Muvhango Teasers - March 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 24 Feb 2009
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Coming up in Muvhango in March, 2009:

Monday 2 March 2009
Episode 847

Lebo doesn't sound enthusiastic about the new cooking classes. Meiki is overjoyed when doing the photoshoot with the journalist. Miriam & Tshepo are shocked to find out that the Gautrain is being built on their street.

Vhangani discovers why Lufuno has been attracting so many visitors. Mapule moves offices and Meme is furious with James. The Ndou family want to continue the negotiations. Meme agrees with Meiki that Thandaza needs to be cut down to size

Tuesday 3 March 2009
Episode 900 (Please note: the Muvhango episodes have gone through a renumbering, which is why the episode numbers change today.)

The receptionist is taken aback when Meiki arrives and has an appointment with Pheko. Meiki wants Pheko to ask Thandaza to back off. Azwindini and Vho-Makhadzi find things a bit too quiet with Lufuno gone.

Dineo taunts Lebo about her failure with the cooking classes. Pheko gently warns Thandaza to tread carefully around Meiki. Meiki learns that there is a reply from the medical council regarding Dr Lefu. Meiki is irritated when Thandaza comes into Zithulele once again to do her Internet banking

The Ndou's feel their son shouldn't see Lufuno until she's grown up.
Pheko and Thandaza have a disagreement about him not telling her about the house move. She's upset because she wants to make plans with him.

Wednesday 4 March 2009
Episode 901

Meiki wishes there was a way to get Thandaza out of her life. Lufuno denies having anything to do with the newspaper articles. Kukie advises Thandaza to be patient as things are difficult for Pheko too. Lufuno accuses Agnes of instigating the newspaper article.

Pheko asks Meiki to withdraw the complaint against Dr Lefu. She says only if Pheko gets back together with her. Humbulani orders Lebo not to quit. Lufuno cannot get away from her call to the radio dating show. Pheko asks Thandaza how she feels about committing to him

Thursday 5 March 2009
Episode 902

Dr Lefu shows Peter the letter. Lufuno tells vho-Makhadzi about the Dating show. Thandaza & Pheko are fragile following their marriage debate. Lufuno & agnes offer each other cheap apologies Pheko holds back from telling his father about his secret love affair with Thandaza.

Monday 9 March 2009
Episode 903

James shows Thandaza plans for Zoom Café. Lebo overhears Thandaza's plans for Zoom Café and tells Meiki. Meiki employs Meme to do her spying for her regarding Thandaza.

Vho-Mukondeleli confronts Lufuno over radio advert. Lufuno's wedding negotiations are back on track.

Tuesday 10 March 2009
Episode 904

Meiki tells Pelo about Thandaza's plans. Dr Lefu is trying to get hold of Rudzani
Ntshaveni is furious about the tombstones at the royal burial ground.
Lufuno returns Polokwane in a state saying she will never see Ndou again
Meiki confronts Thandaza in front of Pheko . Dr Lefu is ready to give up medicine.

The Ndou Uncles request another meeting. Pelo chastises Meiki. The Ndou family have no idea why Lufuno rushed off. Miriam comforts a very upset Meiki, Meiki admits to still loving Pheko.

Wednesday 11 March 2009
Episode 905

Meiki does some serious soul searching. Lebo and Dineo get into a heated argument. Lufuno takes out her anger on everyone . Precious hands in her resignation.

Meme asks Meiki to forgive her for misleading her about Thandaza's plan to expand Zithulele Cafe. Azwindini & Agnes accuse Lufuno of putting the tombstone on Ratshitanga's grave. A "new" Meiki apologizes to Thandaza.
Ntshavheni attacks Vho-Makhadzi and Azwindini for throwing away Venda culture . Lufuno tells Vho-Mukondeleli that Ndou was married to his work and that she could never go back to him. Pelo is angry with Meiki. Azwindini's trust in Vho-Makhadzi is compromised.

Thursday 12 March 2009
Episode 906

Meiki tells a nervous Pheko that they need to talk. Vho-Mukondeleli tells Vho-Makhadzi that Lufuno is seeing a new man.  Lufuno tells Susan that she might have found her man.

Meiki apologizes for all her past wrong doings. Vho-Makhadzi confronts Lufuno for dating Lucky.  Pheko tells Thandaza about Meiki's apology and Thandaza feels vindicated. Meiki decides to withdraw her complaint against Dr Lefu.
Vho-Makhadzi is prepared to get rid of Ratshitanga's tombstone if all the other tombstones will also be removed.

Pheko and Thandaza enjoy a relaxed dinner with Nomusa
Mulimisi at her house, Agnes arrives unannounced.

Monday 16 March 2009
Episode 907

Meiki impresses Thandaza with her business acumen. Agnes tells Vho-Makhadzi and Azwindini that Lufuno's new guy is Mulimisi-the mad guy
Qavile has found new grain production.

James starts to woner about Pheko & Thandaza. The Mokoena's share a happy meal, but is Meiki after Pheko?

Tuesday 17 March 2009
Episode 908

Meiki is full of good cheer. Vho-Mukondeleli thinks Lufuno should end her relationship with Mulimisi. The Mukwevho family is divided. Meiki delivers lunch to Pheko.

Thandaza, Meiki & James meet to discuss Zithulele
Phusuphusu wants to beat demons out of Mulimisi
Pheko tells Thandaza about Meiki's flirtation

Wednesday 18 March 2009
Episode 909

James guesses that Pheko and Thandaza are in a relationship
Azwindini threatens to get Mulimisi committed if Lufuno doesn't stay away from him.

The board is very excited about Qavile's pap and wants to get it out on the market asap. Mushasha meets Mulimisi and cannot help but like him.
Thandaza presents the Zithulele expansion plan to the board
Meiki is irritated with Pelo.

Thandaza isnt happy with Pheko because he didn't support her at the board meeting. Dineo & Lebo graduate from cooking school. Thandaza confronts Meme who is unfazed.

Qavile shows that she is starting to like and trust Thabo.

Thursday 19 March 2009
Episode 910

Lufuno asks Mushasha to speak to the elders on her behalf about Mulimisi.
Meiki and Thandaza cement their relationship. Azwindini wants to talk to Lufuno about not seeing Mulimisi. Humbulani wants a cooking tasting from Lebo and Dineo - and he wants it today.

While Miriam and Thandaza discuss a strategy for Qavile's cereal. Agnes advises Azwindini to allow Lufuno to see Mulimisi. Qavile meets with Pheko and Thandaza and is upbeat about her product.

Pheko is in no mood to rush home for dinner because Meiki will be there
The Food trial is a huge success. Thandaza joins the Mokoena for dinner and there is a deeply unsettling moment when she leaves and Pheko arrives late.

Monday 23 March 2009
Episode 911

Pheko gets advise from James. Pheko tells Thandaza he can't go on living a lie anymore. Thandaza needs more time. Etwatwa is getting ready for the poetry evening.

Lufuno is amused that the elders think she needs their permission to see Mulimisi. Thandaza seeks advise from Nomusa. Azwindini knows how much the tombstones mean to Agnes and finds it hard to overturn a decision made a long time ago.

Thandaza tries to accelerate the Zithulele expansion. Pheko and Thandaza plan to go to the poetry evening but get an urgent message from Qavile
Pelo won't allow Meiki to carry on as part of the expansion

Ntshavheni reminds Agnes of Ratshitanga and the fight over Mashudu's body. Ntshavheni tells her not to get too cozy as Khadzi. Meiki apologizes to Pelo.
Qavile arrives with the news that another company has poached their cereal
Lebo Mashile wows the crowd.

Tuesday 24 March 2009
Episode 912

Meiki keeps Pelo's veto of Zithulele expansion a secret from Thanadaza
Kukie has found that information about grain leaked from Qavile's house
Meiki begs Pelo to reconsider coming back into business
The mukwevho;s can't reach an agreement over the tombstones

Wednesday 25 March 2009
Episode 913

Pheko & His father wonder if the grain information wasn't leaked by Thabo
The food tasting is on. Thandaza finds out about Pelo's veto. Thandaza confronts Meiki.

Tshepo confronts Thabo, old wounds are opened.

Thursday 26 March 2009
Episode 914

Lebo and Dineo are horrified that Humbulani is planning on implementing the new menu immediately. Kukie finds out about Thabo's criminal record. Vho-Makhadzi agrees to side with Ntshaveni and Phusuphusu over the tombstone issue.

Kukie tells Pheko and Thandaza what she knows about Thabo
The staff at Etwatwa are not coping. Etwatwa's food attracts foreign diplomats
The pitch is a success and the Zithulele team go out to celebrate. Pheko tells Thabo that he needs to come clean with everyone about his past.

Monday 30 March 2009
Episode 915

Etwatwa is so busy that the Humbulani is forced to turn people away. James accidentally reveals Thandaza and Pheko's relationship to Meme
Humbulani collapses.

Thandaza and Meme rub each other up the wrong way. Vho-Masindi phones to tell Lufuno that she's coming home. Thandaza phones Azwindini to set up a meeting regarding Thabo and to break the news about her and Pheko.

Thabo is worried that he and Miriam's past will become known now that Kukie has uncovered his criminal record. Meme tells Meiki that Pheko and Thandaza are in a relationship but Meiki doesn't believe it.

Tuesday 31 March 2009
Episode 916

The Zithulele crew celebrates the successful pitch. Vho-Makhadzi and Phusuphusu try to change Azwindini's mind. Vho-Masindi and Lufuno have an emotional re-union. Azwindini gets a call from Alilali, telling him about Thabo's criminal record.

Pheko takes full responsibility for Thabo's employment. A journalist comes snooping around MM. Meiki arrives at MM with Thandaza's thank you gift.
Thabo feels like his life is falling apart. Thandaza realizes that Alilali is not to be trusted. Meiki discovers the truth about Thandaza and Pheko.


25 Feb 2009 08:26


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25 Feb 2009 08:47

ok, i gues everybody is busy reading thru...

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25 Feb 2009 08:52

Ndiyanqgina Mfundi. Meme & Meiki could b sisters. They r cruel & they can do anything just 2 get what they want esp when it comes to MAN.

I was loling to Lufuno yesterday, that was hilarious hihihihi

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25 Feb 2009 09:08

Lol @ My name the make over....hahahaha...she looked like she rocked up from the sixties...

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25 Feb 2009 09:44

<<I was loling to Lufuno yesterday, that was hilarious>>> you can say that again, the makeup...bathong!! tjo!! 

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25 Feb 2009 10:15

i want to see meiki's face when she finds out that pheko and thandaza are a couple ..........................what will make humbulani collapse ?

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25 Feb 2009 14:10

Meme & Meiki both hate Thandaza whereas she is so nice.  Anyway they replaced Doobsie.  She was no good like them.

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zimbo 09
25 Feb 2009 14:15

i bet humbu collapse aftsa hearing abt thandaza and pheko ..............................

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25 Feb 2009 14:48

Loled @ Makhadzi and mukondeleli arguing about who was more beautiful in Thate during their times......and mukondeleli's outfit to lufuno.Tjo!!

I don't understand y should Mirriam and Thabo hide the fact that they were together in the past ........or maybe there's more to that, that they don't want malume tshepo to find out....well i don't know...i don't understand.

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25 Feb 2009 14:51

Qavile shows that she is starting to like and trust Thabo>>> ...Huh!!!

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25 Feb 2009 16:34

This meiki thing has gone insane,cant she see pheko doesnt love her,is that 2 hard t accept gal? long last thabo's secret wil be revealed,wonder wats gona hapen to him

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26 Feb 2009 11:24

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26 Feb 2009 11:31

Yho yho yho the make over of lufuno was not bad ,it was worse than i thought .Phluwani and Susan are making her fool and believe me they got her right you could see her feet on those high heels  hahaha..................... 

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26 Feb 2009 11:34

Meiki yena is crazy xa engafunwayo akabuyumva bcause she is hurting herself  she must get used to the idea uba akafunwa qha end of storie

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27 Feb 2009 13:44


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28 Feb 2009 16:02

meiki u yadina zwa vhu kuma, huna muthu ne anga tama khalazdi yawe na usi nwana wa meawe hezwi ndi matudzi... aredze ya

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02 Mar 2009 12:38

I hate everybody who hate Thandaza cause She is my favourate. Deneo don't stress Lebo pls. Zwanga would yu pls teach me Tshivenda? The way I like Muvhango I used to read those English sentences quickly I really know nothing about this Lang. but  I like it.

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02 Mar 2009 13:27

meiki kha litshe pheko ndi khaladzi awe, lufuno kha litshe u tsivhudza nga vho makhadzi vha mukegulu kha makeup

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03 Mar 2009 11:13

Meiki shld quickly realise that thandaza will be her makoti very soon!she shld start finding comfort in pelo...he myt be,why du yu just want to be used by pple?first,it is alilali and now its meiki...shame

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03 Mar 2009 15:54

Precious hands in her resignation, i mean you cant disappear for months and then come back only to tender your resignation, doesnt make sense to me.

We are soooo tired of Meiki, pliz she can go back to Lesotho, i think they will welcome her with open arms. She is overdoing it, may be if she is the one to reveal Thabo & Mirriam's secret then we might want to see her in the soapie but she cant even concentrate on her business without talking about Pheko or ranting about Thandaza, dont worry i'm also feeling the stress becoz of this crazy child Meiki, go look after Mirriam's goats koLesotho.

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04 Mar 2009 14:49

I like Meiki very much. She is sure of what she wants unlike Thandaza she was crazy about Ndalamo the other time and also Meme was crazy about James and Ndalamo. 

Thandaza should let Pheko go, He belongs to Meiki, she should look for her husbad and leave Meiki with her man.

Pheko was once crazy about Meiki so if Thandaza can go back to her inlaws Pheko will have that love again.

I love you baby girl Meiki, what is yours is yours no matter what, keep that way that man will come back.

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05 Mar 2009 10:56


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05 Mar 2009 12:10

Maphosh yu have my VOTE Thandaza & Pheko are meant 2gether (SOULMATES) 

If we were suppose to vote for couples  Pheko & Thanda  were going 2 have our 99.9%

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05 Mar 2009 13:55

Who make  that announcement on the Radio that Lufuno needs a Man, its Her or Agnes? I'm puzzled now.

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05 Mar 2009 15:00

Goriz, Pheko loved Meiki becoz Thandaza was unavailable and now there are brother and sister, they cant go there, no incest on SA soapies pliz it scares me. Meiki was a rebound girl.

Duma, everytime Lufuno & Agnes argue, the conversation will always include Lufuno being a true Mkhwevho and Agnes a mzurhu girl, why ? this story is tired we know it happened but if Mashudu accepted her as his own who is Lufuno to question that, lets move on pliz, we have seen too many families in that kind of situation but they learn to live with it. 

We need to move on from story lines not watching same thing over and over i guess that is why we have so few pple posting on this show.

Here are a few suggestions:
- Pheko telling Tshepo about him & Thandaza, P & T going out openly;
- Mirriam & Thabo's secret coming out 
- Meiki being shipped off to mental hospital
- Alilali being found out to be a fraud - that she killed the really Alilali and has taken over her life becoz she wants power and black mailing Alilali's mum into accepting her

Something beta to watch, i stick to reading the posts now, if its not Meiki wanting Pheko, then its Agnes & Lufuno match or Mapule gossiping at office or Meme mourning about Thandaza.

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05 Mar 2009 18:45

I totally agree with you Vinc...

Bathong!! this obsession ya ga Meiki over Pheko is really boring now....

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06 Mar 2009 13:47

I am so pro Thandaza and Pheko its not even funny but would some1 plz tell them to kiss.For a couple in hiding they shud be doing this more often steal a kiss every chance they get

@quinseg yes im with you there. I actually hoped that Meiki would slit her throat or something,her storyline is so old and boring

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09 Mar 2009 11:36

Hae motho ya felletsweng ke metlae ke Meme, uitshunyatshunya hohle fela,hae shame ngwanenoa omona hle,  ntalamo oile joale haa tsebe horena utlaetsa joang shame, kapa le ena usatlobatla peko , wavelelwa u thandaza,

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cool one
09 Mar 2009 15:43

Zazacious, Sindi( thandaza) was interiviewed on real magazine sometime last year and she said one thing she loves about muvhango is that there is no kissing on that soapie.

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09 Mar 2009 21:17

Hey guys agh al the gud actors are leaving muvhango,pheko,lebo,tsepo,humbulani,mapule and tenson legethe i 4got hs name on muvhango.i bet muvhango is loosin its spak,,,we'll b stuck with hypocrite meiki n meme

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09 Mar 2009 21:21

And plz duma fynd young actors and actreses,get rid of vho makhadzi and al those old men in thathe......people in muvhango hav no talent,only thandaza,pheko,tsepo and lufuno know wat they are doin

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09 Mar 2009 21:27

Hey guys agh al the gud actors are leaving muvhango,pheko,lebo,tsepo,humbulani,mapule and tenson legethe i 4got hs name on muvhango.i bet muvhango is loosin its spak,,,we'll b stuck with hypocrite meiki n meme

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10 Mar 2009 09:42

Parlady - but those old men & lady's I think they are there because they know   Rituals I don't think they did Drama abo Mushasha,Phususphusu not @all but its nice having them there.

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11 Mar 2009 15:52

meiki you really made a fool of urself infront of the man of your dreams aggg shame (LOL)..............................

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12 Mar 2009 14:56

Meiki ndi chidaela,how can she humiliate herself infront of both thandaza and pheko oh poor thing

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miss baloyi
12 Mar 2009 16:48

guys i really like lufono.she makes me laugh...

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13 Mar 2009 09:16

Yho guys did you see lufuno's outfit,ha it was a flop not to mention the boyfriend ha ha ha.lufuno is beta off without a man

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17 Mar 2009 14:04

Lufuno is so stubborn, i mean the way she talks to everyone, even the chief finds himself lost for words when it comes to that child. 

Imean how can a normal fall for ihlanya.

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17 Mar 2009 15:07

I hope Thandaza can watch her back bcoz i don't trust Meiki.  Yes it seems as if her behaviour isi changing but still i think she's up to something.  i hope Lufuno and Agnes can make peace to each other.

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18 Mar 2009 07:44

hi guys meiki is after pheko,shes just taking one step at atime...i read somewhere that shes going to threaten thandaza with a knife that she must stay away from her so called "man"....................anyone with an idea why thandaza is going to be arrested?

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18 Mar 2009 10:34

@prland.......thandaza is going to be arrested, i would love to see that, phela Ms Buthelezi is too good to be true.

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19 Mar 2009 12:25

(Wenza kahle wena Lufuno uzithandele uhlanya lwakho ngoba vele ni Fanelene.) as you are less than a Human being.                                                       

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19 Mar 2009 12:36

i think meme needs to mind her own miserable life and stop making thandaza LIFE HELL

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21 Mar 2009 14:37

Thandaza is the best and I feel she deserves some happiness, she has put the happiness of others first for time now. She needs to live her life and stop worrying about the Mukwevhos because they have caused her a lot of suffering, first Edward then Ndalamo. On another note, can't wait for Thandaza and Pheko's wedding.

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21 Mar 2009 20:39


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23 Mar 2009 11:03

But  HU can make Meme pragnant as She does'nt have a Friende Boy?

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23 Mar 2009 14:46

Muvhango is so booooooooooooooooring and what is Mr Duma Ndlovu doing firing so many people including Pheko, Malume Tshepo, Humbulani, Mapule and Lebo. If that's the case Meme must also go coz she is now not interesting since Ndalamo left. 

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24 Mar 2009 14:47

@CHRISTELLA....Meme is definately preggies in real life sana....She has gained a lot of weight....and her tummy is huge....of late they don't even show her in full length....and what I have noticed is that she doesn't have that energy anymore, you remember how she used to bang Thandaza's office door when walking out angrily....everytime she is shown she is always walking slowly as if the tummy is heavy!!!

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24 Mar 2009 15:11

Hey guys did u say Pheko was fired? he us one person who makes the soap exciting, I for one enjoy Muvhango though there are some characters that really get on my nerves(tho they r neccessary for the continuance of the soap), meme, meiki and the mukwevho family with the exception of chief and his wives and agnes.

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25 Mar 2009 14:11

I also agree with Chix, on Meme's issue.  Eish, look at her neck and cheeks, yo bathong, she's fat period.  And her step has changed, she used to walk like Palesa on Gen, and now, no energy at all.  I guess they had no idea how to make her pregnant also in the soapie hence she's got no man.

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27 Mar 2009 10:17

Ntshavheni bores me he is always angry, u dzula a chi khou semana ha koni u amba zwavhudi, and we dont even no where he came from we never heard of him before, ovha e gai huchivhuya ha dzheniswa matombo a hone chiendeulu 

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28 Mar 2009 11:15

Im so sick and tired of Muvhango going in circles. What kind of a drama script doesnot celebrate christmas, valentines and other holidays it just plays and plays really u would think its not a south african drama. Duma Ndlovu pls do something about  your story line its getting boring know i no longer watch it anyway waste of time.

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