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Birthdate: 1/1/2007 12:00:00 PM
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Article: Survivor SA: Shame, poor Shane. NOT.   [ 3 replies ]
wonderlad: "Bon Voyage Amanda! Agree totally on your assessment of Zavio..."
Article: Survivor SA: Homeboy's GOOD at the game!   [ 2 replies ]
wonderlad: "I agree that Shane has made this season very entertaining. H..."
Article: Review: Captain America - The Winter Soldier   [ 8 replies ]
wonderlad: "Hi Thabang - saw the movie over the weekend - agree with you..."
Article: Survivor SA: The wrap you need to read   [ 7 replies ]
wonderlad: "Great reading as usual Amanda. It was an exciting episode in..."
Article: Review: Captain America - The Winter Soldier   [ 8 replies ]
wonderlad: "Thanks for the review Thabang - will probably see it this w..."
Article: Review: Thor 2 Dark World   [ 9 replies ]
wonderlad: "Good review Tha-bang. I enjoyed it but yes it did not offer..."
Article: Idols 9: Brenden redeems himself   [ 47 replies ]
wonderlad: "No Tizoz, it's not just you - Musa is one dimensional...."
Article: Idols nineties and naughties thrill   [ 31 replies ]
wonderlad: "I hope Sonke wins. Officially I am bored with the show tho..."
Article: Idols Top 7 performs with the Choir   [ 18 replies ]
wonderlad: "Hmm I liked Sonke and Bunny this week. Will agree with Gare..."
Article: Idols 9 competition tightens up   [ 22 replies ]
wonderlad: "Bunny and Sonke were by far the best this week! Thanks f..."
Article: Idols 9: It's time-out for Tumi   [ 20 replies ]
wonderlad: "Tumi should have been saved by the judges...."
Article: Idols Top 10s Cheesy Affair   [ 17 replies ]
wonderlad: "Bunny and Brenden brought the cheese (as Randall said '..."
Article: Who's who on The Amazing Race 21   [ 3 replies ]
wonderlad: "I love how Josh thinks Brent is most like Oprah (while Brent..."
Article: Here is your Idols SA Top 10   [ 8 replies ]
wonderlad: "I liked Carle as well but her performance this week was defi..."
Article: Idols 9: 33 perform for Top 16 spot   [ 14 replies ]
wonderlad: "I am sure Crystalene is in. She's an amazing vocal arti..."
Article: The most popular movies in SA   [ 10 replies ]
wonderlad: "I didn't even know there was an Anacondas franchise...."
Article: Survivor: finale goodie bag & Early Show   [ 2 replies ]
wonderlad: "Dang Tash! Loved the underwater games footage lol! Was surp..."
Article: The big VH1 Classic rip-off   [ 5 replies ]
wonderlad: "I don't mind the retro stuff but yes it should not be a..."
Article: Tarantino unchained on Graham Norton   [ 3 replies ]
wonderlad: "Graham Norton is still so amazing! Loved the show the other..."
Article: Oscars buzz: TV times, nominees and SA stars   [ 3 replies ]
wonderlad: "Really? I thought Skyfall a bit overrated - not as exciting..."
Article: The 2013 SAG nominees   [ 1 reply ]
wonderlad: "YAY Hugh Jackman!! I love that man!..."
Article: Why Daniel Craig shouldn't be Bond   [ 8 replies ]
wonderlad: "I love James Purefoy. And I think Daniel Craig is an ama..."
Article: MasterChef Deena's menu lacks spice   [ 8 replies ]
wonderlad: "HaHa! yes Tashi butter chicken is a ubiquitous chicken curry..."
Article: SA Idols: politics and the race card   [ 47 replies ]
wonderlad: "Makisto you make some very valid arguments. Unfortunately..."
Article: Tshidi's exit: Unfair, Unexpected & Unbelievable   [ 91 replies ]
wonderlad: "Well am sad as Tshidi was my favourite. Right now I don�..."
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