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Article: Day 57 - 31 March 2014   [ 169 replies ]
bosch: "Is it just me or MK also ignored Iris..Iris threw herself on..."
Article: Miss South Africa 2014 is ... Rolene Strauss!   [ 11 replies ]
bosch: "She was my top 5 favorite. Was so happy that she won. I thin..."
Article: Day 46: 20 March 2014   [ 81 replies ]
bosch: "Mandla has just disappeared into thin air..giving Lexi the s..."
Article: What's your fave night of TV?   [ 4 replies ]
bosch: "If i were to choose i wud say Mondays and Fridays..My Monday..."
Article: Day 40: 14 March 2014   [ 184 replies ]
bosch: "Out of silentville to comment on Mandla' anaconda..Lol!..."
Article: Day 31: 5 March 2014   [ 91 replies ]
bosch: "@Rentsh;I have not watched BBM since the Sat party. Kat was..."
Article: The plight of women in SA music   [ 16 replies ]
bosch: "I have a good singing voice and i am in a church choir...but..."
Article: The madness of multiple Motswako's   [ 8 replies ]
bosch: "The hip hop genre of North West is called Motswako. so it ma..."
Article: Sonke and Somizi in love scorn   [ 20 replies ]
bosch: "Im scared for Sonke. Somizi doesnt look healthy...."
Article: Idols 9: Zoe ousted from finale countdown   [ 29 replies ]
bosch: "I hope it is not goodbye Zoe gal..you are very commercial an..."
Article: Zoe steals Idols Top 6 Showstopper!   [ 34 replies ]
bosch: "I must have been in a bad mood yesterday...i just felt like..."
Article: Idols 9: Farewell to Christina   [ 24 replies ]
bosch: "I cant wait to see Zoe's performance...she has been mak..."
Article: Idols 9 reaches new heights   [ 23 replies ]
bosch: "oh...and i do think Randall likes them big!!! wasnt he spott..."
Article: Idols 9 reaches new heights   [ 23 replies ]
bosch: "Zoe gal had all her guns blazing ..I love her! My performanc..."
Article: Day 61 - 26 July 2013   [ 277 replies ]
bosch: "The fight happened so quickly. There was a botlle of alcohol..."
Article: Day 61 - 26 July 2013   [ 277 replies ]
bosch: "This was bad...."
Article: Day 61 - 26 July 2013   [ 277 replies ]
bosch: "Nando is really pissed. This fight is more than just alcohol..."
Article: Day 22 - 17 June 2013   [ 424 replies ]
bosch: "Betty should go..she will thank us when she is older. Eish B..."
Article: Day 20 - 15 June 2013   [ 775 replies ]
bosch: "I am equally worried abt the bromance btwn angelo and bassey..."
Article: The Wild to wrap in double bill finale special   [ 8 replies ]
bosch: "Oh..and one of the sunday newspapers has reported that the c..."
Article: The Wild to wrap in double bill finale special   [ 8 replies ]
bosch: "This is just sad..i love 'The Wild'..."
Article: Bouga Luvs Gail 'til death do them part   [ 20 replies ]
bosch: "Kabelo & Gail???? i didnt know.Me thinks Gail is too hot..."
Article: South Africa's new Idol: Khaya!   [ 44 replies ]
bosch: "I was so happy to see Monde and Obakeng..they sounded super..."
Article: Tshidi's exit: Unfair, Unexpected & Unbelievable   [ 91 replies ]
bosch: "Hi guys,Tshidi is good, and i agree..we will see more of her..."
Article: Idols 8: Top 4 song choices   [ 27 replies ]
bosch: "eish, i cringed wen she said that..and not only did she say..."
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Message from: VusiK 6/22/2011 12:51:12 PM
How come your house is so empty? ... Hello Bosch!!!

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