Jeremy Maggs, Redi Direko To Anchor's 24-Hour News

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 11 Feb 2008
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Journalists Redi Direko and Jeremy Maggs will be the anchors of’s 24-hour news channel, which will be launched as part of e.Sat's pay channel later this year.

Maggs, who has anchored AM Live on SAfm for 10 years, will leave the radio station in March to take up his new position.

According to editor-in-chief Debora Patta, the appointments are the first of many to come.

"I am delighted that journalists of the calibre of Redi and Jeremy are joining our team," she said. "They will be part of a large team of broadcast journalists delivering an independent and reliable news service 24 hours a day.

"It’s an exciting time to be a broadcast journalist in South Africa and as always will be developing fresh and dynamic talent."

Last year announced that it will initiate its multi-channel strategy in 2008 with the launch of South Africa’s first independent 24-hour television news service on Multichoice’s DStv platform.


Soweto born Redi Direko is an experienced television and radio journalist who studied journalism and philosophy at RAU (now the University of Johannesburg).

She has hosted a wide variety of news programmes for the SABC, and is the host of the daytime legal rights talk show Rights & Recourse, which airs on SABC3.

She was one of the main anchors for the 2004 general election and inauguration coverage, and also presented SABC3's premiere current affairs show, News Hour, which was replaced with Interface.

Direko will continue to be a presenter on Talk Radio 702.

TVSA Profile

Jeremy Maggs is one of South Africa’s most experienced television, radio and print journalists. He has previously held the positions of news editor at Talk Radio 702, hosted AM Live on SAfm and presented AM 2 Day.

Although he has an established and successful radio career, most South Africans know Maggs as the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - he is still subjected to jokes about whether something is his final answer or if he wants to phone a friend.

He also hosted SABC3's weekly media and advertising show, Media Focus.

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10 Feb 2008 23:46

By the way, do not forget John Pearlman please.

10 Feb 2008 23:54

bout time the Sa tv industry had a shake head, so tired of Dstv monopolositic attitude, of take it or leave it! Choice? what choice? There is none! So i say bring on the liked of Telkom Media,

10 Feb 2008 23:54

bout time the Sa tv industry had a shake head, so tired of Dstv monopolositic attitude, of take it or leave it! Choice? what choice? There is none! So i say bring on the liked of Telkom Media, ODM

10 Feb 2008 23:57

going to be fun and games come mid 2008... and i am really looking forward to it!

think e-sat is a bit of a cop out tho, rarther piggy packing off their "rival" as opposed to starting their own platform which they went through all the drama to get it in the 1st place!

oh well.... looking forward to the next 5-6 months,i wana see fireworks baby! and LOTS of them. (even if Dstv says they will not engage in a price war, mmmmm, lets see when people leave in DROVES for cheaper options.... half a grand on tv? madness i tell you madness!)
some ppl dont even earn that in a month!? 

Golden Star
11 Feb 2008 03:29

I can't wait I love both Redi & Jeremy.

Can I correct 2 points though:

1) Jeremy only started doing AM Live on SAFM last year after John Pearlman left.

2) Redi no longer hosts Rights and Recourse on SABC 3.

11 Feb 2008 03:45

oi vey who am i going to listen to in the morning. only just over Perlman leaving

11 Feb 2008 08:40

Surely these people need to get the cream of the crop but we still need a bit of eye candy. PLEASE get Leanne Manas on board. and give Vuyo mbuli a new partner cause I doubt he will ever leave morning live

11 Feb 2008 08:41

Anyway what with the rope on Redi's neck it looks hideous

Brown Shuga
11 Feb 2008 16:21

Tizozo bathong heheheheh

13 Feb 2008 09:12

Listen to John Perlman on Kaya FM (95.7) from 6-7pm every Mon-Thurs evening. Great Show!

Best description Ive ever heard of Jeremy Maggs is the Teflon Man. He's no John Perlman, nevertheless his departure from SAfm confirms that the public broadcaster faces a talent-free future.

13 Feb 2008 23:48

@ Abe
You know most guests that are invited on JP's show said that the listeners 
of Kaya fm are the most well informed when it comes to debates.If the SABC wants to attract talent, get rid of Snuki Zikalala and Dali Mpofu.

14 Feb 2008 04:27

thank the lord fir etv.

15 Feb 2008 06:38

Redi is no longer on rigths and recourse pls...

02 Apr 2008 10:47

As a long-time listener to AM live on SAFM it was devastating enough when John Pearlman left but now Jeremy Maggs as well.  The young lady who co-hosts AM Live (Tsepiso Makwetla) is excellent and her English is probably better than mine but, I am sorry, Mr Ike Phaahla leaves a lot to be desired in this category and like so many male presenters (and especially stringers), his diction is bad and much of what he says is largely incomprehensible when one is trying to listen 'on the run'.

P.S. I see that on the SAFM web site Jeremy is still shown as co-host of AM Live.

Brown Shuga
18 May 2008 14:50

<<<If the SABC wants to attract talent, get rid of Snuki Zikalala and Dali Mpofu.>>> Mmmhhh Realist, you knew something we didn't???

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