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Article: Idols 9: Top 7 choral song choices   [ 14 replies ]
ThatDude: "Sonke wow dude you are winning Idols brilliant song choice h..."
Article: Review: Nothing for Mahala   [ 6 replies ]
ThatDude: "This is surprising,iv only heard good things about this movi..."
Article: Idols 9: Top 9 song choices   [ 14 replies ]
ThatDude: "wow looking forward to Sonke..."
Article: Review: Elysium   [ 6 replies ]
ThatDude: "i found the movie rather slow & at times silly,i think Neill..."
Article: Breaking back: final episodes of Breaking Bad   [ 2 replies ]
ThatDude: "thank you Dstv..."
Article: Downton Abbey marathon before Season 3   [ 2 replies ]
ThatDude: "imma watch this,i hope i aint got nothing to do this weekend..."
Article: New celebrity stamps for SA - have your say   [ 6 replies ]
ThatDude: "busi mhlongo Brenda fassie ..."
Article: ICASA grants TopTV porn license   [ 11 replies ]
ThatDude: "local productions & sales will go up..."
Article: DStv moves in on TopTV's hot properties   [ 3 replies ]
ThatDude: "thank you dstv,walking dead is way too good..."
Article: Week 9: 25 February - 3 March   [ 15 replies ]
ThatDude: "ISIDING for best soapie @ the SAFTAS..."
Article: Cast revealed for SABC3's High Rollers   [ 11 replies ]
ThatDude: "mxim wrong time!BRING BACK THE LAB 2!..."
Article: SABC3's budget witching hours   [ 2 replies ]
ThatDude: "its sabc what you expect..."
Article: Ozzy tragedy: will TIOT5 go on?   [ 14 replies ]
ThatDude: "they should talk to family,perhaps postpone for a week or ti..."
Article: Week 4: 21 - 27 January   [ 8 replies ]
ThatDude: "correction ISIDINGO has surpassed rhythm city..."
Article: SABC3 to launch new local drama series   [ 4 replies ]
ThatDude: "thank you sabc3, THE LAB needs to come back..."
Article: The big VH1 Classic rip-off   [ 5 replies ]
ThatDude: "agreed..."
Article: Review : Django Unchained   [ 5 replies ]
ThatDude: "Iv got this movie but need the time to watch it, Sam Mendez..."
Article: Oscars buzz: TV times, nominees and SA stars   [ 3 replies ]
ThatDude: "James Bond SKYFALL deserved best picture nom kodwa & Sam Men..."
Article: New season of BB Africa announced   [ 3 replies ]
ThatDude: "yawn..."
Article: The General TV Awards 2012 Nominations   [ 10 replies ]
ThatDude: "ISIDINGO..."
Article: Why Daniel Craig shouldn't be Bond   [ 8 replies ]
ThatDude: "Nonsense Tashi, im with vernom,Daniel is great.What did you..."
Article: Walking Dead: Ring-ring, it's Lori!   [ 2 replies ]
ThatDude: "i thought they was gonna kill Michionne as she left in front..."
Article: Walking Dead: a scream for Lori and T-Dog   [ 4 replies ]
ThatDude: "lol half the time i didnt even notice T dog was there anyway..."
Article: TopTV launches prepaid service   [ 5 replies ]
ThatDude: "smart decision on their part, makes sense. ..."
Article: Week 27: 2 - 8 July   [ 6 replies ]
ThatDude: "ISIDINGO is going for that 2million mark wow,lets do this!..."
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tl tl tl dalo bathong!

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