On 3rd Degree: In The Hot Seat (31 January 2012)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 3rd Degree on 27 Jan 2012
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Coming up on 3rd degree:

Episode title: In The Hot Seat

Broadcast date: Tuesday, 31 January 2012.

Teaser ....

Finally, the Muslim Judicial Council buckle under pressure and agree to face 3rd Degree’s Debora Patta, in a no-holds-barred interview.

After the Halaal meat scandal erupted in Cape Town late last year, 3rd Degree attempted for weeks to question the body that controls Halaal certification in the Western Cape.

The show wanted to find out from the MJC how the process works, what checks and balances are in place, and most importantly, what happens to the money generated from certification?

With Muslims terrified that they might have unknowingly eaten pork, 3rd Degree wanted to find out how this could have happened on their watch.

But the MJC refused point blank to speak to the show.

Now, after what some commentators have termed a total PR disaster, executive member of the MJC Moulana Abdul Fataagh Carr steps into the hot seat.

3rd Degree is on on Tuesdays at 21h30.


05 Feb 2012 14:52

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05 Feb 2012 14:53

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11 Feb 2012 17:27

*confused*         @ilyss   WTF???????????????????????????

Anywho atleast the muslims ddn't die from this pork dat was sold as hallal but honestly who's fault is it? Hopefully who eva is responsible will get what's cumin 2 em'.

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