata so? why o sare ke tshwana le nna at least? LOL eish taba ya sekolo. you know when you plan on doing something but deep down you don't want to and when something comes up and stops you from doing it you get a sigh of relief? story of my life le skolo. problem is i don't know anymore what i want to do with my life. young life crisis bathong! i should be registering next semester. i sincerely hope nothing else crops up and stops me...
Message from: MADENZA 6/6/2008 8:30:11 AM
hey! howsit i am still good as always just that i dont blog often these days because many articles i find them not appealing to me but am always around reading and having a good laugh.
Message from: carino 7/10/2008 7:38:09 AM
lexy ngwana... am still great. Just have to say, you were really missed & i was seriously worried. Hope the exams went well. and you are also feeling fine now. Good to have you back... Enjoy your weekend's eve, nhe..
Message from: ms.tebby 5/21/2009 1:17:51 PM
Im just visit people today, o twa ko kae ko Maftown? Ramosadi lol
Message from: Cody 11/10/2009 2:50:32 PM
Helooooo Lexie! eish is it Joyous 11 or 9? do you have a gmail account? if you do lets talk in private.
Message from: Strolicious 1/8/2010 2:51:44 PM
h8ta ngwana happy new year.

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